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Sexual Enemies


I knew I was in deep trouble the minute she slammed through the door of the video shop with Gavin, her boyfriend, in tow. I'd caught Gavin stealing a gay porn DVD a few weeks ago, and the fallout had involved some pretty heavy and very gay sex--very gay.

She had that "all-American" girlfriend look, with just enough edge that made me wonder if one of those pert little breasts harbored a nipple ring. Her path to the counter of the shop weaved through startled customers with the fury of a little tornado, and despite myself I knocked over my stool as I jumped to my feet. I braced my hands on the counter.

"You fucked my boyfriend!" she shouted, her fist pounding the counter by the credit card reader. We had the instant attention of every customer in the store, and it was a busy Saturday evening.

"Stace," hissed Gavin from behind her, his shoulders cringing. "Please..."

"Only because he needed it," I said. No point in trying to be subtle. This little brunette fury wasn't going to accept any bullshit.

"Now he thinks he's gay!" She'd toned it down a bit, but everyone strained to hear.

"He's so gay." I picked up my stool and sat, crossing my arms in judgment.

"No he's not!" she said with a shake of her dark hair. I like dark hair, whether on men or women, and it amused me that my cock stirred in my loose jeans. She was hot enough that she got me going, and somehow being the object of her anger made it even more fun. There was a lot of passion there. I love passion.

She caught my smirk and it infuriated her. "We have great sex, you little prick! He makes me cum screaming every time. He can't be gay."

I leaned across the counter until I was right up in her face. My heart gave a little patter because of her delicate nose and cute chin. Her perfume filled my nostrils and I drank it in, holding the moment until I had her complete attention.

"He came screaming with his cock deep in my ass and my cum dripping from his nipples."

Gavin had to hold her back. Luckily it was a speechless fury or someone might have called the cops. Luckily I didn't like being a video store clerk or I might have worried about losing my job.

"Get her out of here, Gavin," I said. "This isn't the time or place for this conversation."

He locked eyes with mine for the first time since they'd burst into the store--pleading eyes. He hadn't shaved today, and I suddenly imagined dragging my cock across that dark stubble.

"I'm really sorry, dude," he said as he struggled to hold her shoulders. Her elbow found his gut and his wind gushed out. She twirled away with such speed that her short skirt flew up and gave me a flash of buttock and thong. Yes, there was definitely some edge in that woman.

"Nice girl," I said while Gavin wheezed. A customer down one aisle snorted a laugh, and I made a note of him for the future. He was a little chubbier than I'd normally consider, but he obviously had a sense of humor. Did I mention that I find a sense of humor sexy?

Gavin straightened as he caught his breath, forcing me to catch mine. I love narrow hips and tight jeans on a man. I love a flat stomach and a chest that's not over-worked but still radiates strength. I love firm shoulders filling out a flannel shirt. I love thin chest hair at the opening of a collar. In spite of all that, I wasn't in love with Gavin. Hunter still had my heart.

Gavin looked over his shoulder and back at me. "I didn't mean for her to come here. I just needed...well like you said..."

"You told her the truth." I shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, dude, that was fucking brave. If I have to take some of the heat it's OK. I told you to stop lying to her."

He took half a step toward me, clasping and unclasping his hands. "You know, she wasn't lying. We do have great sex. It's just..."

The customer who'd laughed headed our way with a DVD in his hand.

"Later, dude," I said to Gavin. It was a dismissal. I still had a job here after all. "Call me and we can hook up if you want." I had to fight not to lick my lips, and I had to crush close to the counter to hide my raging hard on. Hunter, the love of my life, wasn't planning any visits for at least six months so I was desperately horny. Hunter's wife had just had a baby, and Hunter was going through one of his bouts of guilt about being gay and in the closet.

Gavin smiled and left. I thought that was it until the phone bleated an hour later.

"It's Stacey, Gavin's girlfriend," said a voice husked in passion. Was she in the middle of sex? "You come to my apartment when you've finished work or I'll rat you out to the manager of that little shack."

I considered telling her to fuck off. I considered telling her I didn't really like my shitty job. I considered a dozen other options, but I had to confess to myself that the coercion intrigued me. What was she up too?

My hand dropped beneath the counter and squeezed my instant hard-on. "OK. I get off in an hour. Give me the address."

