tagNovels and NovellasSex Tales for the New Millennium Ch. 04

Sex Tales for the New Millennium Ch. 04


Sex Tales for the New Millennium the 'sexual revolution' was a wrongly named glimmer of the quiet next phase of humane evolution that is only just beginning...


Laying in my hand is the card she gave me. Saturday night at my favorite neighborhood bar, almost time to leave. The dancing had been great, the floor merging into an intense swirl of energy. I noticed a woman who appeared near me, and watched her a bit. She was good. And then she approached me, sexy, and alive. The conversation was sharp and fun. And she knew my name, "Mike;" I can still hear her. We exchanged banter, then she complimented me, then she made her come-on: She stared in my eyes as she pushed the card into my hand. "Mike, come to this address the next business day you can manage, ready for a much better job. Be rested and wear something snug." Then she pinched my ass, smiled, and disappeared. She wasn't going to take me home.

But the brief encounter did stir something. And the downtown address was too expensive to be fly by night.

The offer was interesting. My current job was taking the life out me. It had been even more exhausting trying to make a living on my own. But working for them wasn't much better. At least I could change "thems". And I could take off a day or two.

I went to bed early the next night and in the morning was cleaned and dressed and ready for adventure. The stirring returned, but I packed myself in appropriate attire from deep in my closet, downed an espresso and toast, and started my journey.

The building was tall and nondescript cement and the elevator was more of the same — hard and grey mirrored but also shinny and clean. I was alone in the elevator but I didn't feel that way; the mirrors could hide video. When the door opened a receptionist was staring through glass doors, legs crossed and lovely. She had met my eyes and then when straight to my pants. I smiled as I noticed her tiny triangle, and felt helpless as I walked in.

She was very friendly; she smiled and said "I'm glad to see you dressed well. Nice outfit; you will fill it out so well!"

I said "this is a nice place" and looked around the lovely office. I was pretty sure the thin material would hold.

She put her hands on a big folder in a rather erotic way. "We've seen your graphic designs, Mike, and want you to do some for us. Here are some graphics for you to put together, as a part of a mutual try-out. Is that interesting to you?"

"Of course."

"We thought so," she smiled, "Selia will come to set you up. You might remember her."

I looked at the receptionist and she pushed me the bright folder. As I opened it and started to look it over she continued to look me over. Then the woman that must have been Selia approached. Her bright hot minidress screamed from the corners of my eye. I kept cool and continued to fixate the folder.

Selia said "Hello, I'm here to help you" as she put her hand on my ass.

I looked up and was struck by loveliness and familiarity. She was the dancer. The knot was solid and I did my best to give her a cool smile. She looked confident and happy, and had a little earpiece in one ear.

"Let me show you around," she said as she got in close behind me. "Ok?"


And she pushed me into the stairwell and quickly.

"The let's go up!" she said as she started pushing (and probing) my ass. As we stepped slowly her fingers worked their way around and stretched to brush my testicles, and then worked back; pressure was great and I was starting to gasp.

"Just like I thought; lovely dancer muscles. You may well work out."

We reached the landing and she twisted me around to face her. Her eyes and face twinkled with slight delight, and she started to slowly push me back, slowly slamming my back against the landing wall. Her back hand dug in between my cakes. I smiled as she planted the finger of her other hand into my front thigh. It was a trigger point and the knot went to a new level of tight.

"I think you're thinking well of yourself. We like upward thinking men. I liked you when I saw the way you danced at the club, and I think we might work well together. As colleagues."

She continued to look deeply into my eyes, and then she moved in and put her tongue into my mouth, making me feel delicious. She continued to kiss me aggressively while her front finger moved up and down to undo the knot. I was almost sad as the last kink sprung to complete the line. But then she traced it with her hand. I gasped and wanted to say "I am yours."

In my mind I heard her voice; "No, you are ours. Let us fuck you and we will keep you very happy." Her tongue danced out and she backed up to fill my vision with her lively face.

We looked and smiled as I tried to say "I like the deal."

She smiled and then her hand in my rear started me back up the steps and out the door.

