tagGroup SexSexual Seduction My Way Ch. 11

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 11



Sexy Hunting And Fucking Partner's Call

Hi, my name is Mike. I'm now living in retirement at the age of 71. Throughout my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women throughout my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling exactly what people said to each other. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 11 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 10 before you start reading this chapter. Please enjoy!


There I was in my office late on that mid-August day. I had just put the big diamond ring that I bought yesterday away in my locked desk drawer. Yeah, I was going to ask June to be my ever-lasting love if she would have me.

We had talked about getting married, but I had not yet proposed. It was about time too; we had been going together for over two years now, almost three. I had been getting her marvelous cunt and talented mouth on my cock for free up till now, so it was time to pay the piper.

I was ever-so-slightly afraid of giving up freedom by getting hitched. A part of me still wanted to play around with other new women, which I did darn little of these days. June knew that I had a very large sex drive and craved climaxes so much that she probably was never going to satisfy me completely.

She had already hinted that she was going to let me have her friend Sally. Then there were the several others that I took a shine to over the past three years since we had been going together.

When we first started to go together, I told her all about my extra affairs before I would have them. I had goings-on since I was 26-years-old with two ladies from South Dakota. I was dicking these two long before I meet June. And maybe, if I continue to be lucky, I will keep having an affair once or twice a year for the rest of my life.

With the exception of one here at home, my three times with women other than June were when I was out of state on business or pleasure, like the two gals in South Dakota. Considering the constant fucking I was getting from June here at home, it was a wonder that I could ever get it up for another woman's cunt.

And now, as I said, I desired June so much that I wanted to marry her. I knew for sure that I wanted this ravishing young lady so much that I would give up all others if I had to be only hers to get her in my bed permanently.

But June and I discussed it: me having a little sex on the side after we were married. She said that was ok with her as long as I kept her satisfied sexually and I did not bring home any sexually transmitted malady.

So, maybe having the best of both worlds -- bachelorhood and married life -- would work out. But I still I had not committed myself to marriage yet.

I pondered these things as I turned the key and locked the desk drawer where I had stashed the two-carat, square cut, diamond ring that afternoon. I was a little careless keeping a ring that I had paid twelve thousand dollars for in my locked desk drawer, but where else do I keep it short of a bank vault? I had no sooner put the key back in my pocket when June buzzed through the intercom.

She said, "It's one of your Native American fuck-hunting partners, one of the twins. Your Indian female friend is calling you from South Dakota."

Well, well, speak (or think) of the devil. I was just thinking of those two gals out in South Dakota not over a minute ago. What a coincidence.

I got on the line with my very dear old hunting friend and frequent sex partner whose name was Sue Running Elk. She, her twin Sister Nancy, and Nancy's husband Jack, were the owners of a very large farming and cattle ranching operation out in the pheasant capital of the world, central South Dakota.

I had, by chance and a stroke of luck, found these two young women in a rip snorting South Dakota snow blizzard back when I was 26 years old. Every year after, I had been going back for some of the finest pheasant and sharp tail grouse hunting in the world, found on their east river farm and west river ranch. Moreover, on each visit, I got to fuck two beautiful, tall, American-Indian maidens.

These girls were just 20 years old when I first met them on that cold, snowy, winter evening. They were half-breeds: their mother was Irish and their father was a purebred Sioux Indian, a first American of the first order.

The girls were rather tall at six foot, four inches; big girls, not fat, just what is called big boned. They were two inches taller than me.

They took after their father, and were extremely handsome as Indian heritage goes. The girls' father was born on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation up on the border between North and South Dakota.

The Indians Standing Rock had always had very handsome facial feature. It was unlike the Indians from the other two Sioux reservations in South Dakota, Rosebud and the Cheyenne Reservation.

After the Civil War, the US Army had many black men (Negros) join up. They made a lot of them into cavalry horse soldiers; they earned the nick name of The Buffalo Soldiers because of their black skin.

