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Sexy Strangers


You are on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa. You go on a wine tasting tour with a hired car and on your own. When you arrive to collect your car, the assistant at the desk is very apologetic but she says that the last car available has been double booked.

I am the other potential client. I am on holiday from Joburg and am actually just wanting to go to my favourite wine farms to buy a few cases of wine. You, the gentleman that you are, offer me the vehicle. I having been in the Cape many times previously offer that we share and i can be your guide. We set off on our journey...

I am driving as i know the area fairly well. We head towards the wine route. I am on holiday and it is summer, I am wearing a loose fitting light blue short skirt with a low cut neck line. I smell of sunshine and peaches... i prefer fruit for breakfast in summer, i ate a peach this particular morning...

As we drive along, we get the general social niceties out of the way. I begin to feel more comfortable with you, I become more vocal and expressive. I touch your arm to get your attention and I put my hand on your leg to emphasize a fact. I have no idea that these innocent touches are creating a fire inside you.

I am not concentrating and when we reach a more peaceful stretch of the road, i rest my hand casually on your leg. I place it a bit higher than is acceptable for a friendly pat and feel your reaction, I blush and look you in the eye. You smile. I move my hand closer to your warm erection, I rub you slowly. We are on a very quiet stretch of road now and I drive really slowly.

You put your hand on my leg and move your hand up, under my skirt. You are pleasantly shocked to find that I am wearing no underwear. I pull the car over in a safe, shielded and shady spot. We look at each other as if we have a choice, but we both know that the decision has already been made.

You hold my face and gently kiss me, your tongue teases mine and our kiss gets so passionate that i almost cum... and all you are doing is kissing me! God, but you are a great kisser. I reach down to touch you and I unzip your pants, oh... you are so hot and hard for me, I marvel at what you are offering me and bend my head, almost as if in prayer, to your lap and take you in my mouth.

There is a slight bit of moisture on the tip of your cock; i inhale the sheer scent of you. I lick the moisture off your cock and then suck you in. You taste incredible. I suck you and use my tongue to massage you at the same time; I am fondling your testicles and gently fingering your prostate gland. You are so very hard. I move onto your lap and guide you to my hot entrance. I gently ease down on to you; I am so excited that I cum as your cock is in me.

I sit fully on your lap and gasp as i feel you inside me. I keep still, I can feel you throbbing inside me... oh... you feel good. I almost do not want to move. You understand and distract me by freeing my swollen breasts from my shirt. My breasts are aching and you massage them with strong hands. My nipples are hard as you flick your tongue over them. You take one into your mouth and suck on me. I move on your lap and it feels so good that I continue to ride you slowly. You suck harder and I change my movement to suit your rhythm.

I am riding you hard now and can feel you getting ready to empty yourself into me... you put your fingers on my clit and I cum all over your hand. I am still pouring over you as you push deeper into me and explode. That was good but the journey has just begun...

We arrive at the wine estate and you are surprised to discover that I am good friends with the Estate Managers. We get shown the royal treatment and are given a tour as well as a tasting of the more rare vintages.

We are offered a picnic basket for lunch and told we can enjoy it wherever we want. We take a drive out to a scenic spot, secluded from view and just off the main farm roads. There is a peaceful stream and a grassy bank where we can satisfy our appetites. We have been very well behaved since this morning in the car. But I am unable to go much longer without feeling you against me.

I take my clothes off and tell you how much I love the feel of the sunshine on my body. You gaze with appreciation over my firm body. You see my nipples harden even as you are looking at them. I reach down and hold me breasts, I offer them to you. You don't even consider refusing. You move over to me and kiss me. Your tongue burns as it touches mine, the passion which has been just below the surface all day, comes alive. You move me against a tree as I am already feeling my knees go weak.

You are still fully dressed but the feel of your clothes against my skin is an incredible contrast with the hard bark of the tree. You suck on my nipples but I need more! You bite me and tell me to wait. I moan loudly, I don't know if it's in pain or in pleasure. I reach down to stroke you through your clothes but you won't allow me.

You look me in the eye and put my hand on my clean shaven pussy, you want me to get myself wet and hot for you, I groan but put three fingers in my honey oven, my fingers come out dripping. You lick the juice off my fingers and tell me to do it again. I put my fingers in myself and move them, faster and faster, I rub harder and harder against my clit. I can feel an orgasm starting. We have not stopped looking at each other, your hand is now on mine and you are putting your fingers inside with mine, oh... god... I feel as if I'm being stretched wide open. As I reach a point where I am unable to keep standing, you push me roughly against the tree and put your head where our hands were.

Your tongue is in me, you are sucking me and nibbling my clit, I am squeezing my nipples and I cum all over your face. I sink to the soft grass and you kiss me tenderly on the clit, I shudder, I am so sensitive that even that little touch gives me ripples of pleasure. I take your face in my hands and kiss you deeply, I lick my cum off you, I taste tremendous.

We are still embracing and kissing when we hear a car approach. We do not attempt to stop and hardly hear when the car stops and my friend comes over to our picnic spot. She laughs softly as we watch her walk closer and she says that she wondered how long it was going to take us to get the first orgasm out of the way.

She reaches over and fondles my bared breast and strokes your erection through your pants. You smile with great pleasure as you realize that this is a very good friend of mine. She starts kissing me and stroking my breasts, she stops and tells you to get naked; you take your clothes off and join us on a blanket. I am still in a state of bliss and the sight of your erection gets my blood burning through my body. I can feel my clit throbbing with anticipation. My friend tells you to lie down.

She is wearing very short shorts which she removes she positions neatly trimmed pussy over your face and invites me to join her, I straddle your lap and oh... so gently, I ease you into me, you are swollen with need and feel a sense of home coming inside me, you are busy sucking on her clit now and cannot see what I am doing but you can feel everything.

As you lap her juices, I ride your cock and she is kissing my breasts and nibbling on my nipples. She cums quickly and climbs off your face and you watch me as I ride you, it feels so very good for both of us. I stop and get on my knees, I ask you to take me, hard and fast.

My friend comes to lie down in front of me and I put my head between her legs and lick her cunt. You are so hard that you think you might explode. I move my legs further apart as I feel you nudge me. You enter my pussy and sink deep in me. You feel so great. You hold onto my hips and move faster and faster. You are so turned on by what is happening that you have never felt so big before. I lift my backside a bit and you slowly push your cock into my tight arse.

You keep moving and get faster and faster, I am licking and sucking a pussy, you have your cock deep in my arse and I am frigging myself. My friend screams her release and lies panting while she watches us. You are almost ready to cum when I start clenching and reaching my orgasm, I am still busy when you give a hard push and cum inside me. You shudder and keep position while I finish my orgasm. That was good. The three of us laugh and head to the stream for a swim...

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