tagErotic Poetrysexy secrets

sexy secrets


i jump your bones
as soon as you walk through my door
you love your wife
but you want me more
i'm better in bed
than she'll ever be
let's hope she doesn't notice your dick
with my trademark hickey
we're in a hurry
so quickly we undress
we've only got an hour
maybe a little less
we immediately start fucking
skipping foreplay
your wife has no idea
that we do this every day
we fuck on my couch
unable to make it to my room
we even fucked on your wedding day
before you became her groom
we just mesh well together
that's why you keep me on the side
and i don't mind
if we have to lie and hide
as long as i can get some
every day
this situation works for me
we can keep things this way

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