tagGroup SexSex or Suicide Ch. 03

Sex or Suicide Ch. 03


I entered Nicole's bedroom to a shocking but stimulating sight. Standing there in the dimly lit room were Cory and Nicole. Their naked bodies were pressed together as they kissed very passionately, their tongues writhing together in their open mouths. I stopped short just inside the threshold of the bedroom and could do nothing but watch. Nicole's arms were wrapped around her best friend's neck, while Cory's were folded around her narrow waist.

I was stunned not only by the fact that Cory was gay and kissing a girl, but also by how deeply and fervently the two kissed. Cory's arms hugged the pink haired beauty to him tightly, and his hands explored the curves of her back eagerly. He appeared to have no reservations whatsoever about being intimate with her. Nicole was at ease in his arms. Though she kissed him with the same zealous lust that he showed, she was relaxed and forthcoming in his embrace. She might as well have been floating on her back among gentle ocean waves under a warm sun.

My eyes wandered down both of my best friends' nude bodies, taking in their contrasting qualities. Nicole's slender form looked absolutely tantalizing. Every part of her was proportionate and pleasing to the eye, whether it was her petite breasts, her round ass, or her long creamy legs. Her pink hair was exotic and beautiful against her pale skin. I eyed her small breasts as they pressed into Cory's chest. I watched his hand ease down to her plump ass and squeeze a handful of her cheeks, causing my dick to nod with arousal.

Cory's body was almost equally as pleasing to look at, for different reasons of course. He was thin, but not unsightly so. There was a certain grace about his slim but shapely form. His back was slightly muscled and toned. His chest was bare and smooth, and his stomach was flat. His ass was round and full but tight and defined. My eyes lingered there longer than I imagined they would, before tracing the length of his muscled thighs and calves. Cory seemed to keep his entire body hairless, giving his flesh a smooth and tender look.

As Cory's mouth now explored Nicole's neck, her sharp green eyes opened and locked with mine. I could see the haze of intoxication in those gorgeous emeralds, and my heart pumped faster when she gave me a slow smile from over Cory's shoulder. Her hand extended and motioned me toward her, inviting me to join the two lovers. I approached slowly, unsure of what to expected but magnetically drawn to the erotic scene before me.

Nicole broke her embrace with Cory and her hand slipped around my back to pull me closer. My gaze dropped to her perfect breasts and her tiny pink nipples, and I suddenly found it difficult to breathe. Her full lips were suddenly pressing into mine, and I let myself react to her touch naturally. My arm slid around her back and pulled her close, my stiffening dick brushing agaisnt her hip.

As our tongues rolled against each other, I felt Cory's warm naked body against my side as he proceeded to kiss at Nicole's neck and shoulders. I could feel his hard cock against the side of my ass. I should have been disturbed by this, but it made my own cock strain harder against Nicole's skin. His dick felt like a muscle flexing against my meaty ass cheek, a new and surprisingly wonderful sensation to me.

Nicole withdrew from our kiss, and at the same instant, Cory drew up from her slender neck. I met eyes with him, and we shared a brief moment of nervous hesitation. My drunken gaze fell from his warm brown eyes to his soft open lips, which trembled with anticipation. Cory's head was suddenly tilting and closing in on my own. I reacted without thought, and brought my lips to his.

As soon as we kissed I felt a jolt of warm excitement sweep through my very bones. I couldn't wrap my brain around what I was doing, but I didn't care. Our mouths opened and his tongue found mine. I could taste his stale alcohol flavored breath. His hand was caressing the back of my head when I felt his other grasp my dick and squeeze. I felt so hard in Cory's grip that it felt like my cock would explode. My growing excitement caused me to kiss him deeper and I lost myself in our erotic embrace.

Nicole's hand suddenly smacked into my ass cheek with a loud pop, and my hips thrust into Cory's body. I could feel the warm sting on my skin as her hand groped and squeezed me. I heard another loud smack from behind Cory and I felt his cock press firmly against me. His tongue delved further into my mouth, his warm labored breath exhaling from his nose to my cheek.

Our lips parted and our eyes met again. My face felt warm and flushed against his lustful stare. His hand still clutched my dick tightly and now was beginning to stroke it deftly. I realized Nicole was now dropping to her knees beside us, taking Cory's cock in her hand and guiding it to her lips. She took his entire shaft into her mouth and quickly slurped her way back to his swollen head. His hand tightened on my dick as he let out a gasp. She wasted no time swallowing up his cock again and bobbing her head back and forth. Nicole stole my dick from her friend's grip and stroked me roughly, still sucking Cory's rod zealously.

