tagRomanceShackled Ch. 14

Shackled Ch. 14


She was bucking under him and he knew she was reaching her orgasm. The strength of her hands in his hair surprised him, but it made him lick her slit and probe her warm recesses even harder. His finger was working on her clit and he found himself trying to use everything to pleasure all of her. All the while her bucking and moaning was becoming more desperate and his own pleasure became linked to hers. He wanted her to cum, was willing her to cum.

And finally she did.

She let out a low scream and called his name as with one final buck she came in his mouth. He pushed his tongue deeply into her and held it there as she came, pressing his face into her wet, musky cunt. As the pleasure washed over her in small convulsions, he began to once again run his tongue over her slit and up to her clit. It felt stiff and engorged from the pleasure and he ran his tongue around the bottom of it, taking a little swipe of the top occasionally.

Slowly, she went limp in his arms and under his mouth. Her breathing was ragged and she whimpered his name. He stayed there for a few moments, savouring all of her, making sure that he missed nothing. She was still except for the rise and fall of her ribcage.

Hansen slowly eased himself up on his arms. He revelled in being the pleasure-giver, for making her feel like this. Spent. Satiated.

He slowly crawled over her body, luxuriating in the feel of her silken skin under his, a light sheen of sweat making his passage all the smoother. When his face was above hers, he looked down at her with a crooked smile.

"Inexperienced my ass," he whispered.

He lowered his head and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then he pressed his groin into her, his hardness almost back to what it had been at the beginning of their love making.

"It looks like we still have more to go," he said. "Can't leave unfinished business."

Tomorrow, the others were coming, but that was tomorrow.

He kissed her again, this time lowering his body further so that his weight was on her. He ran his lips over the side of her neck and then up to her ears. Again he bucked his groin gently into her, his hard cock sliding over her wet lips.

"You have time for a short rest," he said, "but I think I know how to solve this little, er, large problem...."


She shivered as his warm flesh hit her own, sliding slightly from the sweat that coated her skin, making it glow slightly. His soft teasing whisper made he smile, her eyes fluttering open to meet his gaze. "Well...you're a very good teacher. Maybe I should start calling you Professor."

Her smile died a little as he bucked against her core, his hardness rubbing against her sensitive clit and slit, her flesh all swollen and ready for him. She gasped, her body moving slowly to meet his own, her hips tilting and pressing, her shoulders pulling back and breasts pushing upwards to meet his chest.

With his weight against her own, they were belly to belly and she moaned as he kissed her. The taste of her on his lips. Not unpleasant, but rather erotic. A very pleasant reminder of what he just done. Another shiver of delight followed as he brushed his lips against her neck and continued to murmur in her ear, his voice thick and husky. Her heart fluttered, her pulse picking right back up.

Her fingers slid over his back and caressed him, her knees bending to captured the sides of his hips as she dug her heels in the bed and rocking up to meet his bucking hips. "Mmmmm....I don't know about a rest. I wouldn't want to waste any time." She breathed, his cock slipping back and forth and when the blunt head pressed against her opening, she gasped and then moaned loudly,wrapping a leg around him and dropping her knee to the side, trying to give him greater access as she pushed her hips against his own. "Oh yes...we should solve this problem..."


Hansen laughed. What was he, if not a problem solver?

His cock was pressed against his belly as he rubbed it slowly over Emma's wet cunt lips. He pushed himself up slightly so that he could look at her as he rocked over her body. She was flushed, but she looked ready and willing for more.

No rest for the wicked.

He smiled down at her.

"I think I've created a monster," he said and swooped down to give her a quick kiss again. "Not a scary monster...."

Her feet crawled up his body to wrap around the backs of his thighs and her knees feel away. He angled his hips, his cock poised above her wet entrance. He hovered there for a few moments, looking down at her, feeling her want and then he began to lower himself.

He felt his cock push at the entrance to her warm cunt. There was little resistance as she was wet from her juices and his tongue. The head of his cock passed into her and then he thrust himself in fully, all the while looking down at her.

