Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 15


Then all hell broke loose.

He was lying on my back his arms round me, his hands squeezing my tits and his fingers pulling my nipples. His cock was between my thighs that he'd forced open as far as the jeans round my knees would allow and his belly was squashed against the cheeks of my bum. I remember thinking what a deliciously sordid picture it was and momentarilly I wished that the titless bitch would once more turn up.

David was trying to push his way into me, but somehow it just wasn't happening and that certainly was not due to lack of lubrication on part, I was streaming.

"Oh fuck," he said in that charmingly slightly up-market accent, a little bit like Hugh Grant, I always thought.

"What's happening?" I asked, the feeling of frustration getting to me as much as it was to him. I went on jokingly, "lost your hard on."

"Don't be daft."

"Well I have heard it happens to older men now and then."

"Don't even go there", he admonished jokingly as he made another effort to get it up me. "It's the angle."

I moved around a bit, but still did not feel that glorious whooshy feeling as a man's erection surges right up my pussy.

He got hold of both my hips. "It's the fucking angle, you're at?" he growled as he lifted my bottom up a bit.

"I didn't know there was one," I muttered, being the smart arse even in such circumstances.

"One what?"

"A fucking ang ooooooooooooooooo,"

Then he got the angle right and thrust himself right up me. And boy was that good.

It really is such a fucking, enormously, horny feeling when a man's cock penetrates you. The sensations as he surges deep into your innards stimulating your outer and inner lips, your clitoris and the tender walls of that "magic cavity" are amazing.

But it's more than merely the physical stimulation, isn't it girls? It's also the emotional buzz. The surge of adrenalin and the mental blast you get as you surrender, as he invades your body and takes your virtuesd as the two of you join so stunningly tightly together. As you become one not knowing where you end and he starts. Yes, there's all those mental and emotional stimulations as your lover starts to fuck you.

As DD started to fuck me, I started to cum. Whether the speed of that was down to not having had full sex for six weeks, whether it was the beautiful, wanton sordidness of being taken half-way up a staircase, whether it was because of the depth of penetration he got from being behind and slightly beneath me I don't know for sure. Probably a little of each, but also, and here comes the bitchy side of me, some of it was due to him wanting me so soon after the titless bitch had left him on his own.

He had pulled and yanked me so I was almost kneeling on one stair with my elbows supporting me three or four stairs further up the staircase. My jeans were round my knees, the ripped remnants of my thong was flapping uselessly round my thighs, my legs were open and my bum was in the air. DD had his arms round me, one hand searching between my legs, stroking my lips and rubbing my clit, the other alternating between my tits and nipples as he slammed himself in and out of me and up and down my pussy. I was trying to increase my pleasure by reaching behind me and feeling his cock or balls that were slapping against my bum, but couldn't really reach properly

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck," he was moaning

"Yes, harder David, faster, fuck me harder", I groaned back.

I was looking over my shoulder at my naked lover fucking me when I saw him move his arms from around me. I was bent almost ninety degrees at the waist while DD was kneeling, his body pretty much upright. I could not see his cock going in and out of me, something I adore watching particularly in a mirror, but I loved seeing the thrusting movements of his hips and stomach as I felt those gorgeous sensations inside me.

I watched him run his hands over my bum then felt him squeeze both cheeks, hard. That made me grunt with pain, but as he held my flesh like that, the hurt feelings quickly subsided and combined with the wonderful sensations inside my pussy to send me further towards that wall of feelings that I knew would soon engulf me.

I could feel his urgency increasing and was pretty sure he was getting near; I knew I was right on the brink.

We were both moaning, groaning, grunting and sighing. We were both squirming, thrusting, pushing and grinding as together we began to cum.

He was holding my bum, his fingers digging deep into the soft, pliant flesh. Still looking over my shoulder, my bare breasts scraping against the rough carpet, I saw him move his hand, but as it was along my bum I couldn't see precisely where. I felt something else apart from his cock pressing against my lips and realised it was his finger, maybe his thumb. Then I felt, what I was now sure was, his thumb on me. It was on the inside of my cheeks, in my crease, between those soft mounds of flesh, yes, DD was pressing his thumb right against my anus.