These black Buffalo Soldiers made up the largest contingency of the regiments at the two army forts out next to two of the Indian reservation in Dakota Territory. There was Ft. Randall alongside of Rosebud Reservation and Ft Pierre just outside of the Cheyenne River Renovation.

Throughout the duration of these army forts, they were manned by white officers and white sergeants but the vast majority of those there were the Negro foot and cavalry men, black enlisted men. Since the beginning of time to the present, when you have an army made up of men who get horny, they have to have relief of an orgasm just like us men still do today. So when masturbation among these soldiers in their lust was not enough, they went to the whorehouses and the women of the night to satisfy their naturally aroused needs.

There were a whole lot of houses of ill repute in those days, especially around army forts. Women were most happy to sell pussies and sexual wares because prostitution was fully legal back in those days. But segregation was so dominate right after the Civil War that not even white whores would let a black man near her sweet white pussy.

So the Negro soldiers turned to what was left to them -- the Indian squaw women on the reservation. They paid good money for a piece of red skinned ass. The young Indian maidens were so very poor and down-trodden that they eagerly put out their sweet asses for sale. There was a lot of semen flowing from black men in to Indian red women's pussies out there in Dakota Territory for somewhere around 25 years.

There were hundreds and hundreds of horny young Buffalo Soldiers shooting out a whole lot of baby making cum into young Indian squaw's cunts. And baby making they did, too. The Indians' children bred in their loins by the big large peckered Buffalo Soldiers and subsequent in the next generation and so on now have big thick lips, big eyes, flat noses and high foreheads -- all characteristic of the black man's African Negro race.

That is, only if they are Sioux who trace their heritage to those two Rosebud and Cheyenne River Reservations. Several more renovations in Nebraska and out in Wyoming too. So now you know the rest of the story, as the saying goes.

When I first met my two beautiful young Indian squaws, neither was married, although Nancy had just gotten engaged to one of her hired hands.

I was out there very late in the pheasant season, near end of November in 1962. I got my car stuck in a snow bank in a high wind blizzard about a mile from their farm. They took me in and kept me from freezing to death. Well, I got real warm anyway with some great, torrid, three-way sex with these two big, young women. But more on that later.

Sue said to me, over the long distance telephone call, "Michael, I called you to let you know that my sister and I will be in the twin cities and we would like to meet with you. We also want to meet that lovely young woman, your secretary, which you seem to be so serious about and are now dating."

Then Sue went on, "We just sold off one of our herds of this year's young, newly castrated steers out at our west river ranch. Almost 500 head. We got a lot more money than we expected. They fetched a very high price and now we are flush with extra spending money. So, Nancy and I are flying up to the twin cities to do some early Christmas shopping."

They had come to the twin cities several times in the past 9 years since I had first met them, but as luck would have it, it was at times when I was always out of town.

I told Sue, "Wonderful, you big, sexy, dark-haired, early American. When can I expect you two?"

She said, "We plan to come to your fair city on the first flight, Friday after next, on the twenty-fifth of August. We get in about eleven in the morning." She then gave me their airline name, flight numbers, etc.

Then I told her, "I insist, dear one, that you girls stay with me out at my little hobby farm during your trip. June can take off of work and drive you two anywhere you want to go shop. You three girls will have fun together."

I continued, "I will meet you at baggage claim in the airport on the twenty-fifth when your plane gets here." Then I reminded Sue, "Be sure to pack a swimsuit for my Jacuzzi and swimming pool."

"Can't we go naked, Michael, like you said we could if we ever came up there? Going naked sounds so exciting," Sue said. "I have never been skinny dipping in the city before, only down at that creek behind our barn.

"You know, it's been almost a year since we have seen you without your clothes on, Michael. We had so much fun last year, when you came hunting. You and Jack were so cute, naked and jacking-off your big hard-ons while we girls made female love to each other."

