tagIncest/TabooSexy Mom Gets Naughty At 40

Sexy Mom Gets Naughty At 40


My husband, Greg, just can't have enough of my sexy curves and well-developed, gorgeous breasts.

"Your smile...your lips...your eyes.....your flawless golden skin.....they've mesmerized me...I've never seen a beautiful brunette like you....you make me feel like getting married." This is what he wrote to me 21 years ago.

"Doctors say that tit sucking is good for health." This is what he whispers in to my ears every time he runs his tongue and lips over my breasts. I just love the feel of my husband sucking and fondling my tits.

Regular workout keeps my body in shape. Nevertheless, I did put on some weight recently. I was a little worried. But Greg assured me. "It's all at the right places, honey, your butts and curves look sexier than before...your figure is still shapely and your stomach is flat as ever......you look a good 10 years younger than your 40 years. I'm indeed lucky to have such a voluptuous woman for my wife. So what....if you are a brunette....you can give the hot blondes like Jenna Jameson and Pamela Anderson a run for their money. My word....you're hotter than them."

One night he whispered something in my ears that I could have never imagined.


"Why don't you seduce Andy, he is gonna celebrate his 19th birthday in a few days...you can give him a hot birthday gift...he is such a shy guy...you'll love seducing him," Greg said as he unhooked my bra. Now Andy is my teenaged son. I just couldn't believe what Greg had said.

Greg looked at me, "Darling, I have a confession to make. I had sexual relations with my mom when I was a youngster. My dad was away to Japan for a year when I was young. Soon I found that my mom had been sleeping around with a few men. One day I saw mom by the swimming pool in her black bikini. I got a huge erection. That night I masturbated thinking of her. My favorite fantasy was to see mom take off her top, then her skirt, her bra and her panties while she showered herself. I just wanted to see her naked."

"You naught boy," I said as I gently slapped Greg on his shoulder.

Greg continued with his story, " A few days later I found her by the pool again in a bikini. That night she was in the same bikini as she rested in her bedroom. She must have been too tired to change or just didn't bother to. I walked into her room and put my hand inside her bikini bra. She hardly responded and I nervously kept fondling her breasts. Minutes later, she got up. I was stunned. She looked at me and smiled. Then she removed her bra and threw it away. She stood up and pulled down her panties. I just couldn't believe it. My sexy mom was standing absolutely naked in front of me. I kissed her on her tits. That was the night, I lost my virginity to mom and became a mother fucker. I was only 19 years old then"

He had finished with his story.

Greg started to talk again, "Darling, my mom was an irresistibly sexy woman. I find women who lust for their own sons and have sex with them so incredibly sexy. I want you to lust for Andy.... I want our son Andy to make love to his own sexy mom, just like I did. You know...the thought of seeing my wife with her own son...all naked in bed.....kissing and making love....it turns me on like crazy."

I was beginning to get aroused. After all, Andy was one of the most handsome teenagers around and I had always found teenaged boys particularly attractive.

"Do you think Andy is sexually active?", I asked Greg.

"Well, I've seen him masturbating to pictures of naked women a couple of times, though I have no idea if he has been fucking around." Greg told me.

"Oh darling that makes me jealous", I told Greg.

"Jealous!!", Greg looked at me rather surprised.

"Yeah dear, jealous of all those women he must be thinking of when he masturbates.

"So what do you plan to do to cure yourself of your jealousy; surely you cannot stop a boy of his age from masturbating, Greg said.

"Surely I can't, but I can certainly make him think of me when he masturbates. I wanna be his masturbation babe. I want Andy to fantasize about me and masturbate the way you fantasized about your mom and masturbated," I said.

"Oh God, this makes me so hard, my wife wants to be my son's masturbation babe," Greg whispered in my ears.

"Do you think I'm hot enough to make a teenager like Andy masturbate?"

"You are so damn hot.... so sexy....you can make anyone hard."

Greg removed his underwear and pulled down my panties to make me completely naked. Greg pushed his cock inside my pussy and we made wild love for the next couple of hours before dozing off to sleep.

The next evening I was all alone at home; Greg called me up to inform me that he would be too busy to be back before nine at night. Andy was away to a game of baseball and was to be back by seven.

I decided to grab the opportunity. I dressed myself in a tight black lacy bra.

