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Sexual Chemistry


I was dragging my feet behind me. I really didn't want to go home. I had a note from my chemistry teacher that I was dreading having to show to my dad. I felt like a failure. All my life it had only been my dad and me. He'd done everything for me to give me the best. And now I was about to repay him by failing chemistry unless I miraculously managed to bring up my grades in the last few months before graduation. Chemistry had always been my weakest subject, but I'd scraped by. But now I was about to fail, and if I failed I could wave goodbye to my scholarship and any chance of a decent college education.

I gave the note to my dad and he read it. He then closed the bedroom door and made a phone call. I could hear him speaking about money. I hadn't read the note myself, but I knew that it recommended private tutoring for me. But my dad couldn't afford that. He was already working two jobs to afford to keep me in the private school. When he came out he looked at me and told me that my chemistry teacher had volunteered to tutor me. He'd come around two evenings a week for the next month to see how we could get my grades up.

The next day in school I avoided my chemistry teacher as much as I could. I made myself as small as possible in chemistry class so that he wouldn't look at me. I had volleyball practise after school and afterwards I had to rush home for my tutoring session. I decided to shower at home since it was faster than showering with all the other girls since we always played silly games on each other in the shower. I was towelling myself when I heard the doorbell. It was still too early for my tutor so I guessed it was the paperboy who wanted his money. I quickly put on a t-shirt and shorts without worrying about bra and panties and ran to the door, picking up the money for the paperboy on the way.

I opened the door and stood face to face with my chemistry teacher. He'd obviously been home to change because he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The entrance to our house is such that people have to stand on the steps leading up to the front door while they wait for someone to come and open the door, otherwise we'd knock them out when we open the screen. So there I was, with my chemistry teacher looking straight at my chest. Suddenly the lack of a bra was obvious as my nipples grew hard and stood proud from my firm C-cup breasts.

"Hello Lorraine," said Mr. Hauser with a smile. "I promised your dad I'd help you with your chemistry."

"Hi Mr. Hauser," I replied, blushing all over. "Come in."

All of a sudden I wished my dad was at home to chat with Mr. Hauser while I ran and changed. I showed Mr. Hauser to the lounge and he sat down, motioning for me to sit down next to him. He immediately opened up the book and started talking to me about the formulas. After a while I started relaxing. Mr. Hauser was very patient with me and things finally started making sense. If only I hadn't been too shy to ask questions in class, maybe I wouldn't have gotten myself into this mess in the first place. After about half an hour I was so comfortable with Mr. Hauser that I even started laughing at his small jokes. Then he stopped talking and looked at me. His gaze went up my bare legs, past my miniscule shorts, up my t-shirt, stopping at my breasts and then up to my face.

"Lorraine," he said, "what grade do you need to get your scholarship for college?"

"Well, an A would guarantee the full scholarship," I started, "but a B should be good enough since I've got a perfect record in all other subjects and all my extra-curricular activities."

"There's another extra-curricular activity you could do that would guarantee you a B in chemistry," Mr. Hauser said with a hint of a smile.

"Really? I'll do anything to be guaranteed a B!"

"Take your clothes off, Lorraine. If you agree to do the rest of our sessions with no clothes on I guarantee that you'll get a B in chemistry."

I stared at Mr. Hauser. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He wanted me to undress for him. I was barely 18 and he was my teacher, more than twice my age.

"Mr. Hauser! I don't know if I can do that!"

"Well, Lorraine, if you don't, you might slip on the exam and there won't be any college for you."

It slowly dawned on me what he was doing. I had a choice. I could take my clothes off and get a good enough grade to go to college or I could keep my clothes on and spend the rest of my life in dead end jobs. I rose and with hatred in my eyes I pulled off my t-shirt and my shorts. Mr. Hauser's eyes took in the rosy peaks of my breasts, my milky white skin and the blonde triangle pointing at my pussy. I'd never been naked in front of a man before and I felt so ashamed at how Mr. Hauser was inspecting me like I was a whore.

He got me to sit down again, this time making me sit right next to him. He put his arm around my shoulders while I had the book in my hands and he played with my nipples as he explained what was written on the pages. Against my will I was getting excited. I felt an unfamiliar tingle in my pussy and I could also feel moisture beginning to escape from the same region. How was I going to endure this torture? I jumped up when I heard the phone ring. It was my dad. He was ringing to tell me that he wouldn't be home by my bedtime again. He'd been asked to do more overtime and he always accepted any overtime that was offered. Mr. Hauser kept a close eye on me when I was on the phone.

"You like the way I touch you," he stated when I came back to the couch.

"Why do you say that?" I spat out at him.

He laughed at my hostility and pointed to a wet spot next to where he was sitting. "Your body's betraying you Lorraine. You're as horny as I am."

My eyes wandered to his crotch and I could clearly see how his cock was struggling against the material of his jeans.

"Was that your dad on the phone?"


"He told me he works till 10 most nights, is he working later tonight?"



With those words Mr. Hauser stood up and kicked off his shoes. He then quickly pulled his socks and jeans off, followed by his t-shirt. His cock was still held slightly back by his y-fronts.