Sue then said, "It was so good when you rectum-fucked me again last fall. You know how I love it when your big fuck tool is deep in my asshole. I just can't seem to find a local boy here to do me in that pleasurable way.

"Oh Michael dear," she said. "It has been too many months since I had that marvelous dick of yours. I am getting hot and wet; sitting here at the telephone just thinking about how much fun it is having your cock way deep in either of my holes. I know that I am going to have to masturbate big time after I get off the phone."

Just then, June came in my office and heard me talking to Sue on the phone. I said to the twin from 300 miles away, "Do yourself gal, now while you are on the phone with me. Stick your fingers up in your cunt babe. That special way that I showed you that first weekend when I got stuck in the snow bank. You remember how I showed you how to find your G spot on your own?"

June's eyebrows went up in surprise at my open talk into the telephone receiver. I then hit the speakerphone button, so June could listen in.

On the other end of the line, Sue said, "Oh Michael, I have got my jeans down and I am sticking my finger in my pussy. Oh God, it feels good to jill myself! Talk to me, Mike, call me those dirty names, talk nasty to me you big stud!"

I said, "Finger yourself, you dirty little slut. You are a shameless hussy. But you are my slut, my whore. Oh girl, I wish I was there pounding in your hot wet cunt with my cock. Oh baby, push your fingers up to your G spot, push, push hard on it, baby, like I taught you to do. Cum, baby, cum hard!"

There was a loud moan on the South Dakota end of the line and then she was gasping for air.

When Sue was finally coherent enough to carry on the conversation we were having, she said, "Oh Michael, that climax felt so good. I hit my G spot. Oh god I really love to masturbate. You are so right stud man; I am a hot slut of a bitch.

"Because of what you taught me, I can find my spot every time with my fingers. Oh, I have given myself such great pleasure these last few years since you taught us how to do ourselves so much better than we knew then. Oh, you big stud with the super dick, I so love to masturbate myself. I still do it almost every day since you showed me how to make it so much better.

"Where was I before I started to do that dance with my pussy?" Sue asked. "Oh yes, I had asked you if Nancy and I had to bring swimsuits? And I hope June will be at the poolside too? I bet she looks lovely, tanned all over, no tan lines because she has been able to do it naked out at your place, Michael."

So I answered her, "Of course swimwear is optional. June and I go nude all the time in the pool and whirlpool. We have had a couple of nude pool parties with several couples that are our best friends at my place this year.

"June likes to be naked in front of other people almost as much as I like to go around naked in front of others. We exchange partners and fuck each other silly at these nude parties."

I looked at June sitting across the desk from me and winked, knowing full well that maybe I was much more an exhibitionist than she was. But June was growing out of her shyness, as she had paraded around naked big time down at the swinging resort that we went to last winter.

The Indian twins knew that I had a very serious honey in June, but they had never met her. The girls also knew that my new love was bisexual like they were.

Sue said, "Maybe, Mike, you won't want to go naked in front of your two hunting buddies from South Dakota, or let us have any of your big fuck tool, because June will get mad?"

I said, "I do not know. I will talk to her about it. She knows I have done it with you two many times over these last years. June and I do not have any secrets. I told her all about you two and how we found each other in a blizzard. She knows that I have had sex with you two Native Americans for years now.

"I cannot wait for you to meet June. I am so proud of her. She and I are going to show you two a fun time here in the cities." I said, "I think I told you, Sue, several months ago when we last talked, that June was coming out hunting with me to your farm in a couple of months. I will bet she is better and more accomplished wing shot than most every one there except me maybe."

The hot Indian twin said, "Well regardless, stud man, is your honey going to let us all go naked on your back porch? Is she going to let me fuck you, mister, where I ride astride your big dick like one of our unbroken bucking broncos?"

"I do not know," I said. "June is reasonably liberal about me getting extra pussy on the side. I will just have to ask for her permission. I will not do it if she does not want me to. Better yet, you ask her, Sue. She is sitting here beside me, listening to our conversation. I have had my phone on speaker for most of the time."

