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They had been going back and forth on IM for weeks. Finally the night had come for all their fantasies to come true. She drove out to DeKalb, a rural Illinois town, with lots of college party people, including the man she was to meet at a local bed and breakfast. She gave him instructions to meet her for dinner at the bed and breakfast, and then they would go from there. Jenice checked in at the lovely old Victorian mansion, and went to her room to dress for dinner. She donned typical Victorian dress, corset and stockings, lots of petticoats. Her phone in her room rang.

"Your guest is here ma'am."

"Send him up, and then send dinner." Jenice asked.

Aaron walked in the door, in a suit, as she had demanded. Dinner was placed on a table in the room. Soon, it was just Aaron and Jenice.

"Sit and feed me," she commanded.

Aaron immediately went to her side and did this. Her heart started pounding as he gently placed fruit into her mouth, touching her lips. However, as he bent close to feed her more, he felt a rough grab on his inner thigh.

"I am Mistress J; address me as such whenever you speak to me." Mistress J commanded.

Aaron continued feeding her.

"I will give you five minutes to eat, I will be in the bathroom waiting for my bath." Said Jenice.

He quickly ate, and then went into the bathroom.

"Undress me", Jenice demanded. "And watch the hands slave!"

He did as he was told.

He then said, "Please sit down so I can remove your shoes."

A knee quickly found his groin and he grunted in pain.

Mistress J yelled, "ADDRESS ME AS YOUR MISTRESS." He shakily stood up and shakily said "Mistress J please sit down so I may remove your shoes, here is a chair."

He quickly grabbed one and placed it behind her.

"Better slave" Mistress J replied.

The many buttons of her dress were undone. He slipped off her dress.

In a subdued tone, he asked her "Mistress J please stand so I may remove your gown".

She stood up, and he pulled off the long gown as well as the petticoats.

Aaron said, "Please sit down".

As soon as the words were out, Aaron realized his error and moved his face just in time to miss her foot. His chest was kicked instead.

"Mistress J please sit down." Aaron correctly said.

He then was able to take care in removing the gown and petticoats by her feet. He then carefully rolled down her thigh-high stockings and shoes. He ran the water in the bathtub. She got in the bath, and he could not stop himself from grabbing her ass. She smiled an evil smile, and got back out, dripping wet. He was fully aroused now, he could not help it. She stood naked in front of him, and took his hand.

" You will learn my slave." "Undress but leave on your boxers" Mistress J commanded.

Aaron quickly did this. She led him to the bed, and suddenly pushed him down face down on the bed. The ropes were already set up. She quickly bound his hands, and gagged him. He laid there helplessly waiting. She came back, and he felt her before he saw her. She had a paddle and a whip in her hand.

"Oh yes my slave, you will learn to obey."

Without warning, she took her paddle and spanked him several times with this. He was straining against the ropes.

"When I take off your gag, she said huskily, leaning in so he could see her, you will answer yes Mistress J, do you understand?" she asked.

He nodded. She reached down, and took off his gag.

" I will take off your ropes from the bed, but not from your hands." She informed him.

He said, "Yes Mistress J."

She undid the ropes. He got up and stretched out his body.

She said "I want you to suck my nipples slave Aaron, without touching me, or licking anywhere else."

He said "yes Mistress J," and slowly moved towards her. He gently licked her left nipple then her right.

She pulled on his ropes, and said "suck them harder slave!!"

"Yes, Mistress J,"

With that, he was no longer gentle. He put his whole mouth over her nipple. He sucked the whole breast he had in his mouth, and then pursed his lips so just the nipple was in his mouth. She caught her breath, and ordered him to stop and move to the other nipple.

He said "yes Mistress J,"

and with a smile, did the same thing to the right nipple.

She said "stop slave, and sit at my feet."

He panted "yes mistress J."

She took a deep breath, and tried not to think about the wetness between her legs. Aaron was still lying on the floor, with his hard-on poking through his boxers.

"Get rid of that hard-on!" She commanded."

"But mistress J I want u.." Aaron said.

"...Silence!" Jenice interrupted.

Without any hesitation, she picked up and cracked her whip so it landed on his thighs, just missing his hard cock. He winced slightly. She pulled up on his ropes hard. She pulled him to his feet. She grabbed his penis and stroked it without any mercy.

"I like you hard and compliant. I am going to tie your legs down. Are you a leftie or a righty?"

He answered "righty".

She again had her whip in her hand, and was about to strike, when Aaron stuttered,

"Mistress J, I am sorry, right hand please, I use my right hand to stroke my hard cock."

The whip came down close to him, but not on him.

"Much better slave. Now do as I asked. If I see you doing a good job, I might help you out." Mistress J sneered.

She tied his legs back to the bed. She tied his left arm to the bed, leaving his right arm. She then sat on the opposite side of the bed. She sat with her legs open, so he could see her wet pussy.

Jenice teased, "Let me see you stroke that cock. I want to know how it is going to feel inside of me."

With that he spoke, "Mistress J, may I speak?"

She said slave, "3 words only".

He was silent for a moment.

" "Hard," he said grabbing his cock, "long," as he stroked the length of his cock, "and filling," as he caught a drop of pre-cum from his penis and held out hid finger.

"Well slave, it seems you cannot speak without addressing me properly. Well, I will take care of that right now." Mistress J said.

With that, she pulled his hand away, and retied it. She left him for a moment and came back in the room with socks and a bandana.

"Darn it!" She said to Aaron, "I hate when my slaves do not pack a bag properly. Open your mouth slave!"