I was in over my head, and I liked it. # She opened the door to her apartment wearing the same form-fitting, breast hugging, stopping way above the belly button shirt that had caught my breath at the video store, except that now no bra straps were in evidence, and her nipples poked insistently at the white cotton.

I normally try to be polite and not stare at a woman's breasts, but I made an exception since we were sexual enemies. They weren't big, but they were shapely and free.

She just stood there a moment letting me stare, then she looked down at the tent my cock was making in my loose jeans.

"I thought you were gay," she said while we stared shamelessly at one another's erogenous zones.

"I am. But I get hard for beauty in any gender."

"Fuck off." She turned away, leaving the door open. I hesitated because of the unusual invitation to enter her apartment, but her swaying skirt drew me in. I crossed the threshold and closed the door.

Perhaps the candles distracted me, the low light, the scent of incense, because I didn't see Gavin right away. I saw a kitchen table sitting incongruously in the center of the living room, displacing a coffee table to the wall. I looked about to see what other furniture had been rearranged for the occasion, and that's when I saw Gavin.

Naked Gavin. Hard Gavin. Bound Gavin. He sat in the corner of the living room, his legs tied to the legs of his chair, his arms to the wooden armrests, his bare butt on the wooden seat. This was not a comfortable chair. Extra rope passed around his chest and through the back of the chair.

His cheeks flamed red.

"Hi Gavin," I said as if he were sitting on a park bench with a cappuccino. "Sorry if I'm interrupting."

Stacey turned and stood with her hands on her hips. "Oh, you're not interrupting. You're the main event. Strip!"

I hesitated, debating where this was going.

"NOW, you little faggot!"

My heart rate went through the ceiling. She actually scared me! I mean, she was angry and capable of anything. It might be dangerous to let her have her way.

I pulled my shirt over my head and gave her a second to admire my abs. Most people are surprised to see them because I'm such a skinny guy, but I work out and I enjoy hiding that subtle six-pack under my loose clothes.

"Everything!" she barked, practically trembling with excitement. Whatever she had in mind, it really turned her on.

I turned to face her boyfriend and slowly dragged my jeans down, unveiling the purple head of my hard-on at the last possible moment. It slipped free and my cock sprang up and slapped my stomach; it came to a rest pointing straight at Gavin's mouth.

"What some of this?" I asked as I stepped out of my jeans.

Gavin sure looked like he wanted to say yes, but Stacey spoke first. "I decide who gets head around here." She pointed to the table. "Stand up against that with your feet spread." She picked up a coil of white rope.

"You told her every detail?" I asked Gavin.

"He won't speak unless I say so." Stacey stepped close and slapped my buttock with her bare hand. "Get up there or else..." She moved to slap my butt again but I caught her wrist.

"Or else what?"

She locked eyes with mine—less than a cock length apart. Her other hand grabbed my member and gave it a squeeze, sending a shudder through my entire body.

"Or else you leave here now and you never find out how I intended to punish Gavin." She wrenched her wrist free and slapped my butt hard enough to force me to jump a pace toward the table.

She had me. I was scared, my heart pounding in my ears, my cock aching for another squeeze, my brain screaming: run! Fear and arousal are very close together.

I took the position at the table that I guessed she wanted—the position Gavin had been in when I fucked him. I spread my legs so that each ankle could be tied to a leg of the table. I bent over and pressed my chest against the cool wood of the tabletop, reaching for the far corners so that she could tie my hands to the tops of the opposite legs. Air cooled the sweat in my crack, now spread and as vulnerable as my naked butt.

She worked quickly and efficiently, using several wraps of rope around each ankle but not over tightening. My wrists were soon bound the same way. I couldn't help wondering if she'd done this before, because a little testing proved that while no circulation was cut, I was completely helpless. If she walked away now I'd starve to death before I could get out of there.

I turned my head to Gavin. His eyes looked about to pop out of his head, and speaking of heads, the head of his cock had turned purple and fat, looking like it would blow off the top of his penis at any moment. His hips thrust forward. Both of us hoped that part of his punishment would involve him fucking me just like I'd fucked him.

Stacey stepped in between us with a leather belt in one hand. "Beg to lick me!" She slapped her hand with the belt.

"Awe, no way! I'm gay. I don't lick chicks."

She stepped behind me and I heard the belt whistle. I had a second to brace myself before it slapped home, a searing shot that caused me to thrust my pelvis forward against the table.

