tagLoving WivesSexploration Ch. 06

Sexploration Ch. 06


I'm obviously a pretty open and very sexual creature. ;) However, once I got married I tried to be a little more straight laced. I was a very good girl. Sure, like most married people, I enjoyed the occasional fantasy about extracurricular sex, but it never went further than that. Therefore, the first time I seriously considered stepping out on my husband, it came from a really unexpected place!

Johnny and my husband had been friends for many years. I have always gotten along with his guy friends, but it wasn't like we were all that familiar with each other. I was the little woman who occasionally hung out with them too to play games, or have a couple of drinks. It was the end of August, almost the end of summer vacation. We were throwing a birthday party for one of our very good friends, Teddy. Teddy is really popular so it was a pretty good turnout. Johnny had decided to attend the party with us – sort of a last hurrah before he was due to deploy.

Johnny is an absolute flirt. I didn't really know about that until I heard some interesting comments going around the party regarding some of his antics. He was a grown man, and I was being the good wife, not having too much to drink, and keeping an eye on my husband.

My husband and I had been together for four years at this point – we were already to that comfortable relationship where we didn't feel we needed to be attached at the hip. We had four beautiful children; my oldest was two when we got together. I was so used to being at home with the babies or being the designated driver because I was pregnant, that it never occurred to me to be bothered by the fact that no one made me feel sexy any more.

Anyway, back to Johnny. He was young, attractive and free, and whenever he stopped to talk to me I started to feel a little tingle. Then again he was flirting with everything that had tits and two legs so I didn't take it too seriously.

He was fully on his game that night. It appeared he was going to get lucky with one of the older, MILF types. She actually pulled me aside and asked what she should do. I told her to go for it; it'd be a hell of a ride! Laughing at her stunned face, I told her if the answer was no he would respect that.

As the evening progressed and wound down, he came over and offered me a backrub. Feeling a little stiff after sitting alone at the bar in the kitchen, his suggestion sounded too good to pass up. His hands worked magic on my muscles; I moaned and groaned my appreciation not realizing the effect it might have on his already revved libido.

Finally, the party broke apart until it was just him and me. We sat down to play some cards. He jokingly suggested strip poker. I'm pretty sure I thoroughly stunned him when I agreed. Now I am no ace card sharp, but for some reason when I played this particular game I never lost. I enjoyed the view with him down to his boxers after the first few rounds. Boot camp had sure done some nice things to his body!

Don't get too excited yet! Nothing came out of that night. The party shut down, no one got lucky, but now there was a tension in the air between us that wasn't there before. I didn't get to see him for over a year thanks to the deployment, and I suppose those thoughts lay dormant in my mind. When I found out that I was the one responsible for picking him up from the airport at the end of that week, they surfaced with a vengeance!

I imagined how that night could have ended had we finished our game. I imagined him making a lot of suggestive comments on our trip back from the airport. I even imagined what we could do when we got back to the house before everyone else got home. But I tamped down those thoughts because there was no way he was going to be interested in me! Not to mention I shouldn't have had these thoughts being a MARRIED WOMAN!

The day of pick up arrived and I was in a scramble, cleaning my car, checking my appearance over and over, and finally arriving at the airport an HOUR early. By the time he touched down, I was fidgeting. When he walked through to the waiting area, I was standing, hands in my pockets, looking a lot more nonchalant then I felt. Then, surprisingly, he hugged me. I felt something deep down that told me I was in big trouble. We quietly gathered his bags and headed to the car.

Then, damn my luck, I took the wrong exit on the way home! What should have been a half hour drive turned into an hour and a half long trip. The tension was so thick in that car. I did discover that we shared a similar taste in music at least. Halfway into the drive he started fidgeting with his leg. I had to remove my zip up and we both avoided eye contact. Well, at least I did, so I don't really know what he was doing. Part of me wanted to blurt out, "Can we just pull over and get this over with?"

For two more days I walked around a vibrating mess of frustration. He had classes for the military and I had my daily routines with the kids to get through. I'm pretty sure, despite how full my days were that I hid in my room and masturbated ten times in those two days! As the weekend finally approached, I was just about ready to admit I had imagined any kind of attraction between us and that I should just get over it!

That weekend all of us had a game night. It was a great way to unwind and forget my tension and stress. As everyone started to fade out, I noticed Johnny and I were again the last ones standing. My apprehension kicked up a thousand notches. We played for a couple more hours; the competition hot and heavy. As it neared three in the morning, I finally realized I was having fun without expecting anything. We ended the game, laughed at our antics, then we just quietly stood for a second, unsure how to finish out the night. I shrugged and reached out for a hug.

