tagGroup SexSexual Seduction My Way Ch. 14

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 14




Hi, my name is Mike. I'm now living in retirement at the age of 72. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I played the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 14 of the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapters 1 through 13 before you start reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


In October, my beloved June and I went out to South Dakota to hunt. We had some great ring-necked pheasant shooting. She and I also had great sex with two Indian maidens and the one's husband Jack.

That short little bowlegged cow hand really went for June's hot cunt. Young Jack did her several times in the five days that we were there with his 12-inch, skinny dick. He also got her hot mouth on his long dick with June doing the finger trick up his asshole, which increased his ability to shoot his cum out at least twice as good and gave him a new pleasure.

Fact is I never did my soon to be fiancé at all in those five days. Besides Jack's long dick, June was well occupied getting her cunt mouthed by the Indian maiden who was his wife.

But so be it, for I was plenty busy fucking Sue or ramming my hard nine-incher in from the rump side of dear twin sister, pregnant Nancy. No, Nancy did not break her water while we were hunting; she gave birth to another boy three weeks after we had left there farm and gone back to Minnesota.

So then back in the Twin Cities and just before Christmas, I got engaged to my darling sweet heart, my secretary. You all knew that I had bought her a two-carat, square cut diamond ring already and had it stashed in my desk.

So on Christmas Eve, at about ten in the morning, I called her into my office and told her to shut the door. I then had her sit in her chair and pulled mine from behind my desk placing it out in front of hers.

June said, "Michael, you seem so serious. Are you going to try something new and fuck me in my own chair now?" I said, "No but I do have something that I want to give you before we go over to your dad's tonight for Christmas Eve dinner."

"You are going to want to show it off to your father and his girlfriend. I was going to give it to you New Year's Eve but I cannot wait any longer. I have had this in my desk and I have about worn out the lock here on my drawer, unlocking and relocking it. I have had this out so often to admire it."

I fished the big prize out of my desk and then knelt down in front of her chair and presented the square-cut diamond engagement ring to her. Then I said the time-honored classic, "Will you marry me, my dearest?"

June just held the ring in her hand and declared, "Oh darling it is just beautiful." But she didn't try to put it on her finger just yet. Then she said to me, "Oh Michael I will marry you, I will, I will. I love you with all my heart and soul and yes, I want to be married to you for ever and ever my love."

I said, "Good then let's set a date for next spring. Let's go down south, maybe to New Orleans, where it will be warmer weather. The jazz capital of the world will be very romantic for our honeymoon. We both love jazz music."

June said, "A Spring wedding would be nice but, first we have to talk. I have kept a secret from you far too long. Maybe, Michael, after you hear it you might not want me anymore."

"I started to tell you many times in the last three years but just couldn't," she went on to say. "But now it is way past time to tell you something about my past before we go on."

She then looked at me and said, "Please get off your knees and sit down there in your chair for what I am about to tell you Michael."

I thought, what is she going to tell me now. Does she have some bad history? Has she had an abortion and maybe can't have children? Is she secretly hiding out from the law?

However, what I heard was not bad news at all. It was just another revelation that my wife-to-be was a very sexual person and I already knew that. And that June practiced a little bit of kinky love with another human and, I thought as a man, was a really sexy kind of girl sex.

June said, "Now please dear Michael, do not interrupt me 'til I am done talking. Let me tell all of my past before you comment." She sat up straight in her chair in front of my desk as she started to tell me.

"There is no easy way to tell you this Michael so I will just say it straight out. You already know that I am bisexual. Besides men, I like sex with other women too! Moreover I suspect that you have guessed that my best friend Sally has been my girl sex partner since we were teenagers."

"You have met Sally and have known her for some time now and I think I you like her. I know she really likes you and thinks you are a neat guy and are the right man for me."

She was quick to add, "Sally and I do not consider ourselves to be lesbians, we always thought of ourselves as two girls that are just sexual and attracted to each other."

Then she said, "I mostly prefer sex with a good man such as you, as I hope I have proven to you these last three years. But I have this hankering deep down to lick and suck on another woman's breasts and pussy. I do so love Sally in a bisexual sort of way. She means so much to me."

"I have felt this thing for Sally ever since we started high school together. We started to have bisexual oral sex when we turned 18 and were seniors in school. That's about the time I started to have real penetration and oral sex with the boys in my class too. My last year in that school I tried and had all kinds of sex. Sally and I tried it with several different girls in my senior class too but mostly I had girl on girl sex with Sally only."

June continued, "I had three different boyfriends who were my lovers in college and maybe another five or six sex partners since graduation. I told you I was on the look out for that special, hung guy. And then of course, I found you my love. But all the while I only had sex with one woman, my girlfriend Sally."

"Michael, my life is truly blessed since I have met you. Sometimes I just go to sleep at night and cry with joy that I have you. Since I met you and we made love that first day, I have never even looked at another man. I mean behind your back sweetie. You saw me have sex with those others like cowboy Jack."

