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Sex With Aunt


The following story was penned by my relative Mrs. Shashi and she wanted that I should post it for you all. Here is what she had to say about our experience:

My story happened about a year before. My name is Shashi. I am 36 now & even now, I'm considered to be attractive and have always taken good care of myself. I'm proud to say most men find my pretty face attractive, but my large breasts (38d), bit fatty stomach, and especially my firm bottom and muscular thighs get the most attention, although I have to admit I've never really dressed to show them off. I'm not really old fashioned but I normally used to be in the traditional South Indian sari. My husband is a successful businessman so it hasn't really been necessary for me to work. He earns a lot so he has insisted that I will take care of the house. We have a daughter & a son. They both were in the school.

It was that time only, I happened to meet Sunny. He is distant relative of my husband. He is related to my hubby's sis. He might be around 27, highly energetic & masculine. When my hubby's sis came to India, she stayed at our house. That time, Sunny started to come to our house. He is a good looking person with good body and very charming face. He is very talkative by nature and cues some good jokes on the different topics. I was very much impressed with his personality. As the time passed, his visit to our house became very regular, even after my hubby's sis's family left back abroad. He started to visit at least once a week on weekend and used to stay the whole day with us. He got so much intimate with my family, that every one, even my husband started to accept Sunny as one among of our closed ones.

Everyday, once my children went off to school and husband to the office, I would have a many hours alone at home. Now I had the company of Sunny. He used to come so frequently, as he was jobless, at that time. Sunny was always good to have around, helping me and keeping up some conversation. I seemed to be comfortable in talking with him & often Sunny used to mention that I had a good and warm voice. I seemed inquisitive and asked him about his daily routines, his time-passes & other details.

This sort of conversation went on regularly for about a month, as almost once in two days, he used to come and apparently his sense of humor and frankness excited me. We used to have a wonderful conversation and he told me that he wanted to have a lady elder to him, as his girlfriend. I was surprised at his statement and I said that I too wanted a young man like him as my companion, to share my desires & to make life more relaxed. And it became routine, for me to have Sunny at my house & I felt I miss him a lot at his absence.

It was after some days that I noticed that, while alone, Sunny started paying more than usual attention to my breasts. Being used to living alone, I was a little careless about my dress at home and on more than a few occasions, I found him peeping and staring at them. At first I thought, it must be only my imagination but when I observed and confirmed it, it excited me too in a strange way. In order to make sure that it was so, I sometimes intentionally let the pallu of my sari fall off while I bend to give him coffee or some cold drinks, so that he would have a good view.

Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on them. I noticed that even while talking to me, his eyes made a regular stare on my succulent breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that, he would be embarrassed and then try not to look again. But again after some time, his eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. After all, he is also a sex-starved young man; I thought and did not give it much thought. But since I fail to curtail those acts, it further encouraged him.

Sunny became bold enough to give me that lustful look all the time when he was around with me... but I used to ignore his looks but still he would look longingly at my body and give me that "I want you looks". Sunny is only 9 years younger to me. He is fit, and shapely, not bad at all, he is about 6' tall, sexy, muscular, fair, has dark hair, and small little eyes....the first time I lay my eyes at him, I saw a deep lust and desire in his eyes for me, on many occasions I found him staring lustily at my tits.... Sunny's eyes were sending me those "I want you" messages for some time now, I was fully aware of the fact that my presence affect his cock tremendously that he is dying to fuck me, and that his dick gets erected each time I was in close proximity with him and he had eyes only for me, I saw his cock getting erected on many times when we were alone and how he tried to cover it with embarrassment. He would look admiringly at my body.....

I then realized that Sunny had hots for me. .... I didn't give him much response, even though I cannot completely ignore him. The reason being, though my sex life is good, but as far as my view point is concern, I am not fully happy as my husband takes sex as a routine process. As my husband is in to the business of garment export, he frequently travels in and around India & abroad also. Because of that, the frequency of we both involving in sex had got reduced in those days. He is very rigid in his thinking and he is also very shy kind of person. He won't find sex as a pleasure of life and one has to enjoy it. He always does some kissing and then gets roused and then he fucks me without doing any foreplay. When he discharged, he just goes to bed. So I wanted some thing new in this routine life.

