Sex With Aunt


When I felt his lips touch mine, I opened my eyes to see Sunny above me and looked down to see him guiding his huge cock in between my quivering cunt lips. It was enormous and nearly twice the size of my husbands'. I trembled at the huge size, as he began to push the fat knob of the head into me.

"Sunny no, stop, we can’t. I’m not protected!” I screamed.

His next response surprised me. He told me that he has two desires and the one desire was to feel his hard cock penetrate deep into my sweet married body.

He pacified me by saying, "Shashi mami, I promise I'll pull out. Please...I have to feel inside of you for just a few moments, oh you, gooood!", and he continued to piston a few more inches into me. I was horrified, He wasn't going to stop!!! He was going to fuck me!

I protested again, "No, Sunny please! don't please, please! I begged, "I can't.....I may get pregnant....... I'm ovuulatttingggg...ooohhhhhnnnoooo!”

I felt bad for my husband’s sake. I was his and his alone. Now, Oh God! Sunny's gigantic rod could do what it wished. I tried to squeeze my legs together, but I was too close, I was starting to cum already as he sank in further, stretching my cunt lips apart, already more than ever before. By this time, I couldn't control the passion I felt. My body was erupting, my tits were swollen, my love mound was panting and my inner core was begging for his dick to ram me.

The thought of this gigantic cock inside of me, sent my body into a shiver. My body then betrayed me as my hips began to push and move against him with my building orgasm. I couldn't help it, I couldn't even speak. I could only moan. As Sunny's engorged head entered my shaft, I could feel my cunt stretch. I had never had another man break this plane.

Till now, I was true to my husband and had never let another man enter my warm spread. I thought about the sanctity of marriage and how my husband's pleasure hole was being invaded. At this point, it didn't matter. As I thought briefly of my husband, I looked up at this finely tuned machine.

His fully loaded love gun was gigantic and pulsating. I was so swollen and wet, he had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. My husband’s custom fit hole was now being resized. He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into my pussy with every push until finally his entire shaft was into the hilt, filling me completely.

His pubic bone ground flat against mine. I started to mouth a protest again when I felt his huge shaft push even deeper, until it touched my cervix at the opening of my womb. That did it. I exploded in my first real orgasm ever I thought I was going to pass out, as wave upon wave of pleasure went through my body. I screamed with ecstasy as Sunny pulsating ten inches easily past my husband’s territory and slid deeper into its own. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into Sunny's muscular arms as he landed all 10 inches of his rock hard sausage into my engorged cave.

When I finally recovered, I realized my pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of my wet slit. All thoughts of betraying my husband and my unprotectiveness were gone. I was in love with his huge cock. I had a fire inside my body that only a long, hard hose could extinguish. By now my innocence was gone and my once proud pussy took in his 10 inch pole like a pro. I needed it so bad.

I bounced and bucked so hard, I thought this thick prick was going to rip me in half. My body finally had what it had been waiting for all days. I was moaning as Sunny slammed himself into me, bucking with the pure pleasure his cock was giving me. It was fantastic having such a large, powerful forbidden cock inside me. Tears of ecstasy raced down my face as I begged him to saw me in half. Confident my joy canal could take his wood, he slowly pulled it back and fourth to spread his wide load with my joy juice for lubrication.

Sunny wasn't holding anything back and strongly ripped open my cunt with his rock solid wide 10 inch load. He pumped me fast and hard. I felt I was going in and out of conscience as he fucked me and I felt my second climax building up in my stomach very quickly. I was going to come again! Sunny's thrusting then got stronger and I realized he was about to cum too. I was somewhat disappointed because I knew he would have to pull out before I came again.

I yelled him meekly, "Sunny, please pull before you cum...." But it was so close.

Then I felt it. The feeling that I've yearned for again every day since that moment. His whole body lurched forward and I felt the tip of his penis smash against my cervix. Sunny groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of his semen deep within me. My god, he wasn't pulling out! He was coming inside of me! I was filled with both the feelings of ecstasy and terror. I tried to push him off, but it was too late. His hands were holding down mine and he was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm.

