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Sexy Barbara Turns Her Husband On


When Steve Taylor went into the bedroom, he was surprised to see his wife, Barbara, was already in bed, seeing as he was usually first in. She smiled as he climbed in, intending to read, but she stopped him.

"I want to talk," she said, turning off the bedside lamp.

"What about?" he replied, but he turned his light off too, laying down beside her.

"My affair."

All went quiet for a few seconds as he let his thoughts swim. It had been five weeks exactly, a Sunday in fact, when a 'phone call in the evening had shook him. A woman called Tania, her voice quivering with emotion, told him that Barbara had been having an affair with her husband, Dave, a co-worker. Barbara had admitted it immediately.

"Alright," he said.

She turned to him, close but not touching him, whispering quietly. "I think it turns you on."

The words sent a dart through his mind and he said, too quickly really, "What do you mean?"

"What I said, I think my having had an affair excites you."

"What, because I didn't get aggressive and angry, wanting to go round there and punch his lights out or lash out at you?" He seemed indignant but Barbara wasn't fooled.

"Yeah, okay, that had occurred to me but I've got three much better reasons than that."

It was quiet for a few more seconds and he knew what she was thinking. "Well," he said, almost sullenly.

"Well, for a start, we haven't stopped having sex since," she said. "Take this weekend. Once on Friday night, twice on Saturday, once more this morning. We even have it during the week as well. That's been the pattern since and it's like you're always ready for it. I'm not complaining," she continued, "but it's been like that since you found out. I really began thinking it about three weeks ago and it's so obvious I don't know why I didn't realise it sooner."

Again, a few seconds elapsed. His mouth was beginning to get dry and he shifted uncomfortably. He suddenly became very conscious of how Barbara was laying, very close to him but deliberately not touching. "And the second reason?"

"Your questions," she said. "They were, are, always about the sex, what he did to me, where, how often, when did it start, how did it feel? And you want details, like what was I wearing, did I start wearing sexier clothes at work for him, did I help him undress me? You even asked me if he came in me. You know something," she whispered close to him, "when I said he did, the next time we had sex you went crazy. It's because that idea turns you on. I like knowing it does."

She paused to let her words sink in, satisfied that his silence was proof positive.

"I didn't think about it at first, I just didn't realise how it was turning you on, but now it's obvious. Like when I told you how I knew he was getting excited at our works Christmas party when he was dancing with me, you asked me to repeat it a few times and now I know why. You like the idea of another man geting hard and rubbing up against me. Admit it, it turns you on, all of it you like."

Another few seconds went by. "The third reason?" he said tersely. His mouth was very dry and he gulped as he spoke.

For the first time Barbara made contact with his skin, placing a hand very close to his groin area, her fingers spaced out and just under the top of his jocks but deliberately barely touching, just keeping a distance. That's the best one of them all," she whispered directly into his ear, "You're bigger inside me," and she felt him give a start.

She continued as he lay quietly beside her, and he knew she would see his silence as confirmation of her words. He was beginning to breathe more deeply and her awareness of his excited reactions only made them worse. "At first I thought I was imagining it but it's the same still after all these weeks, I can really feel you inside me like never before, and it's every time too. I can see it on your face as well when you're fucking me. I can even feel you cum." She heard him breathe and gulp, almost a groan of desire. "You're bigger than Dave, you know."

It was silent.

"So I might as well tell you the whole truth," she said. "You said you couldn't understand why because we weren't having any problems and our sex life was still good, not like Dave and Tania's. It made you wonder why I had sex with someone else, when our sex life was still good, but it was always only that, just the sex. I loved it, Steve, and you should try it with another woman. It was great being fancied by another man, it's very exciting, and it's even better giving in to it. Like when he danced with me, yes, I could feel him getting hard, and it so turned me on. And I like knowing it turns you on, too. That's why I'm sorry I did it behind your back. The next time will be different."

She heard him groan and catch his breath. "Yes, darling, I've been thinking about when I have my next lover."

She spoke with supreme confidence in her knowledge of her husband.

