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Sexual Hunger


Her heart could not bear any more of this torment. She needed to soothe the burning, ease the pain sawing up and down her nerve endings. She did not want to do what was necessary to save herself from this. She had thought she could wait it out, had tried to endure the clawing need rising from her gut. But she was weak. Weaker than her conscience had tried to pretend she was. Rising from the wet sheets of her bed, soaked from the sweat that had rolled off of her in waves as she had resisted her urges, she headed towards the bathroom of her small apartment. Even as she climbed into the shower, her feet still dragged in protest at every move she made. Cold water hit her skin like needle points, washing away the salt of tears and sweat. For a moment, the water numbed the ache inside her.

After her shower, she stood in front of the mirror and stared at herself. There were hollows under her green eyes, causing her pale face to seem almost white. She rimmed her eyes in black eyeliner, applying mascara and shadow to give her dull eyes some depth. Rouge and lipstick followed, feigning a healthy glow. She gathered her damp hair into a long plait, a few dark hairs escaped at her temples which curled dry against her hot cheek. The more energy she exerted in preparing herself, the fainter she became. A black dress would suit tonight's agenda, exposing enough flesh to tempt but not to bring all attention on her. Black boots that zipped to her knees completed the ensemble. She checked the time, dance clubs and bars were still open but it was nearing last call and the lonely souls still left in them would start seeking each other out, looking for someone to spend the night with.

She scarcely saw anything out of her peripheral vision as she left her home and hurried to the club two blocks over. It was lit up like a neon Christmas tree and the reverb from the electronica that played inside could be heard even with its doors closed. Entering from the side door, she gave a preliminary scan to weed out the potentials from the crowd. There were still diehards gyrating in the middle of the dance floor, but most were cloistered around the bar, making final attempts to entice their person of choice into coming home with them. She could taste the sexual tension on her tongue, pheromones leaking from the skins of the dancers. Her eyes narrowed in on a man leaning against the bar, young and very drunk. His eyes were half-mooned from his intoxication and he was not even attempting to hit on any of the young things milling around the dance floor. He would be easy enough to pick up.

Her heart was pounding in anticipation, she tried to walk seductively towards the young man but she wasn't sure if it turned out that way. So great was her need, she thought it must have looked like she was stalking him. Once she arrived next to him, she quickly slid onto the barstool and ordered a drink. He didn't take notice of her until her glass was clinked down in front of her. He took a long look at her, from head to toe before giving a befuddled smile. Before he had a chance to speak, she leaned close to him and asked, "Alone?"

"Not anymore. My name's Andy. And who might you be?"


Andy smiled again, "Beautiful name. So are you from around.." Lilly interrupted him by suddenly laying her lips to his. Surprised by her response, Andy involuntarily shifted away from her, breaking the kiss. His eyes shone with confusion and intoxication.

"Let's not complicate this with chatter, Andy. I need you, I need your body in my bed. Tonight. Would you like that?" Lilly asked matter of factly.

"Of course...but isn't this going a little fast...?" Andy asked, half wanting to give into his urges but what little propriety the alcohol had left still hung on for dear life.

"What pace would you like this to take? Usually ,this would begin with flirtations and word games. Then we would precede to use empty words, pretending to find interest in each other's minds and personal lives. Finally, through a coy song and dance routine, you would entice me to spend the night with you. My time is precious, and I treasure it. I would rather cut through the bullshit and get what I want. Doesn't that sound better?"

Andy frowned in thought, his gears running at half speed. Her argument was *very* convincing but something in the back of his mind niggled at him. He couldn't help but feel as if he was caught in a corner. He took another long sweeping look at the beguiling creature before him. Why should someone as beautiful as her need to ask for a lover? She had the eyes the color of jade, that seemed to be backlit from some otherworldly light. Lilly's breasts were small but round, her nipples jutting through the thin fabric of her dress. Yes, there should be no reason she needed to ask for company. Before his mind wandered further, Lilly moved next to him, her lips right beside his ear. She did not speak, instead her tongue darted out and traced the inner folds of his ear. Andy felt his groin ache and fill with blood, he gritted back a groan.

Lilly leaned her body full into his, Andy turned to meet her halfway. His hardening member could feel her soft flesh through all the layers of clothing between them. She undulated her hips, sliding her pussy down the fly of his pants, her dress becoming wedged between her swelling lips. All of Andy's inner dilemmas about her proposition melted away as he whispered hoarsely, "Let's go, then."

She shuddered, excited by his acceptance and disgusted by her motive. Lilly backed away from, pulling him with her, her eyes becoming glowing beacons. Andy felt hypnotized, following her as she turned towards the door. The haze of alcohol and lust had dimmed his vision, but every so often she would turn her head back to look at him and her eyes would beckon him to continue after her. He dream walked out of the club and the night air filled his lungs. Andy's heart was pounding so hard, he felt the beat in his throat.

