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Sex with Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel smiled one last time for the camera as it whirred up and flashed. Relaxing herself the director yelled, "that's a wrap! Thanks Zooey." Zooey was relieved, she had been working and smiling all day, all she wanted to do was get out of there and do something "fun." As she thought of what she wanted a hand absentmindedly snaked between her legs. Realizing what she was doing she quickly snapped it back and fiddled with her hair.

Zooey went to her dressing room and kicked around pretending to be busy, she was waiting for the crew of the photo-shoot to leave and for the paparazzi outside to wane so she could get out relatively unnoticed. She decided to keep on her outfit from the photo-shoot, a cute white summer dress.

Finally enough time passed and she put on a jacket and a hat and made a phone call. She left her dressing room and slid out of a side door into an ally. Looking left and right she scurried away down the row of buildings reaching the main street.

Loitering on the street she looked around tentatively, hoping none of the paparazzi followed her. Suddenly she heard a yell from behind, "hey Zooey!" Worried she turned, expecting to see flashes, but she smiled as soon as she saw him. Bryan stood outside his car, waiting to pick her up. She had called and told him she was ready moment before.

Zooey rushed towards him and hugged him, giving him a quick but deep kiss. Bryan smiled and kissed her back. They hopped into his car and drove off to his house. Bryan was a tall young man, a 22-year-old stallion for the 33-year-old Zooey. At 6'1" he was a head taller than the petite Zooey, he was strong and muscular with dark curly hair and shimmering dark eyes. He was a kind man, and just a regular guy. He had no connections to show business and the two had met and fell in love completely by accident.

He was a fan of Zooey's, and Zooey got lost in his charm and classic good looks. Zooey was also drawn in by something else, Bryan's thick 8-inch member and his ability to use it. The two fucked like rabbits and loved every second of it. Zooey had a long hard day and could only think about her rewarding herself with something long and hard.

Zooey started zoning out, fantasizing, she was licking her lips and a hand travelled to her breast. Slowly she rubbed it in the speeding car and let out a faint moaning sigh. Bryan picked up on it and put his foot down. Within a few minutes they were at his house out of town, it was in the woods surrounded by nature, private. Hurriedly they got out of the car and fell into each others arms. Kissing passionately Zooey jumped into his arms, her legs wrapped around him and Bryan grasped her firm little ass in his hands.

Moving her hips she was grinding against him, she could feel her prize growing and rubbing against her under his pants. Bryan carried her up the drive and through the front door. They hit the hallway, door still open, when Zooey struggled free from Bryan. Giggling she threw off her jacket and hat and dropped to her knees on the carpet in the hall. Zooey pushed Bryan up against the wall, her head at crotch level.

Quickly she grabbed his pants and tugged them down. She was rewarded with a more than semi hard, very large, bulge straining Bryan's underwear. Leaning in Zooey kissed it over the fabric and reached up to feel the thickness in her hand.

Now slowly, like unwrapping a birthday present, Zooey peeled his underwear down. 8 full throbbing inches of thick man meat slapped her gently in the face. She could not wait to taste it. Zooey made sure to give her man a show. She wrapped her small hand around his shaft and pumped it slowly. She peeled back Bryan's foreskin and pressed her cool smooth cheek against his sensitive head, rubbing it against her face. Zooey slowly stroked Bryan while rubbing his cock all over her pretty sweet face. She rubbed his shaft against her nose, taking in the scent; she rubbed it all over her cheeks, feeling it.

Finally she moved to the base and stuck out a tongue. Beginning at the base of his testacles Zooey licked one long slow lick up the bottom of his shaft, ending with a little kiss on his swollen head. Then opening her mouth wide she wrapped her full luscious lips around the massive cock and sucked.

Bryan looked down and saw the cute and sexy Zooey Deschenal looking up at him with her big blue doe eyes, and her lips lovingly wrapped around his cock. Bryan looked straight into her eyes and enjoyed every second of the sexy actress giving him a blowjob. He could not believe his luck that someone like Zooey Deschenal would be hungry for his cock. That she would want to slide his shaft down her throat.

Bryan groaned and started thrusting into her mouth. Zooey had a hand on his shaft, stroking him, and played with his head in her mouth. She sucked it, and ran her tongue around it, licking and rubbing it. She rubbed it against the inside of her cheek, making it bulge.