I'm not really that much into anal, I guess the attraction must be mostly emotional for I don't find it that physically pleasurable. After all we don't have a doughnut shaped, sensitive gland up there do we, unlike men and dogs, the only species that do, odd pairing I have always thought!

However, as DD's thumb, coated and lubricated with my own secretions, pressed right against my hole I felt yet another explosion of orgasmic feelings. With my legs wide open and him squeezing the cheeks of my bum, my anal entrance was already stretched. It just needed only the slightest pressure from him or me and his thumb would be in me. I have no real recollection where that pressure came from, DD or me, probably a little from both, but pressure there most certainly was. And from that pressure, his thumb opened the serrated entrance to my arse, and from that opening, he slid inside me, and from his thumb sliding inside me there was an enormous eruption of sensations, which he sent me right over the top.

I didn't know until it was all over that as DD shoved his thumb right up my bum and made me cum so violently, he also climaxed. I didn't feel his cum spurting into me and I have to admit, rather guiltily, his pleasure at that moment was furthest from my mind. Kneeling there on the staircase, still half dressed, my ripped thong hanging down, DD's cock up my cunt and his thumb up my arse I only had thoughts for one thing. My pleasure. And I got that by the bucketload.

Chapter 3

Still in the scoop-fronted tee shirt and bikini pants mum prepared some lunch, cheese toasties and a bottle of Chablis.

It struck me as being a little early for lunch, for it hardly seemed as though it was a morning's time away that DD had last fucked me, but then that had been around nine and it was now twelve so I wasn't losing touch with time.

She was clearly drinking too much, but then what the hell? She was losing her husband to some young bit of stuff in the office and was facing the future alone. Pretty well off, but lonely and that did not sit comfortably with my mother. No, she was the sort of person that wanted it all and didn't think she should go without in any way. Compromise just was not in mum's dictionary! Obviously a family trait I thought, as I compared myself to her!

I wanted the college course in Stage, TV and Film Production but I did not want the "poverty" of being a student, so I modeled. I didn't want a steady boy friend, but had an older lover. I didn't have a huge sex drive, but most days now I had some form of sex. I tried to lead a reasonably good life, giving what I could to charity, reading the Guardian and worrying about global warming and poverty in Africa, yet I let men orally give me orgasm and cum on my breasts as extras to my explicit posing. So yes, we were both extremists and non-compromisers in many ways.

"You remember that photographer chap Colin?"

"No", I immediately lied, my normal tactic when feeling threatened or hearing something that was likely to bring me grief.

"Yes you do, he sent me those photos he saw of you at that studio."

"Oh hi

"Yes him, Colin."

"What about him?"

I switched off as she droned on about what a good friend he was, my mind going back to the wonderful night I had just had with DD.

I could not remember the last time I spent an entire night in a lover's bed and, equally, I had forgotten just how marvelous that can be. To be naked all night with him, to be held and cuddled, to feel his body against yours, to be woken with his hardness against you, in the crease of your bottom or, even more magically, inside you is awesome. To have so many orgasms you lose count and to be made love to seemingly endlessly through the night is amazing. To have the tenderness, the attention, the care and the most obvious declarations of his want for you is fabulously cool.

I heard mum say.

"And he would like to meet you", but then the phone went and she started nattering to what I took to be one of her of tennis cronies.

I sat across the table from her eating my sandwich and frequently looking down the front of her vest at her gorgeous breasts. As she chatted animatedly into the phone, she was leaning forward and back making her tits jiggle and wobble in the most alluring ways. Feasting my eyes on them and thinking back to last night I could feel myself becoming aroused and I knew that I would be dampening down below. It was quite nice actually. Nice and wonderfully, wickedly sordid to be sitting sipping wine, ogling my mother's breasts, having lesbian thoughts about her and going over in my mind what happened throughout the night with my male lover.

