tagLesbian SexSexual Bio: One That Got Missed

Sexual Bio: One That Got Missed


It seems incredible that we're already at Part 13. Well over sixty thousand words all about 'lil ol me"! I hope you're all still enjoying me and thanks for the feedback, most of which is gratefully received. I try to reply to all and as quickly as possible. I've made some good friends through the feedback and have found corresponding with them a real pleasure, mostly.

If you have read the previous parts, you will know the score, so you can skip the rest of the intro and go straight to the action. If you haven't read them, I would strongly suggest you do. You see the accounts flow naturally and are intrinsically linked, so they really do need to be read in the sequence I wrote them.

Whatever way you do read them, though, enjoy them, leave whatever comments you wish and e-mail me if you'd like to discuss anything.


My bio, Part 13

The party, Stephanie Gordon and mum.

Chapter 1

"I fucked your mother this afternoon."

They were the amazing words that greeted me when I got home.

"Actually I fucked her twice." Those words exploded into my mind.

"Am I hearing right?" I asked myself.

Chapter 2

I had taken two weeks off from modelling. I had to and needed to. Had to, because my bum was showing the trophy marks from Jon's spanking of it. The red patches over each cheek took well over a week to turn to pink and another few days to go back to their natural colours. I checked each day and as I did the memories of that weirdly wonderful, highly exciting, but probably never to be repeated experience, flooded through me.

I needed to, for I'd fallen so far behind with my work for the stage and film production course I was studying and I could see that term end exams were looming. I badly didn't want to fuck this up as I had school and university, but there is always so many diversions aren't there. And the biggest for me was my burgeoning "career" as a photographic glamour model.

Mum was becoming manic in the lead up to the party.

Oh, I don't think I'd told you that I'd moved back home with her, had I. The flat that my dad owned that I usually lived in with my brother and two lodgers was being knocked about, remodeled as the Americans call it, so was uninhabitable for a couple of months. Although he and mum were now hardly talking and rarely saw each other we managed to arrange for me to stay with her in the family home just outside London in a county called Essex, a bit like New Jersey is to New York, for the US readers.

Chapter 3

"You were right, she does have the most amazing tits and we had the most amazing fuck."

More and more of this incredible news was being said to me by my friend.

Chapter 4

The party was actually a bit of a washout. And that was in more ways than one. Not only did it piss down with rain all day, typical bloody English summer weather, but also the guests just didn't gel. You know what it's like when you sort of get little cliques forming and people just not mixing.

My view, which my mother didn't agree with, was that it was caused by the way she opened the house up. Some people stayed in the lounge dancing and listening to music, yes she had rented someone to do that, a load were in the dining room where there was an all day buffet and constant drinks. Then there were groups in the conservatory, some were outside under a canopy where there was the, also day long, barbecue. Then, of course, people drifted in and out of the indoor section of the pool either, eyeing up the talent or, taking a dip, or both.

So as I said to her the next day. "There was no centre, no heart and no focal point."

She didn't agree, but quite frankly, I couldn't have given a flying fuck what she thought. I felt she'd made an absolute fool of herself by fawning fairly equally over her personal trainer who, as you know, I knew, and her golf coach, who I'd never seen before. That was in between dancing and cuddling with numerous other men, most of who seemed to be much younger, well five years at least than her.

Strange isn't it, the mother likes younger men while the daughter goes for the older ones? As it happens, I could in other circumstances have quite fancied her two guys, especially the golf coach. I mean I could hardly fancy the PT could I? Think about it, how could I? How could a daughter fancy a guy she'd seen nearly naked with her mother as I had a few months ago? He wasn't just half-naked either, no his erection was in my mum's hands and his were on her bare tits, and very nice tits they were too, as you're only too aware from my recent fantasies!

Chapter 5

"Yes Sammi your mother was almost as good a fuck as her daughter is."

"Are you telling me the truth?" I asked.

"Absolutely, every word is gospel."

"Is she er, um very experienced and into that sort of thing?"

"Yes she seems to be."


Chapter 6

As it happened, DD didn't come. I got the impression that he and his wife, who'd caught us shagging, a la The Thomas Crown Affair style on the stairs of their house, were trying for reconciliation. Seeing and fucking his young mistress presumably did not sit too comfortably with that.