What really surprised me is it felt so incredible! When my husband comes, it just dribbles out of him. But with Sunny, I could feel his hot sperm literally shooting into me. At the same time my body also once again came, when Sunny filled me up with his pent-up passion juice. I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me. It fired with enough force and quantity; I could literally feel each forbidden jet hit my cervix and penetrate through my womb.

"You said you...would pull out!” I gasped.

Then I myself cried, "Oh...I...can feel it... you’re coming...inside me...oh no.....oh, good... I'm cumming..... Ooohhhh!” as my hips again involuntarily began to push hard against him.

My cunt was pulsating as my body fought to ingest all of his love cream. The most intense orgasm I've ever had hit me as he continued to thrust and all I could do was grab his ass and pull him into me further. My entire conscience was focused on this pleasure between my legs now and I screamed with the greatest sexual experience of my life.

Wave upon wave of ecstasy went through my body as I wrapped my legs around Sunny and pulled him into me deeper. It was wonderful. I could feel his seed pouring out of me and down the crack of my ass as he kept spurting. I couldn't believe there was so much of it. As the waves subsided, I could feel the hot warmth of his load spreading out into the depths of my body, searching for my eggs. I just lay there for a moment in a dreamlike state marveling at the feeling of what was happening inside of me.

When reality began to return, the fear of what I had done returned too. As I lay spread on the bed, this was a grudge fuck for Sunny and he won me. I looked down between my spread out legs to see the shiny coating of his seed, as it clung to the shaft of his cock still partially inside of me. What had I done? I began to cry. Sunny noticed and looked deeply into my eyes as he continued to slowly pump his now shrinking tool.

As he did, I could feel more of his cum oozing out of my swollen pussy. "You said you would pull promised! What if you got me pregnant, I will commit suicide, if my husband knows that you impregnated me...!” I whimpered. His response shocked me, "Shashi Mami I'm sorry, you looked and felt too good... I never imagined you would actually let me fuck you... its a dream come true for me... but didn't said you were fertile that case, you shouldn't call me today... well... I just had to give you mine....Don't give way for negative thoughts.... even if you got pregnant; I shall take care to get it aborted!”

I paused and looked at him. It all became perfectly clear. At least, I shouldn't have called him today... At that point it didn't matter anymore. It was done. I could never explain this to my husband. I got aroused and let this young man fuck me and shoot his sperm in me, directly at my unprotected eggs! I must have anticipated before & should have made protections before. There are fair amount of chance, my eggs were probably being fertilized at that very moment.

Sunny filled me with so much of his potent sperm; I knew I can be pregnant with his child. As I thought about how crazy all of this was, I realized my legs were still wrapped around him and Sunny was still gently thrusting his cock inside of me as he held me down. It really was a soothing feeling and even when he was soft, he was still larger than my husband. I looked up at him and realized my body was starting to respond again.

He kissed me again very gently and began softly licking my nipples. To my surprise I could feel his member was beginning to get hard again. My husband had never been able to recover so fast. I knew I had to stop this time, just in case there was a chance it wasn't too late. I couldn't be so stupid to let him take me again! I let Sunny fuck me once and now he was starting to do it again. But as he continued, I realized I couldn't stop him. I was still very turned on by what I had done. It felt too good.

I was getting exactly what I needed and didn't ever want it to stop. My hips again began to meet each of his thrusts. He released my hands and we began what turned out to be a very slow, even romantic fuck. We continued for a long time, as I blocked out all thought of everything except how wonderful his large cock felt postponing in and out of my wet cunt. His big dick again filled me completely and was stretching my pussy to its limits, something I knew that my husband will never be able to do. I had no idea sex with another man could feel so good.

As we fucked, I had several smaller orgasms that seemed to just run together. I lifted my head up and began to suck the nipples on his chest. After a while Sunny panted, "I'm going to come again, should I pull out Shashi...?" My response still surprises me to this day. As another orgasm built up inside me, I begged, "No, come inside me Sunny, I want to feel it...again...come inside of me...please!" He smiled, kissed me, and picked up his rhythm.