"But now Michael, I feel like I have been cheating on you because I have been having sex with Sally without you ever knowing it. I don't want to lose you over my bi-love affaire with Sally. I have been seeing Sally about once or twice a month these last three years and we have been making love together."

"Oh Michael, I truly love you so much that I will give Sally up for you, if you say I have to. Oh Michael, my love, please don't be mad at me. I don't want to ever lose you over this."

She said, "Nevertheless, as I said neither one of us considered ourselves to be lesbians because we both love to fuck men so much. The two of us started to fuck boys right after we both lost our virginity to that white-haired old man."

I thought there is that damn old man again. Now June is telling me that her girlfriend Sally had a lot of sex with that old guy too.

"June," I finally said, interrupting her, "you know that I am no fool. I have thought, almost since the first time you and I made out here in the office that you like to have sex with another girl. And then when I met Sally I was sure than ever that you two were making it with each other and eating out each other's hot wet cunts. If you want to keep seeing Sally, it sure is okay with me but only under certain conditions."

June said, "Wait Mike, you were not going to speak until I was through explaining my relationship with Sally. Now as I was saying, I know that I have told you several times in our relationship that I like having my pussy eaten and my clit sucked almost better than penetration sex. And, until I had been eaten out by you, I had never found a man who could give me more pleasure at sucking on my cunt than Sally could."

"Again Sally is very good at this but you dear Michael are even better. Still as good as you are to me, my dear one, in the last three years I have craved Sally's mouth too."

"I have been cheating on you Michael. I had sex with Sally and up 'til I met you, she was my best, dearest and closest friend. We would meet at my apartment, her house or at the health club and then go off and do our thing together."

"I love Sally so much. Not like my love for you Michael but, more like loving a sister or as family member."

June told me, "Sally just can't wait to see how well developed you are Michael. I have told her so much about you, about your muscled body, about your big fucking tool and your love making techniques. I do hope that you will let me show off your naked body to her soon."

"She is so jealous of me right now because I have all of your precious meat and your most talented mouth all to myself. Sally loves big cocked men too, just as much as I do. She has been trying to find one for herself as long as I have."

June went on, "Sally is pretty forward and bold. So, I am surprise that at the times that Sally has been with us lately, that she didn't just come right out and ask you to just whip out your big meat for her inspection.

"The times you and I have been with Sally you have seen what a petite woman she is. Aren't you just a little curious to see what she looks like naked? She is just like a beautiful little china doll. I am sure of one thing: Sally is so anxious to see your big muscled naked body with that big thing you got dangling between your legs."

June went on then to describe Sally to me, "She is only eighty or ninety-lbs. There isn't a once of fat on her. She has very nicely toned muscles and works out at our health club three times a week just like me. She is very pretty if you like small women. She has a really nice body with only one thing that you or other men might call a flaw."

"She has the flattest chest there could ever be on an adult woman. She has very small breasts offset with rather large nipples. She doesn't have any breast development at all, just her areolas big nipples. Her nipples have to be a half-inch long when she gets sexually aroused. Also, her nipples are super sensitive just like mine are."

"She is like me as she really likes men too, although she is somewhat kinky in choice of male lovers. Sally always has at least two big muscled men, which weigh three times as much a she does, around her all the time and fucks them a lot. She just cannot get enough of two and sometimes three man sex on her little body at one time. She really likes having two naked studs going at her small body at the same time."

"Sally is really into anal sex," June then said. "She just loves to take men's hard dicks up her asshole. Even more so, I think she likes to give it to the man's rectum with her big 12-inch strap-on dildo, while the guy jacks himself off."

June said, "I know for sure that Sally had three men at once. Several years ago, before I met you Mike, I was over at Sally's place and these three studs of hers were there. Sally had one guy's cock in her butt, one in her pussy and a third down her throat. And later she was ramming one guy's rectum with her strap-on and jacking him and at the same time I was setting on this guy's face and he was licking my pussy."

"Sally is living with two men now who share her big house. Sally's men are more in to the homo thing and love to have sex with each other. Sally is much more far-out in her taste of men than I ever was."

June went on, "Except for bunghole fucking, which you know that I love so much with your big dick shoved up my rectum Michael, Sally is into all kinds of weird sex. She just loves to watching two men sucking each other off or fucking each other in their asses. You know the homo thing."

"Although I have seen men doing that to each other in the rear I not to sure that I two men loving like that. One man sticking his hard cock in another man's asshole is a bit much for me," June said.

June just kept carrying on about Sally. But, I didn't need the further sale job. June had me convinced over fifteen minutes ago when she said that Sally wanted to fuck my big cock. Because as June had said, I did have thoughts about what it would be like dicking this little small woman.

I had imagined Sally as a very young girl with no tits just like a 17 or 18 year old virgin would be. Oh to get into the panties of a young girl again. I would gladly fuck Sally and pretend she was still a virgin like the three that I had back when I was a senior in high school.

I let June go on and she continued, "I have been totally honest with Sally about you. I have told her what a great lover you are and how well you give me such physical pleasure. I said to her how much I love you and I thought that you loved me too and I thought that you were going to ask me to marry you."

