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Sexual Revenge


I wake up and I don't know where I am, or how I came to be bound by these thick latex bands. Then I see her walk into the room. The object of my desire. The one I've known for so long who has never met me. Still, she looks as if she knows how drawn I am to her. She looks at me like she knows evertything about me, maybe even things I don't know. But how did she find out I'd been watcthing, and taping, and masturbating to her? How did she trace it back to me?

As she crosses the room I see her smiling, then laughing. I notice my dick springing to attention at the sight of this amazonian beauty. Her firm tits are so much bigger than my girlfriend's, and her skin is so tan and taught. Her tits are swaying as she approaches, and she notices my lack of eye contact. In response, she begins unbottoning her blouse, letting it slip to the floor. She laughs again as my eyes jump to see her breasts popping out of her bra, before she removes that as well. My arms strain to no avail to get free, as she dangles her tit tantalizingly in front of my straining tongue. Suddenly she buries my face in them for an instant, before withdrawing and continuing to strip.

Now she's gloriously naked, and I can see she is hairless from her head down. Her gorgeously tanned mound almost pouts at my waiting dick, which feels like it's expanding by the second. Finally I see her climb onto the table I'm stretched across.

I see her gleaming eyes, and feel her aura, as she leans over me. Can she smell my fear? Her hair flows onto my chest tickling it, as she stretches her body over mine, her head inching past first my toes, to my knees, over my groin and across my chest. So soft, and so silky.

My penis jumps as her nipples brush against it, and it springs to life, throbbing and spasming slightly. She kisses me, and her aroma and velvety lips are too much. The room spins recklessly, yet I maintain my focus miraculously.

My bound hands fight the restraints playfully, then deperately, as she moves her head slowly back down my body. She wavers over my penis, as it strives to find warmth and moisture, and she breathes softly and hotly, and I am overcome yet again. Then her pink, wet lips descend around my head, and she doesn't let it touch her slippery inner cheeks as she continues, finally putting my whole dick in her mouth. As I strain against the ties, she laughs, my dick still in her mouth, and my toes curl as my back strains to arch, yet unable to.

Her deep brown eyes flicker up to engage my yearning ones for the briefest moment, before she ravenously begins pumping my cock over and over, then stopping, then over again and again, slurping and sucking against my pulsing rod. As I near orgasm I feel her slip a loop of something stretchy around the base, and it snaps into place hard, clamping my churning cum inside my testicles.

A scream escapes me despite my resolve and the gag, and she feeds off its energy like a nymphomaniac demoness. She laughs, and licks my head, and my eyes well up with tears, I want to orgasm so bad. Suddenly, I feel a hole open in the table beneath me, and my ass falls through. Waiting for it is what feels like another man's cock, but it's not.

It's vibrating, and wet, and I feel it press against my anus. My eyes widen and she laughs again, this time with what almost looks like a sadistic glee. As I strain against her ties helplessly, I see her hand on a switch. She goes to throw it and I scream through the ball tied in my mouth, not making much sound at all. She smiles, and I see she hasn't thrown the switch. As relief spreads throughout my tensed body, she locks her eyes with mine. Suddenly she throws the switch, and the rod begins slowly, excruciatingly entering my ass.

Centimeter by centimeter goes in, agonizingly slow, and I can hardly breathe. It keeps coming. My ass feels so tight, the rod must be at least an inch in diameter, and it keeps filling me. It reaches what feels like my stomach, and suddenly the vibrating stops. I lie there, my ass swollen around this impaling dick, my back arched to the limit, and I orgasm despite the fact that my cum is kept in my balls by the restrictor. My legs begin quivering, and suddenly I hear another switch thrown.

I hear a slight humming, and feel the slightest growth in the rod still stuck so deep into my ass. The rod is growing larger. Jesus Christ, the rod's gotten at least a half inch bigger, and now it's going back down, oh shit, no now it's two inches fuck omy god let me out no don't fucking SHIT!

As the rod breathes, stretching me inside and out, I begin to cry, the feelings overwhelming me. I hear her giggle, and she points out a third switch. I try to shake my head violently to no avail as she throws it mercilessly.

Instantly I feel like I'll be ripped apart as the rod begins withdrawing, slowly, yet still breathing relentlessly. It begins swelling back and forth as well, getting thicker in some parts than others. Finally it clears my anus, which snaps back into shape without much vigor. I only have a chance to inhale once sharply, and it enters again, only faster.

It gets faster. And faster. It begins pumping my ass with an unbeleivable speed, and I lose track of how many times I've been impaled. I orgasm over and over, and my anus begins spasming and clinching at the pulsating rod. I crave it's filling feeling and I want more. More and more. Oh god I want more, and--

It stops, halfway in and halfway out, pulsating slightly, and the sudden lack of dick is unbearable. I writhe and twist against the bonds to no avail, and suddenly her face is filling my vision. That angelic, innocent face...and she's loving this. Suddenly my cheeks turn crimson with shame as I realize what she's doing to me. She's turning me into a dick craving ass-slut, I know it. I'll never be the same and ogod pleasepleasepleaseturnit on again can't you see I'm dying?

I feel it withdraw all the way, and then she jams it on full blast and my ass is pumped full of fake dick, when I suddenly realize it's not fake anymore. She uses a mirror and shows my ass being pumped by a real dick! I can feel his balls slapping against my ass-cheeks, and my own balls as well. My stomach is churning, but I can't help it, I love the feeling, and I find myself actually wanting to feel his cum inside of me.

Out of nowhere she tilts the mirror, and I can see his face. To my shock, he's handsome, and muscled, and for some reason, I feel I'd do anything for him, even though she is supposed to be what I want. I wish I could kiss him, or even suck his dick. What am I saying?

I don't care, and his thrusts are getting frantic. I know he's gonna cum, and I know if he does I'm gonna explode if I don't get my own cum out. Suddenly I feel her place a condom on my dick, and loose the restrictor. She knows I can't take anymore. She strokes me twice as he pokes my ass deeper with every stroke. Deeper, and deeper, and ogod i think he's gonna, yeah here it comes here I come....

She takes of the ball gag a the very moment his cum comes splashing inside of me. At the same time my cum gushes out into the condom, filling it more than I ever had before. I hear her laugh as my eyes begin to focus again, and my screaming stops.

Amazed, I hear myself beg for more cum as I feel his dripping from my reamed ass. I see her dangle the condom in front of me, as I frantically try to get at it.

She trickles it out onto my tongue, and then my face, laughing all the while. As I franticaly try to lick it all of, I realize I'm now a cum slut as well, only this time there is no blushing. All I can think of is that guy, and her, and my aching ass. All I want to do is fuck or be fucked again, or maybe fisted, or gangbanged...Who cares, as long as it doesn't stop, oh god, i've become her!

The screams are either mine or hers as they merge into giggles, then laughter, because I cannot tell.

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