Sexy Mom Gets Naughty At 40


We all changed into our night suits. Greg gave Andy a big birthday hug. Andy left for his room.

It was now my turn to make a move. I looked at Greg and smiled. Greg smiled back and whispered something in my ears, "So you're gonna make our son a mother fucker tonight; I'll be masturbating thinking about it."

Greg's words set my pussy on fire. I left for Andy's room. Andy was already lying naked in bed when I entered his room.

"Andy, do you like the birthday gift dad gave you?" I asked him.

"Oh mom, it is wonderful."

"Andy, your momma wants to give you a gift too," I said with a smile.

"What's that?" Andy wanted to know.

"Oh Andy, it's a lovely gift. But to get it you have to pass a general knowledge test," I said.

"Ok mom,"

"Andy, all you have to do is tell momma what MILF means," I asked him.

"Oh mom, that's so easy. MILF is momma I'd love to fuck." I could see his penis getting harder as he said it.

"And do you think your momma is a MILF?" I asked him.

"Off course, you are mom," Andy was excited as he talked. I was excited too.

"You got your answer right. So you're gonna get your gift right away."

And I lost no time in dropping my nightgown. I had not bothered to wear my bra underneath. I had not bothered to wear my panties either.

I was absolutely naked now. Andy was stunned. I noticed pre-cum oozing out of his cock.

"Andy, if your momma is a MILF, then you are handsome enough to be a mother fucker. Yes Andy... fuck me...fuck your momma, you mother fucker."

My dirty words were turning me on.

"Oh mom, it will be an absolute pleasure fucking you, but I don't wanna fuck you, I have had some real fun undressing you naked and fucking you in my fantasies and masturbating to your bikini video. You look absolutely gorgeous in the naked mom, but I do not wanna have sex with you mom," Andy replied.

"But why?" I asked him. I really wanted to know.

"Oh mom, mother fucking is a real taboo in so many cultures. That is probably why there is so much pleasure in dreaming about sexy moms. And I would rather keep it a taboo. You know mom, I'm happy thinking about you and masturbating. I do not want to taste the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit looks so appealing because it is forbidden. And I'd rather keep it that way." He tried to explain.

I could not believe what I had heard.

"Oh, Andy, just think again, do you know what you are gonna miss out," I tried to reason with him.

But Andy has made up his mind.

I was disappointed. I picked up my gown, put it on and went back to my room and told Greg about it.

Greg tried to assure me. "Don't worry sweetheart. We'll get him to do what you want."

"Andy may have refused to fuck you, but I'm always ready to fuck you mom," Greg said with a naughty smile. I understood what he meant. I ended up playing mom and son with Greg. After an hour of passionate lovemaking, I got talking with Greg.

"I just don't know how to get my son in bed with me. I think I did all that I could," I told Greg.

"No dear, we are gonna use the carrot and stick policy now". Greg advised me.

"I'll set up an anonymous e-mail ID that I will use to e-mail Andy some of the hottest erotic stories of lusty sons fucking their moms. This will drive him crazy with lust for you. This should do the trick," Greg said.

"And the stick," I asked Greg. I was really curious.

"Well we're gonna use the forbidden fruit theory against him. From now on, you will not appear naked for Andy. Andy will not get any chance to see you naked. You will not let Andy see your gorgeous tits. You will wear sexy clothes that show just enough curves and cleavage to arouse Andy, a bit of legs and thighs, a bit of shoulders and armpits, that's all. He will not get to see you naked or topless," Greg instructed me.

"Oh, Greg you don't know how much Andy loves to see me naked." I tried to explain to Greg.

"That's great. That is precisely why this strategy should work. You need just a bit of patience and mind control to get your son in bed with you," Greg assured me.

"And I'll e-mail him a few hot incestuous stories from an anonymous ID in the coming days. "Greg said.

"And don't forget to forward the stories to me as well," I reminded Greg.

"Oh sure"

In the next few days, I did exactly as Greg had taught me. I did not give any chance to Andy to see me naked. I began to wear sexy dresses that showed off my cleavage, shoulders and armpits, a bit of legs and thighs as well.

Andy loved me in those dresses.

"Oh, mom, I really admire your dress sense. You have got such sexy curves. But mom, I really miss seeing you naked."