She removed her hand and looked up at Bryan again, keeping full eye contact she slowly slid her head forward, opening her mouth wider and wider, slipping his entire length into her throat. She shook her head and nestled in deep, working to get all the throbbing thickness inside of her. Finally her nose pressed against Bryan's hips.

The sight and feeling was too much for Bryan and put him over the edge. Zooey could feel him tensing up and withdrew him from her throat. She closed her lips off tight around his head and pumped his shaft vigorously. Bryan came, thick hot semen gushed out of his cock into Zooey's waiting mouth. It hit the back of her throat, and coated the inside of her cheeks and tongue, not a drop escaping. She swallowed some of the delicious juice, but tried to keep a lot in her mouth. She pumped Bryan to get every last drop then finally drew back. Opening her mouth she showed Bryan her mouthful of sticky sperm. She played with it with her tongue, then she pushed some out of her mouth. Big globs dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her chest. They slid down the curve of her cleavage to rest between her breasts in the white summer dress. Closing her mouth she gulped hard, swallowing the rest of the tasty cum.

Zooey got off her knees, smiling. Bryan grabbed her and kissed her hard, his tongue exploring her mouth. The blowjob was only foreplay as Bryan roughly explored her body with his hands.

Bryan removed his shirt, leaving his sculpted body naked, and decided the dress was much too in the way and slid the straps off of Zooey's shoulders. The dress fell to the ground around her feet. Underneath she was wearing a matching set of purple bra and panties lined with black lace. But Bryan did not take long to enjoy them, he wanted her naked and went straight for the bra clasp. Unclipping it expertly he let Zooey's cute pert tits jiggle into his waiting hands.

Bryan thumbed her nipples while they kissed, making her moan into his mouth. Bryan continued to massage and work her breasts as he sucked on Zooey's bottom lip then slid his tongue down her chin to kiss her neck and collarbone. Lower he went, fully kissing her soft fleshy tits, then his thumb moved away from a nipple and his tongue replaced it. Flicking it one or twice he wrapped his mouth around it and sucked hard. Ending with a little nibble he switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

It was Zooey's turn to be pushed against the wall and Bryan's turn to drop to his knees. Bryan kissed her flat belly and slim hips on the way down then grabbed the band of her panties in his teeth and tugged them down. Bryan was face to face with Zooey Deschanels perfectly shaved and sopping wet pussy.

Bryan excitedly leaned in and kissed it, his hands went around to grab her tight ass and shove her cunt into his face harder as he began making out with her pussy. Zooey moaned hard and writhed against the wall, her back arching. She loved it when Bryan French kissed her slit.

Wanting more Zooey swung a leg onto Bryan shoulder, then the other. Bryan grabbed them and held her in place. Zooey was braced against the wall with her legs wrapped around the head of her boy toy.

Zooey moved her hips, grinding against his face. Bryan did his best to keep up, switching between licking her clit and penetrating her with his tongue. His lips and tongue traveled everywhere, bringing pleasure wherever they touched.

Zooey was right on the edge; just a few more licks and her juices would flow onto Bryan's lapping tongue. But suddenly Bryan stopped and drew away, shaking Zooey's legs off his shoulders. Zooey has confused and highly disappointed, but did not have much time to think as Bryan grabbed her and spun her around.

Pinning her wrists against the wall Bryan spread her legs with his feet and without hesitation thrust his massive throbbing cock into Zooey's slick hole. Zooey came immediately, the sudden penetration wracking her already on-edge body. Juices flowed out of her, squirting around Bryan's shaft.

Zooey could barely stand with no rest after the orgasm. Bryan didn't give her any. Still hard as a rock he fucked Zooey from behind like an animal. His hands moved from her wrists and roughly wrapped around her front to manhandle her tits. Zooey moaned and groaned loudly given no mercy, punished by this massive cock deep inside of her.

Bryan pounded her hard, his hips hitting her tight little ass with every deep thrust. Zooey began recovering from her last orgasm and thrusted back into him. Hot and sweaty their naked bodies collided until Zooey orgasmed again, even harder. Her tight hot pussy clamped down on Bryan's member as he tugged himself out of her and came. Hot thick jets of sticky sperm streamed out of his cock coating the girls firm little ass and back, dripping down her meaty thighs.

Zooey turned, flushed, and hugged him. Her breasts pressing into his chest. They kissed and walked together to the shower to get cleaned off...or a little more dirty.

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