tagFetishSexy Stewardess Version 03

Sexy Stewardess Version 03


Eros Technica customer support line. Your privacy and satisfaction are 100% guaranteed. Calls may be monitored for quality assurance purposes.

"Hello, my name is Misty how may I help you?"

"Hi Misty, I'm calling in regards to problems with my underwear. I can't get it to co-operate."

"Oh dear, let me see how I can help you with that. Do you know the model?"

"I have no idea. When I put them on, they just seemed like regular sports underwear for the gym. I had no idea they did anything. I'm travelling on business and my company supplied them as part my uniform kit. I don't have any information about them except the service card with this phone number from inside the package. I'm still stuck in the bathroom and supposed to be on a shuttle bus here shortly."

"Uniform kit you say? A corporate purchase then. I should be able to look that up. We should be able to resolve this quickly. What company do you work for?"

"Mile-High Escorted Air Tours."

"OK, give me a minute. The computer is a little slow. A lot of matches are coming up. Looks like your company uses quite an assortment of our products. Can you describe the uniform a little? It should be the easiest item to find with a search. If you can help narrow it down, I should be able to find the original order."

"It's a royal blue sheath dress made out of a heavy stretch fabric with a zipper up the back. Short-sleeve with a plain high front, like a tight T-shirt. A little round hat. It has gold embroidered ornamentation on the edge of the sleeves and on the collar."

"This might be it. Very short hemline, like a mini-skirt. Very snug fit. Mandarin collar?"

"Sounds right."

"Yes, does it have the built-in shapewear?"

"If that's what you call it. As soon as you zip it up, the midsection tightens up and squeezes you like a sausage?"

"Hah, yes," she laughed, "that's it alright. Sounds like you have a Sexy Stewardess Version 3. The hem rides up all day?"

"Oh yeah, I'm constantly tugging the damn thing back down. Sounds like you've worn it before. I just thought they took my measurements wrong despite the laser scans."

"I've worn Sexy Stewardess a number of times. We're given sample outfits or test models to wear every day so that we're familiar with company products. I wore version 2 every day for a week. It's not one of my favorites. I'm not a big fan of the ride up feature."

"What do you mean? It's supposed to do that?"

"Oh yes, that's a design feature. Sometimes this Active Fit clothing comes with more subtle features. The dress is supposed to ride up like that. If you were to stand still for a couple of hours without adjusting, everyone would get a pretty good look at your panties."

"Great. I'm not surprised that my company would do that."

"Yeah, no one orders that feature for themselves, mostly a uniform feature, but you'd be surprised at how many people order the Active Fit shapewear."

"Active Fit? That's one name for it I guess. This stuff is really something. I have no idea how it works. The uniform surprised the hell out of me when I zipped it up the first time."

"I know what you mean. You don't expect your clothes to do things on their own like that."

"My issue is that I need to know how it works. I'm getting really uncomfortable."

"I'd love to know how it works too, but they don't even tell employees. Trade secrets and all. I'm surprised you're finding the underwear uncomfortable. Aside from the shapewear, I find Active Fit clothing to be the most comfortable clothing I've ever worn."

"No, not that kind of uncomfortable. I just want to know how to turn the features off to make it regular clothing again."

"You can't turn it off like that. It really doesn't work on electricity. Let me explain what I do know and maybe it will make more sense. The Active Fit fabric has memory built in at the factory. It's sort of like those metal eyeglass frames that you can bend all up and they straighten back out on their own. There is a micro-control unit which flips between the remembered version and the relaxed version on most models. With your particular dress, the zipper activates the shapewear feature. The body of the dress shrinks to a remembered smaller size molded for your exact figure. Each article of Active Fit is customized specifically for the wearer. For the rise-up hem, it activates the memory just a tiny bit once in awhile, randomly. The remembered version has the hem pulled up to your waist. Anyways, everything is built in. The memory is permanently part of the fabric and the control units cannot be reprogrammed."

Does she ever take a breath? "I had no idea, but that's not what I'm looking for. I guess I'm not being clear. I need to get my panties off in a hurry because I need to pee in a big way."

