tagRomanceSex Requires Lust, But Making Love?

Sex Requires Lust, But Making Love?


I drove along the winding, suburb road that led to Andrew's house. He had called me over to spend our Friday night together to celebrate the end of finals. I was getting excited; we had been together three weeks now and I really wanted us to have sex. In fact, I couldn't wait for us to have sex.

This was the longest in a relationship I had ever gone without doing it, and though I was happy to respect Andrew's wishes, I was getting antsy. He seemed to want to make it really special when the time came, and tonight finally seemed to be the night. I loved the romance he was all about, but it wasn't often that a guy wanted to take things slow, and I wasn't used to it.

The roads were getting slippery. A heavy blizzard was coming down from the gray evening sky; the first snow of the year. As soon as I had gotten into my car, I turned the radio to Christmas songs and had been singing along for the whole drive. It was a perfect December night, and I felt the holidays all around.

Past houses decked out in rooftop reindeers and cobalt blue Christmas lights, I slowed and pulled up to Andrew's house. Quickly parking on the curb and hopping out of my car, I crunched through the accumulating snow and ran up the driveway, slipping as I went. I knocked on the door, wincing at the feeling of my frozen knuckles and rubbed them together, waiting.

"Hey! Get in here, you frozen girl." Andrew pulls me inside and shuts the door, pressing me against him with one arm. "Mmm. Hi." I soak up his body heat and he holds my ponytail, pulling my mouth to his. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him harder, fingering the collar of his sweater behind his neck. "I missed you." Andrew murmurs, and I close my eyes, savoring the feeling of his lips on my neck.

"I think we should skip dinner." I take his hands, eager to share my body with his. "Not so fast, I made us spaghetti and I'm very proud of it." Andrew trails his index finger along my collarbone. "Besides, it's better when you wait." I stare at him, hoping I can make it through dinner.

The spaghetti is delicious; I gratefully eat about half of it, starving from work earlier. Andrew refills my glass of wine; I don't usually like alcohol but this brand is okay. "Thank you sir, that's very fancy of you." He chuckles "Fancy eh?". We finish eating, and Andrew stands up to bring the plates to the sink. I follow him around the kitchen island and snake my arms around him from behind. "That was wonderful. Thank you." He turns and kisses my forehead. "Any time, for you."

"Now." I pull Andrew into the living room, and over to the couch. "Could we please start having some fun?" Andrew chuckles, putting his arms around me. "You're not enjoying yourself yet?" I smile and shake my head. "Not as much as I will be when we....y'know." I reach down and unzip my boots, kicking them off.

Andrew watches me. "You're sure not wasting any time." I look at him, biting my lip. "I'm very eager." I pull my dress up and over my head, exposing my rose-colored lace bra and matching underwear. "Slow down." Andrew murmurs and pulls me in for a kiss as we both sit down on the couch. I wait as he pulls off his shirt. I lay down on my back and Andrew comes forward to rest over me on his elbows. He kisses me softly, and I open my mouth wider, reaching deep into his mouth with my tongue.

There was a burning need in between my legs that had been growing all evening, and I was hungry to satisfy it. I lifted my legs up to cross behind his back, bringing my pelvis up to his. Andrew makes a groaning noise as I move my hips against his, sending an even stronger tingling through my body. Suddenly Andrew breaks away, sitting up and pulling me up with him. "Hey. There's no rush. We can take the time to explore each other's bodies. You're beautiful. We can take things slow."

I kiss him briefly and turn around so my back is pressed against him. "You can explore my body from the inside, baby. We can still take things slow. Or fast. So," I bend down on all fours, arching my back, and peek seductively at Andrew from over my shoulder. "Explore away."

I close my eyes as I feel Andrew's hands slide over my back, gripping my waist. One of them comes up to grip my hair for a split second before sliding back down to finger the elastic on my underwear. "This is what you want?" Andrew asks softly, and grinds his pelvis into my backside. "Mmhmmm." I arch my back even more, like a cat, and purr. "A gentle little fuck?" he grinds a little harder. I am delighted by his risky words, and I grin. "It doesn't need to be gentle."

Andrew pushes against me one more blissful time, and then quickly flips me over so we're face-to-face once more. "Or do you want to make love with me? This way, so I can see my girl's beautiful face while we love each other the way a man and woman should?" He kisses my neck, entwining his fingers in my hair. I don't know what to say, so I close my eyes and tip my head back, opening up my neck for him. "Look at me, baby." Andrew whispers, and I open my eyes.

He strokes my cheek, and I feel a little flustered. "Hasn't anyone you were ever with respectively made love to you?" I shrug. "Why does it matter? It's just us two." I pull him down to kiss, but he stays put and says, "It matters because your beautiful, and I am going to show you how much I love you." His words make me gasp.

I suck in a breathe of air as Andrew places his hands on my underwear, and tugs them down my legs, dropping them on the floor. His hands slide to my knees, gently pulling them wider apart as he positions himself between my legs. We make eye contact, and though my eyes flicker, his stay on mine as he slowly slides himself into me. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out, and Andrew pulls me up to him, gripping my lower back. I wrap my arms around his neck, pressing my face into his shoulder as he gently pulls out my ponytail and runs his fingers through my hair, pulling the ends a little, just in between my shoulder blades.

The slow, sensual pace of what we're doing makes me a little hesitant, but Andrew kisses it away. I turn my head and close my mouth over his lower lip, sucking gently. He moves his hips in a subtle way that somehow sends lightning bolts up the rest of my body. The sensation grows, and I lose myself, pushing Andrew back onto the cushions, moving my waist in circles. My fingers trail down his chest and he finds them in his. We move like that for some time, but it only feels like seconds.

Andrew sits up and wraps his arms around me, pressing us together, and lays me down, moving his hips into mine, kissing me everywhere. His hands grip the arm of the couch behind my head, and he buries his face into my neck, thrusting into me. I cry out every time, shivering.

The pleasure is amplified from his love; I'd never been with anyone who made me feel like I belonged as much as Andrew did. "Faster. Please." I whisper, feeling my body go over the edge. Andrew pushes into me, and holds himself there, and I feel his warmth as he lets go. I push against him several times, orgasming, and then we relax onto each other, breathing hard.

A tear slides down from the outer corner of my eye, and I laugh, embarrassed. Andrew lifts his head and kisses it away, and I close my eyes, overwhelmed with feelings I never feel. I run my fingers through Andrew's hair, and in between breaths, Andrew whispers, "You deserved this a long time ago." I kiss him, another tear falling, and we lay there, thinking about the new relationship that's been formed.

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