When his arms enveloped me every nerve ending in my body stood on end. He was so firm, warm, and smelled like sweat, but not in a bad way, more like he had just had really great sex. The hug lasted a minute longer than a typical friend hug, and I was trying not to move too fast so as not to break the spell. As I started to pull away from him he whispered the most terrifying, and the most exciting, words I had ever heard in my ear:

"One night and one night only?"

I could barely breathe. I rapidly considered my own thoughts and feelings, realizing I wasn't going to pass on this opportunity for anything! So, I nodded my consent.

He groaned. His arms pulled me close and tight to his body. Then those soft full lips descended on mine. Our breaths mingled and our tongues tangled. I think we were both moaning and breathing hard within seconds. His hands crept from being by my sides to hovering over my large breasts. He pulled back and watched his hands.

"I've wanted to get my hands on these forever..." The thickness of the arousal in his voice spoke directly to interesting places in my body. My eyes closed and I felt my head fall back as he rubbed, squeezed, and handled my breasts in a way they hadn't been held in forever. His lips found my ears, my neck, and my throat; I was swimming in a fog of lust.

He stopped, tugged my hand and pulled me to the back door. Feeling like a very naughty teenager I followed him out to the dark back yard, barely lit by a half moon. We went back behind the shed. I felt so dirty, but so excited already with this forbidden thrill. He pushed me against the wall of the shed and again his mouth attacked mine. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt like this: hot, passionate, wanted!

His hands pulled my shirt up and my bra cups down. He was pinching, pulling, and twisting my nipples. My knees were jelly. His lips and teeth were in my neck, and I gasped out, "Please, don't mark me." As much as I wanted his teeth to sink into my flesh to claim me as his prize, this was already so bad I didn't want evidence. He growled, but went easier on my skin. His mouth found its way to my breasts. I couldn't help but just hold onto his head as he devoured every inch of my chest. I usually have some pretty good moves, but there was nothing I could do as he swept me up in the storm that was Johnny.

While he was attached to one of my nipples, feeding like a babe, one of his hands drifted down to the waistband of my jogging pants. There were no fasteners, zippers, or anything to slow him down, so his hand just went straight to the bald mound on top of my pussy. I don't know who groaned louder at the contact.

"Oh God, if I had known you weren't wearing panties all night..." his deep husky voice penetrated my thoughts. My eyes fluttered open and I actually got a good look at the lusty expression on his face. My brain finally kicked on and I realized I wanted to be a more active participant in this!

I smiled a sexy, self assured grin, and my hands went to his waist.

"There's a really good reason that I'm not wearing any..." my hands drifted up under his shirt and felt the firm taut abs. Oh, how my body clenched at the absolute perfection of his body. I love my husband, but he's a computer tech and is more of a big teddy bear for me to cuddle.

"What is that?" he said with a cocky half grin. A finger had worked its way to between my folds and he pulled my closer so that it would be easier for him to work his magic. My next words came out a little shakier and a lot less self assured.

"Well, I've been thinking some really naughty things for the past few days..." my eyes closed and my head fell back and my hands dropped out of his shirt as his finger pierced my tight, hot, wet opening. No words were spoken as he slowly manipulated me with just one digit. I was almost on the verge of orgasm when he stopped and got my attention.

"Like the fact that I've wanted to fuck you since the night of that party? Like how I got in that car and it was really hard not to attack you? Like how I know you got home from the gym yesterday morning and you went in your room and played with your pussy while thinking about my hard cock inside you?" my eyes flew open at his words.

"Oh God, how could you tell?" I was gasping and trying to hump myself on his hand. My fingers were clawing at his pants but I couldn't think straight and I wasn't being very successful.

"Because I had my hand on my dick when you came in and said good morning. I had to fight not to follow you in there. And when I went in there to get a change of clothes I could smell the scent of sex." His free hand unbuttoned his jeans for me. As I processed his confession my hand slid into the front of his jeans.

And, oh my God, what a discovery! He was long, thick, and hard. The biggest that I had ever gotten my little hands on. My eyes were wide as saucers as he shot me another cocky grin.

"Oh you like that do you?' He pulled his pants off more until he sprang completely free. Then I could actually see him. He had to be nine inches long and as thick as my wrist; but the most beautiful part was the big mushroom head on it. It was dark red and hypnotized me. I nodded kind of dumbly and just continued to stare. He chuckled and let me hold him while he started focusing on playing with my pussy again.