"Oh, well, that's a different matter. I completely misunderstood. We can take care of that right away before we go any further. Let me guess, you feel a hard plate over your vulva and the panties no longer stretch?"


"OK, you definitely have one of the security models then. Are you at the toilet now?"

"Ready and waiting."

"OK, rub the plate over your vulva up and down six times, firmly, and then knock on the plate three times with your knuckles, like a door."


"Yes. I don't know what they were thinking either. I mean what if you were tied up?"


"Shit, good thing I was over the toilet. Kinda sudden. God it feels good. That was awful, not being able to go."

"Weird peeing through your panties though isn't it?"

"Sure is. It doesn't seem very clean even with the little nozzle or whatever it is."

"The panties are antibacterial and will not absorb anything. You just need a little wipe when done. Inside, there is a built-in micro catheter. The release sequence extends it past the isolation gap over your vulva and then opens it. Once you have finished voiding, it will retract and close again when the pressure of the urine flow stops."

"Good thing I called. I would have never figured that out. So that's why I couldn't pee. There is something inside me?"

"That's right, it was formed and inserted when the unit activated. The plastic is essentially crystallized from micro-granules that were already in the fabric."

"Great...just great. It did feel like I was punched in the...vulva."

"It's ok, you can say pussy or whatever you want. We hear it all. We've been telling them they need to include more instructions with these kits for a while, but they don't listen. Your company was supposed to train you and include the info according to standard policy."

"I had the standard training a month ago when I started as a regular flight attendant, but just a really quick training session last week when I started with the specialized tour. They never talked about the clothing."

"They aren't supposed to do that. You're supposed to get a briefing, pardon the expression, before wearing any Eros Technica product for the first time."

"I'll deal with that later. They can be pretty disorganized and, my supervisor, Janet, is much for details. OK, so how do I get them off then?"

"Oh yes, we need to get the model. Let's see, did we cover everything with the dress? Any other features?"

"It does something to my breasts as well, almost like an extra bra."

"The computer only says 'hourglass shaping,' but that feature would pull your waist in and could include sculpting your chest appearance. The exact shaping options are variable depending on the client's measurements. Has to be Sexy Stewardess 3 regardless. It's the only match close enough. OK, I think I might have found your specific kit. I take it you're a flight attendant?"

"Travel Hostess. It's not just about the flying, more of a guided tour with lots of adult entertainment."

"The computer lists that a few different lingerie options were shipped to your company with that uniform. I see they all have thong bottoms so that doesn't help much. What kind of bra did they give you?"

"It's a very smooth and seamless style with individual breast cups but is made more like a workout top than a bra. It pulls over the head with no hooks or closures. The fabric is thick around the cups and thinner everywhere else. The girls aren't going anywhere in this thing. Let me just say, it's a real bitch to get in and out of it."

"Tell me about it. It's really hard to get the back to slip down into place. Racer back I'm assuming?"


"What color?"

"The panties and bra are both a ridiculously bright hot pink."

"Are you large breasted?"


"OK, that cup size and color only comes in the one model. It has to be the Safe-n'-Secure International Expedition Sport model."

"The what?"

"That's the name, the Safe-n'-Secure Sport. The bra and thong set is really an anti-rape and violation device for women who travel to dangerous parts of the world and want protection. The model you have is a sport design for active women. It's popular for running, hiking and such."

"That must be what happened then. One of the tour club members was pawing at me. The usual stuff, grabbing my ass, holding my arm, feeling me up, but this guy caught me off guard. Way too much to drink. We're just supposed to let them have their little grope when they are like that then slip away back to work, but then he held me and reached up under my dress, feeling me up really good. I was about ready to punch him, but I could see my supervisor watching and shaking her head no. I was actually starting to get a bit worked up. He has great fingers. When I tried to push him away, he made a grab for my thong."

"That definitely should have activated it."