I watched Cory's face as his expression twisted in pleasure. He threw his hand up and onto my shoulder to steady himself, and my eyes traveled up the length of his slender toned arm. My cock was suddenly enveloped by a pleasant warmth before I felt Nicole's tongue sliding around my shaft. Her head went into motion again, this time fucking my cock with her mouth. My legs grew weak and I shifted my feet awkwardly, my ass clenching against the hot waves of pleasure I was experiencing in my lower body. My left hand shot around Cory's back to clutch at his firm curves. I groped and searched his back before plunging down to grab his tight round ass cheek. As Nicole fondled my balls gently and rammed her head onto my straining dick, I squeezed and clawed at Cory's fleshy but firm ass, amazed at how great it felt to grab him there.

I should have been cumming hard by now. I was so worked up and turned on that I was shocked that Nicole's mouth wasn't already full of my jizz. As my head rolled uncontrollably on my neck from the amazing sensations I was feeling, my eye caught sight of something on Nicole's bedside table. It was that terrible suicide bottle that I had grown all too familiar with tonight. I then understood why I was so numb. I could feel an orgasm deep within me, barely being feathered by the intense sensations I was suffering. I realized that I, and probably Cory as well, had succeeded in numbing myself, though now it had worked too well. I was in for a long night, though I no longer had the capacity to care.

My dick was pulled from Nicole's mouth, dripping with saliva and throbbing. Looking down, my heart stopped when I saw what she was doing. With a glistening cock in each hand, she pressed my meaty head against Cory's firmly and then rolled her tongue over both. Her head was tilted back and her green eyes flickered from Cory to me repeatedly. A simultaneous moan escaped from the two of us. My hand squeezed Cory's ass harder as his clenched my shoulder. I watched breathlessly as Nicole sucked the tips of our cocks into her wide lips and licked them. I could feel Cory's head pumping against mine in her mouth, and I glanced over at him to gauge his reaction. Before I knew it, Cory was leaning in to kiss me, and I found his lips eagerly.

As we kissed, Nicole pulled our cocks from her mouth and stood. Her mouth was replaced almost instantly by Cory's free hand, and he firmly stroked my wet dick. I was so turned on that I rushed to return the favor, grabbing his pulsing cock and sliding my hand tightly up and down his slimy shaft. We were together for a few moments, embracing each other closer and stroking ourselves vigorously.

"Wow, you guys are fucking hot," I heard Nicole whimper from off to our side.

I was so enthralled by Cory that I hardly noticed. Our kiss broke, though our foreheads pressed together as we panted heavily. I trembled nervously in disbelief and drew in a cold breath. I had my best friend's hard cock in my grasp, pulling and stroking him as he did the same for me. It was incredible and unreal. With every squeeze of his dick, mine throbbed harder. He felt so tender but so powerful in my hand. I distantly noticed that my jaw was loosening, and realized that I wanted his cock in my mouth again. Again I shuddered from the fresh and overwhelming urges I had for him. I felt so dirty and alive.

A pale arm came between us then, pressing against my chest and forcing me back. I fell to the bed. Looking up I realized Nicole had interrupted Cory and I and shoved me down. Her back was to me as she wrapped her arms around him and appeared to be either licking his ear or whispering something to him. A few seconds later, she turned a wicked gaze on me and smiled. She looked devious in the dim glow from the lamp on her bedside table. Her eyes locked on mine, she began to crawl on top of me, her small breasts jiggling beneath her slender frame. My body grew stiff as she came face to face with me and her pink hair fell down around our faces.

"Do you want your dick in me again?" She whispered.

As though in response to her nasty question, my cock nodded hard between us. I could feel her bare cunt against my shaft as her hips began to grind on top of it. She was wet, and her juices were rubbed all over my stiff dick. I moaned uncontrollably, causing her to chuckle wickedly. My hands found the arch of her smooth back and glided down to her round jutting ass for the second time that night. Her smooth curvy body felt incredible.

"Well, do you?" She repeated.

She ground her wet cunt against me harder as she spoke as if to add emphasis to her question. Her glazed green eyes bored into mine in a merciless glare. She grinned and ran her tongue over her teeth as I squirmed beneath her.

