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Sex Without Outcomes



Summer was warming up when Mac (Malcolm) Harris arrived from Edinburgh via Boston to the pretty New England city for a 14-day vacation with his recently widowed Aunt Ada, a bookshop proprietor who was his mom's older sister.

A medical technologist, Mac had been working long hours in the lab to complete a project and had been given three weeks off work by his department director after making the crucial breakthrough in identifying a rare virus that had attacked the brain and killed an elderly man. His wish was to sleep for at least a week and his mom and Ada had been on the phone, conducting their monthly talkathon, and had discussed Malcolm.

Mac's mom bullied him into accepting Ada's suggestion that he rest in her roomy house that overlooked a lake surrounded by twenty-five acres of municipal parkland.

Aunt Ada met him at the airport in a battered blue Ford and she said, "You must drive. I'm hopeless and will scare the crap out of you."

Well that seemed friendly and sensible and so Mac took the wheel and had his aunt shrieking when he twice drove on the wrong side of the road.

"Just follow other cars you idiot."

"It was a clear stretch of road."

"What does that mean?"

"There was no other traffic to follow."


After the second scare she stretched across and wrote 'Keep Right' at eye height on the windscreen in front of him and that resolved the problem.

Mac slept all afternoon. He was pulled out of bed to have dinner and an hour later was back in bed and slept uninterrupted till 10:00 next morning when a foreign-sounding blonde calling herself Olga said she was the housemaid and wanted to make the bed.

He stepped out of bed nude.

"Oooh that's a very nice specimen."

"Thanks Olga. I'm pleased you are not shy."

"No, you have your shower. Would you like me to soap your back for you?"

Mac swallowed hard and accepted.

Olga wouldn't agree to sex but soaped him all over and paused long enough behind him halfway down to jerk him off.

Olga said, "You fire off good" and looking at what was slowly sliding down the shower wall Mac had to agree.

He went to the kitchen to find Aunt Ada has left a selection of breakfast foods out for him. He had fruit and yogurt and two cups of green tea and felt absolutely rejuvenated and went off to find Olga.

She refused to have sex with him saying she was living in the city with her fiancé.

He sighed, tough luck buddy.

Mac wandered about the house but that wasn't a great idea because he kept seeing Olga bending over.

Aged twenty-nine, Mac was sure he wasn't getting enough sex for his age and the reason for that was he was just unlucky. He kept meeting females who like Olga said no – and meant it.

Olga came to find him just after noon, no not for that reason. She said she was off and would awake him again in the morning.

Mac messed around and at 12:30 was looking through the very extensive library but most of the books were of no interest to him he answered the front door bell.

An attractive woman, dark-haired and tall with sensuous lips, said, "Hi, I'm Marlene, one of Ada's friends from her senior book club. She's asked me over to get lunch for you and give you sex if you'd like that."

Mac looked at her doubtfully.

She said smiling, "You're not sure you heard correctly, right?"

He nodded and stepped away from her.

"After lunch you may fuck me if you wish."

Good gracious, Mac thought. He'd been led to believe American's were morally conservative and the only significant immorality occurred in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Reno, Tallahassee and Dallas of course. As for New England states, in Scotland they were reputed to be whiter than the Bible States, er that is morally whiter.

Well he knew he wanted lunch. "May I get you're a wine while you're preparing lunch Marlene?"

She pouted, "Yes please, white wine."

They went into the kitchen and she unpacked the cane basket she'd brought with her.

She took the wine and they clinked glasses and she said, "Come in behind me and play with my breasts and rub up against me while I work. We both need to be in the grove for afters."

Mrs Marlene Oliver went home two and a half hours later and Mac staggered off to shower and then slept until his aunt awoke him at 8:00 for a beautiful roast dinner.

"I should have prepared the meal," he said guiltily.

"Nonsense darling. You had other priorities. How was she?"


"Oh I am so pleased. I have arranged for a younger lady to call tomorrow around 11:00. She will show you some of the attractions of our small city. She is rather shy and whether you get lucky will depend on our seductive expertise."

"Oh thanks."