I had lot of reading on Oral Sex and Anal sex and other aspect of different sex positions and other stuff like that. But due to our family and my husband, I was very much shy to talk about it with my hubby. I was always very much interested on oral sex but he doesn’t like it. Even I wanted to know some of the technique of self pleasure also. Any way, my sex life since my marriage, all these years, was without much excitement.

But then, since Sunny's entry into my life, I find more thrilled deep in my heart, about his acts. But the fact that I am a married woman in a respectable family has always prevented me from succumbing into his pressure. Finally I decided to make an end to this debacle. I don't want to continue still further, with lots of confusions & hesitations in my mind. So I asked Sunny to come the next day, as my husband would be away on a business trip & my children were already had gone to my mom's place for vacation. I told him that I needed to talk an important matter to him.

That day was a Thursday, 10th May. I asked Sunny to come at around 11:00 in the morning. On that day, I wore a simple light blue printed sari with matching blouse. I wore one bangle, simple ear rings and a very thin and simple mangalsutra. I had decided to appeal simpler before Sunny. And I ensured that our presence should be more private & alone. So, I had even sent away the maid servant that day.

Sunny came exactly at the time mentioned. He was wearing jeans and a shirt. We sat and made some polite conversation where we recounted some of the topics we had spoken about previously. But my body was wet to some extent, due to the sweating as well as due to the hesitation of how to start telling him. So I started asking him naughtily, "So, what do you think of me now?" Immediately Sunny replied, "You're cuter now than I saw you before."

I got little embarrassed with his answer. But I smiled and slowly held his hand. I said, "I like your frankness. I always see you as my close friend." I shook his hand and smiled. I thought this would be a better way to convey my thoughts. After a few seconds of silence, Sunny told me, "It’s a pleasure to have a nice beautiful aunty like you, as my best friend" he smiled and gazed at me in a naughty look. After this exchange, silence again reigned. But he began to sneak peeks at me; I saw with my fine peripheral vision. Finally the point was reached.

At least now, I should make my point clear. So with a determined thought, I asked him straightly, "Tell me- what do you want from me, why are you coming so often?” He didn't except a direct question like this from me. He paused for a while & looked at me. So I again asked him, "Come-on Sunny... Don't hesitate. You can come out frankly as no one is around. I need an honest answer from you..." I said. That sort of encouragement was enough for Sunny and before I could stop myself, I found him saying “Nothing other than to be able to kiss you all over once. You are a very beautiful woman and I think u should be loved the way you deserve, at least once.”

I was shocked to hear this from Sunny. My breasts were heaving up and down and in shock, a very light "oh" escaped from my lips. I asked him, "Only kiss. You promised you will not do anything else?” to which he said "I will not do anything that you do not want me to do, that's a promise.

I didn't know what to reply. So I told him "Ok, we will see some other day."

Instinctively, Sunny stood up & leaned in front of me and asked me "Why not right now Maami? Do you have an hour or so to spare?"

I was speechless for a few seconds and then said "Oh my god! This is so sudden; you should give me some time at least to think about your proposal."

To which Sunny came out directly & said, "This is the right time Shashi mami. No one is around. I am ready for the test and we shall get inside the bedroom and start immediately, IF YOU WANT."

I couldn't make immediately any judgments. I couldn't believe that Sunny had so many guts to call me to the bedroom. But deep in my heart, I liked his guts. After a few more minutes of "oh no", "how can I?", I somehow got convinced by him & he made me to start for the bed room. But I kept saying “I know I will not be able to stop with just kissing" over and over again. I knew what this may lead to but Sunny was quick enough to carry me over to the bedroom. Obviously, he didn't want to miss a chance like this. Once in the bed-room, Sunny switched on the AC and turned around me. I was trembling all over, my heart beatings racing up like anything......so he led me to the sofa and made me sit down.

