tagFetishSexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 03

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 03


"It all began yesterday when I was heading to school... That's when I met Cuppy, and he started harassing me about becoming a magical girl."

"Interesting. Tell me more about this... Cuppy."

"I'm right here, you know!"

Miharu was lying on her bed, hands on her stomach, with her red-headed friend Carrie sitting cross-legged on a chair next to her, notepad in hand. Sitting on the desk, Cuppy the talking Cupcake watched the two. It was also probably worth mentioning that the wall now had a large sheet of plywood duct taped to it, more or less managing to cover the huge hole in it. Carrie shot the sentient cupcake a dark look.

"You shouldn't interrupt my patient while she's talking. Hell, I'm not even sure why you're here at all."

"Carrie..." Miharu sat up, shaking her head, "I really appreciate what you're trying to do and all, but I'm really not sure it'll help that I tell you everything a second time. I'm happy enough that you believe me at all." Her American-born friend was planning to major in psychology, and with what Miharu had learned earlier today, it seemed like a good idea to let her in on her secret. She just got... a little carried away sometimes.

"Fine!" The redhead sighed and tossed her notepad over her shoulder. "Honestly, I wasn't sure about this until the cupcake started to speak." She thumbed at Cuppy behind her. "That convinced me quickly enough."

"Gee..." Miharu's eyes narrowed a bit.

"And while magic would help fix that wall and I admittedly wanna see what it looks like, you're not transforming because you can't control yourself in that form... which is pretty fair. ...Hmmm. Wait. Maybe dissociative disord--" She began to reach for her notepad, then stopped. "Never mind. Still, though. I can't believe you titfucked Akagi."

Miharu was crestfallen. Why did she remind her? Carrie went on.

"...Sheesh, don't look so down. He forgot about the whole thing, you said. What worries me more is that other thing you said, about leaking magic all over the place. I still don't really get that. Cupp, can you field that one?"

"Um..." The one she called "Cupp" broke his silence, "I'm no specialist, but the Princess' powers are based on her passions and desires. If she has some unresolved feelings, she might inadvertently use magic to try and solve them... Much like how that Akagi came to you when you were looking for stimulation."

"Right," Carrie nodded, a plan already figured out, "so to stop it, we just need to take care of those unresolved feelings. I can't understand what you see in that blandosaurus, but here's my suggestion..." she pointed at Miharu, "I'll be the first to say it probably wouldn't be the healthiest thing to do... but before your magic blows up the planet or whatever, you should turn into the Princess, go find Akagi, and fuck his brains out. I mean, if he wants. And AFTER that, you can worry about going to the movies together like normal human beings."

Miharu had remained silent at the outrageous idea; it seemed too silly to even protest... But still, a part of her had to admit it could solve a few problems, and, well... it's not like she wouldn't enjoy it...



"Your lips are getting all... big and pink and stuff?"

Miharu set a finger on her lips, and they felt strangely plump, moist and sensitive. Her vision blurred for a second as her glasses disappeared, and Carrie could see her best friend's blue eyes turning much lighter... no, sparklier than usual! As it had before, the transformation was about to kick in... but not this time. Miharu had thought of that before she came home.

She simply removed the pendant. In a second, her glasses poofed back into existence, and her glossy, bubble-gum pink lipstick vanished.

"This takes care of that," she breathed out in relief, "I guess that way, I can avoid transforming when I don't want to." A pause. "Carrie, what you suggested. Are these... doctor's orders?"

Carrie sort of shrugged. There was another moment of silence before Miharu spoke up.

"...I'll do it." She out the pendant back on, and in a flash, the Princess took her place.


A few minutes later, the hunt was on. It was a very strange feeling for Carrie, to be running around in her plain school's uniform right next to... someone who sounded exactly like her best friend, but who wore a ridiculously flashy dress, had a mile of pink hair, bounced all over the place and somehow managed to flash her panties even when she was just standing around. Luckily, while they attracted a lot of unwanted attention, everyone just assumed that Miharu was just a cosplayer who had escaped from Akihabara.

"You know... We should really get a move on," Carrie mumbled, with Cuppy on her shoulder, while the Princess flashed an enthusiastic peace sign to a nerd with a camera for what felt like the millionth time.