Then I picked my new mini skirt that Greg had gifted me. If worn without any panties, it is just long enough to hide my pussy but not big enough to hide my thighs and butt cleavage. I decided to wear it without the panties. I wanted Andy to see something he had never seen before, his mummy's thighs and butt cleavage. Then I decided to shave my armpits as well.

I was all ready for the tease before Andy arrived. I opened the door for him and kissed him on his cheeks as I always did. Then I sat down on the sofa and crossed my legs.


"So how was your game", I asked him as I raised my arms to show him my armpits that I had shaved just for him. "Great," he replied. "But I am really tired and exhausted. I need to take a shower before I eat anything," he told me.

I noticed a bulge in his dress. I was excited by the thought that my son had experienced an erection in my presence. I could feel my juices flow. He kissed me on my cheeks and left for his bathroom. And I left for mine. I lost no time in removing my bra and pulling down my mini skirt. As I lay in the bathtub, fingering my cunt, I was thinking about a handsome teenager, my son Andy.

Later at night, I told Greg how I had gone about teasing Andy earlier in the evening." Do you think I succeeded in making Andy masturbate," I asked Greg.

"Well, I think so...What else would a boy of his age do when he gets it hard," was his reply.

But I had my doubts. "I wanna be absolutely sure that Andy has masturbated fantasizing about me," I said. "Why don't you catch him masturbating and ask him," Greg suggested. I liked Greg's idea but I wanted to do it a little differently.

"Do you remember our last vacation," I asked Greg. "Yes darling, I made you pose by the swimming pool in your sexiest bikini. And then shot the video. That is one of the sexiest videos I've ever seen."

"You know Greg, I want Andy to watch that DVD. I'm sure he has never seen me in a bikini before. I'm sure that would make him masturbate...that is where I plan to catch him," I said.

"Wow, that's a superb idea," Greg liked my suggestion. He handed over the DVD to me.

"Oh God, my mom never teased with such imagination as you are teasing Andy," he said.

"Oh really," I smiled. "If you want I can be your mom tonight," I said. "Do you wanna see your momma naked," I asked him with a smile. "Yes mom...my sexy mom, I want you naked mom," Greg was looking at me rather lustfully.

"Take off your mom's bra...take off your mom's panties, make your momma naked, I whispered in Greg's ears. That night, Greg and I made love as a mom and son. It was the most pleasurable sex I had in many years.

The incest angle had brought back the flavor to our sex lives.

Mother fucker had become my favorite word. I began to use this word as often as I could. In fact, I had made mother fucker a sort of nickname for Greg. Every time I whispered mother fucker in Greg's ears, it made me feel so unbelievably hot and wet. He loved it too.

The next day, I took out my bikini DVD. I affixed a piece of paper to the DVD case and wrote down "BIKINI BABE" large enough for it to be noticed. Then I kept the DVD in Andy's bedroom right there on his bed. The next day I went to Andy's room just to check out the DVD. It wasn't where I had left it. I decided to check out Andy's wardrobe. I found a few porn videos. Among them was the DVD that I had placed just for him. I was thrilled to find it there.

I waited for the Friday night. Greg knew about what I had in mind. So he was pretty excited too. "Sorry Greg, I am gonna spend the night with your son, I told him.

"Its ok sweetheart,...just let go the seductress in you.... show Andy how hot and sexy his mom is.....Andy is too shy with girls....you must teach him to lose his inhibitions," Greg said with a smile.

I left for Andy's room dressed in a sexy sleeveless black nightgown. I peeped into Andy's room. The light was on and he was absolutely naked. He was stroking his erect cock. I moved into his room without making a noise. He was watching the video that I had placed just for him.

"Hi Andy, watching mom in a bikini and masturbating, you naughty boy," I said with a smile.

He stood up, absolutely stunned. He tried to hide his erect cock. "I'm sorry mom," he said rather nervously.

"Andy I know you were watching my video and masturbating. If you enjoy masturbating watching momma's bikini video, then go ahead and masturbate as many times as you want, it is perfectly normal and healthy sexual behavior.

"There is no need for you to feel guilty," I told him.

"You know Andy, I kept this video in your room just for you to watch and masturbate. I am happy that you have been watching my video and masturbating and having some real nice fun, it only shows what a sexy and beautiful woman I am."

"Andy, whenever you feel like masturbating after seeing momma in a sexy dress, there is no need for you to rush to the bathroom; you should masturbate right there in front of me so that you can have a look at my curves and enjoy masturbating. And I promise to wear bikinis often just for you to look at and masturbate."