Then he offered me a glass of cold water from the refrigerator in the room. He then assured me he was a gentlemen and again said, "I will not do anything that you do not want me to do, that's a promise."

I got bit relaxed by his statement. Slowly I came to the normal state. Then he gently began to stroke my hands. He took my palm into his hands & asked me, "Shall I kiss your beautiful palm?" Now, the initiative was taken by him and believe it or not this time, there was no surprises for me and slowly accepted his offer. Sunny gave a gentle kiss on the back of my palm. This was the moment, the kiss on my palm send a current in my body and the heat was on, and the heat had percolated into my palms. Slowly I was getting ready for the eventuality. That moment, the phone bell ranged, which made us to come to our senses.

I stood up & went to pick up the phone but still I was rather unsteady and felt Sunny standing behind me to balance me when I took the phone hook. As I start to answer the call, Sunny gently rubbed the sides of my hips. I wanted to stop him doing that, so when I turned to tell him, the next thing I knew was his mouth was touching mine. The moment I turned around, Sunny grabbed me in a powerful embrace.

His rock hard body was tight against mine and I couldn't help but be turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest and above his rippling stomach. I couldn't talk; I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time knew it was wrong. But his powerful embrace held me tight as I couldn't escape his tight grasp. My whole body tensed as Sunny's warm lips touched mine. His lips were unlike those of my husbands, and even though I knew I shouldn't be doing this, I opened my mouth and we began kissing. Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and pulled me close as he began to rub my bottom again. It felt so good. But I knew I had to stop him. I tried to pull back but the empowering embrace made it impossible. I was beginning to lose control of my inner sexual power. I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other. I didn't think of my husband or anything else, as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. We relentlessly ran our tongues across each other as we continued to be locked at the lips.

As we feverishly drenched, I could feel my inner thighs moisten as my angelic mound was gushing. Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss. As he pulled his tongue from my lips, he started to lick my neck. His warm breath and wet tongue was triggering a deep sexual desire inside of me. Somehow I made it to break away from his kiss and muttered to him that I was married and we shouldn't do this and asked him to go out of the room.

But Sunny, with his innocent face, whispered his apology in my ear and told me he was having trouble controlling himself because I looked so hot even in my simple dress, as I stood there before him. He said Uncle was a very lucky man to have a woman who looked and dressed like me and that he was sorry that I didn't want him, but he also understood. I felt sorry for him but he really knew what to say, and he was such a gentleman about it! And I was so horny!

I told him that it wasn't that I didn't want to, but I was married and had my own family. Sunny knew how I felt about him and he said that he fantasized me for a long time and don't want to miss such a lovely chance. He said that he will stop at any moment when I ask him & he said that altogether it would be a new experience for both of us. As good as it felt, I knew I couldn't let it go on much longer. But, at this point, I don't want to end this show so quickly. I don't know why but I said I will allow him to kiss me, as I don't want him to get disappointed. In my deep heart, I wanted to kiss him again. I opened my mouth to feel his tongue once more before he leaves.

It was so long before I got encountered by my husband. I was just getting ready to break away again when he began to gently stroke my left breast through the soft material of my blouse. My breasts have always been very sensitive and my husband knows it's the quickest way to get me hot. It felt so good it made my knees weak. Just a few minutes longer and then I would stop him. I wasn't too worried because I knew I could just stop him anytime anyway, he wasn't being forceful at all but still a gentlemen. I convinced myself that it was just a little harmless petting, my husband would never know. Just a little harmless thrill.

It felt so good I had to let him continue. Sunny re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. I couldn't get enough of him as he again made his way down my neck. He began to grab intimately my succulent breast with his hands. His hands were on the buttons of my blouse. Already the pullu of my sari left my shoulders and were lying on the floor. I again tried to pull myself from this carnal spell but by this time he had unbuttoned my blouse and started kneading my boobs over the brassiere.