Before long he stiffened, and again I felt him shoot an incredible load of his sperm into me, as I pushed my cunt up to meet each thrust. I could feel each jet hitting my cervix again which triggered another deep orgasm as it penetrated into my womb. When it hit me, I screamed and clawed at his back. It felt as if the whole world was whirling round; it was so wonderful. Even my nipples burned. God, it felt so wonderfully taboo to think I was letting another guy intentionally fuck me to his best. It was the ultimate betrayal of my husband and I had completely submitted to him in every way. I knew that this betrayal is what excited me and made my orgasm so intense.

When Sunny finally rolled off of me and pulled his long cock from my red and swollen pussy, I slowly sat up on my elbows and looked down at how totally fucked I looked. My dresses were bunched up around the bed and my soaked petty coat was hanging at a corner of the bed. My pussy was swollen and red and my pubic hair was matted and soaked with his cum. My breasts were red and covered with marks from his intense sucking.

But what was really amazing, was the river of cum that was oozing from my stretched out opening and pooling on the bed beneath me. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my bottom to help elevate my womb. I wanted to keep it's warmth inside of me a little longer. I was so opened up as I lay there I wondered if I would ever be able to feel my husbands small cock inside of me again. Sunny laughed and assured me it would be our secret. After about 20 minutes, I staggered to my feet and the cum just ran down the insides of my thighs as I walked. I had never seen anything like it.

I knew I definitely need a break from this massive fucking session. So I jumped into the shower and cleaned up as well as I could. When I finished, I returned to see Sunny resting on the bed, with his wonderfully slimy cock lying peacefully across his stomach. I slipped on a nightgown that covered my red and swollen breasts, with no undies beneath it and came out of the room.

I could feel Sunny's warm semen still leaking from my pussy. I kept asking myself how I could have let such a thing happen. I felt so naughty. I started fingering myself it made me so excited to think about it. I prepared some fresh juice passionately, so both of us will feel energetic. Still, Sunny was in the bed only. With excitement, I went back to my room.

Sunny was sleeping with no fear, as if he was the master of the house. As I reach him, he finally woke up as we lay there in the darkness. He reached for me, took the juice and asked how I enjoyed the sex. I told him it was fine and now I don't feel anything bad at all in that.

He seemed surprised and hugged me passionately and pressed me hard against his body & said, "Thanks mami...”

He then just snuggled up next to me and rubbed my tummy saying we will try again for one more time. As I sat up, I saw his massive cock, facing me, what now was bulging so hard that no fabric in the world was strong enough to hold it in. Sunny leaned in and whispered that his other desire was that my married mouth, around his mammoth pole.

As the passion filled my body to the point of thrusting explosion, it urged me that if I were to suck Sunny's dick, I might be able to quench my thirst still further. I was looking up on a man whose muscular physique was complemented by the biggest dick I could ever imagine. I now saw his dick, more passionately and with more attention. It was a good ten inches long and had to be the size of a baseball bat wide.

Sunny was fully erect and was waiting for my action. Up to this point, I never was very excited to go down but Sunny's massive meat pipe was very inviting. As I was gasping with erotic heat, I slowly moved in. I was out of control with my enlarged pussy screaming for action, I was totally turned on to this mammoth missile. My husband had nothing like this. So far, I haven't even sucked my husband's.

So, like a magnet, I was being pulled in and the heat of my fiery passion that burned within, I couldn't stop. I leaned in and opened my mouth. Sunny inserted the swollen head of his shaft but it needed more room. I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. Sunny moaned in delight, as I was fulfilling his every goal of conquest. I started to understand that I was becoming all that I despite but I couldn't control this primal need that I had.

I needed to suck this dick so bad that I started to shiver. There was more than enough room for both of my hands, as I grasped this huge snake and relentlessly sucked. I bobbed my head back and fourth trying to mouth fuck this boy. I gave up on swallowing this massive unit since I hadn't had much experience in this area. I started to develop a rhythm of bobbing up and down then licking the side of this long cock.

I wanted to deep throat of Sunny but I didn't know how. Sunny sensed my inexperienced but pleading actions and grabbed my head and thrust. I felt this tremendous mount slide down my throat. As my gag reflexes kicked in, I retreated. Still holding his gigantic pole, I sat back and tasted this mixture of saliva and precum that filled my mouth. The taste of his love, the look of his love cannon and the sound of his approval, sent my body into a tidal wave of passion. I locked on to his rocket and sucked for all I was worth.