I had, though, asked a few of my actor friends, but none of my host, (was it two or three?) of "old" friends. Steph was there and she seemed to mix well with the Essex boys and girls. Well she was studying economics and was headed for a banking career similar to many of them and she was probably networking like hell; networking and flashing her great tits as well, I'm sure.

I'd met Stephanie Gordon, Steph as I called her, a few years ago when we were at university. We had both been involved in the university drama society and had starred in the Joe Orton play, "What the Butler Saw", which I had produced. DD, a lecturer at the university had directed it so he and I spent lots of time together. And that time was spent just about equally between discussing the play and shagging. Yes, I seduced him and we had an affair and we still are, just about.

I didn't seduce Steph; she seduced me. She was my first female lover. For the few months I remained at uni I ran parallel affairs with the two of them. They only coincided once and that was after the party at the end of the run of the play. What a way to celebrate with my two special lovers!

Steph was staying with us for a few days after the party, so I hoped, and expected to spend some time with her reacquainting myself with her magnificent tits and her enquiring tongue. She arrived the afternoon of the party. Although we could only kiss each other on the cheeks in the hallway in front of mum when I introduced them, we kissed very, very deeply when I showed Steph to her room.

She was as usual wearing low waist jeans with a tee and a leather jacket. She looked ravishing.

As she crushed me against her full breasts, she muttered.

"God I so want you, you sexy little bitch," as her hand immediately cupped the cheeks of my bum.

"And me Steph," I breathed back as we kissed deeper and ground our bodies together.

"Let me have you right here and now," she moaned into my ear as her hands went under my top and stroked my boobs.

"No Steph we can't, later we will."

I took a couple of days off from college and purposefully avoided having any modelling assignments while Steph was there. Although we didn't literally sleep together, mum's busy social calendar, playing golf and tennis, having lessons for both and meeting friends for lunch, gave us ample time alone. And we used that well, if you know what I mean? Used as in we made spectacular love together.

Lovemaking with Steph was so different to with my other lesbian lover Sandra. There was much more tenderness and caring; everything was gentler and underplayed with Steph, while Sandra was so much more, in your face in everything. Maybe it was because Steph was my first lover and that person often remains special that made our sex was so spectacular. On the other hand, maybe it was because she was just so bloody good at it.

The party ended around two. Mum had a few guests staying and I had Stephanie so after everyone had left we all had a cup of tea in the conservatory. We were all a little drunk and quite tired, but we chatted easily for and hour or so before eventually getting to bed around three.

We didn't even bother with going to Steph's room, she came straight to mine. And to put it simply, we just fucked. We threw our clothes off, moulded our naked bodies together, fell onto the bed and just did everything.

It was all and everything I'd hoped my lesbian reunion with her would be,

Chapter 7

"You don't mind that I fucked your mum, do you Sammi?" Stephanie Gordon asked me.

To say I was gobsmaked when she'd first told me was the understatement of the year. I was so surprised that at first it wouldn't sink in.

"How? When? Where?" I stammered trying to get my head round the thought that my best friend and my lesbian lover had had sex with my mother.

"Well it sort of started at the party, had you told her we were lovers?"

"No, of course not, nobody knows that other than DD."

"Well as we had a drink at the party she asked quite a few questions along the lines of: "How did we get to know each other? How long and how well we knew each other? She was clearly suspicious and was fishing."

"I wonder why?"

"Motherly instinct I suppose. And remember she is bi, like us. Probably just the way you talked about me."

"So did anything else happen at the party?" I asked, my head spinning with all these revelations.

"Yes we sort of flirted a bit. I told her how attractive I thought she was and she said what a good figure I had. We both knew then that we'd have sex."


"Just by the look in our eyes, the way we held each others gazes, just as we did." Steph said staring so intently into my eyes that it made me shudder. "And as we finished our drinks and went to move away from the table so her fingers rested on mine, just for a moment Sam, but such a telling one," she went on reaching out and running her fingernails up my bare arm as she whispered. "Just like that."

"So what happened today then?" I asked becoming more and more excited by the moment.