"Oh my God, Mike," Sue said. "Did she hear me masturbating and having that climax a little while ago?"

Then June spoke for the first time and said, "I sure did, you sexy gal. You sounded really hot getting great pleasure with your finger in your pussy. I just cannot wait until your and your sister get here. We girls are going to have so much fun going down on each other. And Mike will just have to be satisfied with jacking-off while we women do each other."

June then said, "But if I know Mike like I think I do, then he will have enough of that beautiful cum in his big bag of his nuts to satisfy three little girls for an evening of fucking."

Before she hung up Sue said, "Mike, I am engaged. We are going to be married next summer. I do not care what my man thinks about me fucking your big pecker. So I am glad that June says it is all right. I know that you will like him when you meet him in October when you two come hunting.

"Oh, by the way," the farm gal said. "Nancy is pregnant again, her third. She is getting so big in the belly now. I am pretty sure sis will have to go naked in your pool, because I know she does not have a swimsuit big enough to fit over her big stomach."

Sue said, "Sis is almost seven months along and getting big and round in the belly. She says that she just cannot wait for you to give it to her pussy from the rear as you did so well, satisfying her when she was carrying her first child that first year you came hunting. She said that Jack does not like to fuck her when she is pregnant."

Oh lordly, I thought, as I hung up the phone, this has the makings of one fine, sexed up weekend coming up. Maybe I am going to get three hot and horny women. It had been years since I had three women all to myself to fuck and having them using their tongues all over my body.

As far as fucking a pregnant woman, my one and only time had been with Nancy. Jack had got her pregnant in the spring before they got hitched. She had a very big belly that next fall that I went out to their South Dakota farm to hunt pheasants for the first time. As I remember it, she wanted my big prick up her cunt from the ass end despite being with child. I remember that she was all aglow with loveliness in her pregnant state and really horny, too.

Well, wouldn't you know it? I was called out to a jobsite in Omaha, Nebraska just two days prior to the twins arriving in the twin cities. However, I was still lucky, because I had scheduled myself to arrive back about three or four hours after Sue and Nancy got in at the airport.

I arranged to have June meet the girls at baggage claim at the airport and bring them to my office where we could all meet up.

At about three o'clock on Tuesday afternoon of the next week, before I left to go out of town, June and I had a talk in my office. I told her, "On Friday morning, you will not have any trouble recognize the ladies as they are identical twins and over six feet tall. Study the pictures of them and me standing in their farmyard with all the pheasants we got that year.

"They have coal black, straight hair. Sue, the unmarried one, has her hair in pigtails that almost hang to her waist. The pregnant, expecting one, Nancy, has her hair done in a Dutch Boy cut style.

"But other than those two differences, they are absolutely identical, down to their nipple sizes and how their dark skinned pussy lips are formed in their big, bushy, pubic-haired crotch."

I further said, "They most likely will be dressed in western style clothes and have cowboy boots on. And don't forget, June, that Nancy is the one that is expecting and will have a really big tummy if she is anything like the last time I saw her pregnant."

"Is that the time you fucked a pregnant woman that you told me about?" June said. "Are you going to want to do this woman again in her new condition?"

I said, "Yes, that is, if you will let me."

She said, "Why not? If you will let me eat out her pussy. I have never sucked on a pregnant girl's cunt before. I wonder if a knocked-up girl's pussy tastes different than a regular one. Besides, it will be very interesting to see you screwing her."

"Even with your nine-inch long dick, I want to see how you get around your Indian friend's big belly and into her pussy. That is, boss man, if I am invited to this show."

I said, "Sure, you know you are sweetie. I am sure Nancy is going to love an audience. I hope you stay for the whole, long weekend. It will be so hot to have three beautiful women in my bed again."

Then I told June, "Eight years ago, when I fucked her, she was seven months along with her first child and she was just wild with horniness. I did her from behind in the cunt twice every day during my first pheasant hunting trip.

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