tagIncest/TabooSexual Seduction My Way Ch. 05

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 05



Mom Plays With Son's Cum

Hi, my name is Mike. I'm now living in retirement at age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 5 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 4 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


Well the next day was Friday and I slept it at my house because I did not have any lawns to mow nor other work to do. Besides it was just the day after I had been to the drive-in movies with that 19-year old hot slut and I had a car to clean of all our sex juices.

My dad was out on a jobsite of his and my sister Judy was gone somewhere too. I was home alone with my mother. I had breakfast in the kitchen and my ever so inquisitive mother asked me if I had a girl out last night and did we make love.

I of course, as many time before, said no to the last part of her question, and for the hundredth time it seemed that I told her I was still a virgin. But once again I lied to her and told her that her son had only hugged, kissed and fooled around on last night's date.

So after ham and eggs I got a bucket of sudsy soapy water to clean up the male and female ejaculation mess in my car which was out in the driveway. My mom knew that I just cleaned my car yesterday so she was curious why I had drawn a bucket full of soapy water. She came out to the driveway to see what I was up to.

Mother saw the stains all over my dashboard and on the passenger's front car seat and commented, "Well sonny what did you and your date do last night? You sure made a mess in your car."

I said, "We spilled a coke at the drive-in last night."

Mom didn't say anything right at first and went to investigating the semen deposits on my dash in front of the driver seat. Because of their thickness they were not totally dry yet from the night before. Then my all-knowing mother did something that almost left me speechless.

She wiped a big goop that had run down the glass on my speedometer and had colleted at the bottom in a puddle. Then she smelled her fingers and put them to her mouth and licked them off.

Then she smacked her lips and said, "Ya, sure son. Tell me another story sonny boy about a spilt drink. I know that all too soon you are growing up with a young man's usual overactive sex drive. And I know semen when I taste it and that's man juice on your dashboard."

Mom went on, "And I suspected that judging by the rest of the mess on your car passenger seat that you had a very gushing ejaculating young lady out last night too. I bet she had she really shot a big stream of her vagina fluid out, didn't she son?"

"Do you think that you can fool your mother Michael? Well at least from the type of mess that you two made you weren't depositing any baby making semen in your girl's teenage love hole and maybe that is good."

"As I have told you Michael, I do so hope that you are not yet into penetration sex. It would be so comforting to know for sure that you and your girlfriend were only playing the hands and oral sex games. Once again I should not have to tell you that getting a girl pregnant could be so devastating to both of yours young lives."

Then mom said, "Michael you are growing up to be a man way too fast for me to handle it. I just have to get you more sex education before you do something that we are might regret."

"I am going to call my sister, your Aunt Lilly, my older sister across town and get her advice on this situation. After all she has raised two boys, your older cousins, to fine young men now with families of there own.

Mom said, You told me once again in the kitchen just a while ago that your were still a virgin; well maybe your aunt can do something about that. Your Aunt Lily told me that she took the virginity of both of her sons, so maybe she would be willing to do that for you too.

Mike, you would get the all important first hand education on how to have safe sex girlfriends from her. And son for her age of 42 she is quit still trim and has a very nice body. Would you like an older woman as a sex teacher?"

"Oh mother," I said, do you think that aunty would do for me. Oh my gosh, it would be so great if I got in to her snatch. I think you sister is so hot for a older woman."

"Yes sir young man I have got to get you more knowledge on how to properly use that manly thing you have there between your legs," mom said. By the way son that little bit of your semen was really good and tasty, even better than you fathers. Then my mother just smiled at me then and turned and walked into the house.

I stood there in the driveway and thought, oh my god, is it really going to happen? Am I finally going to get to fuck a real pussy?

I did not know it at the time but mom went right in to the house and called her sister across town, my aunt. Mom told Lilly that she needed help with her just turned 18-year-old son who she thought was still a virgin and so desperately wanted a pussy to fuck, to lose his virginity, to become a man.

I did not know it yet, but that was just what her little boy was going to get very soon now: a piece of real ass. And the very first pussy I was to get was quite a bit older in age than my young hard cock would soon experience.

The rest of Friday went without another mention by my mom about the condition of my car or what she and my aunt had discussed. And that night I went out with just the guy and fooled around.

When I awoke on Saturday morning I had a strong piss hard-on from last nights' beer drinking. I went to the bathroom to relieve it and then down to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. I thought that no one was home in the house and I was alone for I saw no one about.

I was walking around in my boxer shorts with still half a boner. I went back up to my bedroom but failed to shut my door. I stood in front of my mirror and flexed my hard biceps. I was just over six foot lean, mean and had developed nice muscles. I loved my body and was proud of it. I like showing it off to the girls at the swimming pool or the guys in the locker room.

I remember what that hot slut Darlene had said three days ago in the car while we were at the drive-in movie. That she had talked to guys on my football team and they said when they saw me naked in the locker room they had admired me and were maybe a little envious of how big of a dick I had. So I dropped my boxers and took my still half hard cock in my hand and shook it while looking at my image in the mirror.

