tagRomanceShackled Ch. 05

Shackled Ch. 05


Note: Trying to make the chapter's longer for those of you that wanted them. :)

Chapter 5

Emma's mind was reeling, trying to grasp all that was going on. Still trying to gain her bearings, she squeaked in alarm as he not too gently hoisted her up and then knocked the breath out of her. With a soft grunt, she balance on his shoulder, her hands shoot down to grip the back of his shirt. She lost the hat, her long wet hair tumbling over her head and blocking her vision. All she could see was his ass and what an ass it was. But it was no time for ass staring, she was sure of it.

She managed to get out a soft 'uh huh' as he bounced her on his shoulder, surprised that he was able to carry her so easily while sprinting ahead. Where was he going?!

"Enjoying our first date?"

She laughed breathlessly at that. "I'm not bored." That earned her a true chuckle and strangely enough it warmed her. Unfortunately all too soon, she heard the shout of the men. Heavy foot falls echoed in the empty building, the jingle and clanking of equipment as they charged in.

"I think we have company!! Put me down, I can run!!"

The world spun and then she was being lowered. Her feet hit the ground as she tossed her head back and pushed her hair away. Liam seemed to instantly have a hold of her wrist, pulling her along. She willed her legs to move took off with him. "Tell me you have a plan!" She pleaded as shouts grew louder behind.

"STOP! FREEZE!" came a loud command, both of them ignoring the yells as they focused on the door, getting to the door. To her dismay their outlet burst and more special forces came running in, armed with intent to kill.


He couldn't help laughing, even though he could hear the cops behind them.

Hansen flipped her from his shoulder and she landed on her feet. He still had his gun in one hand and he grabbed her wrist with the other and pulled her along.

She exclaimed. She sounded nervous. He couldn't blame her.

I'd be nervous too.

He smirked to himself.

If I wasn't so good.

They weren't far from the door, but the footfalls behind then indicated that the cops had entered the building.

"STOP! FREEZE!" came the command from behind them.

Hansen dragged Emma along with him for a couple more steps, but then the door in front of them burst open and four SPF's came through it with weapons raised.


He pulled up and Emma bumped into the back of him.

"Shit," he said loudly to the one who appeared to be in charge. Hansen had a grin on his face and continued talking to him. "Lucky you guys are here. This bitch nearly got away from me."

He pushed Emma away roughly so that she was in front of him. He looked directly into her eyes for a few moments, and then looked sideways. Three SPF's had followed them in and there were four in front of him.

Seven cops.

One bullet.


"What's the reward?" he asked. "And remember guys, I got her first," he said with a wink.

Please, Emma, understand what I'm trying to do, he thought, because even I don't know. I just need to buy time.

"Step away from the girl, Hansen," said the lead guy. "Now, and do it slowly."

Hansen started to move his arms. He heard their weapons cock.

"And drop the gun."

He'd forgotten about the gun. He made a show of very slowly placing the gun down on the floor while running his left hand up his leg, his fingers dipping into the pocket of his jeans and extracting the explosive that Carl had thoughtfully provided.

He looked at Emma as he got rid of the gun, his eyes staring straight into hers. He blinked and then kept looking straight at her. He knew it wasn't his fault, but he felt apologetic all the same.

You've got brown eyes, Irish, er, I mean Emma. I hope I get a chance to look more closely.

He raised himself up from his bent over position and turned to look at the cop. He ran his hand through his short hair and tried to smile.

Think of a fucking plan.

"This must be a mistake. You see, I was supposed to catch this bitch and then claim the reward," he said waving his hand towards her. "Now you guys are trying to muscle in. That's not fair. Plus, I was just about to give her a quick one, if you know what I mean."

He winked at the cop. "No reason you can't mix business with pleasure, I say."

What's your plan?

"Hansen, we don't want the girl any more than you do. We want you," said the cop. "Now step away from her."

There was only one reason they would want Hansen and the girl separated. They were going to kill one of them, but wanted the other alive and didn't want them in the line of fire.

Which one?

What do you fucking care, as long as it's not you.

"Yeah, well I don't think the fucking reward was worth it anyway," he said and turned toward the door they'd come in. "Keep the fucking bitch, but I'm going to complain to your superiors. This is fucked. I did all the work."