"OW! Fuck that hurt!"

"You spanked my boyfriend until he begged to suck you and then you told him he was gay." Another smack hit my buttocks. "Beg to lick me!"

"Fuck off, bitch!"

I knew I was in for it. Part of me wanted it. Part of me agreed that I shouldn't have coerced Gavin into sex. Part of me wanted the punishment. The rest of me flinched in terror.

The smacks came so close together and so fast that I couldn't catch my breath. One shot after the other, each provoking spasms and cries, each forcing a jolt from my body that moved the table inches forward until it was right up against the wall.

"Please, stop," I whispered, then groaned, then screamed. When I simply couldn't take it anymore I gave in. "Please let me lick your pussy! Please, please, please!"

She gave two more distinct smacks before she stopped, each making me weep and beg. "If you insist," she said.

She came between Gavin and me again, facing Gavin. Her arms pulled that top over her head, showing me her curvaceous bare back and showing Gavin breasts that I could only imagine from my angle. Her fingers hooked into her skirt and yanked it down, showing me her lovely butt and hips in the candlelight, showing Gavin her bush.

Her hands ran up and down her body for Gavin while I admired her backside. She was fuller than I'd expected, but that was cool because while I like my men slim, I like my women curvaceous. The anorexic look never worked for me.

She turned and I saw just how curvaceous she was. Hips that were definitely female, breasts with pointed nipples that begged to be tweaked and licked. While I watched she pulled at her hard nipples, pushing her butt back for Gavin to drool over, then her hands slide over her belly and between her legs.

"This is so that I'm nice and wet when you get there," she whispered, her voice husked as her fingers found her most sensitive spot. She shuddered; one finger penetrating while the other massaged her clit.

Apparently she didn't need much time to get going because after a few seconds she climbed onto the table with the grace and sexual energy of a cat. She sat with her back to the wall, her feet on either side of my back, her pussy in my face.

"Lick me, faggot," she whispered.

The musk of her hung heavy around my nostrils, dense and strangely arousing. I'd suck cock a number of times, but now my inexperience with the opposite sex showed. She held her lips spread for me, her hips gyrating and anxious. I thrust my tongue into her, tasting and finding I could handle it. I began to flick faster, thinking I was getting somewhere until she grabbed a fist full of my short hair and yanked my head up.

"Your tongue is not a cock," she gasped in exasperation. "And it'd be way too small to do anything for me if it were. Lick me! Up, down, all around until you find the magic spot."

"I'm gay." She shoved my head down into her before I had a chance to say anything else. I began licking first on one side, then the other.

She moaned and shoved against me, her pubic hair rubbing my cheeks and tickling my nostrils. She gave me instructions for the next ten minutes, her breath getting shorter and her hips pumping more as she rode me.

"Down, left a bit, now up all the way!" I licked from the bottom of her pussy up the middle to the top. I'd just found a little button when she gasped. "That's it, that's it! Now suck it! Suck it like it's Gavin's cock."

I clamped my lips to her flesh and sucked that knob into my mouth, tonguing it and teasing it. She went wild! Her hips bucked against my face, her hands jammed my head into her and wouldn't let me up. I could hardly breath because my nostrils could hardly find a moment when they weren't pressed into her flesh.

"Oh my God! Yes! See this Gavin? See this? Your bitch boyfriend is gonna make me...Ahhh! OH! OH, YES!"

When a guy's cock goes off you know it. She didn't have a cock to blow cum, but I knew she was cumming. It was the way her body held against me, the flush of warmth that suffused her pussy. She was cuming-—cuming hard. I have never been so relieved.

It took her a few minutes to gather herself, but she let go of my head so that I could look up, my cheeks wet, to see Gavin licking his dry lips.

She climbed off the table and stood facing Gavin, her butt two spheres swaying tauntingly back at me while she spoke to Gavin. "What is it you guys like about anal. Like, it's gotta hurt."

"I like being taken," I said, hoping she'd invite Gavin to take me.

She turned back to me, one hand sliding over her tummy and the other pulling on her left nipple. "Ok then, Gavin and I did a little shopping after we left your store."

She went to a box and pulled out a long dildo. No, not a dildo because there was some leather and something else attached. Oh my God, a strap on!

She must've seen my eyes go wide. "That's right, pretty boy. I get to do the fucking around here tonight."