"When Dave started getting hard while we were dancing, he asked me for a Christmas kiss; I only gave him a peck, really. But later when I went to the loo, he was waiting for me and dragged me into an empty office, telling me he wanted another kiss and when I said he'd already had one, he said he wanted a proper one. This time when he kissed me, he pulled himself against me and I could feel him harden and I pushed right back, kissed him passionately, started rubbing myself against him and the next thing, he was feeling my tits, telling me he'd always fancied me, how sexy he thought I was. God, it turned me on. Steve," she whispered, "I really mean it, I loved what he was doing to me and encouraged him to do more. I even began rubbing his cock before he put his hands up my dress and I had my panties down even before he'd got his pants off. I knew I'd let him fuck me. Although I am sorry I did it behind your back, to tell the truth, I loved every minute of it. It's lovely having sex with someone else - I didn't realise just how much I'd missed it all these years. And the last thing I'd want to do is be or fall in love with him or any other man, for that matter."

She knew she had her husband where she wanted him, she could tell by his breathing, and she wasn't going to stop. "I know you're hard now," she said, "so I might as well tell you that I spent a Saturday round his house when his wife was at her sister's. I let him do everything to me then because usually he could only fuck me in his car, like I've told you, but that day, we had the opportunity, the time and place to do more."

"What did you.....?" His words trailed off, he could hardly speak, his words sounding almost out of place in the silence of the bedroom.

"He sucked me off," she said, "as soon as I got there, on his bed, between my legs sucking me off and fingering me. I loved every bit of it, Steve, and after I'd orgasmed, I...."

"Tell me," he hissed, though he knew what was coming, "tell me."

"Yes," she confirmed, "I sucked his cock."

Her husband groaned in approval and she knew what he was going to say. "Did you wear.....?"

"Yes, of course," she said, 'the light blue bra and I'd told him not to cum for a few days." She heard her husband groan again. "Yes, by god it does turn you on, doesn't it, you love hearing about it, don't you, and, yes, I did it the same way and he loved it just as you do."

Here she was referring to her wonderful way of sucking a man's cock, something she'd mastered after watching a particularly erotic blue film where one of the female stars oral performance had so affected her, so that when the cock was releasing its cum, she would coninually just kind of lap, tongue and suck at the tip, letting the cum hit her face fully, spurt after spurt, before it dripped onto her lovely tits. Barbara gloried in her prowess here and almost by accident, one day Steve had wanted her to suck him off with her top undone and bra on, she'd been wearing a pale blue bra and even as he'd cum, he'd watched transfixed as his cum began dripping onto her bra, loving the wetness effect on the material. Just some time later, however, she happened not to have taken her bra off and that wetness had turned into glorious dark cum stains that proved to be an extreme sexual turn on in the days ahead, so much so that she'd worn the bra for a week.

For the first time she reached for his cock, pulling his jocks off and she gasped at just how erect her husband was. "My god, look at that," she said. She was barely touching him, but knew he was close to cuming, even as she spoke. "You know, after Dave had finished cuming, he'd left the bedroom for a few minutes and when he returned, I could see he was almost ready to fuck me. Do you want to know what I said to him?"


"I brought my legs up onto the bed and opened them wide for him, I was just wearing my bra, and as he pushed his lovely hard cock into me and began fucking me, I pulled him in and said, 'If only my husband could see me now.' I think I almost wanted you to be there, the thought turned me on." She'd wanted to say how she'd kissed Dave then and pushed herself eagerly against him but it was her turn to gasp once again as her husband groaned and came. She managed to hold the bed linen up as his cum shot out, the first spurt landing on his chest. He was cumming and cumming, Barbara wanking him off, whispering how much she'd enjoyed her lover's fucking of her and how it was unfortunate that her husband hadn't been there to see it.

When he'd finished, she wiped her hand and wrist on his body and said to him, "You better go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. Then you can come back here and fuck me. Well, after you've admitted how much it turns you on."