"Y-yes," I stuttered. "Hell yes!"

I felt Nicole lift her ass and position herself above me. My hard cock throbbed and stood up straight under her, and I moaned when the head of my dick slid across the wet lips of her pussy. Rotating her ass downward a few times, she tried to slip my dick into her without the use of her hands. I felt for her hole anxiously until finally my cock pressed into of her. My dick slid into her moist cunt with such ease that it made me melt like warm butter beneath her.

She wasted no time sliding her pussy to the base of my cock. My eyes almost rolled back into my head as waves of bliss swept through my body. Nicole's arms curled under my neck and hugged me close to her face. Her ass began to pop up and down, riding the full length of my cock from my tip to my balls. She lowered her lips to my neck and began to kiss and suck. My hands found the round cheeks of her ass and I groped them gently as she pounded her pussy into my crotch. She fucked me nonstop for several minutes, each of which felt like a minute in my own private eutopia. I still couldn't believe I was inside of her, that her soft pale body was intertwined with mine. She was my dream girl, my fantasy.

Nicole slowed to a stop with about half of my cock still buried inside of her. Her head snapped upward and she smiled broadly in pleasure and moaned. I peered past her arms to see Cory bent over with his mouth buried between her round ass cheeks. I realized that he was licking Nicole's asshole. He clutched her thighs, steadying himself as he rimmed her ass. He caused Nicole to whimper and giggle, and I took the opportunity to explore her neck with my lips. I felt her shudder on top of me as I licked my way to her ear lobe. She still smelled absolutely wonderful, and her pink hair felt so soft against my face.

Nicole suddenly yelped and tightened her arms around me like a coiling snake and buried her head between my neck and shoulder. I was alarmed, and I began to wonder if I had done something wrong. She let out another wail, muffled against my naked skin. Then, I felt what was causing her to scream. There was suddenly pressure inside her pussy as something pushed along the underside of my cock. I realized what was happening. I peered around Nicole's shoulder again to see Cory standing behind her, apparently shoving his cock into her ass.

I was stunned, mostly by the sensation in my cock, for I could feel Cory's dick sliding into her asshole through the thin wall of flesh in her pussy. She was obviously in a bit of pain as Cory eased himself slowly into her. Something warm oozed onto my balls, and I assumed that it must be whatever he had used for lubrication. The pressure increased against my cock, and Nicole tightened her arms around me again. She moaned,letting out a loud and unintelligible curse as she did. I could literally feel the shape of Cory's cock against my own as it slid further into her ass. My dick throbbed in her pussy, and I felt Cory's react similarly.

Cory drew back and I felt him pull away and glide deeper into her. He was now developing a slow rythym, thrusting gently into his friend's asshole. I heard him release a quivering breath as he pressed further inside. I could fell his dick throbbing in her ass, straining to its full girth and expanding Nicole's tight anus. She still clutched me tightly, and I loved the feel of her beautiful slender body clinging to me so desperately.

Cory increased his pace, his hips bumping Nicole's ass with each thrust. I began to buck my hips upward, shoving my cock into her wet pussy repeatedly. Nicole's head popped up from my neck and she let out a deafening cry of pleasure or pain. Whichever it was I couldn't be sure. I squeezed her ass and felt Cory's hand clutching her round hips. My world seemed to be comprised of nothing but pure lust and ecstasy. The combined feeling of Nicole's cunt and Cory's thrusting cock in her ass was so intense that it made me weak.

The two of us thrusted into Nicole relentlessly now. My hands explored her entire body, soaking in her every curve. One moment she would kiss my neck or shove her tongue in my mouth, and the next she would toss her head back and wail in pleasure. Her body bounced back and forth on top of me, drilled by both Cory's cock and mine. Her pink curls swayed and jumped around her gorgeous face. Many minutes passed as we fucked her, or perhaps it was hours. I didn't care if we fucked all night. I had a hard numb cock and a beautiful girl on top of me.

Nicole's hips squatted hard onto me and she moaned loudly, her green eyes rolling up into her head. She bit her lip hard and squeezed her arms around me. Only when I felt her pussy flush warmer and wetter did I realize that she was cumming. Cory didn't stop, but merely slowed his hips. The force of Nicole's hips and Cory's deep thrusts had me pinned to the bed. Her soft lips were suddenly against mine, kissing me firmly.