He started to walk.


Hansen turned around and folded his arms.

"What?" he said, standing with his arms folded. "You want me to arrest her for you as well. You can't fucking do that yourself?"

Emma was just standing there, looking at him. He didn't know what she made of all this, but he hoped she understood he was buying time, to think up a plan.

That I don't have.


All the guns were pointed at them. There was nothing he could think of that they could do.

The lead guy walked a little closer to him. He took another smaller gun out of his holster.

He pointed it straight at Hansen's head.

Sorry, Emma. Sorry, me.

He stared straight at the cop's black helmet.

The cop pulled the trigger and a jolt went through him. It felt like a rock had hit him on the side of his neck, but he was unhurt besides a sting.

Fuck! What the fuck was that?

"That's a restraint device, Hansen," said the cop. "If you get more than fifty meters away from me, you're dead. Your head will blow off, not that it would be much of a loss. Consider yourself warned."

At least now, though, Hansen knew something. They wanted him alive. That meant they wanted the girl dead. He watched as the soldier walked up to Emma and pointed the gun at her. Then he shot her with whatever the fuck it was.

"If either of you move further than fifty meters away from me or each other, then you're dead."

Hansen looked at Emma.

Brown-eyed Emma.

He looked up and pretended to sigh.

At last. I have a plan, Emma, he thought, just hang on.

In the row of windows above them, he saw a shadow. It was a big shadow. The shadow moved across till it was between the two sets of SPF units that had them hemmed in. There was something in the shadow's hands. A gun.

A motherfucking big gun.

He grabbed the explosive in his hand more tightly and looked at Emma. A slight smirk crossed his face.

Good old Carl.


If he hadn't been for that wink, Emma could have reached down and clobbered him. She already felt sick and panicky inside, unsure if she wanted to start screaming hysterically or throw up. Either one didn't seem very brave, so she swallowed the bile that rose in her throat and clenched down on her teeth. If she died, everything died with her. A hope for a cure would be gone, more innocent people dead. The thought made her eyes sting with unshed tears. How could she have been so stupid, so gullible! 10 fucking hears of her life gone and nothing to show for it but a decent place to lay her head and food in her belly. No great love, no kids, not even a real life. God she was pathetic!

Liam's voice broke through her thoughts and strangely enough, soothed down her growing fears.

The men in black weren't buying his little charade. This couldn't be good, but Liam didn't seem to be giving up so easily.

Weapons cocked and her spine stiffened, her fists clenching. She watched him move, unable to keep her eyes on them. Instead she watched him following orders, his gaze locking with her own. She just wished she could read his mind. All too quickly he broke contact and began to bullshit again.

She heard him droning on, talking in circles she was sure. He didn't have a plan, did he? He was just buying time and then the unthinkable happened. The cop raised a gun to Liam's head and everything inside her shuddered with dread. She let out a small scream of panic, smothering her mouth with her hands as he pulled the trigger. Sweat broke out on her forehead and her eyes squeezed shut, unable to watch, but when the cop began to talk again, she opened them. He was alive!

"That's a restraint device, Hansen," said the cop. "If you get more than fifty metres away from me, you're dead. Your head will blow off, not that it would be much of a loss. Consider yourself warned."

She stood stock still as the cop reached her and pointed the gun, trying not to cringe or flinch, but squeezing her eyes tightly shut. However the shot did make her flinch. But why hadn't they just killed her? What were they going to do?

"If either of you move further than fifty meters away from me or each other, then you're dead."

Looking over at Liam, she watched the wheels in his brain turning. She could tell he was up to something, and thought BINGO! as he slanted her a smirk. All hell was going to break loose. Her body tightened again, ready for the fight or in her case, the flight. After all, they were now literally stuck together.


"I'm telling you," Hansen yelled, "If I don't share in the reward money, then you fuckers will be answering to your boss."

The lead cop walked over to him.

"You can stop the game, fuckwit. We're taking you and the girl away," he said. He turned around to his men. "Take them outside. If they do anything, shoot the girl. To kill."

Hansen rolled his eyes as if he was exasperated. The shadow had gone. He needed to buy time. He didn't know which way Carl was going to come in.