"Do you wanna see mummy naked?" I asked him with a smile.

"Yes mom, I want to see you naked and masturbate."

I knew now that Greg's strategy was working. I decided to bargain.

"Andy, if you want to see your mom naked, you better get ready to fuck her. I would love to be a mother fucker's mom."

"Oh mom. I told you I don't want to fuck you. All I want is to see you naked and masturbate," he said.

"In that case Andy, you have no chance to see your momma naked," I replied.

"Oh mom, I need to see you naked to masturbate, please mom," Andy tried hard to persuade me.

"Andy, you can see my videos if you have to masturbate." I reminded him of the

sexy video that I had placed in his room.

"You know mom, the more I see that video, the more I desire to see you naked. You look stunningly sexy in that bikini. I just can't forget that you had posed naked just for me to look at you and masturbate. Please don't know how badly I want to see you naked," said Andy.

Andy's attitude was beginning to puzzle me. He was lusting for me, fantasized about me when he masturbated, wanted to see me naked and yet refused to fuck me. It was very...very surprising indeed.

But I turned down his request to pose naked for him. I could clearly see that he was disappointed.

The next night, I found an erotic story in my mail box. It was e-mailed to me by Greg.

That story really turned me wild with lust. It was about a hot porn actress confessing that the young guy she had fucked in her last MILF video was her own son.

Here a few extracts from the story:

"I had never experienced such erotic pleasure that I did when my own son stripped me naked with the movie director and other members of the video production team watching. Getting fucked by my own son in front of those guys gave me orgasms that I'm gonna remember all my life. My son no longer masturbates to my naked pictures. He just enters my room.....we get naked and make love. I just love being a mother fucker's mom."

I was mad with desire after I had read the story. What was more exciting was the thought that Greg had e-mailed the story to Andy as well.

Now every time I made love to Greg or masturbated, I had this story in my mind. I just loved the idea of a mom and son fucking each other and showing it to the world.

In the next few days, I continued with my strategy of dressing to show off my curves, cleavage, and armpits without any nakedness.

Andy was now desperate to see me naked. He almost begged me to pose naked for him but I refused.

I only repeated my earlier offer, "Fuck me if you really want to see me naked."

"Ok mom, I'm ready to fuck you," Andy gave up his resistance.

I was delighted to hear his words. I felt a sensation in my pussy that I had never felt in my life.

"But mom, here's a condition. We make love on camera....and make a porn video for public viewing and put it on the internet."

I was stunned by Andy's proposal.

"NO WAY," I said loudly.

I was sure that it was Greg's e-mailed story that had given him that idea. But what surprised me was the fact that Andy would get so excited by it that he would make such a proposal to me.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" I said.

"Not at all mom, I was thinking of the fun I would have if I get to fuck you and show it the world. Why don't you start a career as a porn actress by fucking your own son for a MILF video. Oh mom, just imagining you as a porn actress who fucks her own son for a MILF video is driving me crazy. Last night, I must have masturbated at least twice thinking about it. Now just imagine the fun I would have by doing that for real...oh are so sexy mom...please mom...let's do it," he said.


"In any case, didn't you let me show your bikini video to my friends? Oh mom, come on."

"Don't you know the difference between a bikini video and porn, you rascal?" I said.

"Oh mom, remember you'd told me that there is a great joy in losing inhibitions. Why can't you lose your inhibitions now?"

"There's got to be some've gone crazy."

I was surprised at how a once shy boy like Andy could talk like that.

I was absolutely sure that I was not going to fuck Andy on camera. I had fantasies about fucking Andy and letting Greg watch. But fucking Andy for a porn video, for public viewing, was one idea that was simply not acceptable to me.

I had been part of Greg's home made porn video earlier. But that was strictly for home consumption. I kept that DVD so safely as if it was a military secret.

I realized what Greg's e-mail had done to Andy. But I had no doubt in my mind that I was not gonna let this idea be translated into reality. I knew very well that the autobiographical story that Greg had e-mailed us was best enjoyed as a fantasy.

And so I had absolutely no hesitation in turning down Andy's "indecent proposal".

The next day Greg left for Australia on a business tour. This was totally unexpected. But Greg was delighted. He had always wanted to see Sydney and Melbourne. Now that he had got a chance, that too with all expenses for the trip to be paid by the company, there was no way he was going to miss it.