Mac thought this was the most unusual hospitality ever offered by an aunt that he'd heard of. But he had no complaint.

Next day Erica drove him around the city pointing out highlights. She drove and he was pleased because it was her car and she drove on the right side of the road. She was a short, curvy blonde and as soon as he saw he Mac knew she liked having sex. It was telegraphed by the way she looked at him. He had dark curly hair, and angular face, a gym-toned body and a caring smile although right now Mac really cared about little.

He wondered what would take to get Erica to roll over but that thought was short-lived because as soon as they got into the car Erica hitched up her dress high on her thighs. As she turned the key to start the motor he looked down at her thighs and she said she'd only just started working on her tan.

"How far does this tentative tan go?"

"Take a look if you wish."

They drove around for the next forty-five minutes before stopping for coffee, Erica breathing heavily and her eyes huge because Mac had two fingers up her for most of those forty-five minutes and had kept her primed, almost triggered to blow.

They returned home after lunch and spent all afternoon on his bed, behaving in a very sporty manner. They both blew and after a rest she steered his revived elsewhere.

Mac and his aunt went out for dinner and three times she told him he looked tired.

Mac didn't have to be told that.

On his last day before flying home, Mac caught Olga bent over straightening the cushions on the sofa and pounced. Seeing those long legs disappearing under her short dress most mornings for two weeks was driving him almost crazy.

"You go home tonight yes?"


"Okay remove my panties and do it. You have been a well-behaved boy."

The 22-year old babe was almost up there with the best, thoroughly enjoyable and to Mac's delight she appeared to be enjoying it as well.

In the airplane high above the Atlantic on the almost 12-hour direct flight to Edinburgh, Mac had wondered about his chances of qualifying for a silver replica condom or whatever they gave to new members of the mile high club but the only service crew to show any interest in him was a male cabin attendant and so he put on headphones and snuggled down until the breakfast wake-up.

In the morning he mused about his time in America. Aunt Ada had been surprisingly good company and they'd had some great times getting out and about and she appeared pleased he was so complimentary about her bookstore. At her request he'd gone through all of her late husband's possessions including a well-stocked workshop and had the junk carted to a refuse collection center and had sold most of the quality items via the Internet and what was left had gone to an auction house.

The quality of American sex partners (and one from Belarus) had been excellent but now Mac was aware, more than ever, that straight banging had its limits. He'd had those twelve sexual liaisons but what did he have to show for it apart from fast disappearing memories of the times he'd had with each woman whose names he'd soon forget?


It had been bang, thank you ma'am or miss and then virtual oblivion because no meaningful relationship had developed. Well he had himself to blame for that because not once had he attempted to set up a follow-up date.

God he was shallow. No wonder he wasn't one of the really popular males in the lab with the women. They must be able to tell he was a user, although never an abuser, and he banged three um four of them at different occasions and all had been one-night stands.

But why only one-stop bangs?

Mac scratched his nuts and decided he had no idea and he had a fleeting scare: why was he scratching? Had one of those women knowingly given him a reason to remember his time in America?

Phew the itch appeared to have gone.

Perhaps he'd been engaged in short-term bangs for too many years and the excitement of conquest was dimming? Or he was getting old?

Oh no. Not too old to enjoy a good fuck, surely not.

The other thing was most of his long-term male and female friends were now either married or living in a relationship while here he was banging and leaving hopefully very satisfied women in his wake, like flotsam in the sea. Is that all he wanted from relationships with women? Did he not value women more than that?

Mac didn't really know. At university he'd been with a group of guys whose social activities consisted almost entirely of boozing and having sex with women. Their entire life was centered on study, sport, drinking and sex. Nothing else in life appeared to matter. He thought of the inner circle of guys in his final year at university, ten in all. Only he and David Gallagher had not settled down with a female and David was unlikely to ever do that now that he'd decided he was gay.

God he knew what it was. He'd settled on as bang and then goodbye to avoid the possibility of progressing on to domestic responsibilities. That must be the reason; he could think of nothing else. It wasn't that he didn't like women.

Back at work two days later at the medical lab at the hospital, that was also a teaching hospital, Mac settled into setting up for cultures associated with a team project and looked at the women around him, some eighteen of whom twelve were either unattached or relatively so.

