tagBDSMSex School of Slaves for Girls Ch. 01

Sex School of Slaves for Girls Ch. 01


The new slaves were lined up in the gym for an assembly. There were about 50 of slaves, 25 which was categorized as whores (women who enjoy sex or the idea of it) and 25 were soon-to-be whores (women who doesn't enjoy sex or the idea of it, they are here to be trained to become whores and slaves). The whores were in blue collar, while the others were in red. Their age range was from 18 to 24, all virgins in every hole. Their mothers or aunts was once a student in this school, and produced an offspring to be sent here to be disciplined and become a good slave for future mistresses and masters. They all had long hair, as instructed.

The students wore a tight short maid's dress. The cut was low to showoff their required E-sized boobs and their red nipples was hardly able to be kept inside the dress. The dress was long enough to only cover their asses and pussy. The dress was black with a white apron and layers of white ruffles. They wore no underwear and bras.

On the stage sat 7 mistresses and 1 master all with a riding crop in hand. The master and one mistress was dressed in black cloak and sat in the middle, clearly, they were in charge. The other mistresses were dressed in black leather swimsuit-liked style with two holes cut to show their nipples pierced and chained to each other and the chain followed down to their pussies, also pierced. Their pussies was bald and on display. Their boobs were pushed up by building bras. They had black nylons on tall high heeled boots.

A blond mistress stood up and walked up to the front. "Welcome to Sex school of Slaves for Girls." She looked around the gym. "I am the Mistress of Discipline, so you will address me as Mistress Discipline. My job is to teach discipline.

"The reason you are here because your mothers or aunts want all of you to be like them, a sex slave. You will all stay here at the academy for one year and we will train you to become a whore slave. Each of you will be partnered up with whore or soon-to-be whore and you will help each other out. This school has two semesters: the first semester to train you for masters, and the second to train you for mistresses. At the end of each semester, you will have an exam on all the things you have learned. Through out the year, you will have various assignments and we will have certain festivals with our sister school: Sex School of Master for Boys and Sex School of Mistress for Girl. If you do not behave and it gets reported, I will be the one giving out the punishment and humiliation." Mistress Discipline looked hard at the students.

"The clothes you are wearing are your uniforms, and you are not to change until told so. You see, maid serves people, just like you will serve your masters or mistresses." She smiled sweetly, "Now, the routine of the day. First, all of you will get up at six unless instructed. Then you will proceed to the Cleaning Room for cleaning. There, you will shower and shave. The shaving will consist of your cunt and armpits. Then you are to proceed to the first machine to perform your enema and then to the second machine to tighten up your pussies. I will personally check all of you to insure it is done correctly, if not, you are required to do it again and face humiliation and sever punishments.

I will show you how to use each machine after this assembly, and you are to keep your waste for me to see. After the enema, you will proceed to the dining hall for a 30 minute breakfast. Then you will take your first three classes on your schedule and then a 30 minute lunch and you will tighten your pussies again. Then you will proceed to your last three classes. This takes up until dinner at 7, where you will have 30 minutes to eat. The last two hours is for the master or mistress to fuck you whenever they like, or do whatever they like with you. You will all sleep at 9 with no protests!

You are not allowed to go outside unless supervised by a mistress or the master. You are not allowed to touch yourself without permission and not allowed to cum either. You will always do what you are told to do. Now I will hand it over to the next Mistress." She turned to go back to her seat and everyone can see there was a hole cut out for the ass as well.

This time, a young brunette stood from the next chair. "Hello, I am the Mistress of Cunt, you may address me as Mistress Cunt. My job is to teach all of you cumsluts how to control your pussies, how to lick them, finger them and how they can be used most efficiently by cocks, dildos and tongues. I hope to have fun with all of them."

The next mistress was mid-aged black haired, she had no expression but a smirk on her face. "I am the Mistress of Ass. You will address me as Mistress Ass. I will teach all you shitbags to take in cocks, dildos and fingers from the ass without lubrication, how to lick and finger asses and how they can be used most efficiently."

The prettiest mistress with puffy lips stood up. "I am the Mistress of Oral, you may address me as Mistress Oral. I will tell you how to take in cocks, dildos and fingers without chocking and how to lick them nice and good. I will also teach you how to swallow cum."

The dark skinned mistress came on. "I am the Mistress of Boob. You may address me as Mistress Boob. I will teach you teach that E-sized boob of yours how to make a cock feel nice and the pleasure of being rubbed, pulled or squeezed." As an example, she squished her boobs together and moaned.

The final mistress was red haired. "I am the Mistress of Form. You may address me as Mistress Form. I will teach you how to act in front of your superiors and what to do when a sign is given to you."

Mistress Discipline stood up again. "All of you are to proceed to the Cleaning room in a single file line."

The mistresses and master disappeared into the darkness as the students walked out to the Cleaning Room. In the Cleaning Room, Mistress Discipline showed everyone how to use the enema and pussy tightened. Everyone tried it on themselves once, and the whores moaned with the others screamed in pain. Then Mistress Discipline produced a gun and a chain. "You will get your nipples and pussies pierced today!" She carried on the procedure while the screams and moans carried out the Room. Then she produced a stamp and a heater-like machine. Mistress Boob appeared and lifted up each boob for Mistress Discipline to stamp the school's initial on them. Screams filled the room once more. As Mistress Boob was having fun pulling on the newly pierced boobs, the whores moans and began to drip. Mistress Cunt stepped in and insert in a finger and licked the juice. "Yum."

The students were led to the dining room for partnering up. Garnet and Ruby (the main people of the story now) was paired up. They shared a bowl of dinner, but it was most humiliating for Garnet as Ruby seems to enjoy it. They ate out of a dogs bowl knelt down like a dog.

To be continued in Chapter two.

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