It became a little bit of an effort as he really started applying his technique. He wasn't just pushing a finger in and out; I can't even describe everything he was doing in detail because my whole body was just awash with sensation. Somehow he worked my clitoris, my g-spot (which, honestly I didn't have much experience with having that spot stimulated) and his lips either on mine, my neck, or my breasts, or he'd be rubbing the small of my back... there is no way I could tell you the order or the sequence that he pushed my buttons; he just did and I crashed hard. I began to orgasm and I swear I didn't stop.

He kept whispering a light "shhh" in my ear as I moaned and groaned and whined. A few times he'd put the fingers from his free hand against my lips. That succeeded in my furiously sucking his fingers. That drove him to break free of my shaky, sweaty grasp and with a smirk he looked into my eyes and then put his hands on my shoulders. He didn't even have to say it; I slumped to my knees gasping for air.

It took me a second to clear the fog, but then I was absolutely determined to give him the best blow job I had ever given someone. It was going to be a challenge with his girth, but I was not a quitter. I leaned in and gave a long slow lick right under the head of his penis. It twitched in my hand as I was softly fondling him, getting to know his size, dimensions, learning every, bump, vein and ridge on his shaft. After the tip was wet from my licking and my tongue dripping onto it, I opened my mouth wide to start to swallow his monster. He hands were gentle in my hair and he didn't try to force it down.

I'd never had to test my gag reflex before, but I knew that tonight it was going to get a workout. I felt the rejection of my throat as the head of his dick finally descended that far. I took a calming breath, focused and pushed past that point a little more. My body heaved, and I gagged so he pulled out a little, showing me it was okay; but I didn't want to give up. I took another breath and then pushed past it more. My mouth was drooling with all my effort and that was just lubricating it up so that it was easier. Finally, my nose bumped into his groin as I hummed happily in the back of my throat.

It was short lived, however, as he pushed me off of him and pulled me up to a standing position, up against him tight and close. We both were breathing hard. He pulled up on my leg. My foot slid free from the last couple inches of the pants and he hitched it over his elbow as he rubbed his hot hard throbbing cock up and down my drenched slit, lubricating his thickness. He started to hump forward; however the position was a little too awkward and the location didn't give him much to work with. I knew what to do though, and the way I wanted him to take me... I felt just like the dirty little whore I was being.

I chuckled and lowered my leg. As I gave him a peck on the lips, he looked at me frustrated and slightly confused. When I pivoted slowly and descended to a bent over position and shook my naughty ass back at him, he groaned and grabbed my hips hard. His hands roamed all over my backside and he hummed his appreciation for the view. His fingers played with my butt crack, all the way down to my elongated pussy lips puffy with arousal. The cool air and the break in play had made me a little less wet, so he began to manipulate me again, though a little more insistent. I think he was losing his composure as we continued to push our boundaries.

Finally, I felt that wonderful mushroom head of his pushing at my entrance. Despite being wet and ready and panting with need, I was very tight and tense and hard to access immediately for his size. I bowed my back, arched my ass up higher, and breathed deep, trying to relax as he began to invade my depths. I felt a slight burning sensation deep inside as he stretched every inch of me in ways I had never thought to ever experience.

Inch after inch after inch... I was on a different plane of existence and in it I was flying towards a star that was about to explode and go super nova. When I felt that large penis head nudge open the entrance to my cervix I was a goner. I started to shake, my walls contracted and squeezed around his shaft, and the juices started flowing down my legs. There was a fine sheen of sweat covering my body and the evening air still couldn't cool me off.

I felt him pump me hard, slow, fast, soft, pull out and slap it on my clit, shove it in and hold it while I shook, move from side to side as he wiggled his hips. There wasn't a spot inside me he didn't touch. I was on the verge of blacking out. Then he leaned over me grabbed my tits, thrust into me harder one more time, which really felt like he was going to enter my stomach. He groaned as he filled up my poor sore and worn out pussy with his hot cum. We both were breathing so hard. Words didn't need to be spoken. As he softened he started to withdraw. I felt empty, naughty, guilty, but oh so satisfied. We each adjusted our clothes, and at first I didn't know how to handle the situation. But he understood, obviously, as he gathered me close. He kissed me in the crown of my hair and held my hand as we headed back in the house. As I led the way up the back stairs, he gave me a swat on the ass and whispered good night.

I've had many more adventures since that fateful night, even a couple more with Johnny. I guess one night wasn't enough for either of us!

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