Slowly, as time allowed, he carefully appraised each of them and came to the disappointing conclusion that he could become interested in only five of them and then not really would want nothing more than a one-night stand with any of them. He hoped that he was simply adverse to both working and living with a woman, but he couldn't be sure that was the compelling reason. He just didn't feel he 'clicked' with any of them.

Mac had tried to get back to the research lab where he had been seconded to work during the unidentified microbiology scare, but with the emergency over that lab was back to its close-knit establishment and he was no longer required. The difference in work had appealed to him.

A month later Aunt Ada wrote to him. She didn't touch computers and employed other people to work with 'them' (that word spoken with distaste). She wrote that she missed having him in the house and said she'd found the Brewer Memorial Hospital in their city had failed to secure a suitable replacement technician. She'd been talking to an old friend who was the medical superintendent but had not mentioned the possible availability of her nephew to take up the position.

Mac was glad about that because he hadn't been aware he was 'available'. Still it was great to read he was welcome to live in Aunt Ada's house for the company whereas his parents really wanted him to leave home because he occasionally came home singing drunkenly and that embarrassed them because their neighbors complained. His parents didn't hold back with their complaints. At his 30th birthday party at home the other night his mother had actually asked after cutting loose on whisky, when would did he intend leaving home. God mothers could be so callous.

Sighing Mac resumed reading the letter. Aunt Ada said it was her understanding he would gain residential entry into the United States if he filled a specialist employment vacancy that had not attracted suitably qualified American applicants and that health care was high on the list where immigrants were given preferential entry approval. That caught his attention. Obviously he'd have to stay with that employer for a minimal time but then could relocate elsewhere.

But no, why shift? It would be easier to stay put.

What made him sit up and take notice were to further comments, that such employers often offered financial inducements called a bonus to fill difficult-to-fill positions and that Aunt Ada was willing to continue to find him dates, as she delicately put it.

Mac licked his lips.

He called Aunt Ada who was excited beyond belief to learn he was interested. She said if he came she'd give him the late Uncle Ben's car that was in storage.

Two days later Mac was on a transatlantic video link with the medical appointments sub-committee at Brewer Memorial Hospital. He had met three of the people on the panel when he visited the hospital lab when he had stayed with Aunt Ada. He learned from the convener that his Uncle Ben had served as a board trustee for nineteen years and had been chairman at the time of his death.

Well that should help, he thought.

Two months later Mac arrived at Logan Airport, most of his possessions would arrive by airfreight including his expensive French road cycle. Aunt Ada said she would send someone to meet him who would hold a notice with his name.

Mac was admiring the neat breasts of a dart-suited blonde when he realized under those breasts was his name on a piece of cardboard.

"Hi I'm Mac. Ada Loveridge is my aunt."

"Oh hi, cute accent," she smiled. "I'm Cate – that's Cate with a 'C' Mason, Mrs Loveridge's attorney."

"You are young to be my aunt's attorney, what are you, twenty-six? I would have thought she would have gone for an older attorney."

"It is not necessary for my age to be divulged. Technically you are quite right, one of our partners, Mr Jacobs, is Mrs Loveridge's attorney but I do all the routine work and all the legwork."

"Oh I can understand that."

"You can? Well there was I about to write you off as a rude man."

"A rude young man perhaps and actually aged thirty?"

"With some charming edges from first impressions I think. I turn twenty-seven soon."

Mac said because of that frank disclosure could he sign on as a person client. He'd need an attorney.

"Well yes but you know nothing about me."


"And I'm married."

"Is that relevant? Anyway I'd noticed the ring."

She flushed and said she had no idea why she'd made that comment.

"But I do have a sister. Oh why did I say that?"

"Perhaps it's because I've charmed the pants off you?"

Cate said stiffly, "Excuse me?"

"Oh that's just an old Scottish saying... um one capable of being used in respectable society."

"That might be so but you are in America now."

"Yes Cate."

"I ought not be chastising you."

"No but you will whenever you feel necessary because you are that kind of person."

