Sex talk


"I'm afraid I need a little rest, the soldier should be ready for duty in about 5 minutes" I said.

"No, do me like I did you for now," she came back. Well ok I think, this was the hottest stuff we'd ever tried by far and the biggest turn on of all was how much she was into it. So I walked around to her rear and watched for a second or two as she continued to massage my cum into her pussy and ass hole. As she continued frigging her pussy and clit I teased her asshole with my right index finger and finally entered it , slowly rocking it in. I took in the scene and after less than two minutes of fingering Kate's ass I noted that life was coming back to my member. Next I knelt, withdrew my finger and replaced it with my tongue. Kate's hand came out from between her legs and spread her ass open to give me better access. I tasted pussy mint and cum all mixed up.

"Yes, eat my ass, and pussy from behind." She murmured.

"OK" I said.

"It gets me so hot thinking about you sucking your own cum out of my asshole and pussy" The realization then struck me, and I felt a hot rush of shame and lust as she spoke the words. I dove my tongue deep into her pussy then lapped for all I was worth drinking up our juices like a thirsty puppy at a water bowl.

Looking down at my raging hard-on and aching for my 3rd wad of the day to blow, I sensed that it was time to dip the wick and stood up, she looked over her shoulder and said "push that big hot tool up my cunt", and I did. As wet as she was she was still tight since nothing bigger than a finger had yet entered her. I knew, and she knew, she was in for a good fucking, since it would take me at least 7 or 8 minutes to cum. As her steaming gash adjusted to me, I was soon sliding in and out easily but insistently giving her a good long reaming her as she clutched a pillow. I heard her moans as she had orgasm after orgasm and spasmed wildly around my tool. As I watched her squeeze hard on a pillow and her anus winking at me. My meat then again unloaded, I stood motionless as our spasms subsided then slowly withdrew and curiously watched as our fuckjuice leaked out of her now well used quim and made a puddle between her knees.

We repositioned ourselves in each others arms side by side. Nearly dozing Kate asked:

"Well how'd you like it".

"That was the hottest sex we ever had" I allowed.

"Good, maybe from now on we'll try new things" she offered. "Sure" said I.

"You really liked my pictures?"

"They were great honey"

"Maybe tomorrow I'll show you the ones I took of Marcie"

I could hardly wait...

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