Chapter 8

A couple of afternoons earlier when mum was, as usual, out and Steph and I were lying on my bed naked smoking a little weed. I had opened my heart up to her.

I'd told her all about how my mum and dad were sort of breaking up, that dad had had a series of girl friends and that they were pretty much leading their own lives.

I told her about that incredible afternoon I came home unexpectedly from uni and walked into the little gym behind the garage expecting to see mum working out with her personal trainer; his car was in the driveway. I told Steph that instead of seeing them working out I saw them kneeling on the mat, facing each other, the PT's back to the door that he hadn't heard me open. His white tracky trousers with the three blue stripes down them were around his knees, his support pants were around his thighs. My mother's leotard had been pulled down so that one breast was completely bare the other almost. I was struck there and then by what beautiful breasts she had; luscious was the term that came to mind at the time and has been with me ever since.

She was leaning forward a little making the bare breast dangle which emphasised its fullness and size. Her nipple was very hard. She was holding the PT's cock in her hands and seemed just about ready to bend forward and either slip it between her tits or take it into her mouth.

I told Steph how my mum and I stared at each other but said nothing.

I went on tell her about the time in Spain when I got in bed with her and had an enormous urge to touch her as we lay there watching TV and snoozing whilst it poured with rain outside.

I also told her about the time mum got out of the swimming pool when she was just wearing bikini panties and no top.

"Her tits really are fabulous Steph," I explained.

"As good as mine?" she asked the grass making her giggle quite outrageously.

"Remember her age and that she's had two kids?" I responded.

I related as best I could my feelings as I held the towel out for and wrapped it around her, the backs of my hands grazing across the top of her boobs.

I explained that during the time these events were taking place I'd been having increasingly strong sexual feelings about her.

"Like what you want to have sex with her?"

"Yes, Steph, yes. I feel as though I want to fuck my mum."

Chapter 8

"Well after you left to go to the college, she asked me if I'd like to play tennis," Steph said by way of starting to answer my question about what had happened today.

"I told her that I didn't have any gear. She looked me up and down, I was wearing my jeans and tee."

"What a surprise?" I joked wondering just what was coming next.

"Yeah right," Steph smiled. "Anyway she then said that we looked about the same size although I'm slightly taller. She was though staring at my tits as she said that. I smiled at her and said softly, in some places I suppose. She smiled back and said well let's say in the important places shall we?"

"Bloody hell she was trying to pull you wasn't she?" I asked.

"Yes Sam, I think she was," Steph replied going to her bag and getting the tin that held her joints. "How about we go to your room with these and I'll tell you everything that happened."

"Mmmm, good idea," I replied the anticipation and excitement flooding through me as I walked up the stairs ahead of her. I was acutely aware that my bottom in the thin cotton, cropped trousers was swaying around right in front of Stephanie's face. I was wearing a thong, so beneath the thin material, my bum cheeks were bare and I knew that they would be wobbling nicely for her. I so wanted Steph to stroke my cheeks, but she didn't.

I sprawled out on my bed and took the lighted joint she offered me. She leaned against the wall, as she often did when we chatted' and lit her spliff. She opened the window and we both took deep drags letting the smoke do its slow magic. I was feeling good.

"So", I smiled, "the sordid details please".

Stephanie then began one of the most exciting, absorbing, down right horny, yet rather disturbing accounts of a sexual experience I'd ever heard.

"She alternated her gaze between my breasts and my eyes", Steph began. "She said that she had loads of tennis gear and I was welcome to borrow some. Why not come and choose what you'd like?" She asked. I said sure. I was trying to be cool about it all, but I was burning up inside."

"Why?" I asked my friend who took a long tote letting the smoke spiral upwards before replying casually.

"Three reasons I suppose. First, I fancied her like hell. Second I wanted to go with an older woman, I've never done that."

"And third, Steph?"

"Well third, my dear was you."


"Yes I didn't know how you'd feel."

"You didn't have to tell me, I doubt she would, so how would I find out?"

"No Sammi darling I knew I'd have to tell you, it sort of felt like cheating on you."

"What?" I giggled, "because you were going to have sex with a woman I've fantasised about fucking?"