I emerged still catching my breath, to see a huge work space, colorful and populated with lovely people amongst work tables, lovely sofas, rich woods, sculptures, and plants. Gorgeous legs were poised under some of the desks, cleavage above. Was that panties? And who was the lovely in a minidress laying on the couch? Even the men were smartly dressed in colorful informals, arrayed on desktops, office chairs, and the surrounding upper balcony. They seemed to work in publishing.

As I was scanning the room, the room was scanning me. The happy eyes landing on my upright made it feel good. I stopped and continued to look around. I looked at the minidress on the couch, a nice dark green with lovely legs appearing out. A man on the balcony leaned towards her. Was he going to jump on her? Just then directly across the room the lovely brunet uncrossed her legs and leaned forward to look at me, revealing bright red panties framed by a dark miniskirt under the desk. Eager energy screamed out from her. I let out a small gasp. Then Selia restarted her exploration of my ass and inward attention competed with outward. I closed my eyes and started to subtly sway as Selia increased the intensity of her probing. I gasped some more.

Selia came round to plant her tongue in me, and then slowly leaned my back onto the top of an empty sofa, my backbone lying parallel along the top. Her back hand steadied me from below while she put a front hand on my cock. I raised my feet up to rest on the sofa top and closed my eyes to enjoy. She slowly traced around my missile, and then directly across the top, up and down deep. My ass started subtly dancing in response and she kept up the steady probing rythym. Everything was hitting me.

But just then, Selia slowed and I gasped to catch me breath. I rested on the sofatop, laying and looking up into her eyes, surrounded by the work space and balconies and high windows. The crowd made nice sounds. Selia gently stroked my head as I rested. She had stopped just in time. A drop or two might emerge, but no more.

Then Selia's used her hands to sit me up. "Let's get to work!" she said, and we resumed our walk.

As we walked by, the brunette leaned into me with a marvelous smile. Then balcony man skipped down the stairs through the corner of my eye to jump Greenie. I had to turn, and saw the start of a wild fuck.

Selia took me to a balcony office with a nice open view that continued up and down for at least three floors. She explained the graphics and it sounded like a fun challenge that I could do well. I thought I heard Greenie and her balcony guy climax.

Selia said, "Now, don't get attached to me. The boss will want to see you a little later. Have fun."

And then Selia left, swaying a beautiful ass.

Now private, I checked and there was a drop of wet on my front. A sofa at the side looked inviting and I slumped onto it and rested.

I rose just a bit later and got into my work. It was fun. I had to travel to different offices, and there was a well designed directory that told me where to go. Each trip got me going; there were lovely people all over, most busy with work but some busy with each other. I think a few people did notice the spot; they must have known what to look for. I decided it was a badge of honor.

As lunch approached I noticed that the directory listed a cafeteria, and I had worked up an appetite. I left to find a lovely cafeteria, smartly designed and stocked with wonderful food, all free. Other workers were slowly coming in, smiles on their faces. Did they know me? They seemed friendly and had mellow conversations between themselves as they ate. I finished lunch with a perfect tea and then hurried back to work. The relaxing lunch put new ideas in my head and I wanted to try them. I dove into work.

A bit later I took another supply trip, complete with swelling. I came back to find the loveliest miniskirt perched on my balcony. Sitting on a tall stool near the bar, she was mixing colors from the paint in my cupboard.

I said "Hello," and she turned towards me on the stool and smiled, lovely legs sideways to me. We kept smiling, and for some reason I sashayed to my right to approach her. Her face seemed to get hotter. I continued my approach slowly, put my hand on one of her crossed legs. I looked at her colors and said "fantastic".

She said "thank you" in a totally lovely voice. Then she reached down and traced around my knot with her finger. She said the good things she heard about me were true, but that I should save it, I'd need it later. I liked the implication, but there was something else unstated.

"Well, I guess I can save, but a man can still live for the present." I squatted down, right in front of her lovely skirt. I asked if I could spin her around.

I heard a long "Ohhhh" — "Ohhh, that should be ok."

So I spun her slowly, taking in her lovely air. And I stopped her, facing me directly. She uncrossed her legs. I enjoyed the show and then started kissing at her bare knee.