"It sure did. I felt an electrical jolt and then the hard hit to the cun...crotch I mentioned. It took my breath away. He pulled his hand away like it was burnt. The panties tightened right up. Now the waist strap is snug down on my hip bones and the thong is so far up my ass crack that I can barely feel it with my fingers. That's when the front hardened too--like a plastic plate over my mound. As you know, I can't get them off now. I can't even get a finger under the front-plate. It's like some kind of chastity belt or something."

"That's the idea. Keep 'em out. The bra should have activated at the same time."

"It sure did. Squeezed my breasts tight and shrink-wrapped them in hard plastic--at least that's how it feels. Now the fabric is all plastic-like too except in a few places. The chest band under my breasts only stretches enough for me to breathe and is tight even then. It's not very comfortable to say the least."

"The best thing is for you to get to one of our service centers. They can remove and replace both units with new ones."

"I'm currently on a private island in the Caribbean waiting for the next stop on the tour."

"Oh dear, that really limits our options."

"What do you mean?"

"With the maximum security units like this, you need a deactivation control unit and the correct deactivation code. Once they go off, they're done and can't be re-used."

"Shit! How come I didn't get one in the package?"

"The deactivation kits aren't included."

"What? That's nuts!"

"It's all about security. What if an abductor got a hold of one? They could force you to give up the deactivation code and that'd be that. In the past, some women even wrote the code down."

"We're just supposed to file a request before we have sex with the members. It's nothing serious. I'm not even sure why they have us wear them. Besides, I'd never give anyone the code."

"The fact is a lot of victimized women give in out of fear, despite their best intentions, and regret it later. More commonly, though, men buy maximum security units for their wives and daughters and never give them the code."

"I don't see why assailants wouldn't just cut it off or something?"

"The unit you are wearing has the highest security rating for a fabric model. Eventually they might figure a way to defeat it physically, but that material is almost indestructible--special micro-lateral crystalline polymers with graphite and even some nanotechnology, the marketing hype even says a few more things. It's a lot more than just plastic. The rumor here is that they supply some of the same stuff to the military."

"Well, like I was saying, I'm not in any danger so can't you just look up my deactivation code and help me find a deactivation unit?"

"Sounds easy doesn't it, but it's not. How do I know you're actually safe and not trying to trick me with social engineering tricks? You could be pretending to be locked up just to get the codes for some kidnapper for example. You might not even be the woman wearing the unit."

"Seriously? You don't believe me?"

"Truth is, I do believe you, but company policy doesn't care if I believe you or not. They don't trust us to make determinations like that. We're never given access to the codes. I have no way to help you by design. You have to get to a service center or have the code and a deactivation unit. No other options."

"This completely fucking bites. I can't believe how ridiculous this is."

"I'm sorry. I know it is frustrating. Have you contacted your supervisor or anyone at the airline? They should have a procedure to deactivate your unit."

"Maybe I can find her at the party."

"So is there anything else I can help with?"

"Well, I might need to know how to...hmm..."

"Take a poo?" Misty laughed. "No good way to say it. It either sounds vulgar, childish or medical. I can't bring myself to say 'defecate.' Sorry, I don't mean to laugh."

"Misty, if you didn't think this was a bit funny, you wouldn't be human. I usually go with 'take a shit' but was trying to be polite."

"OK, that works. Still, I know this is tough for you and..."

"Don't worry about it."

"Thanks. So, to take a shit, you just go."

"Really? What about the thong strap?"

"The fabric will not absorb anything and is immune to bacteria. The strap is thinner near your anus so as not to be an obstruction."


"Are you there? Sorry, forgot to ask your name before?"

"Yes, I'm here. My name is Sarah. I think I can feel the thin part you're talking about. Still seems like it's going to be in the way."

"I wish I could say it wasn't. It's not exactly pleasant cleaning up, but it's functional. Usually pushing the strap to one side with your finger helps, but the strap won't move much."

"Great...just great."


"Not your fault. I know you didn't build this thing."

"Oh. I'm looking at the specs. This is an odd model. Normally, the unit has an anti-menstrual module."

"Not a problem. I don't get a period. I had the company treatment."