I could feel the slightest bit of moisture on her smooth cheek as her heavy breath exhaled onto mine from her nose.

She opened her mouth and forced her tongue into my lips. She was still moaning and whimpering as we kissed. I placed my hand on her head and pulled her in deep. Running my fingers through her lovely pink hair, massaged her tongue with my own and silently prayed that it would never end.

I felt the pressure inside of her decrease as Cory's dick slid from her ass. Nicole pulled her lips from mine and her green eyes stared down into mine. She smiled at me and let out a breathless laugh. I held her close in my arms, reluctant to let her go. She licked her lips and leaned closer to me.

"Hey," she hissed breathlessly, "that... was fucking... amazing."

"Yeah," I agreed.

"Will you... will you do me... a huge favor?"

"I... I guess so."

Nicole's emerald eyes flashed excitedly.

"I wanna... see you... you and Cory fuck."

The words drove a cold spike through my chest. From somewhere deep within, my logical side screamed and pleaded with me. Alarms were ringing in my head and I balked at the thought of my dick inside of Cory's ass, or worse, his dick inside of mine. Something felt different now, however, and I felt another side of me stirring. At the very mention of sex with Cory, my cock throbbed and grew harder. An evil voice in my head coaxed me to try new things, to try everything. It beseeched me to be dirty, nasty, and carefree. My inner conscious was no longer in turmoil as the malevolent voice began to drown out my reason. I had to listen. I wanted to listen.

"O-okay," I told Nicole.

She looked shocked for a brief second before a smile spread across her face. She lowered her lips to mine again and kissed me. The next thing I knew she was climbing off of me and my cock was sliding out of her wet cunt. Instantly I missed the presence of her slick curvy body on mine. I glanced up to see Cory standing with the suicide bottle in one hand and a small clear container in his other. He put the suicide to his lips and took a few sips of the vile concoction. He quickly thrust the bottle at Nicole, who grabbed it from him as he shook his head and scrunched up his face. Then, his brown eyes turned to me.

My breath caught in my chest as his gaze washed over my naked body. With the small plastic container still in his hand, he placed a knee on the mattress and started to crawl on top of me. His slimy dick slid across my thigh and up beside my own wet cock. He straddled me as Nicole had done, bringing his face close to mine. My cock stiffened and pulsed between us, and I felt his twitching as well. I stared into his deep brown eyes as our lips brushed lightly.

"How, uh... how d-do you want me?" Cory asked nervously.

I licked my lips and shuttered. I could see him trembling with excitement, and a dark thought crossed my mind. Nicole had given me what I had always wanted and more. I understood how Cory must have felt lying on top of me. He wanted me, and it made me feel empowered and somehow beautiful. I wanted to please him, to drive him crazy. I still couldn't believe how I felt, but I was enjoying it. I wanted to give in to my evil voice, and give myself to Cory.

"Derrick?" He said. "How do you want me?"

"Inside of me," I answered. "I... I want you inside of me."

Cory's eyes widened and his jaw hung open. I could feel his hard slimy cock throb and slide between our bodies. He studied me in shock for a moment, and my dark and devious lust took over. I leaned up, stuck my tongue between his lips, and kissed him. It took only a second before he joined me, kissing me back fervently. When our embrace broke, he stared back at me lustily and pushed himself off of me. I turned my head and looked over at Nicole, who was kneeling on the bed beside me. She looked even more stunned than Cory had. With a look up and down her magnificent naked body, I propped myself up on my elbow and reached for the suicide bottle in her hand. I took it from her, and she bit her lip and grinned at me.

My head was already swimming when I turned the bottle up and took three awful swallows of the suicide. I cringed against the terrible effects of the alcohol and handed the bottle back to Nicole, who grabbed it and followed suit. I laid back on the bed as Cory moved into position at my legs. Taking a deep breath, I pulled my knees up, placed my feet on the edge of the bed, and spread my thighs apart, exposing my naked crotch to my best friend.

I watched with anticipation as Cory flipped open the top of the small bottle on his hand and dumped a handful of lube into his palm. The shiny clear liquid ran down his arm and through his fingers as he tossed the bottle to the floor. My eyes were glued to his hands as he rubbed them together and placed them around his hard dick. I watched him stroke his shaft slowly, coating it with a glistening layer of lube. It ran down his shaft and onto his loosely hanging sack. My own cock jumped at the sight of his shiny bulbous tip sliding in and out of his fist.

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