"Finish undressing me!"

"Hey! That wasn't part of the deal!"

"The deal's off, this is a new deal and you're going to pull my shorts off NOW!"

I did as he said and gasped at the sight of his huge erection. I'd known that men's cocks grew big, but this one was nearly 10 inches and almost as thick as my wrist. Mr. Hauser laughed.

"Bet you've never seen meat like this. Now get on your knees and open your mouth."


"I'm not going to repeat this again. Get on your knees and open your slutty little mouth before I make you."

I quickly did as I was told. Mr. Hauser grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me close. He teased my lips with his cock and then shoved it in my mouth. I could hardly breathe, I didn't know what to do, I was gagging and started swallowing.

"Oh yeah baby! Suck my cock. Suck it real good."

I started sucking as hard as I could. I sucked. I swallowed. I sucked again. It was so deep in my throat I thought it was going to choke me. But he kept hold of my head, not letting me escape. Against my better judgement I started enjoying it. It tasted nice and I loved the moans of pleasure that I was causing with my mouth. Then without warning he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me down on my back. He then dove down between my thighs and placed his mouth against my pussy. I didn't bother protesting. His beard was teasing me as he started lapping up my juices. I felt his fingers probe deep inside my cunt as he was sucking and biting my clit. I moaned out in ecstasy. This was too good.

"Do you like it?" Mr. Hauser asked from between my legs.

"Oh yes, Mr. Hauser!" I replied while kneading my breasts.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, Mr. Hauser! Please don't stop!"

He continued licking and sucking me. I felt all warm inside. And then, without warning, my body exploded and I convulsed as the first wave of orgasm hit me. Mr. Hauser kept sucking me until I finished cumming. Then he crept up my body, stopping to bite my nipples and then resting on top of me to kiss me. I tasted my cunt on his lips and licked my juices off.

"I always knew you'd be a good little slut," he smiled at me. "Have you ever been fucked before?"


"Good. I'd be disappointed if you had. Now get on all fours and I'll show you what it's all about."

I moved around and got on my hands and knees. I felt his tongue moving from my wet cunt to my asshole and back. He then used his fingers to massage my ass. I didn't understand what he was up to, but I liked the feeling. Then he grabbed hold of my hips, forced my knees slightly apart and pressed his swollen cock against my dripping pussy. I cried out as his thick meat started tearing me apart but he was going slowly, giving my cunt time to adjust to his size. I'd always struggled to use tampons so it was amazing that his huge cock could fit inside me. He continued for a while longer and then he came to a stop. I moaned. I was in a bit of pain, but it was such delicious pain. I'd never known fucking could feel this great. He reached around and massaged my clit. I was in heaven. I protested as he started pulling out again, already missing him inside me. But he didn't pull all the way out, he grabbed a tight hold of my hips and shoved himself deep inside, ripping my cherry and making me scream out in pain.

He stopped inside me. "Tell me when it stops hurting," he said and reached around to tweak my nipples.

I waited a few seconds and the pain disappeared. "Fuck me, Mr. Hauser," I begged him and he laughed.

He slapped my ass a couple of times and started stroking in and out of me. Every trust got harder and deeper and I could feel his balls slapping into my clit. I couldn't hear the noises from the street. I couldn't hear anything except our panting and the squishy noises made every time Mr. Hauser slammed his cock inside me. My tits swayed from the impact and soon enough Mr. Hauser grabbed hold of my upper body by my tits and pulled me up against him, while still pumping my cunt.

"On your back," he commanded as he pulled out of me. I lay down on my back and got a brief glimpse of his cunt juice covered cock, standing proud from his hips, before he pulled up my legs on his shoulders and slammed into my wet cunt again. He was fucking me hard, fast and furiously. Sweat was dripping from his forehead as he burrowed his cock deep inside my tight cunt. Again I felt a tingly sensation through my body and my cunt started contracting around Mr. Hauser's big meat, even tighter than before. I moaned out loud and my body started shaking. I was cumming again. The minute I came Mr. Hauser let out a loud roar and arched his back as he shot his load up my cunt. He then pulled out and shot a second load on my stomach and breasts before he collapsed on top of me. He rested on top of me for a few seconds, then he got on his feet and started pulling his clothes on.

"Go and get dressed," he commanded and threw me my t-shirt and shorts. I did as I was told and when I came back to the living room he was no longer there. I looked around to see if there were any signs of what had happened earlier, but the only clue was the smell, which I got rid of by opening the window. I showered again and did my homework before going to bed. I slept uneasily and the next morning chemistry was my first class. Mr. Hauser hardly acknowledged me. I must not have been a good lay as he'd just walked out on me.

At the end of the day I was called to this office where there was a box for me. Mrs Johnson said that Mr. Hauser had left it there for me so that I could work with the models. I looked inside and saw a brown paper parcel at the bottom. I hurried home and opened the parcel. In it were a pair of black stockings, black stilettos and a black garter belt. There was also a note that said "This is what my whores wear for me, don't disappoint me tomorrow."