In the bathroom, he knew what had just happened couldn't be ignored or denied. As he washed himself, he looked in the mirror and could hardly explain why he was so turned on. Actions sure spoke louder than words. Barbara had him bang to rights - yes, he'd fantasised about her with another woman and even wife swapping where he fucked the other man's wife but never had he seen himself as being so turned on by just his wife being fucked and sucked by another man. At first, he'd tried to fight against it but time and time again, even as he'd fought, his penis would harden at the images in his mind of Barbara and Dave, in the back of his car, his wife being fucked: why were they so glorious, those images? Why did the kissing, the caressing and touching, the legs opening, one on the floor, the other up on the arm of the seat, her wetness, the moaning, the fucking, and another man spurting deep into her, why did it all so excite? It was a madness, yes, but even as he thought all of this, in the mirror, he saw his penis begin to stir once more.

It was almost a sheepish Steve that re-entered the bedroom and he stopped and stared as he saw Barbara lying there. A bedside lamp was on and she was now on the bed and wearing the pale blue bra, her legs up and wide open, waiting for him. His penis stiffened a little and Barbara grinned in a kind of triumph. "When I said that," she said, "about you being there, this was all that I was wearing. Mind you, the bra's been washed since; then it had Dave's cum stains."

If he lived to be a hundred he would never understand why he said what he next said. Moving to the bed, he could reach and feel her now, and he spoke, and his words came out as if suppressed or forced, like between clenched teeth, and as he spoke he reached out and stroked the material of the thin, light-blue bra, the nipples of her wondrous tits beatifully erect, on edge.

"I want you to say goodbye properly to Dave, see him again one more time, to say goodbye properly."

It was Barbara's turn to gasp now and she repeated her husband's words as if incredulous. "See him again?"

"Yes, one more time." There was a pause and then he hissed while stroking her bra: "Wear this bra."

She gasped again, and could hardly believe her ears, nor, for that matter, her eyes because her husband's cock now looked as if it hadn't ejaculated for months. "When, where, what do I say to him?"

Now he rushed his words and closed in on her - soon he'd be fucking her, "The weekend, say for a couple of hours." He came closer, the tip of his cock grazing against her cunt lips, and she opened her legs wider, smiling in her husband's approval of her adultery, and he entered her.

"Tomorrow, ask him, for Saturday, tell him, for just two hours. Tell him I said, tell him to wait, I mean, save himself, his....cum...Tell him..." he paused then said. "Tell him your husband booked the hotel for you." All the while, as he spoke as if a kind of broken English, he was fucking her with a demented look on his face, fucking her like a madman, and she relished the hold she had on him, responding as she knew he wanted her to. "Can he suck me off before I...."

"Yes, course, he can do anything to you you want. Tell him when he arrives, as he comes in, kiss him very sexily and tell him I said he must make you cum at least once. Let him do anything you want."


"Yes, anything."

"Like finger fuck me while licking me out?"

"Make him!"

"Make him?"

"Wear that blouse, that wrap around one, so he can just pull it off, stockings, no knickers, short skirt, tell him I said, you have to make me cum lots of times so my husband knows what a sexy wife he has."

"Can he fuck me after he's cum on my face and tits?" She was playing now, enjoying the power of her sexuality and great hold it had over him.

"Yes, take a vibrator so he can use it on you, let him watch you use it on yourself and tell him, you have to be fucked at least once before he leaves, that your husband wants to find his wife at the hotel, lying on the bed with her lover's cum seeping out of her. You must tell him this."

He came himself now, could hardly believe how quickly it was since the last time, and Barbara again felt him erupt inside her, gripping him tightly and saying to him, "Christ, I can still feel you cum." She kissed him. "Darling," she said, "I am sorry, I do promise, never again will I let another man fuck me without you knowing."

He knew what this meant, she'd already said, that some time or times in the future, she would want to take another lover, and he quickly found himself replying: "Whenever you fancy another man and he fancies you, I want you to know you have my permission to do anything you want with him and as often as you want. Yes, I admit it..... I love knowing he fucked you so much in his car but one day I want to be in this room." He paused......"watching you do everything sexually with another man, everything you did with Dave."