"Emma," he moaned and then began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her, drawing it out all the way to the head and then easing it back all the way in until he felt like he was hitting the bottom of her warm depths.

He lowered himself down so that he could kiss her as he fucked her, feel her body crushed under him. He placed his hands under her head so that he could lift that beautiful face towards him. He was lost now in a milieu of kissing, fucking, holding. He rocked harder and harder, pumping his cock into her, grinding into her.

He sat back up a little on his haunches. He wanted to keep kissing her, tasting her mouth, but he also wanted fuck her as deeply as he could, push his cock into her further than he had been. He grabbed her ankles and pulled them up so that her feet were beside his head. Small, pretty feet and he kissed the underside of them gently. Then he pushed his cock into her as far as it would go, slamming the fronts of his thighs into her butt.

He didn't know how long he could last, but he wished it was forever.

He couldn't give a fuck about what was happening in the world at the moment.

His world was perfect.


Emma had nowhere to go even if she wanted to. She was lost in the feel and taste of Liam and then found herself pinned between the bed and his bigger body. She gasped as his soft kisses on the bottoms of her feet tickled and then cried out as he slammed into her with much more force.

She gazed up at him with sultry eyes and a soft moist panting mouth as he worked her pussy with his cock. His hands caressed the length of her soft legs and thighs and she spread them slightly, enjoying the view and field of his firm chest and abs as he worked his hips.

His hair roughened thighs brushed against her bottom as he gripped her tightly and moved. Emma squirmed, her tits bouncing with each thrust and eager thrust, their eyes holding, their breaths out heavy and uneven. Her hands gripped the sheets, tugging as he filled her again and again. With her thighs pushed together, she gripped him that much more, moaning and whimpering as he took charge.

The pressure built again, promising lots more delight. Reaching for him, Emma tried to grab hold and pull him down, calling his name as she tugged at her legs. Her knees bent slightly and he moved forward. Emma let out a small sound of surprise as he folded her almost in half, making her breath whoosh out before she drooped her ankles off his shoulders and lower. But the position again drove him that much deeper.

Not that she minded. She had his mouth again and tasted him happily between noises of pleasure, her nails once against sinking into the flesh of his back as she tensed and bucked under him.


He was pushing into her so hard, Emma was sliding up and down the bed with each thrust. There was no escape. He slammed into her and then he pulled her small body back for the next thrust. He was on his knees and her feet were on his shoulders, trying to pull them together as hungrily as he was.

He looked down at her, moaning and looking at him as he slammed himself deeper with each thrust. She almost had no control now, he was using her body in any way he wanted, pushing and pulling as he desired. Deeper. Wetter. Hotter.

"Ah, Emma," he said, his face almost on hers. He dropped it lower and sought out her mouth again, pushing his tongue out in search of hers as he continued to thrust. She was so wet now that he felt his cock sliding smoothly into her cunt like it was a warm bath. Except this bath gripped his cock and he could feel the walls of her cunt trying to grip them in vain as he pushed in and out of her.

She bucked under him in response to his fucking, grabbing his back, her fingers digging into him, imploring to push harder, to push further. There were no words needed now. Each movement, each action was understood by the other.

Hansen had never felt anything like this on the end of his cock. She was impaled on him and he could do with her what he wanted.

And he was.

And she wanted it too.

He could feel her movements becoming more ragged as he drove his cock into her, angling his hips so that his shaft would have access to her clit as it pumped in and out of her. He could feel his desire boiling even further. He was going to explode into her soon, feel his release yet again.

He wanted to fill her, drown her cunt.

He needed it.


All she could do was cling to him...with her arms, her legs and her pussy. Every thrust was pushing her higher and higher into sweet oblivion where it was only him and her and nothing else mattered.

She sucked on his tongue, bottom lip, biting down as he drove that little bit harder and making her grunt and moan out his name. She could feel him begin to strain, his muscles bunching and flexing as he moved and his cock impossibly hard and pulsing and knew he was right there with her. It was becoming too hard to kiss and breath at the same time and when he angled his hips just so, she pulled away and cried out, shuddering as he not only drove deep into her grasping cunt, but rubbed against her clit as well.