The next night I slept even worse and I suffered through the whole chemistry class. Again Mr. Hauser pretended like I wasn't there. I skipped volleyball practise and ran straight home. In my bedroom I shaved my bikini line carefully and slipped into the black stockings. I looked at my image in the mirror, I looked like the whores I'd seen line the streets at night, only worse. At least they covered themselves up a bit more. But I was no better than them now. Mr. Hauser had seen to that. As I was inspecting myself I heard the doorbell. He was there.

"Come in, the door's open!" I yelled and heard the door open and close.

"Where are you my little whore?" Mr. Hauser's voice was teasing and I exited my room to face him. I gasped when I saw that Mr. Hauser wasn't alone. With him was my principal, Mr. Leonard.

"See!" Mr. Hauser said to Mr. Leonard with a smile. "I told you she was a little whore."

"Well, well, well, Lorraine." Mr. Leonard walked up to me and inspected my naked body. "A slut like you could get expelled for fucking her teacher for better grades."

"But we don't want to ruin her future, do we?" Mr. Hauser mocked.

"Of course we don't."

"So let's see if we can come to some sort of an arrangement."

"Hmmmmmm," Mr. Leonard pretended to think as I stared at the two of them. "I'd be willing to ignore this serious violation of our school rules if there was something in it for me."

"Like what?" Mr. Hauser queried.

"Well, if you were willing to share this cunt with me, I'd let her graduate AND I'd write her a glowing letter of recommendation."

Mr. Hauser walked around me, cupped my breasts with his hands and licked my neck. "What do you think, darling? Can your cunt handle Mr. Leonard's cock as well?"

I was disgusted at their act, but I knew that there was nothing I could do, so I nodded. The three of us went into the lounge and my teacher and principal got undressed. They showed me how to get both of them hard at the same time. I was to hold on to each cock and stroke it. Then I was to use my mouth on them, switching between the cocks real fast. It didn't take long for them to get their erections. Mr. Hauser's 10 inch meat dwarfed Mr. Leonard's 8 inches.

I was then ordered onto my hands and knees. Mr. Hauser once again grabbed hold of my hair and started fucking my mouth. Mr. Leonard licked my cunt a couple of times until my juices started dripping and then he shoved his cock inside me with one hard thrust. I tried to cry out, but it only made me swallowing Mr. Hauser's cock and he loved the feeling of my throat contracting around him. Both men fucked me deep and hard and against my better judgement I was feeling the pleasure spread throughout my body. I enjoyed being their whore. I enjoyed being the teachers' slut. My moans were muffled by Mr. Hauser's cock as I came around Mr. Leonard's. He soon gave in and shot his load up my cunt.

As Mr. Leonard pulled out so did Mr. Hauser. They switched places. Mr. Hauser ran his finger in the cunt juice and cum that was dripping down my leg and smeared my ass with it. Mr. Leonard placed his cock in front of my mouth, telling me to lick his cock and balls clean. Then I felt a pressure on my asshole. Mr. Hauser was slowly manoeuvring his cock into my ass. I tried to get away by Mr. Leonard was in front of me, holding on tight to my tits and Mr. Hauser held on to my hips. I couldn't understand how my tight ass could manage it, but soon Mr. Hauser was stroking in and out of it with relative ease. And it stopped hurting. His fingers were massaging my clit and I moaned with pleasure as I was licking Mr. Leonard's balls. I don't remember how long it lasted but I suddenly orgasmed and that's when Mr. Hauser shot his load up my ass.

"Did you like having your ass fucked?" Mr. Leonard asked me as Mr. Hauser disappeared for a short while. "You're gonna love what we're going to do next."

Mr. Hauser soon came back and sat down on the couch. "Suck me Lorraine," he said and I kneeled in front of him and took his cock in my mouth again. He was stroking my hair while his cock was slowly growing again in my mouth. "You're such a good little whore, Lorraine. You don't need to study any more chemistry this year, this is all the chemistry I want you to think about."

Before long Mr. Hauser pushed me off him and he got down on his back and told me to ride him. I straddled him and felt him slip easily inside my dripping cunt. He pulled me down towards him and grabbed hold of one of my nipples with his teeth. Then I felt Mr. Leonard move behind me again, pushing me more forward and pulling my ass so that my asshole was once again exposed. My ass was already moist from Mr. Hauser cumming inside it and with his smaller cock, Mr. Leonard had no problem to find his way inside. They were both fucking me. Two days ago I was a virgin, now I had my chemistry teacher fucking my cunt and my principal up my ass. And I was loving it. In fact, I came twice before they managed to shoot their loads up my holes that time.

They made me stand and watch them while they were getting dressed. My body was flushed, my nipples were hurting from the bites and I had cum running down my legs from both my ass and my cunt. The stilettos hurt my feet and the garter belt was starting to dig into me. Two hours after they'd arrived, Mr. Hauser and Mr. Leonard left again, promising that they'd be back the next week. They continued coming to see me twice a week until graduation. I got straight A's and wonderful recommendations and I'm now a freshman at an Ivy League college, with a full scholarship.

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