"I guess, they put some kind of module inside me. It was an out-patient procedure. I was half-under. Birth control, no STDs, no PMS, no period, it's great. They reverse it at the end of my contract, but I think I have some kind of option to keep it."

"Sounds like a UCM-210F or something similar. You should be fine then, but your unit doesn't have features for handling menstruation hygiene. Anything else I can help you with?"

"I just have to ask something."

"Sure, go ahead."

"I'm not sure if you can tell me or not. How many units like mine did the company order? I think I'm the only one I've seen on the tour with the pink underwear."

"I suppose there isn't a rule against me giving out the information. There are only two orders for that underwear, one set hot pink and one set canary yellow. If I have the right kit, there is only one order for that."

"Interesting, thanks. Bernadette, the other new girl, has the yellow."

"That's not uncommon though. Most of the Active Fit line is all custom ordered. Individual orders are frequent even for corporate purchases."

"Still. I'm thinking I should take a look at the other clothing they gave me. There might be some more surprises."

"Sure. Let's make sure I have the right kit. Do you have a two piece bikini, top more like an underwire bra, thong bottoms, also hot pink?"

"Yes thats right. They sure love thongs. Not a thing in my suitcase covers my ass...stop fucking laughing!"


"It's OK. I'm just hating my job right now."

"Been there girlfriend."


"Is there a sheer white summer dress with a light floral accents?"

"Yes, I'd describe the fabric as silky. I think this pink underwear will show right through it."

"That's the main point of that one I suspect. It's really new and the entry is incomplete, marketing hasn't even named it yet. I haven't worn it yet. This is definitely the kit you have then. The bikini has hot spots."

"What the hell are hot spots?"

"They are patches of specially aligned super-conductive fabric in each bra cup and over your pussy. They are built into the liner. They redirect your body heat back to create a stimulating effect. For example, The bottoms will direct body heat from your whole pussy back to the clitoris."

"Delightful. They're pretty much invisible. I can't tell where they are sewn in."

"That's right. You aren't supposed to know they are there just like your underwear is supposed to look entirely normal--catch assailants by surprise. You can't really tell when they are working very well either. The effect is really subtle, but eventually they make your nipples harden. The one over your clitoris, well..."

"I can fill in the blanks. I can't believe this company. I'd write a tell-all book about them if I hadn't signed half a million papers. Clothing that makes women horny without them knowing why? This shit should be illegal."

"It's supposed to require written consent."

"Well, I'm am an idiot so they took care of that already."

"You wouldn't be the first woman to get herself into something like this by not reading the fine print."

"Now it's my turn to laugh. Oldest freakin' trick in the book at that. Get this. I read it all and still didn't know what I was getting into. The legalese was that bad. Required apparel selections per occasion and situation in accordance with customer parameters. I remember that one. It doesn't matter. I had to do it anyway. I suppose there is no way to deactivate 'hot spots' either?"

"Sorry. All this stuff is classified as passive even though some features use a small amount of power. Bottom line is no batteries, no recharging, no shutoff. Active Fit items somehow absorb what little energy they need either from sunlight or from the body depending on the model. Sometimes they use body movement."


"You should have a workout outfit too, the Record Setter. A black cheeky thong bottom and a hot pink bra-top. It has hidden features that can get you aroused while exercising to encourage you to do more, sort of like hot spots powered by movement instead of heat.

"Yeah, that's the one I have. Not planning on using that one any time soon. Again with the fucking pink. I hate hot pink. Again, half my ass hanging out. At least they are consistent assholes. I suspected this kind of shit, but underestimated how much. I should have known after the hair, skin and makeup machine. Sorry...just venting. I didn't expect to have to wear only their stuff all the time. I only found out at the last minute that I had to put my personal luggage in storage until after the tour. I still don't get the self-cleaning thing and why they only gave me one set of underwear."

"That's actually standard. Active Fit fabric never needs washing. You could roll in the mud and the dirt would just fall off after a while."

"Really? I does seem to stay clean, but the whole idea still seems gross to me."

"Nothing to worry about, the nanites take care of everything including bacteria and sweat. Even the panties will always stay fresh. You'll be amazed how fast it dries."

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