As the feeling of his mighty sword sliding down my throat, I was shocked to see I only could take half of him. I began jamming my mouth on him as hard as I could. My mouth was opened as wide as possible; my lips were tight against that massive cock. I felt the huge head pass my tonsils and slide down my throat. His precum was lubricating my throat as I was determined to suck Sunny's dick. I wanted his dick any way I could take it. Sunny ordered me to suck his dick and I was obliging. This chauvinist pig was screaming for me to suck his huge cock and against all my normal thoughts I did, what I was told.

I sucked his cock as fast and hard as I could. I knew my mouth could not do what my snatch could. The intense thoughts sent a rush through my body that I could not stop. As I continued to slide his huge mount in and out of my mouth, Sunny continued to tell me suck his dick. The thought of stopping didn't enter my mind as he had me under a spell. The feeling of my drenched cunt stretched to the max and sliding down on his pole was unbelievable. I took him in even farther and was going down on his cock.

I thrusted his big cock deep down my throat and sucking hard. I couldn't keep up anymore. The massive size of his cock was getting the best of me and I was slowing down. I thought Sunny's thick prick was going to come out of my mouth as he thrust his pelvis hard and pulled my twat down. I was so soggy that every thrust produces a splash and my entire body quivered with hot passion. Sunny sensed the urgency and pulled his monstrous crank from my mouth. Pre-cum dripped from my mouth as I cried for his cock.

His eyes gleamed in delight while I begged for his cock. The excessive passion and draining fluids led me to the point of dehydration. He was close to shooting his wad as I left a sticky string of pre cum from the tip of his cock to my mouth. I had never tasted my husband yet I yearned for the salty fluid I drank from Sunny's mammoth staff. I gave him all I had and he was ready to set me loose. He then slid his thick prick deep inside my mouth, to where my husbands prick could only dream to get.

At the same time my body came, Sunny filled me up with his pent-up passion juice. My cunt was pulsating as my body fought to ingest all of his love cream. I gulped all his love cream in my mouth. My mouth was filled with his cum and his cum was dripping from my lips down on to my breasts. Sunny then slowly kissed my lips with his cum on it and slowly bent down to kiss my breasts which were topped with his cum. He started to continue his operation downwards over my cunt and gave me a sizzling tongue fuck, until I climaxed again.

I caressed his face, ran my fingers in his hairs and pulled him up to lick my face. I was doing all this like an expert and was enjoying every bit of the proceedings. Then I whispered me not to disclose this to anyone, as that will ruin both our life totally. Sunny told me that he was not a fool and that if I will give him similar attentions in future, then he will be more than happy. I promised to do so and revealed that I had never enjoyed fucking of this standard ever before in my life and that I want to experience it again and again. We hugged and kissed each other, in a more relaxed mood and went off to sleep in each others arms. Surely, it's an experience for me of life time.

Then we planed properly for the next visit & enjoyed seeking pleasure from each other. Whenever my husband & my children were away, I would call his mobile & would ask me to come to my place. Sunny used to come to my house, directly in to my bed room and ready for action. His lessons were so great.

The next month I missed my periods. Yes I was pregnant. I was going to be a mother at the age of 36. I am sure Sunny will love this but I need to abort it. I can't keep his child in my womb. Already I am mother of two. Moreover my husband will surely come to know about our affair. So I decided to get it aborted. Sunny took me to a doctor and secretly aborted the fetus. But still, I am continuing my sexual relationship with Sunny. This has happened last year and since then we have been meeting secretly. We did it again and again over the weekend as our lust appeared insatiable.

Thereafter we started making love frequently. Our sexual encounters have become so wild that I have almost become his TOTAL SLUT. Both Sunny's family as well as my husband, does not know of our sexual relationship and I continue my intense sex life with him. We have tried many variations and of late Sunny enjoys fucking my anus. Once, Sunny had fucked me 6 times in a single day. It was really intense. I enjoy him with my full vigor. No body ever knew what is happening between us, and whenever we do get moments of privacy, we fully encash them by making love and we do still cherish our first intercourse.

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