I felt my anus clench. My heart pounded like a jackhammer and my cock--hard as a rock--twitched in anticipation. I tried to clinically decide if I was Ok with this as she belted it on. I knew that if a guy fucked me it could only go on so long before my tight anus blew his load and he went soft. She wouldn't have such limits.

At least I thought so until I watched her work with the opposing end of the strap on: there was a knob about the size of the head of a small cock that pressed into her lips, carefully worked to the right spot with her fingers, her face tensing with pleasure as she tightened the straps. The knob was low down so that it could stimulate her pussy, the other end of the strap-on, my end, was higher on her pelvis to make it convenient to fuck me.

"Now I'm going to fuck your boyfriend, Gavin," she said, waving the fake cock in Gavin's face. She turned and pointed it at me, and I got my first sense of its size. Oh God! It was bigger than Hunter, the man I loved, or Hunter's friend, that other Gavin with the nine inch cock, and it was bigger than this Gavin, the man who sat there now with his own considerable erection straining to the ceiling. That was the limit of my experience with cock, but it was a good sample of the male organ.

Stacey waved the dildo at me, threatening, promising. She sauntered toward my helpless butt, giving me lots of time to admire her swaying hips and candle-lit breasts. Then she was behind me, lost to sight, and all I had left to look at was Gavin's bound and naked form, his cock so close yet impossibly far away, his nipples looking hard and in need of attention from my tongue.

I heard the snap of the lid of a bottle of liquid KY and felt cool drops on my crack, drops that ran like a river over my anus. A finger caught up the liquid and rubbed a circle, and I felt myself puckering, inviting that finger to plunge in and begin the fun. Instead a cold inhuman knob pushed at me.

It was too big. It was like having someone push a baseball bat against my ass. It was so clearly not going to go in that I assumed she'd sigh in frustration and change the game, but not this girl. The pushing became insistent, and my focus on Gavin blurred as I concentrated on the pressure on my anus. I pushed out; I took deep breaths to relax; I did everything I could think of to welcome that intrusion. The fake head forced my ring wider and wider until I gasped.

"Uh, oh! I think it's way too big! Wait! Please!"

It popped in.

"Ow! Oh fuck!" My breath came in ragged gasps. Gavin strained forward in his bonds to get a better look, and I realized that I was thrashing against my own bonds, the ropes that the held my ankles and my wrists. My cock nearly exploded! Why did I love being taken when I was helpless? Why did I love that she was pushing me to limits I hadn't even fantasized.

She'd just begun. I felt the dildo press deeper, her hands on my hips to help her pull me back as she thrust it in. When I thought I couldn't take it anymore, when it hit my prostate and held there, I felt her bend over me. Her warm breasts and hard nipples pressed into my back beneath my shoulder blades. Her lips kissed the back of my neck and then whispered into my ear.

"I told Gavin that since he got to fuck you than I did too."

She pulled out and thrust in, forcing a groan from me.

"I told Gavin he can fuck you as much as he likes, but only if I get to watch and if I get my turn."

She pulled out and thrust in again.

I heard a click and nearly lost it. The dildo was a vibrator, and she'd flipped it on a high power.

"Oh my God," I gasped. I could feel the vibrating along the entire length of my anal canal, right up to my prostate. I tossed my head back and begged like a little slut. "Fuck me! Oh my God you can fuck me any time you want."

The fake cock now violated me with passion, ramming in and out. My head turned from Gavin and I was surprised to see a long mirror on the opposite wall. There I was: slim, naked and bound to the table with a glazed look in my eyes. There she was, her breasts bouncing and hips thrusting, her hands gripping my hips firmly and her head tossed back, her eyes on the ceiling.

I'd seen porn movies of women with strap ons, but the women were always doing something wrong with their hips. They never looked like they could figure out how to fuck.

Stacey fucked like a man! Her pelvic thrust was perfect, her rhythm, intense and strong. Her frenzy built as that vibrating knob worked on her. She wasn't just fucking me to punish me; she was really going to get off! She looked down at my back and her eyes filled with lust! She had the hots for this naked little fag.

She released my left hip and slapped my left buttock.

"Think you'll steal my boyfriend, do you?" Smack! "Think you're hetero because a girl is fucking you?" Smack! "So why is he gay because you fucked him?" Smack!

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