"Geez, you party-pooper! But right, right, right..." After waving her new fan goodbye, Miharu conjured up a handheld, heart-shaped device helpfully labelled "TRUE LOVE DETECTOR". Despite the cutesy aesthetic, Carrie had no idea how to make sense of the many numbers and symbols it displayed. "It's odd, though," Miharu went on, "according to this, Akagi-kun hasn't even left Nameless High yet."

"But what could be keeping him there?" Carrie didn't... precisely worry, but it was certainly odd. The sun had set at least an hour ago.

"Gosh! Let's just flash forward further and find out!" Miharu cried out impatiently.


Carrie was left disoriented by the sudden scene transition, but there they were, at the school, more precisely in the girls' changing room. And when the redhead's blurred vision returned, she noticed Princess Miharu kneeling in front of an unconscious boy. He wore the football team's uniform, but had his pants pulled down, with his large cock hanging limp. No, wait...

The entire changing room was full of unconscious football players! Some were lying on the benches, many on the ground, a few even in the showers... Like the first one, their dicks were all hanging out, though a few were completely naked, and some of their clothes seemed to have been ripped apart like tissue paper.

"They're completely unconscious," Miharu diagnosed. "Carrie!" she turned to her friend, horror-struck, "Someone's fucked the entire football team to near-death!"

Carrie needed a second to process that, and took another to have a private eulogy for her normal life. Miharu went on, slightly panicked.

"The search for Akagi-kun can wait. We have to do something for these boys! And I know just what will perk them right up."

"Mouth to mouth?"

"No, silly. I'm saving my first kiss for Akagi-kun."

Instead, Miharu pulled down the meager strip of cloth keeping her large bust in check, and right in front of Carrie's incredulous eyes, she fondled them much like she did earlier that day, causing them to expand well past the size of her head. Soon, her oversized nipples began to trickle white milk. Satisfied, Miharu lifted the closest boy's head and pressed his mouth against his nipple. Instinctively, he suckled on it, and with a little milking from the Princess' gloved hands, a steady stream of magic milk soon poured into his mouth.

Color returned to his cheeks, and after a moment, his eyes opened. He hazily looked at the pink princess he was still being breast-fed by, and then—


Coughing up pink dust, he walked out of the changing room, not realizing that his cock was still hanging out.

"There!" Miharu dusted her hands, "We only need to do this again for the rest of the team." She noticed Carrie gawking, and before the redhead could begin to speak, the pinkhead cut her off. "Oh, you're right! This could take a little while. That's why I'm naming you official nurse of the Cupcake Kingdom!"

And with a wave of the Princess' hand, the air around the dumbfounded Carrie was filled with pink sparkles, and a second later, she was wearing a form-fitting nurse's outfit with a pink heart where the Red Cross symbol should be. Miharu snapped her fingers, a playful grin on her face, and just then, a button from Carrie's new outfit flew off as her breasts surged outwards!

"Miharu, I..." Carrie looked down at her newfound, growing cleavage. She had to think fast. "Can I just do mouth-to-mouth?"

Princess Miharu tilted her head, still smiling. "Oh, sure!" A new snap of her fingers and a few more pink sparkles later, Carrie's bust stopped growing at a comfortable D-cup, while her lips coated themselves in a glossy, candy apple-red lipstick.

The newly-appointed nurse still had some self-control, unlike Miharu, and was at least satisfied not to join her in breastfeeding these guys. What came next, however, just felt right to her. She knelt down next to another one of the downed boys, and outright French kissed him, embracing his limp body. A few second later, his arms embraced her back, and the two remained locked in a makeout session—


"W-watch where you're aiming that thing! I have exams coming, you know!" Carrie coughed as the boy walked away much like the previous one had, his dick still out. Tragically, she had just forgotten the Pythagorean Theorem.

It took a few more minutes to reanimate the rest of the football team. Carrie's wake-up kisses could take care of things near-instantly when she managed to pry away from her patient, but Miharu found ways to be more efficient with her slower method, holding two boys to her breasts at a time. Though her boobs were lactating furiously at this point, they didn't shrink down. On the contrary, the milk within them magically refilled, and soon, the magical princess was lugging around a pair of jiggly flesh beach balls.