"Tell me Andy, how often you masturbate," I asked him.

"Once or twice every night and then all night on Friday night," he said rather nervously.

"Wow, so you were planning to masturbate all night," I said with excitement. It was the Friday night.

"Yes mom," he said softly.

"Oh baby, your mom is gonna play a tease tonight," I told him. Tonight, I will deny you the privacy you need to masturbate."

"Oh mom, please don't do that," he requested me.

"Well Andy, just because I'm gonna deny you privacy, it does not mean that you cannot get sexual relief. If you want, you can masturbate in my presence. I would love to watch you masturbate."

"Oh mom, I won't be able to masturbate with you looking at me."

"And you won't be able to resist either," I said with a naughty smile. I had caught him masturbating to my bikini video. Now I wanted him to look at me and masturbate.

I removed my nightgown and stood in front of him. I had only my white bra and panties on. I raised my arms to show my armpits.

His semi erect penis rose to full erection.

"I guess that makes you change your mind," I said.

"Oh mom, you are so sexy...mom...but I don't think I will be able to masturbate with you looking at me"

I decided to raise the level of temptation. I unhooked my bra and tossed it in the air. My tits were all exposed to Andy. I had never imagined showing by boobs to my son would give me so much pleasure. My nipples rose in erection.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked him as I stood topless.

He was too shy to say anything. But I saw his erect cock dripping pre-cum. But he still wasn't masturbating.

Standing topless in front of my own son had given me so much joy. I wanted more of the exhibitionist pleasure. I decided to pose naked for Andy. But I wanted Andy to ask me to do that. I wanted him to lose his inhibitions.

"Oh Andy, I give you a grammar exercise. I want you to say something really hot about me. What you say must be in "first person" and I want you to use the word 'naked'," I said with a smile.

"Oh mom, I won't be able to say it. I just can't."

"Oh Andy, I know how young boys wanna see beautiful women. That's the reason why stuff like Playboy sells and so many women pose for them. It's so natural for boys to want to see women the way they pose in Playboy. A lot of psycho-analysts believe that most boys would love to see their own moms pose for Playboy and magazines like that. It's just so natural. Believe me that is nothing to be ashamed of."

"Oh Andy, don't you wanna see your sexy mom the way beautiful women are seen in Playboy or Penthouse?"

"Oh mom, I wanna ....... I wanna see you naked mom."

I was absolutely thrilled by his words. The most erotic words I had ever heard. But I knew that Andy had still not lost all his inhibitions. I had noticed how nervous he was as he had expressed his desire to see me naked.

"Andy, have you ever seen a woman all naked," I asked him.

"Mom, I've seen them in movies and on web sites."

"No Andy," a real naked woman.

"No mom."

"Oh Andy, you are gonna be 19 soon and you haven't seen a real woman naked. Andy, it's time you see a real woman absolutely naked. And your momma is gonna be the first one. Yes Andy, I am gonna get naked just for you."

I slipped my panties down an inch and then another. This went on until I had dragged my panties right down to my ankle. Then I picked them up and threw them at Andy with a smile.

"Here's your momma absolutely naked, have a good look Andy", I was feeling so hot and wet.

"Oh Andy, feast your eyes on your momma's naked body. Look at me as lustfully as you can and enjoy yourself. I want you to look at momma's naked body and masturbate."

He had still not got down to masturbating.

"Mom...I just can't do it mom....there is something stopping me....mom...don't you have any inhibitions standing all naked in front of your own son and asking him to masturbate while looking at you? "

"Oh Andy....why should you have any inhibitions...you have nothing to hide now....I know you were masturbating to my bikini video...if you can masturbate in secret while watching my video you might as well masturbate openly. You know Andy... you're so damn cute ...any woman would love to show off her body to you. That's exactly what I'm doing. You know Andy....there is great joy in losing inhibitions. There are so many hot and sexy moms who fantasize about their own sons...and tease them by showing off their curves and cleavage. I just can't understand why they can't pose naked for their own sons to watch and masturbate."

He brought his hand close to his erect cock, and rather reluctantly took his cock in his hand. And then, just as reluctantly, took his hand off.

"Mom please don't talk like that. It is really getting hard to resist.....just too hard mom."

"Really....you naughty boy....I know you wanna look at your naked mom and masturbate," I said and smiled.