Her breaths became increasingly ragged and she twitched, her back bowing off the bed as she left out a helpless wail. Eyes squeezed tightly shut, she cried out and let herself lose control again. The wave of pure sweet, intoxicating pleasure that crashed over her sent her reeling. "Aaaahh Liam! OOooh yeeesss!"

Every fiber of her body seemed to trembled and quake, so forceful it was almost scary. His hoarse grunt filled her ears as he whispered her name in return, sweat making their bodies slid and slap loudly, her pussy gushing and gripping as she came and creamed all over his pumping cock.


He felt her cunt contract around his cock, almost stopping him from pushing into her, but her slick depths were his to take and he wasn't going to be denied. He continued pumping through her orgasm.

"Emma," he said in barely a whisper, his focus now on his cock and spilling his seed into her.

She was still in the throes of her pleasure, bucking convulsively when he felt his balls tighten and his cock twitch again. He thrust with even more urgency, the end of his cock covered in her juices and slicing a path through her.

"Ahhh..." was all he could cry out before he felt the cum spurting from his cock into her, the warm ribbons bringing a relief to the tension. He kept thrusting and cumming, filling her, dropping his head to kiss her, but it wasn't gentle. He had to get it all out of him, the kissing, the pumping, the cumming. He pressed down on her even harder, the muscles in his arms knotting as her body was now totally folded beneath him, her cunt sitting up as a prize.

"Emma," he said into her covered mouth as he slowly started to come down from his ecstasy, but his hips continued to twitch involuntarily, making him shudder as his cock was covered in the mix of their juices.

Finally, he loosened his grip on her and let her legs back up, around his torso and he dropped onto her, breathing heavily. He was spent, but he left his cock in her, feeling the warmth, his head in the crook of her neck.

"Fuck," was all he said, his hand reaching to grab her hair gently as he lay pressed on her.

It was not the most eloquent description he could have come up with, but it was the most appropriate.


Emma was completely dazed and spent, laying under Liam's mass of muscle, their body slick with sweat. His expletive made her puff out a breathless laugh and then sigh as he tangled his fingers in her hair and stayed still. Her bent knees rested on either side of his hips, gently cradling his body as she slid her fingers lovingly up and down his back and shoulders. He was heavy, but she didn't seem to care in that moment. Never had anything felt so good or so right and as silly as it all seemed, everything inside her hummed with contentment and something a lot deeper flourished.

"You say the sweetest things." She murmured softly, letting out another soft giggle. "And I do believe, you should remind me to stretch next time we attempt any bedroom activities."

Tugging at his hair playfully, she tilted his head to meet hers and kissed him lips softly, her own bruised and moist from his passionate display only moments ago. Her eyes were bright with happiness, desire and something else...something they probably weren't ready for. Something that was impossible with their current situation. Her heart suddenly ached, but she put on a smile instead of frowning. "All this play is making me hungry." She added teasingly and nipped at his lips.


Hansen chuckled.

"You have to be fit to play with me, Irish," he said.

Her body was pressed beneath him, his cock still in the moist warmth of her depths. He raised his head and paused from kissing her a while and looked down at her. She looked so happy. He should have luxuriated in such a moment of pleasure and joy, but there were doubts in his mind.

I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Her hands on his back felt soft and smooth, sliding up and down his skin. He couldn't believe it, but he was getting hard again.

I'm really acting like a teenager.

She nipped his lips softly with hers again and he responded by pressing down a little harder. His tongue gently pushed her lips apart to find hers and they kissed slowly, without the urgency of their previous efforts. He ground his hips into her and his cock was definitely getting harder.


His cock twitched at the thought.

"Well, Irish,' he said. "I may well have the perfect entrée for you...."

"Then food." He winked at her. "I promise."

He rocked back on her, lifting his chest and torso from hers, but their groins locked together. He couldn't believe he still had desire after their efforts. His arms were on either side of her.