Shit. Ten years ago he would have come in from the roof. Too fat now.

Stop joking. This is fucking serious.

What did he know? Their orders were to bring him in alive. It wouldn't mean they wouldn't kill him if they had to, but it would make them hesitate. That would give him an advantage.

What didn't he know? Why did they want Emma? Why was she expendable?

Twenty questions might be better left for later, Hansen, you have the small problem of seven SPF's with serious artillery pointed at you.

Hansen started to sing.

"I've got you, under my skin...."

The lead SPF walked towards him with the gun pointed at him.

"Shut the fuck up, Hansen or I swear I'll shoot you right now. Fuck orders."

"....I've got you, deep...."

"Shut.. The.. Fuck.. Up.. I will put a bullet in your head you fucking piece of shit."

Hansen looked at him.

"There are ladies here, mate," he said. "Take it easy."

"Not for long there won't be," said the SPF.

"See, that's why you're angry at me," he said. "You have to sit around and take orders from dumbasses who get paid ten times what you do. And then you get to rough up innocent civilians, including women. You're a real tough boy," he winked, "no wonder you're angry. I always thought it was your little dick."

The SPF was blew out a loud breath under his helmet, but decided to back out of the banter.

Hansen had bought a few minutes, but where the fuck was Carl? He saw the cops behind Emma move towards her and he felt the prod of a gun barrel in his back.

Where are you, Carl?

A deafening explosion rocked the building. It had come from the pub. All the soldiers dropped to their knees and pointed their guns at the two entrances. Hansen didn't need an invitation. He pressed the small button on his explosive and let it fall from his hands. Then he sprinted towards Emma at full pace and tackled her. He heard her let out a surprised wail as he knocked the air from her lungs. They flew five meters and he landed on top of her on the hard floor of the warehouse.

"We really have to stop jumping each other in public," he said to her and pressed himself tightly over her.

The bomb went off and then Hansen heard the familiar rat-a-tat-tat of a machine gun, but it wasn't the SPF's, it was Carl, his silhouette taking up most of the doorway. He looked behind him. Most of the SPF's were down, but in the dust and smoke he could see the leader getting up and turning towards them.

He reached down between their bodies and shoved his hand down the front of Emma's pants.

Shit. He'd had the gun before they entered the warehouse. It was on the floor about ten meters away and he couldn't reach it....

"Sorry," he said to her, "I guess I'm just a lecherous old bastard."

He started to get up off her, but the SPF was up and pointing the gun at him.

"You fucker," he said through his helmet, "You're not going to get away this time, orders or no orders."

His finger started to pull on the trigger when another rat-a-tat-tat sounded out. The cop sunk to his knees and fell down helmet first into the floor and lay still. Standing a few meters behind him was Carl with the machine gun. He picked up Hansen's gun from the floor and threw it to him.

"It's only got one round left," he said as he caught it.

"Never fear," said Carl who then tossed him a couple of cartridges.

"Nice work. How did you know?" asked Hansen.

"I was watching the operative in the bar longer than you were," he said and rolled his eyes. "When you left, I got him and stuck explosives down his pants and told him to walk outside or I'd blow him up."

"Shit," said Hansen. "We heard the explosion. What happened?"

"Well," said Carl with an expressionless face, "I let him get outside close to his mates, then I blew him up."

Hansen smiled. Emma was picking herself up off the floor slowly. She looked battered, but at least she was intact.

"Sorry about that," he said to her. "Next time I shove my hand down your pants without asking, I really do have to make sure there is a gun in there. I guess now I really owe you dinner."

"I don't want to cramp your style, Liam, but, maybe we can keep the courting for later," said Carl. "What do we do now?"

"Oh, let me think about that," said Hansen. "Oh, yeah. Run. And fast."

Carl rolled his eyes.

"Great plan," he said. "Lucky I'm in such good shape."

Hansen laughed, grabbed Emma's arm and they made their way to the exit.

"Woops," yelled Carl, "Don't forget this." He reached into the leader's uniform pocket and pulled out a small unit the size of a battery.

"What's that?" asked Hansen.

"It's the main transponder for the restraint device. If you and your lady friend get more than fifty metres away from it or each other, then boom, no more heads."