After we had finished on the stairs, we went laughing and joking about Renee Rouso and Piers Brosnan to the bathroom where we had a bath together. That was lovely, although the tiles on the floor did get rather wet, despite the size of the Victorian cast iron tub. We tried to have sex in the bath but it didn't really work as we just couldn't get a comfortable position without totally flooding the bathroom. To be truthful, it was also a little early for DD and what with the water sloshing around my pussy and his only semi-hardness it was a bit too ambitious for us. So, laughing we agreed to give trying for the time being. The problems of having an older lover I thought wryly!

An hour or so later, though, we did not have those inhibiting factors. .

We were in the first floor lounge, it was dark with only the street lamps lighting the room. We both had white, fluffy gowns on, which by then were gaping more and more. The bottom part of DD's would often slip open as the two sides parted giving me views of his lean thighs, now and then his balls and once or twice his penis. The lapels were also gaping, almost permanently, as we ate fruit and cheese and drank Champagne, celebrating our getting back together. I know mine was probably gaping and slipping open even more than his was, but I didn't care and certainly did nothing to stop it or cover myself. After all just a couple of hours ago, and now most days of the week, I exposed myself totally, often to complete strangers, so why not to my lover.

He went to the kitchen to get another bottle. Returning he stood before me undoing the cork. I looked up as I heard that pop and fly to the ceiling.

"God do I want you Sammi?" He said as he pulled on the tie round his waist letting the gown open.

I immediately understood just how much he wanted me for he was fully erect.

"Oh David, yes, that's wonderful," I moaned, reaching out and putting my arms round his hips.

I pulled him towards where I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and squashed his gorgeous erection against my face. It was so hard, beautifully smooth and nicely warm. I looked up at him as I took it in my hands and leaned forward more. My eyes locked with his, I brought him towards me as I moved my face towards it. Still staring deeply into each other's eyes, I put my tongue out and I watched him watching me, as I licked the uncovered tip. His body jerked. That was nice. I licked down his length, still looking into his eyes. I licked up it then down again, this time not stopping at the base but going on to roll my tongue all round his balls. He put his hands on my head stroking my long, blonde hair and lifting up large swathes of it, pulling them a bit. I eased his erection downward away from his flat stomach, straightening it a little, getting it to the right angle, making it accessible for me and positioning it correctly, yes I was getting him into a position where I could suck his cock.

"Mmmmm Sammi, yes, yes, my darling", he moaned as my mouth closed round it.

He tasted good, but then he always did, and he felt even better. There really is something so extraordinarily intimate about sucking your lover's cock, isn't there? Even more so in many ways than having him suck and lick you, I always think.

I slid my mouth up and down its length holding the shaft with one hand and cradling, cupping and rolling his balls around in the other. David's hands were now running all over my head, face and neck. He was squeezing and stroking and tugging on strands of my hair. We were both, I think, beginning to lose control. His hips had started thrusting with the same rhythm I was pumping him in and out of my mouth and on each inward surge he was going further into my mouth. I had never learned how to deep throat, that is if such a Linda Lovelace action was really possible, so as the bulbous end of his cock hit the back of my throat I felt as if I would choke. As much as I willed it, I could not get it to slip into my throat so I had to content myself to having DD just fuck my mouth and not my throat.

"Well both of us actually", I suddenly realised my mother was talking to me not to the phone.

"Er sorry mum."

"Colin, the photographer he would like to see us both."

I had been so wrapped up in my reveries on last night that I had forgotten what we had been talking about.

"Oh yes," I said vaguely, not really that interested and certainly not concentrating, for my mind was still soaking up the delicious memories of my night with DD. "Be back in a mo, just need to go to the loo".

In the loo my mind was again on last night, well yesterday overall really. It had been quite some day and night.

I had modeled in the afternoon, a two-hour session that was worth £150, which was a good start. The fact that the photographer was in his mid-thirties, was quite good looking with a nice wit and a bold and creative style of posing me and taking his shots made things even better. We got on well and had only just got into the second hour when I was naked and James said.

"Er, do the legs come open Sammi?"

Smiling I said that they did and he spent some time on what I laughingly call gyno shots. After ten minutes or so of recording the pinky folds and reddish layers of skin of my gynoarea we moved to the next level. The level where he was asking me to imagine certain situations. The level where, as I lie on the bed or the floor, in just holds ups or a thong, he would say.

