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Sex Tricks


1. Nothing under clothing

Skip the underwear. Are you going to a party together? Make sure that your private parts are easily accessible and uncovered, so you can sneak away for a secret quickie on the host's toilet.

2. Go directly to intercourse

Have a quickie. Sometimes no foreplay. The honeymoon is not only one another, but go directly to intercourse.

3. Steady rhythm

The rhythm is the main thing. Nothing good sex without a steady rhythm! Applies to both caressing, oral sex and intercourse.

4. Nicknamed knees

Knees is an underrated erogenous zone. Concentrate light caresses there.

5. Sex off the table

Tables can be very exciting to have sex at. Animal Genomic hectic with clothes on. Kitchen table or dining room table works just as well. Sex loose!

6. Have a sex weekend

Have sex on a weekend. The more sex you have, the closer you will get to each other.

7. Sting with pain

Whipped and spanked can be fun ... A certain dose of pain can bring an extra sex sting. Spank lightly with your palm or buy a whip. There are both nice and naughty.

8. Read erotic comics

Erotic comics are good for sexy inspiration. Read along and feel the pulse rise. Available in fine comic shops.

9. Kiss as an Indian

Old Indian kissing technique: Hold your partner's eyes with his hands and insert the tongue into his mouth. For the tongue from side to side and in and out. Your partner is now completely at the mercy of you.

10. Drink yourself hot

Champagne is a drink that for many symbolizes eroticism. Why not start the evening with drinks?

11. Shower massage

Make it good for each other. Harder, softer, warmer and milder water, go through each other bit by bit, and stay a little longer where it is most comfortable.

12. Nicknamed skin

The skin is the body's biggest erogenous zone. Knead, patting and caressing it as much as possible.

13. Scented candles

Scented candles can create the right erotic atmosphere. Unplug the telephone wall jack, and devote yourself for a whole evening just for each other.

14. Eat roseroot

Rosenrot said to be sexually stimulating. Buy at health food and try. Harmful is not. It is said that the rose root makes it tingle a promising start in the genitals. You become more Horny simply.

15. Use your tongue

Oral sex in the ass is an underrated pleasure. Still not sure? Wash thoroughly before you, and please use a slick patch (chopped condom placed over the anus) if you have hygienic concerns.

16. Not completely naked

It can be very sexy to keep the underwear on. The fabric is a nice barrier against the most intimate. Caresses can be extra comfortable through thin silk or light cotton.

17. Sex from behind

Sexual intercourse from behind could be a good idea if you want to caress the clitoris simultaneously. It is easy to access it, and the intercourse position is exciting for many women.

18. Very plain

Lubricant can enhance the quality of your sex life. Spend! Durex has several fun variations with heat and tingling effect. Allow your partner to massage you until you can no longer stand it ...

19. Sex fantasies

Fantasies are often the best condition for you to be excited. Take an extra partner in your life together through imagination and whisper this in your partner's ear.

20. Let the desire be heard

For a more intense sexual life: Live out your desire in the sound! Give you the freedom to groan, pant, pant, scream, oooaaa and aaaaaa as much as you want. When the mind starts rotating at the show usually hang on the body.

21. The whole body

Use your whole body when you caress your partner. Lying on his back and let your body caress his or her body.

22. Chocolate painting

Chocolate color with accompanying brush is a fun sex toy. Paint each other's sex, or decorate each other and lick clean.

23. Massage Oil

Massage oil that heats the skin and gets hot when you blow on the skin, is a nice feature of a varied sex life. The massage can happily ends with intercourse.

24. Taken by the stranger

Pretend you do not know each other. One of the most common sexfantasierna is that one gets taken by a total stranger. Play like this erotic play with each other in a dark bedroom.

25. See you in the mirror

Love standing in front of a mirror. Mirrors give a new dimension to your sex life.

26th. Honey sex

Honey coiled with advantage of your pet's body. A good spice in oral sex.

27. Laundress

Bathe together. One of you is enjoying while the other acts washerwoman. Wash genitals extra careful ..

28. Striptease

Dress yourself, teasingly, while your partner may look at. The honeymoon of you one item at a time.

29. Shave

Shave each other. The feeling of two shaven sex with each other is something special.