"Yes I suppose so, an odd logic I know but along those lines. Anyway, feeling a little like a lamb being led to slaughter I followed your mum upstairs. By the way her bum's not as nice as the one I just followed up here."

"Thank you kind ma'am, I didn't think you'd noticed it."

"Oh yes I noticed alright and wanted to kiss it, but thought I'd better wait for your reaction to this first. She led me into her bedroom and into that dressing room she has, wicked isn't it?"

"Well with the amount of clothes she has she needs it."

"She picked out a few outfits and said with a very mischievous and highly come on look, "let's try these shall we?" Brushing past me so our bodies almost touched, she took them back to the bedroom and laid them on the bed. I wandered in and just looked from her the outfits and back again. She made no effort to leave or turn her back and didn't suggest I take them to another room."

"God", I muttered shocked at my mother but even more aroused as I visualized the scene in her bedroom. "She's a ballsy bitch then isn't she?"

Steph smiled and said. "Yes just like her daughter."

"Go on then tell me more?" I asked now gagging to hear everything that went on.

"I knew this was crunch time, I've been there before. It's that point where I could simply pick up the outfits, take them to my room and nothing more would be said. My action would have told her I didn't want sex with my mate's mum and that would be the end of it. No face lost, no one annoyed."

"You didn't though, I assume", I giggled the weed having now given me that slightly tipsy feeling where even the smallest bit of humour appears hilarious.

"No Sammi, I didn't," she replied stubbing out the tiny butt of her joint. "You know I had sex with her."

That simple phrase sent such a jolt of sexual stimulation through me that I let out a little groan.

"Oh God," I moaned.

Stephanie's acute sexual antennae picked up what she was starting to do to me.

"Yes Sammi we fucked each other didn't we?"

"Oh yes Steph, yes," I sighed my eyes locked on hers as I slowly slid my hand inside my tee shirt. "So what happened next?"

"This," Steph said softly her eyes watching the every move of my hand as it found my breast inside my bra and squeezed, firmly.

Her fingers went to the zip of her jeans and slowly slid that down. She pushed her jeans off her legs and leaned back against the wall. She was wearing a pretty, lacy, cerise coloured thong. She looked fab.

"Your mum didn't flinch, move or say a word, she just looked at me. The look in her eyes was wonderful. A sort of admiration, pleasure, excitement, desire and lust all mixed up together. She's very cool and collected."

"Yes, she is isn't she?" I whispered as I eased first one and then the other breast out of the cups of the bra. Steph's eyes had a similar look to that she'd just described in my mum's.

She said with the firmness that had always made me putty in her hands.

"Take the fucking thing off, stop being a little tease."

I smiled for teasing was the furthest thing from my mind. I did as she asked though and dropped both the tee shirt and my bra on the bed.

"Mmmmm, lovely Sammi, lovely," she muttered as I took breasts in my hands, pushing them together, squeezing each one and pinching and pulling my nipples all at the same time."

"Now your top," I croaked.

As she lifted the tee up and pulled it over her head she said.

"Funnily, that's exactly what your mum said and exactly what I did next."

Steph was wearing a white, lace bra that afforded her, at least double D cup, boobs the slight support they needed but hid none of their glory. Her dark nipples were already hard and clearly visible through the material and the slightly too small, I suspected, bra pushed the two orbs together to produce a truly spectacular cleavage. As I stared at them and worked on my own breasts I couldn't stop visions of my mother's bare breasts coming into my mind. I also couldn't stop myself from thinking just what it would be like to make love to both hers and Stephanie's tits at the same time.

Steph continued.

"I saw that we'd reached another crunch point. Even now, having undressed to my bra and panties, I hadn't made my intentions totally clear to her had I? I mean, I could after all have just been a bit brash and really was going to try the outfits on. She couldn't be sure that I wanted to fuck her almost as much as I'd wanted to fuck her daughter that first time in her small car, could she?

And of course, a mum trying to shag her daughter's best friend when she doesn't know her daughter and the best friend are already lovers could be in the shit if she gets it wrong. Just imagine if she tried it on, I wasn't up for it and freaked and told you that your mum's a lesbian and you confronted her and told yer dad. Fucking deep shit time so she had to be careful didn't she? She had to be certain, didn't she?"

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