Finally, the room was empty, save for Carrie and Miharu. The Princess pulled up the strip of fabric at the edge of her dress and, not without a bit of difficulty, managed to stretch it over her massive boobs. Her nipples seemed to be the only thing holding it in place, and somehow, this seemed to support them well enough, in open defiance to all known laws of gravity.

"Okay, so do we just... stay like this?" Carrie had finally taken a moment to look at herself in her nurse's outfit. Honestly, it didn't look half-bad, she thought to herself. She gave Miharu a sideways glance. Compared to her friend, who'd look right at home in a hentai comic at this point, she looked downright normal.

"We haven't found Akagi-kun yet!" The True Love Detector was right back in Miharu's hands, though she was having some difficulty looking at it at this point. "Who knows, we might need to reanimate him too!" She had stars in her eyes at the prospect.

Following the signal, the two girls opened the door from the changing room to the gymnasium itself. They both gasped.

The entire gym's floor was littered with unconscious bodies. A few of them, freshly fucked, still twitched on the floor. Some wore baseball uniforms, others basketball jerseys... Quite possibly, every single male member of every sports club in the school was there!

And before Miharu and Carrie could finish gawking, the double doors at the other end of the gym swung wide open. Light flooded in, and framed by it was a shapely silhouette, who stepped forward. It was...

"Yumi!" Miharu gasped, recognizing her cheerleader "friend". But how could she...

"Wait," Carrie pointed, "she's got another one of whatever the hell your pendant is!"

She was right. Around Yumi's neck was a heart-shaped pendant, quite similar to the one Miharu used to transform into the Princess... The only difference was that the chain was silver, the gemstone purple, and the heart broken.

"Well, well, if it isn't Miharu!" The purple-haired beauty stepped forward dramatically, lifting a hand in the air while holding up the pendant in the other. "Evil Cuppy told me we would clash sooner or later, though I didn't expect it to be this early."

"WAIT!" Cuppy the Cupcake emerged from Miharu's cleavage suddenly. "Did you just say... Evil Cuppy?"

"That's right," Yumi giggled, "and he gave me this most wonderful present. Behold! DARK HEART POWER, MAKE UP!"


Yumi was instantly teleported to the dimension of darkness and purple mist. She spun around in the air, leaving behind her clothes, which melted into a thick, golden liquid that remained hovering around her. The only thing left on her body was her pendant, bathing her body in purple light.

A pair of gold-and-purple pom-poms appeared in the naked girl's hands. She waved them around in the air, sending her already large boobs jiggling, and granting them a single cup-size in the process. She lowered the pom-poms, describing an hour-glass shape with them before slapping her ass, reshaping her curves well into porn star territory.

The spiral of honey around her body flew towards it, coating it in a slick, shiny gloss before partially washing itself away, removing whatever minor imperfections might be left. The rest solidified into a new two-piece cheerleader's outfit made of shiny, gold-and-purple fabric. The top hugged her form all the way up to her neck, though a heart-shaped cleavage window offered a tantalizing glimpse of her breasts. Behind, an ornate bow shaped like a pair of golden, insect-like wings sprouted on her back.

The bottom was a gold-and-purple miniskirt, behind which trailed a pair of long striped ribbons, attached to a second, larger purple bow. A pair of translucent, shining golden silk veils dropped from the skirt on each side, giving Yumi's strange attire a more regal look. Playfully, the girl lifted her skirt to confirm that she was in fact wearing no underwear at all! She dropped it, and a cute little bee buckle popped into existence on her belt.

With a few more waves of Yumi's pom-poms, a pair of sneakers, as well as long stockings and gloves striped in her color scheme appeared to complete the outfit. Finally, the pendant on her neck detached to turn into a silver tiara. It landed on her head in a flash of light, causing her hair to explode into countless elegant curls, some of them golden, some remaining purple.

With full, purple lips, Yumi blew a kiss at an unseen camera, before setting a pom-pom-holding hand behind her head, and another on her hip, posing as she called out her new name in a sultry voice:



"Bees? Seriously?" Miharu squeaked out.

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