30. Cool with ice

Take an ice cube and it over your partner's body. Nipples are highly sensitive. Vaginal well.

31. Play strip poker

Play strip poker and do not remove your underwear straight away.

32. Run with the tie

Ties can be used for much. Tie each other, love each other.

33. Draw circles

Draw circles with your tongue on your baby's body, such as around the nipples and navel.

34. Light the lamp

Do you love the darkness? Make your partner in the eyes for a change.

35. Satisfy your fingers

Licking each other's fingers as part of foreplay. Hands are forgotten as erogenous zones.

36. Play Vampire

Use your teeth loose and harder bite. Chew gently on each others nipples.

37. Eat your partner

Whipped cream is good. Let your partner imagine a cream cake. Eat her or him in big bites.

38. Bet

Bet on a sexual service. "If you lose, you fondle / lick / suck / slave all night ..."

39. Find the G spot

Find his G-spot. The man's G-spot learning to sit about 5 inches into the anus, on its front wall. If you insert your finger and press forward towards the scrotum, you have found the right place. Be sensitive and he does not want, you can not force him, but for the most part, men are open to sexual experimentation, especially if it will give him greater pleasure. Many enjoy a finger in her ass during intercourse. If in doubt, ask first.

40. Nipples

Getting nipples caressed, drawn in, licked and sucked, pinched-in, or even very hard treated as a source of orgasm for many women.

41. Erotic romance

Erotic Reading: The novel "Fallen Angel" by Cherri Pickford. The main character is a authors must obtain sexual experiences ...

42. Condom sex

Tips for the guy with premature ejaculation 1: Try to have intercourse with a condom on, whether you need protection or not. Condoms can delay ejaculation in a good way, without it being necessary to remove the feeling.

43. Keeping time

Tips for the guy with premature ejaculation 2: Masturbate before intercourse. So keep an erection longer guaranteed.

44. Love in water

Have sex in the pool or in the sea. Best sex position in the water is face to face, the woman astride the man. Best with water sex: You are weightless.

45. Lesbians tip

Great sex tips for lesbians: The book "The whole lesbian sex book" by Felice Newman

46. Double up

Combine massage of her G-spot with oral sex. Wow!

47. Let him enjoy

Frenulum, the little string that uncircumcised men have and which connects the foreskin to the penis body, is sensitive to stimulation. Let the tongue fluttering over it and feel His pleasure.

48. Good position

Good sex positions for her is "clitoral contact" - he was lying on top of her, but keeps the body a bit higher up than her, so that the penis does not penetrate as deeply into the vagina. In this way, the penis to stimulate the clitoris. She lies still, but the press during life against him in small rhythmic movements.

49. Rudeboy

Boys' new favorite sex toy called Rudeboy - a kind of dildo, giving his G-spot a total snap! Available for purchase online.

50. Watch and learn

See when your partner masturbate. You get an invaluable lesson in how he / she wants to be petted.

51. Erotic food

Tips for stimulating erotic dinner: Oysters, which are rich in zinc, strawberries and chocolate.

52. Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie is a classic way to raise your heart rate in the relationship. Opt for the pinup Dita von Teesens style: pantyhose bands, corset, high heels.

53. The mirror image

"Mirror Image" is a good position for both heterosexual and homosexual. Lie to each other and doing the exact same movements. Can both front and back.

54. Tantra sex

Perform all movements slowly. Feel the excitement rise.

55. The cone

The new sex toy for both women and men are "cone" - a pink contraption that you can sit on.

56. Massage

Sensual massage - caressing each other for at least 20 minutes each. Guaranteed exciting.

57. Hugging more

After we hug (and have sex) secreted oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone" - and that strengthens our relationships.

58. Fine experience

Scrotum is often completely forgotten in oral contexts. Suck gently on your balls, alternating left and right. Suck then lightly on the scrotum. It can be guaranteed to be his finest oral sex experience!

59. Try sex cream Try a sex cream that increases sensation. There are many, both men and women. Sex creams are available in sex shops and online.

60. Sex SMS

Try foreplay via SMS. Make sure you are in different rooms. Texting each other your most erotic and shameful proposal - and then hit the bed to realize these!

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