She was liking it. So I worked my hand up her leg. She was still liking it, so the fingers kept working up slowly. I reach the edge of cloth, and went under to search for moisture. She was really liking it as I continued to go very slow. And then I moved my thumb in, to gently approach near her sensitive places. I felt the moisture and then took my fingers downward lips bursting with lubrication. Very slowly the fingers worked further in and slowly, eventually they started to pump; steadily she intensified, and I slowly increased the rythym into a lovely climax. I gently withdrew to appreciate her long hair and just-tight-enough top.

She said, "Mike, I'm Jane. I think you'll work out." Then she smiled and gathered her colors, sort of came at me and then walked away with the loveliest walk. I went to the sofa to lay down with a big smile.

I was feeling pretty good about my work. I was able to do neat things that looked nice. It had challenged me and got my creative juices flowing. My mind was relaxed and a nice energy was resonating from the little breakthroughs during the day. As I sat back on the sofa, I absentmindedly looked around. And I realized that people could see me, somewhat. Or at least I thought — I couldn't tell for sure because there were so many layers and reflections. But I looked at the shelves I had stretched for and the tables I bent over and it gave me a little start. I was visible. My bulge started coming back. I lay back on the sofa in amazement. Absentmindedly, I grabbed my cock. It felt good and I felt relaxed. I laid back and closed my eyes. And then I opened my eyes. They were looking right at a dark window in the upper office, which seemed almost trained on me. There was something about that window, and firm filled to hard.

A minute later Selia came, looking me over and smiling a big knowing smile. She nodded upward and said the boss wants to see my designs. It was still hard and I was embarrassed. I grabbed my designs and sort of covered my bulge as Selia smiled. Hiding it seemed silly.

As I started walking Selia caught my ass with her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Then she pushed me up the stairs and on my journey, which started a bit difficult due to the mass in my pants. So I thought about the stairs and falling, and then walking got easier.

I arrived at the bosses door feeling a bit nervous but very alive. The climb up the stairs had my blood circulating and I was feeling good about my designs. I knocked lightly on the just-open door and heard "enter." I stepped in to see the boss focused on her desk work. I was directly on her side and the large office opened before me. I looked briefly around to see elegant design with gorgeous colors and style. And across the room to my right was that window, with a lovely leather bench beneath it.

But I focused on Boss. The desk was large with a lovely wood top and no sides, so I could see all of her. She was leaning forward and her red skirt stopped high. Her legs looked lovely from the side. Her head was framed by crops of black hair from which an intense face looked out at her work. She looked in command. I heard "please wait" in a commanding tone with no sound. Was I hearing things?

I waited, continuing to admire her energy. I wondered if this incredible place flowed from her energy.

Then the Boss swung toward me. I gasped as the energy whirled, like a large flower, no, garden. As I began to unpack the image I saw a powerful head at top, energetic compact body and legs, and a small white triangle in the middle that almost knocked me over as it sucked in my attention. I didn't want to stare so I forced my eyes back up toward her top, noticing first a lovely crack of tummy and then the matching red vest. I remained quick past lovely curves of cleavage, knowing I should keep going to meet her eyes. I was glad. My eyes locked into the intensity of her deep eyes. And she seemed to be glad I checked her out. I was relieved. I looked at her and started to feel her totality. Powerful legs were part of a smart and sophisticated package, softened slightly by a lovely smattering of freckles that hinted of youth and maybe a touch of hillbilly. Sitting atop this incredible place.

Getting down to business, she said, "Well...?"

I said, "This is an incredible place and I hope you will see I have talents you can use."

She smiled. Then I started walking towards her with my designs in their place. I looked down to the floor as I approached, feigning humility but knowing her panties would appear in the top of my view very soon if she kept her pose. She did and they did, and at that moment she seemed to jerk just slightly in what might have been a tiny wave of something, perhaps anticipation. Then I shifted my eyes to her face, stopping first at her mouth, to see it tense slightly. Then I looked into her eyes with acquiescence, hoping I had not been too forward. Without no more expression than a slight smile she took the hand that held the designs in her hand, and with her other hand took the other side of the designs. Her grip felt strong and in control. Keeping the designs in place, she thumbed through them. I watched her face and a positive, understanding reaction developed slowly. But then she moved the designs down, giving her a direct view of my package. Because of my concerned state it was back near baseline. But then it started to grow just a bit. A subtle smile seemed to grow on her.