Greg was extremely cheerful when he kissed me goodbye before leaving.

That night as I lay in the bed fingering myself, I was thinking about Andy's indecent proposal. I was sure in my mind that I was not going to accept it. But I told myself that there was absolutely no harm in enjoying it as a fantasy.

In fact, Andy's proposal had split me into two halves. I had always believed in maintaining an image of a woman who could do no wrong. So even if I lusted for my own son, I believed in keeping my sexual escapades away from public knowledge.

And then there was Uncle John who lived in our neighborhood. He was a regular visitor to the church. A man in his 50s, he always preached old-fashioned values and considered sex to be an evil. I had always been in his good books. He would have been shocked if he had known that I lusted for my own son. And I did not want Uncle John to find out anything about my incestuous inclinations. That was one more reason why Andy's proposal was not acceptable to me.

But as a fantasy, I was absolutely in love with the idea of fucking my own son and making a porn video out of it for public viewing.

Thinking about the story (the one Greg had e-mailed me) and Andy's proposal made me wet in no time. I got up and went into the bathroom. I removed my clothes and got naked. This was the second half of my personality.

"Yes...yes...Andy...fuck your momma on camera and show it to the world. Let the world know what a slut your momma is...yes....yes.. Andy...make your momma a porn actress," I whispered as I showered myself and masturbated.


If only there were no social norms against incest. If only I could be as shameless and uninhibited as the porn actress who fucked her own son for a MILF video. If only there was no Uncle John. If only Andy had not been so handsome. If only......

That night I experienced some of the most mind-blowing orgasms in my life. I masturbated almost all night. The more I masturbated, the more I wanted to masturbate. I felt like an absolute nymphomaniac.

A couple of days passed. Sexually, my body was beginning to feel Greg's absence. I knew that my body needed the touch and feel of a male's body. And my pussy needed a cock inside it. I thought of Andy's friends. But I threw the idea out of the window in no time. Any guy who puts his cock inside my cunt has to be as good looking as Andy or Greg if not a Richard Gere or a Hugh Grant. Andy was my only option.

Friday night, I went to Andy's room and asked him to fuck me. But he insisted that he would be ready to fuck me only on camera.

I was disappointed. I went back to my room. I read the porn actress's story once again; then spent an hour masturbating in the shower and the bath tub.

The next night, a thought flashed through my mind. "So what if Andy is not ready to fuck me off camera. At least he can massage me and masturbate me," I told myself.

So I went over to Andy's room and asked him if he could give me a massage.

"Oh sure mom," Andy agreed to give me a massage.

"But I will not take off my bra and panties because you aren't ready to fuck me yet," I told him.

"You know mom, I would love to see you all naked but if you wanna get a massage with your bra and panties on, that is your choice and I would not compel you to take them off," he told me.

So I removed my nightgown and got down to my bra and panties. Andy was wearing only his boxer briefs. I could see the bulge inside his briefs. I lied down on Andy's bed.

"Mom, why don't you raise your arms to show me your armpits," he asked me.

I did exactly as he asked me to do.

"Do you love momma's armpits?" I asked him.

"Yes mom, they are great."

"Mom, do you mind if I tie your hands with your hands raised so that I can have a good look at your armpits while I massage you," he asked me.

"Well go ahead," I told him.

So he went and brought a huge handkerchief. He made my raise my arms and then tied my hands.

Then he got down to massaging me.

He started at my feet and then gradually came up to my knees. Then he moved up to my thighs. His fingers were all over the inside of my thighs.

I loved his massage.

"Mom, may I kiss you?" he asked me.

"Yes dear, anywhere without removing my bra and panties." He kissed me all over my belly. Then he began to lick me. My stomach was soon wet by all the licking it got. My panties were wet too.

He moved up and kissed me all over my neck while his hands felt my arms and back. My body was on fire now.

I needed to masturbate. But my hands were all tied up.

"Andy, I need to masturbate, please untie my hands, please Andy......I need to masturbate.....please Andy.....your momma needs to masturbate." I pleaded him.

"No you slut, if you really need relief, get ready to fuck your son on camera, you son-fucking slut, you son-fucking bitch. I know you want me to fuck son-fucking slut, you son-fucking bitch."

