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sex resescitator


is your sex life mundane,
dull,and boring
in the middle of sex
is your lover snoring
do you have new things
you'd like to do
but your partner's a dud
and won't co-operate with you
well that's where i come in
just give me a call
i aim to please
and i do it all
i'll keep you hard or wet
and very excited
there's a party in my panties
and you are invited
my skills are on point
i'm at the top of my game
i'm a tough fuck to follow
i put most folks to shame
my sex can be hot and steamy
or tender and sweet
it'd be in your best sexual interest
if we were to meet
i'll make you feel great
of that there is no doubt
there's a hunger inside you
and i'll help bring it out
i do guys or girls
i do couples too
so let's get together
and commence to screw

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