She laughed and said he really was intriguing, well somewhat different.

They walked into the parking area and she said, "Well there she is."

Mac eyed the closet two cars, one a Porsche and the other a Lexus, and said, "Where is what, Aunt Ada?"

"No she's on the council and is chairing a works committee meeting. I meant there is your car, that black Porsche 911."

Mac's jaw dropped.

"After you reach our city and deliver me to my office," she said, "I'll get you to=sign the necessary documents and give me your payment for the transfer of ownership and insurance, then legally this car will be yours. What a wonderful gift."

"Yeah mom always said Uncle Ben liked fast cars and faster women but when he visited us in Scotland he was always with Aunt Ada and without wheels."

"Is that right."

"Yes of course."

"I made that careful response to avoid making specific comment that could be interpreted as being inappropriate."

"Oh just like I had refrained from saying great breasts?"

"Exactly," she smiled and shook her head as if discovering she was dealing with a naughty person.

Fortunately Mac was traveling fairly light. He got his luggage stowed and sat in the driver's seat.

"Your lipstick tube please."

Cate handed it across with a curious look.

He wrote on the windscreen at eye level, 'Keep right' and said Aunt Ada had done that for him when he was there a couple of months ago and had made a couple of excursions down the side of the road people in the UK drove on.

She giggled and looked at her lipstick that had lost its point.

"Bill me for it," he smiled and she laughed.

After settling in to the guest's wing that had its own exterior entrance as well as access through the library, Mac closely inspected his car. He just adored it. He'd sold his Mini Clubman before leaving Edinburgh but in comparison this was a real sports car. He then drove into town.

Lily the store manager darted forward to greet Mac and took him into the lunchroom for coffee. Two other women having late morning coffee recognized Mac from his previous visit.

Aunt Ada arrives just after noon, made a big fuss of Mac, looked at her messages and then took him to lunch where they caught up on news.

"The people at the hospital couldn't believe you turned down the offer of a $15,000 bonus to accept the position."

"I'm getting a big salary hike so there was no need to be greedy."

She laughed and said he sounded suitable to be her nephew. Once more Ada had reminded Mac why she was his favorite aunt.

* * *

The director of hospital HR introduced the new laboratory manager to Mac's eleven day-shift personnel. Another four worked the 4:00 to midnight shift and three worked the midnight to 8:00 shift and two more technicians were retained on call. The HR director was aware there were two people in the department with suitable academic qualifications for the job but like most outside applicants none had the level of experience required whereas his new guy had experience across total lab activity, had superior academic qualifications and had come from an internationally acclaimed teaching hospital as well.

Mac noticed four of the females giving the suggestion of 'I'm interested' after inspecting him but he'd already decided no sexual liaison with any of his personnel because he was the boss, no longer one of them. Although she was married the medical director's PA had given him the eye so perhaps that would be the best place to look. He sighed, or else he could be patient and allow a meeting and the chance of a meaningful romance to blossom and the chance to extend into a more meaningful relationship with a woman.

But then again sex can just happen.

Mac took a call that first afternoon from the married daughter of one of Ada's friends who'd sneak out to have a few hours with him last time he visited.

"Hi it's Janie. Lovely to hear you are back, permanently this time I understand?"

"Yes I started here at the hospital today in the lab."

"Oh that's important work. I bumped into Ada in the bank a few minutes ago and she said you were back staying with her. Um do you wish to see me again?"

"Yes of course but without risk to you."

"Charlie is down in North Carolina doing some sort of infrastructure assessment for the City of Raleigh. Would you like to stay with me tonight after having dinner with Ada?"

"What stay in your home in the matrimonial bed?"


"Well I'm not sure..."

"Darling please help a maiden in distress. I've not had sex for eleven days."

Mac didn't accept the maiden bit but he was quite sure some women would be frantic to go eleven days without sex, perhaps most females up to fifty might be distressed to be in that position.


"Oh you darling. I'll give you a great night."

Mac would remember that as a boomer of a night. Janie had purchased two rabbit suits and was wearing hers when he arrived and pointed with pride to the writing woven into the fabric over her chest: Fuck Bunny.

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