"Fuck me," he said, catching the unit Carl threw to him.

When they got to the exit, Carl stopped and spoke to them.

"I'll go towards the river, you head into town. That way they should split up, leaving us with only half the cops to cope with each."

Hansen nodded. He had pressed Emma close to him and could feel her heart beating.

Good. At least you're ready for action.

"Thanks, Carl," he said. "I owe you."

"Nothing. If you need to talk, get me through Bonnie O'Reilly. Now let's get the fuck out of here."

Carl turned left out of the doorway and Hansen pushed Emma to the right.

Just as they were about ten meters apart, Carl yelled out.


They looked around.

"What?" asked Hansen.

"Next time, I'm thinking the lady shouldn't order Irish Coffee in a beat up dive. Doesn't really keep a cover too well."

Hansen laughed.

Then Carl turned and started running again.

Hansen tightened his grip on Emma's wrist, turned and winked at her.

"Thank God we have some privacy again, Irish."

They started to run down the alley toward the center of the city.


The silver haired man sat in his armored car. He watched the operative walk slowly out of the bar towards the SPF's standing outside. They gathered around him and he was pointing at his pants.

His jaw tightened. This didn't seem right.

Suddenly, the operative and the SPF's disappeared in a blinding flash and his car rocked, followed by a thunderous boom.

He waited a few seconds to regain his composure and yelled at the driver of the car.

"Where the fuck is Gray? Has he got back to you?"

"No, sir," said the driver. "His comms unit isn't responding. There should have been eight men in the alley behind the bar, sir. Surely they will have handled Hansen and the girl?"

The silver haired man pursed his lips and let a long breath of air through his nostrils.

"Never bet against Hansen," he said. "Now call HQ and tell them to get every fucking available unit out here."

He sat back in the seat and watched the carnage outside.

Next time I kill him.


Once again Emma wasn't sure what to think and where to turn, but Liam seemed to have everything under control. He thrived on chaos and challenges, teasing her with his smiles, winks and witty banter. But she had to give him credit, he had gotten her out alive. She wanted to thank Carl as well. The big man sure knew how to move and she promised herself that next time she saw him, she would definitely have to squeeze him tight and give him an extra big tip for his troubles.

Running along side Liam proved to be a challenge. His legs were longer, he was stronger and definitely more fit. While she wasn't quite soft, she was also used the softer side of life, using her brain more than her body when it came day to day life. "Remind me to lay off the pretzels before we start running marathons!" She breathed.

Hands locked together, she had no choice but to keep up until her legs and lungs were burning. The rain began again and she groaned, sucking in breath after breath. Reaching her free hand to the front of her shirt, pressing it between her breasts to feel the disk. It was still there, crammed between the lush fullness of her breast and protection of her bra.

"What's the plan?" She wheezed out, sorely wishing now that she had thought things out a little better. Saving the world didn't hadn't seemed so dangerous and complicated at the time.

His abrupt stop made her collide into the back of his body with a loud grunt and then she was being tugged into a darkened doorway, his body crowding hers again. She clutched at his shirt, panting from excursion, her legs trembling with fatigue. "Seems like we're stuck together for a while, Liam. But, I think maybe we need to establish some personal boundaries here." She teased softly, her voice just above a whisper. "If I had know the nerdy scientific type turned you on so much, I would have been more prepared."

Trying to control her heart rate, she dropped her head back against the cold steel he had her pressed against and tried to think of anything but her pending death. "Please tell me we can find a spot to think without running. I know people, but I don't want them involved. Friends and family are out and so are most of my co-workers. My place is a no go for obvious reasons. Damn it..." She sucked in another breath, blinking back tears of frustration and swallowing hard, "Sorry, I'm good. I won't blubber all over you."


Emma was trying her best to keep up with him, but no one could have kept up with him the way he was running. He could hear her breathing becoming heavier and he was having to drag her along.

Better stop for a tick or she'll blow up.

The rain had started again so they had to be careful not to slip. The streets were quiet seeing it was wet and late. They hadn't come across any more cops, but he could hear the sirens. They were well away from the scene and there would be confusion at least for a while. This gave them the chance to get well away.

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