She came over and stuffed two socks in his mouth, then wrapped the bandana around the socks.

"Much better, all tied up and nowhere to go slave. And a hard cock. Hmm," Mistress J cooed.

She loosened one leg from its restraint, and an arm so Jenice was able to move him on his side. She slide her body over his, teasing his cock, once again making it hard.

"Too bad you were a bad boy and you can't even suck my nipples. You cannot even pack a damn bag!" She taunted.

She continued rubbing her body over his.

"Do you think you stroke your cock without trying to grab me slave?" She demanded.

With that, she squeezed his balls with a feeling to him that was more painful than pleasurable, but still made him want more. He nodded his head yes. She untied his left hand, knowing that he was right handed.

Mistress J ordered "Stroke your slave cock slave!"

With that, she moved off of him. She opened a nearby drawer and grabbed her dildo. She taunted him and teased him, as she straddled his face so he could see her stroke her dildo in and out of her wet pussy.

"Slave, this toy serves me much better than you. It does not talk back, and it fills my pussy soo completely."

She moved so she could see him stoke his cock, and teased him by saying,

" I bet you would love to stick that meat in this pussy slave, keep stoking dirty slave!"

With that he came, a large amount of cum shoot over his legs and stomach, some getting on Mistress J.

"Ok slave, enough fun for you." she said." I hope you are ready to go again."

With that she undid his gag, and untied his other hand, and said,

"Make yourself ready slave, because I am going to use you all night long." "Ok slave, since even prisoners are allowed restroom breaks, you may as well."

She untied all his restraints, and undid his gag.

He knelt and kissed her toes, saying, and "thank you for the privilege Mistress J."

"I will be watching you from here," she said.

He went in the bathroom, went pee, and then grabbed a washcloth to wipe his loins. Mistress J entered the bathroom after he was done. She also went pee, and demanded that her slave wipe her. He did so.

"Slave, my bath water is ruined!" barked Mistress J. "I STILL want a bath. Make it nice and hot, here are the bubbles. Make the water no deeper than 3 inches."

Slave Aaron said "yes mistress, of course mistress".

As he bent over to start the water, Mistress J playfully slapped his ass. The water was ready.

Mistress J said," pick me up slave, and place me in the water. Do not drop me."

Aaron answered "yes Mistress J." Once in the water, she said,

" wash me slave!"

He took the washcloth, and gently wet down her entire body. Since the water was not that deep, the water was simply making her body more beautiful than it was already. He gently sat her up to wet her back.

He asked, "Mistress J, would you like me to rub your back?"

She smiled, and said, "My nice slave. Later, you are getting ahead of yourself."

He finished wetting her whole body, now it was time for soap. He took a brand new lavender soap that the B&B provided, and lathered it up in his washcloth. He started on her back. He made circles with the soap. He moved to the front of her, and started with her toes. He took one leg out of the somewhat shallow water, and lathered it completely.

She let a small moan, and said "that is just the way I like it slave."

Aaron said "thank you Mistress J."

He then placed that leg back down, and did the other leg in the same slow, sensual manner. He realized then he had a problem. Before tackling it, he rinsed out the washcloth, and got the soap off her back, again using slow, lazy circles.

"Mistress J, may I wash your chest next?" Aaron whispered.

Mistress J said, "of course, and then you may wash my bottom and pussy after that, I know you wanted to ask me, yes slave?"

"Yes Mistress J" said Aaron.

He again lathered up the washcloth. He could feel his heart pounding with excitement. He started with her neck, forcing himself to take his time. He then did the top part of her chest, just above her breasts. He again used slow strokes of the washcloth. He moved down to her breast. He used very slow circular motion, with a very light touch over her nipples. She moaned and shifted a little in the water. He did each breast with the same motion, taking his time. He also very gently pulled and played with her nipples through the washcloth. He felt them harden under her touch, and she moaned again. He moved on to her tight abs. He washed them with the same care.

"Mistress J?" he asked.

She opened her eyes, and said" hmmm?"

"Would you like me to rinse first, or keep washing?" Aaron gently asked.

"Finish slave, then rinse me off, take me out and dry me off slave."

He lifted her slightly out of the water and quicker than he would have liked, washed her tight ass. He placed her down back in the water. He then kept his right hand under the water. With his cock perking up, and his heart racing, he slides her forward enough so her mound was out of the water. Still holding her, he deftly washed her mound, with slow circular motion; he very carefully caressed her clit. He then washed the lower part of her mound, being careful with the soap. He then let her sit back down to wash off the soap. Aaron put the washcloth down, and lifted her out of the water and wrapped a towel around her. He slowly dried her off, not using too much or too little pressure with the towel. He wrapped the towel around her body once she was completely dried off.

"Excellent work slave. In the cupboard you will find special massage oil. Please take and extra towel with you, and go place it on the bed, then come back for me." Mistress J said.

"Yes Mistress J," said slave Aaron.

He quickly grabbed a towel and placed it on her bed. Then, went back to carry her to the bed as she ordered," Sit me down first slave."

She placed a collar with a leash around his neck.

"You will be rubbing my back, and following my commands slave. I have my instruments nearby to punish you if needed. You will follow my instructions to the letter slave, understand," she explained as she tugged on his collar.

Aaron gasped for breath, and said "yes Mistress J."

With the leash in her hand, she laid down on her belly. He stood and waited for instruction.

"Gently sit on the back of my legs, and pour some oil on my back. I expect a good massage from the way you were washing me. "Mistress J said. To be continued...

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