His dirty talk was turning me on. So was his blackmail. He had tied my hands and was playing with my lingerie clad body. I had little clue on what to do.

I was in a state of ecstasy and agony both at the same time.

Ecstasy because I had never been kissed, licked, and massaged so skillfully in my life. Not an inch of my body (except the area covered by my bra and panties) had been spared. was sheer was heavenly. My pussy was on fire. I had never felt so hot and wet in my life.

Agony....because he had denied me sexual relief. With my hands tied, there was no way I could masturbate. I had never felt a stronger need to masturbate ever before. And he wasn't fucking me or fingering me either.

I was completely helpless. I began to think in terms of surrendering myself to lust and my lusty son's proposal of sex in front of camera. The more I thought in those terms, the more aroused I felt.

I began to enjoy the prospect of giving in to his blackmail. After all he was going to satisfy my one fantasy that had driven me absolutely crazy.

"Oh Andy, I am ready for whatever you want...if you want me naked and fuck me on camera, go ahead....I am all yours for the night," I shouted. I hardly had a choice.

"Oh mom, I am so sorry...I had no intention of blackmailing you. I was just kidding. I do not want to hurt you. I love you so much. Oh mom, if you do not want to fuck me on camera, I would not force you. I give up. I am sorry mom....I love you," he said.

He had gone back on his blackmail. I was just not expecting this. I just did now know how to react. My reaction was a strange mixture of relief, disappointment, surprise, and confusion.

"Oh mom...but I have one request for you," Andy said.

"Oh sure"

"Mom, I just want your help in trying out how my camera works. Do you mind if we indulge in some kissing and cuddling on camera.....just to see how the video turns out to need not take off your bra and panties and.....I promise not to take them off. And I won't be fucking you either without your permission," he said.

I agreed to his idea. He lost no time in bringing out his camera. He carefully checked out all the angles before placing it in the room on top of the table facing the bed in the room.

He untied my hands. I got up. He took me in his arms and then planted his lips on mine. Then he turned around to kiss my back, the back of my shoulders, the back of my neck...his hands went inside my panties to feel my buttocks while I put my hand inside my panties to finger my pussy. All this happened while I was facing the camera.

The kissing and cuddling had my hormones working overtime. I was aroused once again; strongly than I had been aroused before. Lust had overcome me once again. I wanted sex now.....come what may.

"I don't give a damn to Uncle John and I don't give a damn to social norms," I thought.

I was so completely in the grasp of lust that nothing mattered to me anymore. I wanted sex even if it meant fucking my own son on camera for public viewing. Lust had completely overpowered logic. I had taken a decision. I was gonna surrender myself completely to lust.

"Take off your momma's bra," I gently whispered to Andy.

"Oh mom, you are on camera," he tried to remind me.

"I know it sweetheart"

He unhooked the strap of my bra and liberated my tits before throwing my bra away. He took my breasts in his hands and began to fondle them. I was moaning with pleasure now.

"Take off your momma's panties," I whispered to him.

"Oh mom do you know you are on camera," he tried to remind me once again.

"Yes.....yes...I know it you mother fucker....pull down your momma's panties and fuck your mother fucker.....strip me mother fucker.....strip your momma naked... you mother fucker....make your momma a porn actress.....fuck me hard.....fuck me you mother fucker....yes.....yes...your momma wants to be all naked on mother fucker....fuck your momma hard on camera....make your momma a porn mother fucker ," I cried out loud.

I had completely lost control now. I was mad with lust. The only thing I wanted now was my son's cock inside my pussy even if it meant fucking him on camera.

"I can't believe it mom"

"You better believe it mother fucker.....yes....yes.....I wanna be mother fucked even if it is on camera.....please......please......Andy fuck me.....I beg you....please fuck me....your momma's pussy needs your cock very badly"

"Oh mom, you look wonderfully sexy in this panties....your midriff and belly look so delicious.....I don't feel like pulling your panties down," he said with a naughty smile.

"It's not the time to tease mother fucker" I screamed out loud.

Only I knew how badly I needed to get naked.

I slipped my panties down to my knees and then to my ankles. Then I stepped out of my panties and threw them away.

I was completely naked on camera now. I turned around and around to display my buttocks and my hairy pussy again and again.

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