He laughed, but his hard cock was serious. He wanted to feel her mouth on him one more time. To take control of her. He was protecting her, but they were more than that now. They were....

He shook his head. He had to get that thought out of his mind. He had to worry about getting her out of this alive. That was the first priority. He didn't want to be hurt again, to feel the loss he had before. He never wanted to feel like that again.


He placed his hands on either side of her shoulders and then flipped them over so that she was on top. His cock was still in her, but his eyes were deadly serious now. He shouldn't have thought about that, about loss.

You can't lose something you don't have.


He sat up a little, his belly rippling as he pulled his torso up. He kissed her softly again, quiet, and then leaned back again the wall. He needed this. To get this out.


You think just fucking her will make feel less? You know what you are, Hansen. You'll only feel more. You're setting yourself up.

He nearly cried out in fear, but it was his voice, not The Voice, talking.

He pushed her shoulders down so that she was forced down the bed. He didn't ask her. He was taking. He felt her breast run down his chest and over his thighs.

No more hurt.

No more loss.

Then what are you doing?

He closed his eyes.

He didn't know what the fuck he was doing.


Emma was surprised by his sudden and quick response all over again. She laughed along with him as he pushed himself up and then made her melt all over as they kissed passionately and softly. He was full contradictions and his eyes darkening and face suddenly serious as she sat on top of him. All womanly curves and glistening skin.

Then he was pushing at her shoulders and she quirked a brow as she obliged and slid down his body. "Oh Liam...naughty boy." She breathed and giggled softly, sensually. The sound soft and sensual and then she said nothing. His cock stood proud and glistening with their combined juices. She should have been turned turned off...this was all new. But as her tiny hand wrapped around his length, she sighed and leaned forward, tentatively licked the head. When the taste of them didn't appall her, she went in for the kill. Her tongue swirling and dipping, teasing as she sucked him into her hungry mouth.

His soft growl filled the air and she moaned around him, taking more of him in as she stroked him as well. His reaction fueled her need to please him as her mind whirled with jumbled thoughts. What would tomorrow bring? What of the other women? The thought of them didn't settle well with her. She wasn't sure what to make of it...were they competition or not? And why was she so worried about all that when clearly their relationship was probably doomed from the beginning. She'd be lucky to still be alive when all this went down. While she had all the faith in the world in Liam, they were also out numbered by many.

Trying to tuck those worries away, she continued to suck and slurp, bobbing her head up and down happily.


Hansen couldn't believe he still had anything left in him to give. He felt her tongue softly swirling around the head of his cock. He'd done more tonight than he had in months, but he needed this. He looked down at Emma between his legs as she took him back into her mouth and he instantly hardened further. Despite their previous efforts, her mouth and her hands still felt as good as the first time and he placed his hands in her long brown hair and gently twisted it through his fingers. His cock travelled through her mouth and back to her throat. She had grown more comfortable, all trepidation and doubt gone and she took him easily and without inhibition.

He didn't know what had come over him, but he knew he had to cum.


He may have looked like he didn't have a care in the world, but that was not the truth. He did. He was going to end this with Blaxland and the SPF's once and for all and Emma had given him the reason.

An excuse really.

Her mouth kept working on him. He could feel the soft warmth of her tongue as it ran along the underside of his shaft with each bob of her head. He grabbed tighter, forcing her down, speeding towards yet another orgasm.

Maybe this will finally help me think more clearly.

He had needed tonight more than she knew, than even he knew. He let out a small moan as his cock started to twitch. There was no need to speak. She knew what he wanted. What he needed.

What he craved.

He pumped his hips up to meet her face. Her nose pressed into his hard belly, his cock impaling her mouth. A mix of their juices was pooling in a ring around the base of his shaft. He continued to push her head down, trying to get his release. He could feel her small hands, her tongue, her throat. Everything was centered on the feeling of his cock.

Still his mind wandered, the sensations of Emma's efforts not enough to clear his mind. This was going to end. Living like this. Running. Fighting. Wallowing in the inevitability of how his life would turn out.

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