"Imagine you want sex Sammi; show me that in your face."

"Look as though you want to be shagged."

"Stare at the camera Sammi, pretending you're making love to it."

Or most strongly. "Give me that just fucked look luv."

Of course, I complied, naturally, I pouted and sighed and inevitably, I went with his suggestions.

"Cup your breasts for me Sammi."

And as he became more adventurous, "hold your tits, Sam, squeeze you nipples."

Moving swiftly onto.

"Touch your pussy", and "rub your clit for me Sammi" and finally, "slide your fingers in will you?"

The studio would have told him that such things were included in the £150, although fingering myself wasn't actually specified and it was rather dubious whether it really was in the price. Nevertheless, I indulged him and excited myself by doing just as he asked. Both he and the studio would know full well, of course, what was not included. They are the extras.

Photographers usually get round to them after the gyno shots and the, as I call it, "touchy feely" posing. Often they beat around the bush and take ages getting to the point. James did not, so it was only a short while later that his soft hands were caressing my breasts and I was holding his erection as he undressed. Just moments later, my nipples were in his mouth and his hands were between my opened legs his fingers visiting that gynoarea he had recently been snapping.

He had gone a la carte with the menu and had chosen the top level, the most expensive offerings. My hundred pound, everything but full sex dish. So he finger fucked me, he caressed and stroked my tits and pussy, I gave him oral with a rubber and he made me cum with his mouth. To finish, I masturbated him as he touched me anywhere, with him cumming on my tits.

So, if the late afternoon and early evening had been good, as in two hundred and fifty quids worth of good, the icing on the cake had been DD calling me and us getting together, literally.

I wandered back to the patio. Mum had gone. I wondered where, but couldn't be bothered to look for her, so I flopped down onto one of the sun beds, slipped my tee shirt off and lay there in my bra; my eyes closed loving the sun on my body.

My mind was, of course on yesterday and this morning for they held numerous lovely memories for me. Perhaps the strongest and in many ways the most significant, although it was only now looking back that it struck me, was sucking DD's cock. It wasn't that he tasted wonderful, it wasn't the clear pleasure he was gaining, it wasn't that it had been such a time since I had done that for him and it wasn't even, that he didn't cum, for he pulled himself away from me and fucked me beautifully. No, it was the realisation that I had sucked two different men's cock within the space of only two hours. That gave me a touch of guilt, but to be truthful it gave me more of a buzz than a feeling of remorse. Again, it hit home to me, just how able I was to compartmentalise my life! How I was able to do something in one compartment that I was relatively comfortable with, whereas in another I would be alarmed. At times I did wonder, though, just where that might lead to, one day.

"He has a proposition for us", I heard mum say.

I opened my eyes and almost jerked upright. She was standing right beside me in just her bikini bottom and that was a small white bathing thong. She looked breathtakingly beautifully and so stunningly sexy I wanted to pull her down onto the snubbed with me and bury my face between her spectacular breasts. They looked even more amazing than when I had last seen them

"What proposition?"

"Look", mum said leaning forward, flashing me a great view of both of her tits, "I can only tell you what he has told me".

"Sure, but didn't he say anything else?"

"No not really."

"What do you mean, not really?" I asked.

I did not get an answer for she dived into the pool, her boobs creating a wonderful image as they dangled down from her body just before she hit the water; that made me flinch a bit.

I watched as she swam leisurely, but purposefully, up and down the pool using a graceful breaststroke; unlike me she was a good swimmer. I found it hard to drag my eyes away from her. The kicking action of her legs, the opening and closing of her thighs and of course, the bareness of the nicely rounded cheeks of her full bum made for a highly erotic vision in the water.

"Pass me a towel love?" She asked as she climbed up the ladder. I couldn't help noticing that her thong had slipped a bit and some of her pubes were on show. I gave her the towel trying to avoid staring too obviously at my near naked mother who looked absolutely fabulous with her tanned skin glistening with the water and the sun oil.

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