I was delighted to know that I had made him completely helpless.

"Oh Andy...believe me there's nothing to be ashamed of in masturbating.......your momma masturbates too."

And I put my finger inside my cunt and began to masturbate. "Look....your mom is masturbating, " I said as I looked at him and smiled.

"Oh God....my mom has no shame...she is standing absolutely naked in front of her son, masturbating....and asking him to look at her and masturbate."

He took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it. I was watching him keenly.

"Oh mom, you've got such a sexy figure...such sexy tits and curves....such beautiful butts and such a lovely hairy pussy....oh mom, you are simply too hot.....I just can't help looking at your naked body. You are making me masturbate......mom........Oh mom.....I just can't help it mom.......you've made me completely shameless", he said.

I just loved watching him masturbate. He was looking at my naked body as he played with his cock. The exhibitionist in me just loved it. I was glad that he had lost some of his inhibitions.

"Yes Andy, pump your cock and spill your sperm for mummy...yes... yes... Andy......spill your sperm for mummy...oh Andy......spill your sperm for mummy.

"Oh mom, you sound so sexy saying all that.....oh mom, you are so sexy so sexy so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," he said.

His cock twitched and he spilled his sperm. Finally I was my son's masturbation babe.

"Oh Andy, how do you rate your naked mom as masturbation material," I asked him.

"Oh mom, 10/10...simply perfect."

He did not look tired at all. I began talking to him. "Andy, I want you to name five women worth seeing naked....the kind of women you'd love to watch naked if you have to masturbate."

"Elizabeth Hurley, Maria Sharapova, Krista Allen, Sharon Stone and ......."

He had already named 4. I missed a heartbeat. "What do you think of momma?" I prompted him. I WANTED him to name me now.

"Yes mom, you too....you are up there on that list."

I was thrilled.

"Andy, why don't you recommend momma as masturbation material to your friends? You can bring them here and show them my bikini video."

"Oh mom....will you pose naked for my friends?"

"No way...sweetheart.....I can pose naked only for you"

"Do you wanna see momma in the shower?" I asked him.

"Yes mom."

I led him to the bathroom. I began to soap my naked body. I was soon all wet. Andy was watching with his penis standing proud. "Andy....do you wanna suck your momma's titties?" He licked and sucked them like an infant.

I took his cock in my hand and began to play with it.

"Oh mom, it feels so good, he said.......ooooh.....aaaaah.....it feels so good to have your beautiful and sexy fingers all over my cock."

I began to stroke it up and down, just the way guys do it when they masturbate.

"Yes yes....spill your sperm, spill it on your momma's naked body... spill your sperm....spill it on your momma's naked body....." I kept saying.

Soon he shot his load all over my naked body. Some landed on my belly, some on my boobs. We spent the next couple of hours, feeling each others' naked bodies and masturbating each other in the bathroom.

Like his dad, Andy too just can't keep his tongue and lips away from my tits. He just loves sucking his momma's tits. And he's a better tit sucker than his dad.

It was well past 4'o clock in the morning when I left his room. Greg was still awake watching porn and reading erotica. I started to tell Greg all that had happened between me and Andy.

"I know it all honey."

"You know it all!" I was surprised.

"Yes dear, I've see it all." Greg picked up a DVD from under his pillow, inserted it into the drive and pressed "PLAY."

I saw myself stripping and posing naked for Andy. Andy was looking at me all naked and masturbating. Greg had shot a home made porn video using spy cameras.

"I'm sorry I made this video without your permission," Greg said.

"It's O.K. honey.....but I want you to promise me one thing."

"What's that?"

"Nobody other than you and me gets to see this video."

"Sure, you can take this video and keep it with you." Greg handed over the DVD to me.

I was determined not to let any one see Greg's home made porn video. I carefully kept it under lock and key.

Greg took me in his arms and began to kiss me. I knew what he wanted. I wanted it too. I had sex with Greg before we slept.

I was now waiting eagerly for the next Friday night, which happened to be his 19th birthday. I was planning to give him a hot birthday present; the hottest a sexy mom can give her son.

We celebrated Andy's birthday in style. Greg gifted Andy a lovely video camera. My juices were flowing all day with the thought of what I was gonna do to my son in the night.

After a lovely dinner at Andy's favorite restaurant, we returned home. I could barely wait for what I had planned for the night.

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