"I bragged to her how well hung you are and how you really knew how to use your big equipment. She is now so jealous. Not because I am seeing you and have your big glorious cock and your talented mouth all to myself but because I have not shared you. She is a little mad in a good-natured way that I will not share you as we both did with other boyfriends in the past."

"So Michael dear one," June said, "Would you like to fuck a little doll of a person? I am really sure that Sally would like to have your big cock buried very deep in her tight little pussy. And if you like maybe you could do her in her rectum like I like you to do me every once in a while. I am sure she would just love to have you fuck her in the ass so very much." June finally stopped rambling on about her bi-lover and waited for my answer to her question.

I said, "Of course, I want to fuck your girlfriend if you want me to. But my condition is that I insist that you watch me fuck her good. I want you to see me bring her off better than any man's cock has ever done before.

"And I further have more to my conditions and that is when you two want it together that I am present and even maybe we can have a three-way. Even if I only get to watch you two and just jack-off watching. I really want to watch you two eat each other. See two women make it is so sexy. That would be so hot seeing you two licking each other."

"June dear you know that I have always thought that two women making it together was such a turn on. Oh good god bi women are so hot. And ever since my freshman year in college I just love to be involved in a fucking style relationship in a three-way with two women. And as far as you and Sally go, I would pay good money to see you two going at each other girl on girl style."

"I told you about my several past experiences with two or three bi-girls. You remember that time over ten years ago that I told you about when I even had five young college girls in my bed at once."

I went on to June, "I would fuck any women that you want me too, your girlfriend, your father's older girlfriend even your fat old grandmother if it would make you happy. I would fuck any other woman as long as it meant that you would marry me and I could have your sweet pussy and oh so loving hot body for the rest of my life."

We both stood up and then June threw her arms around me, gave me a very big wet kiss, and hugged me very tight. Then she said in my ear, "Oh I am so glad Michael. I know that you will like Sally's little-titted body and her tight pussy. I will call her and set something up right away."

Oh good god, I thought, life is even going to get grander. I am going to get some great three-way sex. Once more, two women sex partners at one time. I can hardly wait. I wondered which one of these two gals was going to let me stick my big cock in her rectum first while she was eating out the other pussy.

I had not told June but I had wanted to fuck that little body of Sally's ever since I had first met her over two years ago. She was so small and delicate. I thought that it would just be like having some little very young teenage girl with no tits for her very first fucking. But now that I thought about her, I could not really imagine Sally as ever being a sweet innocent virgin since June had told me all about her kinky-ness.

I sure hoped that I got to fuck Sally soon. I so much wanted to see how small her tits really were. The only other girl that I had ever seen with absolutely no tits at all was my neighbor girl and we were very young. We had gotten naked together and played doctor out in my tree house.

Next to a woman having 34 D size tits like my June or even a little bigger, then my favorite kinds were those gals who only have very small breasts of about 32 AA. Oh hell who am I kidding, I just love any woman big or little tits as long as she had a hot wet cunt that I could stick my cock in while sucking on and chewing her nipples.

I wondered if my big nine-incher was going to fit in Sally's cunt because she was so little. Maybe I would bottom out in her love tunnel. I have never done that in a woman before. She is so small I might go clear in to the end. I bet her tiny cunt is so tight. I might even hurt her a little as her cunt grips down on my two-inch diameter cock.

Probably not, as she apparently has had a lot of different cocks and was always on the look out for a long one with a big girth like mine. But I sure did not want to start out a relationship with June's life long girlfriend by hurting her with my bigger than average size.

There I sat at my desk trying to picture little Sally naked. Seeing her this last season out at my swimming pool in her skimpy little bathing suit I knew that she had the tiniest little waist. I bet I could have grabbed her around the waist and my fingers would almost touch.

June went out of my office to her desk I presumed to try and get Sally on the telephone on this afternoon before Christmas day. Then June came back in to my room, wearing her new diamond ring on her finger I noted, and interrupted my lustful thoughts of small breasted little Sally.

"I forgot Mike, Sally and one of her homo studs have gone down to that singers resort in the Caribbean that you took me to at the end of Christmas season last year."

Then June said, "Do you suppose that the big cocked black guy from Brazil will be there again this year? God he really had a super big pecker. Or maybe there are more like him there. If he is still there I bet Sally's homo lover will go nuts until he gets that big black thing of the Brazilian's up his white ass."

"I hope Sally in her kinky ways does not try him out. Her little body and pussy could get real torn up with that big prick."

"You know Mike you told me I could fuck that black dude. I have never had a black man before. I should have, maybe, but I thought that his 15-inch long dick might do me harm and you never know what disease someone from another country might have to pass on."

June then sat back down in her chair along side of my desk. She went on talking but changed the subject. She said, "Being as I am confessing to you all about my secrets in my sexual past; I better tell you something else about my old love affairs with a big dicked man. You might find my affair with this guy offensive too."

Oh God I thought. Now what?

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