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Well, hello again and welcome back! Unless you're reading my stuff for the first time, of course. If that's the case, glad to meet you.

So, a short time ago, I wrote an article about being sexy for women. In that article, I mentioned exercise, as in working out together. Having only introduced it as a concept, I didn't really get into techniques and ideas, so I thought I would expand on that in this article, cleverly entitled Sexercise (at least I hope it's clever).

Now, to start, a bit of a disclaimer. Some of the ideas I will share might be a bit dangerous if done improperly. Therefore, any and everything I suggest is done one-hundred percent at your own risk. I am completely without responsibility, unless you happen to have a fuck-load of sexy fun, in which case, feel free to spare me a passing thought!

First, let's very briefly cover why we exercise in the first place. Staying healthy is simply a positive side effect for any red-blooded man, so don't even bother giving me that shit. You want to look hot for your woman, and good for you. Whether she likes big and beastly, or a lean, ripped machine, you want to provide the goods. You want her to keep in shape and looking sexy, right? So you, being the real man you are, want to return the favor. Well, I applaud you. Besides looking good, working out also builds strength, which provides the ability to get into all manner of fun positions.

Also, there is a very appealing aspect to someone who exercises. Even if you're not in the best shape yet, you're trying to get there, and you're taking care of yourself. That, for the most part, is a hell of a lot more attractive than someone who sits around not giving a damn about their self.

I would also like to point something out about men when we work out without you, ladies. Now, I can't speak for women, not being a woman, but I can say that for men, working out makes us rather primal. Of course, I'm talking about real, hardcore working out, the kind that forces you to run on nothing but fumes. So, ladies, while it makes us look great for you, it also basically turns us into cavemen. Thickheaded, dimwitted, "Ugg smash" cavemen. Seriously, even simple, basic motor functions become difficult, like we have trouble dialing a fucking phone (assuming you're doing it right). We don't mean to be chauvinistic, but we kinda lose anything but survival sense, so we might come across as rude and dickish when we're done. So when we come back in the house, unless you're next words are "Do you want something to eat?" or "Hey, stud, let's fuck," it's probably best to let us slam that protein shake and jump in the shower before you talk to us about anything (FYI, if you do greet your man with the "let's fuck" line, you go in the wife hall of fame).

Also, don't forget that sex in and of itself is great exercise. I've heard several different figures, but the most consistent I've heard is that for two average sized people, vigorous sex (and why would you want any other kind?) burns two hundred calories an hour. I'm not saying use it to replace exercise, but it's a great addition to whatever else you're already doing.

So, in my previous article, I talked about working out together as a way to be sexy. I'll not get into it again, feel free to read it yourself. Moving past what I went over before, let's get into a few specific and advanced techniques. Also, the following lends itself well to being part of a role-play, if you like. Perhaps pretending you met in the gym, or playing personal trainer to each other.

So first, get your ass naked. Clothing is unnecessary, and really just a hindrance, for these exercises. The first couple moves are basic, just push ups and sit ups. For sit ups, hold each others legs and just add a kiss each time your partner completes a rep, or for ladies, position yourself so your man's face gets pressed into your breasts. For push ups, it varies. Women, put your hands on your man's chest, and perform your push ups as you would normally. It's sexy and arousing to have your breasts press against his chest each time you come down. If you're strong enough to hold yourself at the bottom, add a kiss or lick each rep. Men, don't put your hands on your woman's chest, rather put them by her sides, with her holding your forearms. Position yourself so when you descend, your cock strokes her pussy. Fun for both of you!

For the next move, you'll need to have a weight bench and weights. This happens to be one of those possibly hazardous moves I mentioned, so be careful. Men, lay down on the bench like you would for a bench press. Have your lady mount and start riding you. Now, as she's fucking you, start bench pressing. Certainly use a lower weight than normal, but high enough to make your muscles bulge and strain for your woman's viewing pleasure. Women, you can bench as well while getting fucked, or you can simply hold the bar for balance and position. Also, if you want to give your man a very special treat, while you're riding him during his bench press, have one of your hot girlfriends strip down and spot him!

For both men and women, you can do dumbbell curls while your partner gives you a reach around. Be careful while you lower the weights, though. A fast dumbbell to the thigh or knee is going to be one hell of a turn-off, so again, use a weight heavy enough to give you a workout, but light enough so you have total control through the whole movement. Don't forget that your continued Sexercise fun is pretty reliant on neither of you getting injured at any point. You can use oral sex in this exercise, but the groin area is usually the first to get nasty when you sweat, so if you do go with oral, make it the first thing you do (unless either of you have a fetish for that sort of thing, hell, there's plenty of weirder fetishes out there).

Beyond that, experiment around with the idea of fucking while working out. Depending on how strong each of you is, you could do a lot of fun stuff with pull ups, dips, etc. Use your imagination! Stay safe, of course, and be creative. The point of this isn't just to do new stuff, it also can give a hell of an incentive to work out, and make the time you spend a lot more fun. Enjoy, and if you get the chance, let me know how you like it. Happy fucking!

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