Then he moved up the bottom of the brassiere, little exposing my nipples further as we kissed. He began to gently roll my nipples between his fingertips as I rubbed his muscular chest. This guy was gorgeous. Then he unclasped the strap of my bra, releasing my tight fun bags from my Black lace Bra. My ripe melons were beautiful and inviting. When he tried to lick and suck them, it startled me again.

I started to push him away so he increased his sucking to a point it felt to good to stop. I just couldn't believe what I was doing and my mind was racing so fast. My knees started getting weak and I had to sit down on the edge of the bed. Sunny knelt down and took one of my inflated nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across my swollen nipples, sending me into a sexual confusion.

My cunt was so swollen and wet as he sucked my tits like they were his lifeline. Sunny sucked one by one. At this time, my body was so filled with passion; I became weak at the knees. Sunny had sucked my tits to the point of full erection. The blood rushed to this hot zone and filled my breasts. My ripe melons looked too huge in proportion to waist and expanded rib cage. Sunny licked my tits up and down and was starting to have his way with me.

Just a little longer I told myself, after all it had been months away from a masculine touch. For some reason it was such an exciting thrill to be this naughty with someone other than my husband, especially with a young, sex-starved hungry man. I felt like his pleasure piece of meat as he rested me on his couch. As I lay on my back, I could feel Sunny's hands begin to caress the silkiness of my inner thighs.

When I didn't resist, his hand pulled the hem of my petty coat up and I could feel him softly begin massaging my pussy through the material. Direct contact, this is what I needed. I moaned. His hands pushed my legs farther apart and he gently cupped the soft moistness of my cunt through my petticoat. I thought I would wet my petticoat right there. It felt so good. I figured I would let him do this for a few minutes more and then I would have to make him stop. Sunny pulled the knot of my petticoat aside and he removed my Petty coat off, over my thighs.

I felt like this was my last moment to stop this erotic heat. I also thought about that I may not get another situation to experience this young man. As passion continued to fill my hot zone, I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to have another man taste my love and that thought sent my mind in a naughty fit of desire. By the time, his hand was now inside, with one of his fingers moving into the tight opening of my cunt. As my pussy got wetter and hotter, he just continued to insert more fingers.

Finally I managed myself to moan, "Sunny, we have to stop, please! I'm getting so hot, we shouldn't continue more!"

Sunny responded by moving his mouth down my stomach and tried to mouth over my clit. My God! He was going to eat my pussy, something my husband has never done! When he began to press his mouth over my clit, I finally stopped him and told him we were getting carried away and I couldn't let that happen. Sunny said he understood and again promised me, he wouldn't do anything, I didn't want him to do and would stop when I said so. He promised me no one would know.

I simply moaned that he shouldn't carry on further & should stop once for all, once he finished tasting my pussy. With that assurance, I lifted my hips to let him pull my petty coat, the rest of the way off. As Sunny took off my petty coat completely from me, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open.

The smell of my sex was thick in the air and my soaked pussy was looking for more. I just had to feel this sensation of his mouth on my opening. I lay back and Sunny began by slowly kissing the area around my labia before he began to lick my very wet cunt lips and clit. While he did this, he continued to pinch my nipples and move his fingers inside of me. I was in ecstasy as it was everything I imagined it would be.

Sunny knew just what to do with a woman. Before long, I began to feel my orgasm build within me. He sucked and licked inside of me. I thought I was going to explode as Sunny took in all of what I had to offer. He licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. My body was quivering and instinctively started to buck. Sunny was licking and sucking my g-spot and I was overcome by this sensual feeling erupting inside of me. I had never felt like this before.

My tight little cunt was in spasm. He was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. I looked forward to the release that had been building for so long. My husband, very rarely makes me cum, so I was really looking forward to it and told myself I would stop afterwards. I needed it too bad. I was getting so hot now, I was moaning very loudly and didn't even notice him remove his pants and move up between my legs.

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