Of course I needed the great feeling of my daily climax. So I stated to masturbate. I spit in my cupped hand and smeared my saliva on my cock head and on its shaft and started to jack. I got it up big and fully erect. I took my hand off my pecker and pushed out my hips to get the best image of my naked self in the mirror with my hard eight-inch erection. God, how I liked the way I looked.

Then a voice from behind me said, "Son are you enjoying playing with that big thing of yours?"

I turned and there was my mother leaning up against the bedroom door jam. In embarrassment I tried very unsuccessfully to hide my hard-on with my hands. I said, "Mom how long have you been there?"

She said, "Long enough my dear son to see you playing with yourself and that super erection you have there." And then she came into the room and shut the door behind her as I should have done earlier. She came and sat on the edge of my bed, patted her hand next to her and said, "Come here Mike, sit here beside me and let's talk."

I did, but kept trying very unsuccessfully to cover up my still mostly hard cock that just would not go soft again.

Mother didn't get mad or anything, quite the contrary. Mom batted my hands away from try to hide my erection and said, "Let me look at your penis in its hard state. You know son I have not seen your penis since you stared in your freshman class and then it was flaccid. And this is my first at seeing you in the glorious erection state. Oh my son, you really have a nice big one."

"Mike I have known over these last few years that you were masturbating. And I want you to know that it is OK. Self loving is a very natural thing to do by older boys and young men and as far as that goes its all right if young girls do them self's too," she said. "I have been told and have read it in several books on sex that all you young boys and most young ladies do it."

"Your older sister has been masturbating for quite some time now. I masturbated when I was very young. And I know that your father did it too when he was your age Michael. I guess it is part of growing up."

Mom went on to say, "I am almost sure that most grownup men or women keep masturbating throughout their lives too. I know that your father is a very big masturbator even today at his age. And, for that matter I am also a frequent masturbator too."

"Michael I have known for several years now you were masturbating and having climaxes. Who did you think young man, was cleaning up your soiled underpants that were all covered in your ejected dried semen?"

"And, all those wadded up tissues, with great gobs of spent semen in their folds that you have been throwing under your bed. After all son, a mother knows what her boy or his father's dried sperm looks like. Just like the gobs of it I saw in your car Friday."

"Now my dear son, you are growing up to be such a muscular young man," mother said. Then with one hand she squeezed my left forearm bicep and with the other she started to rub my tight abs and said, "My word son you are getting such a fine physique."

She said, "But I wish you would quit throwing your wadded up Kleenexes, all full of your semen under your bed for me to clean up. I do not think it is fair that I have to get down on my hands and knees to clean up after you. From now on uses the waste basket son."

I had put my hands back on my pecker still trying to hide it a little. My mom again pulled my hands away and said, "Oh son don't be ashamed of showing your erection to your mother. My you are getting so hard. I think your erection has even grown some more after sitting here with me. Look at the size of that big head on your stiff shaft."

"Could this be caused by me? You like your old lady looking at your naked body and talking this way about your big manly thing, don't you my boy?"

Because I had not cum yet and because my mother was not getting mad at me, I was growing quite hard. I was not as big as I was to get by about 20 or 21 when I would quit growing. Still at over eight inches I was pretty impressive for my young age. At least I had been told that by my buddies and my sister Judy and her friends.

My Mom then said, "That is really a nice penis you have young man. I think it is a little bigger than your dad's erect pecker is. How long is your erect penis Michael?" she asked.

I sheepishly lied to her and said, "I'm not sure mom." I knew full well that my sister and her two hot girlfriends had measured me just last month.

"Because you are getting so developed in the penis department now I think we should start calling it by its real name. Maybe it's time that we start calling it by the better names like your pecker or prick. Or better still my son let's call it your cock. Oh what a beautiful cock you have my dear son of mine."

"It seems like just yesterday I was giving you baths and changing your diapers. When I toweled and handled your little thingy it got hard even back then and stood out from your body. I knew some day that you would grow up and make the girls so happy with your dick."

"Someday soon, when the word gets out on you, you are going to have to fight the women off with a club. They will all want a piece of your great big cock. Oh my dear, you are so fortunate to have a cock as big as that one you have there."

I thought, little did she know? I already had girls like Darlene asking me for a date now because she thought that I had a big one. A couple of other girls at school had kidded me about be so well hung. But sad to say, I did not get to show them first hand my erection.

I suspected that girls talked to each other and found out which boys were well endowed. And if this happened maybe I would finally get to fuck one of them and lose the stigmatism of being the only boy, I thought, in high school that still had a virgin prick.

My mother went on, "Son you have a glorious big member but I know for sure that you have your dad beat in the testicle department. Those man things hanging there between your legs are so big and very lovely in their hairy skin sack. They are as big as a large hen's eggs dear."

With saying that my mom for the first time in my young adult life took a hold of my nut sack and felt my balls. Oh my god my own mother was touching me.