But then she shifted her eyes up to mine and said "thank you, this is very good" in a tone that implied that I could go.

But the tone was also nice, on the edge of inviting. Maybe I could stay. She was still looking and smiling. Not knowing what to do, I instinctively dropped down to my knees, staring down at her lower legs so I wouldn't see her privates from my privileged position. I was trying to be unpresumptuous, humble me.

I said "I'm glad the designs pleased you boss, and stop me if I'm wrong."

I waited a second, and then let instinct continue to drive me — I started kissing her knee. I felt a tiny but positive inward breath in her. So I moved ever so slowly up her leg, keeping my eyes down. The breaths turned into sighs as I traveled toward the interior. I continued slowly and as the sounds became increasingly pleasurable, I raised my eyes to see private area. Her muscles tensed but every sign said "with pleasure."

As I resumed slowly she starting to gasp lightly. The momentum became unstoppable as I approached sensitive boundaries. I patiently continued onward. When I paused for a breath she let her legs part and slid herself out toward me, inviting me in. I wanted to jump but decided to enjoy the walk. My head moved close and my tongue traced the edge of the cloth. And then my fingers gently pulled over the cloth, I went underneath. I explored gently, my tongue finding its way to near her clitoris, proud of my navigation skills. Her sigh told me to stay there, and I did for long minutes, staying just outside the most sensitive area. Then I went down one of the folds, and up the other side. She liked it, and I repeated. She seemed to want more, so I jumped over the fold and into the vaginal entry. I probed the inner walls and then went deeper. She was very happy. I probed the surfaces again and then I slowly moved two fingers into the doorway and as my tongue moved back up. The fingers lightly battered her closed tissues as my tongue slid softly over her clitoris. And then, as the tissues started to open, I slowly moved in and up with my fingers, arriving at what should be her g spot and massaging all areas around. She said "oh wow" and small convulsions started. I kept it up at both ends, she continued to gasp and gasp, and minutes later I felt the squirts as she gasped and moaned some more. The warm fountain made me feel happy and accomplished. As she settled down I stayed close. And when she was finally still, I let go of her panties and put my face in them, kissing all over and then resting for long seconds.

She pulled my head up and then body and then my rear, raising me into position as my cock went from swollen to hard. She straightened it out through my pants with a big smile, and then she undid my pants. She pulled them down and then grabbed my thong and pulled it down, letting my cock pop out into a full salute. I said "yes sir!" and she laughed.

I pulled down her panties and then entered very deliberately. It was a lovely journey and it felt significant in some way. Her response was very good so I let my energy flow, pumping hard and deep and fast. She was really liking it. And she started climaxing quickly which was good because I was so full of explosive energy from the incredible day. It was a little quick but we finished together in a sea of loud happy growns. I felt so good and her arms were around me tight. I kissed her and squeezed her for a minute, and then did what I wanted to do, which was slowly slump off to the floor.

I thought to myself I hoped it wasn't too quick, and I heard "it was perfect" in my mind as I laid down with my back on the floor.

As thoughts returned I started to dreamily look up. She was over me, smiling. I smiled back and looked her over once more with delight. I closed my eyes and smiled.

Then I opened my eyes and looked around. The entire wall behind us was glass. And there was this bigger building towering over us. I tried to figure out how to ask, "Was this ok — were we private enough?"

I heard "Long story, and no problem," in warm tones but again without sound. I looked up at her, sitting happily in her chair.

Then she spoke out loud; "The observations of you today were very good and I am happy to have confirmed them." She smiled at her campy summary. "I think you might work out. I expect you here tomorrow, bright and early."

I got up and with a smile said in my head, "Thank you, I will."

As I walked away I turned to see her smiling but her eyes seemed to contain a mixture of fondness and slight worry. Hopefully, the worry was business demands. I said "bye" and she said "good day" and I started down the stairs.

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