Lilly was controlling her pace, trying to keep from her feet breaking into an all out run. She was so weak at this point, her vision was fading in and out. Only instinct guided her back to her apartment. Andy kept right at her side, obediently keeping up with her quick gait. He was far into the thrall now, not questioning or protesting as she entered her building from the backdoor. When they arrived at her door and she was fumbling with her keys, Andy reached from behind and grasped her breasts. He massaged them and sweetly tugged at her nipples with his thumb and index fingers. He pressed his cock into the cleft of her backside and kissed the side of her neck. Lilly finally managed to unlock the door and hauled Andy into the studio apartment. Andy briefly glanced around the room, struck by the starkness of the room. No adornments, no furniture save a king sized bed draped in dark, satiny sheets. Lilly took his hand and guided him to sit at the end of her bed. Entranced by her movements, Andy followed her with his eyes as she locked the door and slid several chain locks into place.

Lilly felt a faint coming on, her eyesight darkening. Andy was puzzled by her pausing at the door, her back to him. She gripped the frame of the door, gathering what strength she had left. She turned and walked to the bed and stopped before Andy. She reached to the hem of her dress and pulled it upwards over head. She stood before him, clad only in her high heeled boots, a dark triangle at the vee of her thighs. His eyes traveled upwards to her breasts, heaving with her quick breath. He ended finally on her heart-shaped face, her red lips slightly parted and panting. He could feel an intense heat from her body and he reached to grab her hips and pull her onto him.

Lilly stopped him with her hands. "Not yet."

Andy looked up, puzzled. Lilly reached down to his fly and undid the top button and slid the zipper down. His erection bulged out and Lilly's eyes slitted at the sight. She pulled his cock out and knelt down to it. Andy closed his eyes in bliss as her wet mouth closed over the head of his penis. Lilly savored the taste of his skin and found herself salivating heavily when her tongue found beads of pre-cum. She sucked and licked her way down to the base of his cock. Andy was doing his best to control himself from lifting her up and plunging himself into her. When she took his whole cock into her hot mouth, Andy began to buck his hips and fuck her mouth gently. He could feel her soft palate colliding with the head of his penis and this caused him to start moaning unintelligibly.

Lilly knew he was ready when his moans began to include her name. She disengaged her mouth and stood again, looking down at him. He had grabbed the sheets and twisted them in his fists. Andy's eyes flew open and looked up at her. Lilly's eyes were electric and seemed to almost glow in the dimly lit room.


She pushed his shoulders down onto the bed and climbed on top of him, her legs astride his. Andy ran his hands down her back found her round ass. He began to gently knead her white skin and urged her hips forward.

"Please, Lilly..." he begged.

Lilly's eyes flashed and she mounted his cock. Andy could feel her silken folds, wet and juicy as he slid himself fully into her pussy. He thought he was going to cum at that very moment but something brought him back form the brink...he felt the head of his cock come into contact with something hard...had he inserted himself at the wrong angle and hit her cervix...? Lilly saw his eyes change. With that, she knew what must come next. Andy felt a sharp stinging sensation at the head of his penis, which was followed by a sharp stabbing pain. Andy's howl of pain was suppressed by Lilly's palm and he felt warm liquid begin to drip onto his scrotum. Andy began to writhe and buck, but could not throw Lilly off his hips, her thighs now hard as steel were pinning him to the bed.

"Don't struggle, sweetheart. It will be over soon." Lilly said soothingly.

Andy felt his lifeblood draining from him, all of the strength in his body leaving with it as Lilly fed. The dark viscous liquid was quickly pooling underneath them. Lilly's eyes were rolling back in her head, she felt the warm blood entering her body. She forgot about the man slowly dying beneath her as every nerve in her body began to sing. The pain and weakness that had plagued her for the last week ebbed away as the blood swam into her system. Lilly's euphoria withered away when she felt the cold wet flesh inside her. She came back to reality and looked down at the man who had given his life so she might exist. Andy's eyes were still open, staring blankly at her. Remorse, like a stone, hit her.

She always felt sorry, afterwards. She still had emotions, even after decades of preying upon those unfortunate enough to cross her path. Lilly clumsily unattached herself from Andy's prone corpse, his cock a limp mess of congealed blood and perforated flesh. He had been a quick bleeder, thanks in part to the mass amounts of alcohol he had ingested. She felt drunk herself. Lilly untucked the sheets' corners and covered Andy's body. The rubber sheets underneath were slick with his blood.

Lilly saw the blood that covered her lower torso was drying and starting to clump in her pubic hair. Self loathing filled her, and her stomach was churning from what she just done. She knew the cycle of emotions all too well. Yes, she was still capable of shame and guilt. She was a human being....wasn't she?

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