tagGroup SexSexual Roulette Ch. 10

Sexual Roulette Ch. 10


Missy was driving home from the adult novelty store when her cell phone rang. She hit the button on the hands free device and answered.

"Missy, it's Frank. Are you all right? I was concerned when Antonio and I woke up and you weren't here," Frank said. Missy felt bad about not checking in with Antonio and him after the way they comforted her the previous night. The pit in her stomach grew a bit before she responded.

"I talked to George this morning." The words felt raw in a way, almost jagged. Yet she continued. "I am going tonight as planned, but I will need your help." It was quiet on the other end of the line before he responded.

"Whatever you want, hun. Antonio is on your side as well. What about Dan and Roger?"

"Oh, they are on our side too. Let's just say it's going to be the wildest party George will ever have." As she hung the phone up, she smiled knowing the items in the black bag beside her would be the best weapons against George. She arrived back to her apartment a little while later and surprisingly ran up the stairs. She quickly ran into her bedroom and selected her favorite red slut dress. She stripped out of her hip hugging jeans and t shirt and simply slipped it on. The lower half barely covered her ass as she looked in the mirror and the plunging neckline showed more cleavage than she has shown before. Considering that everyone at the party except Marie had seen her tits, she wasn't concerned about hiding them.

She then found a better looking attaché to place her special surprises in as a way to hide her intentions. She then had to leave in order to make it there prior to the boys. At the door of George's house stood George and Marie, his arm around her back. Missy held her tongue as she saw the creamy white colored dress Marie was wearing. In the daylight, she could see that Marie had raven colored hair and really red lips. She was about as tall as Missy and almost the same body type as well. Missy thought about what drew George to her and figured that George just loved those types of women.

As George and Marie welcomed her back into George's house, George noticed the attaché. He was about to ask when Antonio and Frank arrived. Antonio was dressed in a blue polo shirt and slacks while Frank wore a black long sleeved shirt and khaki slacks. In Missy's eyes, her knights looked impeccable. They politely greeted Marie as George again spied out the attaché' case in Missy's hand. He started suspecting that she was up to something, but had no time to investigate as Dan and Roger arrived soon after. As they all adjourned to the kitchen to grab beers, Missy excused herself into the bedroom to ready herself.

Missy found a rope and stripped off her dress before slipping into one of her surprises. She then hid the other surprises in the pockets of the robe before walking out carefully and descending the stairs. As she neared the throng drinking the cold beer, she announced that it was time for all of them to adjourn to the basement. George began to speak, but was silenced by the other men in attendance. As the men descended the stairs, Missy held back for a moment and caught Marie.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" she quietly asked the French woman. Marie nodded her head as she stayed behind.

"I'm sorry if I judged you. You didn't hurt me. How would you like to do something kinky with the guys also?" It seemed as if Missy hit a button on the visitor as she smiled.

"When he left me in France, I felt how do you say rejected?" Marie said. "I think the only reason I am here is because of zee lawsuit. I am yours to do whatever." Missy then took Marie's hand and slipped it under her robe to let her feel one of the surprises. Marie's eyes opened wide as she realized what Missy had in mind.

"Is zis for George?" she asked with a giggle.

"No, it is for you if you want it."

"I'm in, but only if I can use it on you as well." The girls shared a quiet giggle as they headed down the stairs. The men were all assembled around the table as the girls reached the table. Instead of throwing off the robe, Missy began to take charge of the room.

"Gentlemen, and George," she yelled as the men laughed. "Before I reveal my naked body to you all for the party, a few announcements first. Marie has gracefully volunteered to be our table slut for the evening. You will all get a chance to cum in me and on me as well, but we have to make one adjustment first." She looked in the corner and found a chair with raised arms.

"George, would you please sit in that chair for us?" Missy asked. George was unsure of what she was up to, so he followed her request with no question. "Marie, could you be a dear and sit on his lap?" Marie did as she was told as Missy followed her. As Marie sat straddling him, Missy reached behind George and cuffed his hands behind the chair. Marie then stood up and helped Missy secure his legs to the chair as well. For added torture, Missy unzipped George's fly and began to slowly lick up and down his shaft while Marie stripped in front him. George's dick was hard and already leaking precum when Missy stood and led Marie to the table. Marie lay on the table and was strapped in as Missy looked on.

George began to yell, "This isn't fair. Let me loose!" Missy ignored him as she watched Dan shove his cock into Marie's mouth and Roger buried his face into Marie's pussy. Frank and Antonio walked towards Missy as she undid the robe and revealed the purple strap on she wore. Roger saw it too and moved from his spot to relinquish his spot so Missy could have fun. Missy began to thrust her hips into Marie as Antonio unsheathed his sword and plunged into Missy's pussy from behind. Frank then leaned down and took one of Marie's nipples into his mouth. George could hear both ladies moaning from the attention as Roger grabbed his video camera and began to record it for his pleasure later.

George struggled against the chair, but was unable to free himself as he watched the knot untangle and Missy slipped out of the strap on. Marie leaned over and planted a long kiss on Missy's lips. Marie lay back on the table as Missy straddled the purple stiff one. Roger slid behind Missy and buried his schlong in her ass as both Frank and Antonio placed their dicks within reach of the girls' mouths. Both took their respective dicks into their mouths while Roger began to moan from being inside Missy's rear entrance. Dan was busy getting the good shots of both girls being pleasured before turning the camera onto the helpless George.

The action continued deep into the night as each guy had the chance to fuck Marie and Missy. The girls even decided to put on a show and lick each other's pussies while the guys watched. As the girls kneeled before the guys as they circled them, George's eyes were heavy and tear laden. The guys performed their final tribute to the ladies by covering their faces with their seed. The girls then began to lick the fluids off each other's faces as the men found their clothing and walked upstairs to make their exits. Once their faces were clean, Missy found the keys to the cuffs and slowly allowed George to escape. Marie then looked down on him and slowly kissed him before walking upstairs completely naked. Missy stood there looking at what remained of George. In her job at the firm, she enjoyed crushing a man's ego, but this one was particularly fulfilling yet low.

"I'm sorry, George. But I am not completely regretting what we did," Missy said.

"I know. I deserved it." He began crying again as his hands were there to cover his face. Missy was torn between hugging him and leaving him there to cry. She decided he needed some time alone, so she walked upstairs to see out the guests. The guys all gave Marie their numbers as well as kissed her and Missy before leaving. Marie then looked at Missy.

"I will be heading back to France in a few days. Can I stay with you before I leave?" Marie asked.

"Girl, you can stay at my place. Besides, I need to take you out on the town before you go home." Missy smiled as she thought about all the cool stuff her new friend would do the next few days.

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