She then said, "No wonder I had to special order you that extra big size jock strap back when you were a freshman for school gym class. That was my last look at your handsome naked body and soft pecker when you tried out for football. I remember that you were so embarrassed that I had to call and ask your coach where to get you one that was bigger than the ones we found here in town."

"You have some really big balls hanging there in their sack son. I will bet that your big testicles or should I start calling them your nuts are just loaded with your semen."

Then mom told me some more things about her sex life. Things that her young son should not really have any needed to know about. But to my ears it was hot and arousing. She said, "You know your dad still loves to masturbate and so do I. When we are not having regular sex he pounds his big thick penis about every other day. And I use a dildo on my vagina about one a week too."

"He has to have a climax at least three or four times a week. I on the other hand do not need as many orgasms so only about once a week do we do a mutual masturbation together in between giving your father access to my vagina a couple times a week."

"But I am sad to say that now that your father is getting older he does not ejaculate so much anymore,' mother said. "Oh son I think it is so much fun to see a man ejaculate and shoot out his semen all over his belly and chest."

"You know son, I got pregnant just out of high school with your sister by your dad just before I turned 19. He did not take my virginity that summer night because I had lost that to my brother several years before. But I so wanted to have intercourse with him. We had been masturbating together for several months. He was so much older than me at 25 years old."

"After that first time we started to have sex together almost every other night. He was so knowledgeable about how to make me feel good and giving me climaxes."

"About two months after that first time, when we knew for sure I was pregnant he asked me to marry him." Mother said. "Of course I accepted. I was so madly in love with that man back then and I am sure that we love each other even more today."

In my mother telling me about her sex life with my father and about all the household being swinging masturbators, I got excited again as I had not cum yet. So my cock took a little involuntary twitch on its own and a little pre-cum started to come out my pee hole.

My Mom noticed this and said, "Oh your pre-cum is running, you're so ready. Lay down here on your bed and stretch out. Go ahead Son take your hand and jack-off that big beautiful cock of yours. I want to see you you're your man seed up on yourself."

"I forgot how you young guys do get so extra hard. Look at your big penis it's so hard and standing almost straight up. It curves up and is almost pointing at your belly. That curve is going to be so special to the women you get because if you learn how to use it right up in their pushes you will push up and rub their G-spot so well."

"Your father has a curve upward in his pecker also and he gives me great pleasure on my G-spot. Michael you know about that special spot we women have about two inches in the vagina opening, don't you."

I said, "Yes mom, I have read all about how a girl's pussy is all made up. But I have never felt for the G spot before," I lied once again to my mother.

"Who would have thought son," mom said, "that cute little eight pound baby boy would grow up so big, tall and handsome and with the marvelous big pecker that you now have."

Then mother said to me, "Tell me son have you started to have intercourse with any girls yet?"

I said, "Of course not mom. How many time do I have to tell you and dad that I am still a virgin? Not that I still want to be. None of the girls that I have been out with will let me in their panties!" I said quite angrily.

Then again, I didn't really tell mom the truth. I said, "I have never even seen a naked girl before. My girlfriends will not get totally naked and let me have real sex with them."

I lied again, for my older sister and I had been totally naked together when we masturbated or were giving oral sex to each other for over two months now.

I then said to mom, "I only jack-off looking at pictures of naked women in the dirty magazines that I found under yours and dad's bed. And I get really get hard and masturbate while looking at the ads with females in their underwear in the Sears Roebucks catalogs. Oh those brasserie pictures of big titted older women in the catalogs are such a turn on."

Mom quickly commented, "Oh you like the older women type do you. That feeling might work out to your benefit in a couple of days with your sweet Aunt Lilly.

"Oh mother, quick tell me what did aunty say about letting me fuck her," I said.

My mother answered, "You aunt is looking forward to you coming over to her place the next time you go there to mow her yard."

I lay there stretched out on my bed totally nagged with my raging hard on with my dear sweet mom setting on the edge beside me. Of course I was lying to her about not seeing a girl's naked breast. But how could I tell her the real truth?

I knew full well both my parents were a little worried about me getting some young girl pregnant. And I thought that mom would just die if she knew that her daughter and her son were almost now having real sex together so far this summer.

Both of my parents and especially my mom had had sex talks with me in the past. They had done a good job of telling me all about the birds and the bees and what the consequences of have sex with girls can lead to.

Now with her sitting on my bedside and me lying out naked with a full blown hard on, my caring dear sweet mom told me once again, "Son I really am concern about you having sex with girls. I worry so much about my growing boy."

"Maybe it's about time your dad gets you some protection, some condoms, to carry in your billfold. And by the way because you are getting so big I better tell your father to get you Trojans in the extra large size, the ones like he used to use when entering my vagina."

"I don't know that we have ever told you son but soon after you were born your father had a vasectomy. So for the last 16 years or so he once again could shoot that beautiful semen in my love hole. It was so good once again to feel his warm substance shooting deep down in my pussy hole."

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