She kissed him deeply, before whispering in his ear: "Like I said when Dave started fucking me round his house, I said it because I like the idea, it turns me on. Often during sex with you, I've borrowed from Nancy Friday's books, imagining other men having me while my husband watches. I'm not the only woman who thinks of things like that while their husbands are on top of them. I like it. It's all I've been thinking about this last couple of weeks, my next time and you. I've even been planning it out. I love the fact that it turns you on. Sometimes these last few weeks, I've deliberately encouraged you to imagine me with Dave."


"By being so turned on and wanting you to keep thinking it."

She held him tightly and then began speaking as if having made a major decision. "One day I will surprise you by telling you to come up to our bedroom, it will be a Friday night, and when you come in the door, you will see a man you have never seen before sitting on our bed next to me, and you will know he is my next lover, and that he will be staying the whole weekend and sleeping in our bed with me. I will just look up at you and tell you who he is and you will watch me then turn to him, I'll put my arms around him and he will start to kiss me, over and over again, deeply and very sexily, and he will start to touch me wherever he wants to, and you will watch him undress me because I shall want to be naked for him, and I will help him, my top, my bra, my stockings, my panties and my skirt, I will wear sexy clothes for him, and I will lay back on the bed giving myself to him, without any clothes so he knows I am all his, to do with as he chooses, and you will watch him feel, suck, lick and caress my tits, and I will want my nipples to be very swollen for him so he knows just how much he is turning me on. I will tell him to take his time as I'm his for all weekend. Just play with me, I will tell him, my whole body is yours, and my husband has to watch because he knows that sometimes I need sex with other men. He will move his hands up my legs, inside my thighs, I will make him, and he will stroke me and stroke me until he reaches my cunt, and you will know and love knowing that I'll be very wet for him, I will tell him I am soaking, my husband has to know, and then you will see him push his fingers into me, finger-fucking me and I so hope he makes me cum. And then you will watch him lie between my legs, licking and sucking me, deep between my legs, his hands reaching up and playing with my tits, and I will want him to suck me into orgasm after orgasm."

She stopped, giving pause to her so sexy words, wanting them to sink into her husband's consciousness. His breathing showed her just how much she was in control.

"And you will watch him time and time again, this I promise you, push his hard cock deep into me and fuck me, I will encourage him, tell him not to stop and you will see him shudder and know that his lovely cum is spurting deep into me, shooting all his semen, spurt after spurt, to be inside me and I'll not let him withdraw until I have all his cum, all his cum inside me. I shall tell him while you watch, keep cuming in me, darling, my husband wants you to, he loves other men to shoot their cum inside me." It was exciting her too now and she crowded him with words, seemingly anxious to let him know just how much she wanted this to be.

"And you will see me, too, kissing him back as passionately as he kisses me, you will know that my tongue will be deep in his mouth, you will see me push my tits towards his hands, my nipples into his mouth, you will watch me caress and stroke his hard cock, I will look at you and rub his hard cock and you will see just how much I am loving it. You will see me willingly open my legs for him, I will open them as wide as I can, my pussy on fire and wetter than ever before, yes, I will open my legs for him as soon as he touches my knees so that he knows how eager I am for him to feel me, that my cunt belongs to him, is his to play with, suck and finger-fuck as much as he likes, but especially, I will tell him, it's for him to fuck, and fuck and fuck, always while you watch. And you will see me suck his cock and I'll make him cun on my face so you can watch him dripping onto my tits. This I also promise you. And you will see me glory in the sight of his hard cock entering me, I will make him fuck me in many positions, you will see me go on top and impale myself on it and I will look at you as I do so and you will know just how much that lovely cock is welcome inside me and you will see me ride up and down on it, and hear me begging him to fuck and fuck me and cum deep, deep inside me."

Amazingly, he was hard once more.

After work on Monday, he rushed home and as soon as he entered the house, grabbed Barbara and began pawing at her body. She kissed him, her hands holding his head and then she said to him: "They're going to his mother's for the weekend but he's coming back to play football on Saturday afternoon. He'll be at the hotel around 5.00 and can stay for a couple of hours. He could hardly believe it."

On Wednesday night, Barbara snuggled up to him in bed. "How come you didn't grab me when you came home tonight? You did yesterday and Monday."

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