Shade's Destiny Ch. 10


In the cab, Shade's eyes were closed, head on Kim's shoulder. Kim asked, "What did you say to that girl, Destiny?"

I shrugged, "I told her Shade was more than just my girl friend." Shade opened her eyes and looked at me. I kissed her. "I explained about the dress and the fun we were having with it. The kiss was her way of acknowledging what I'd said."

In the lobby, Shade's head on my shoulder, Kim asked, "May I have a dance with your lady?" I grinned, unzipped the last inch, opened the dress and turned Shade to her sister. The elevator door opened. Perfect! The gay dudes that Shade had spoken of in July, in their own embrace, stared at me, at Kim, and at a collared, leashed, exposed Shade. I smiled brightly when their confused eyes came back to me.

A gentle tap with the crop prodded a mortified Shade. "Mark, Ben, this is my miss, Destiny." They were too stunned to respond. When the elevator door opened, they peeked around the corner as we headed to the condo. I blew them a kiss.

Earlier, before Kim left to keep an eye on Shade, she and I had talked of what we'd do when we got back. I took Shade's dress off. We walked to Kim's bedroom. She opened the door, peeked, turned, and smiled. She put a finger to her lips and waved us in.

Honey winked at us as she fucked a blindfolded Tasha with a strappie. Tasha's wrists, secured in a knot, were tied to a leg by a scarf. Her legs, attached to stockings wrapped around her ankles, were high, wide and tied to the headboard. Kim moved to the bed to kiss her lover. Hand signals were used to give who would spend the night with whom.

I needed confirmation. I took Shade, went to the hallway, and asked, "Honey, are you okay with me spending the night with ..." I blushed and laughed. She did as well. "I'm sorry Shade."

She kissed me, saying, "I know you have a thing for black chicks Destiny. You and Honey have some sort of buzz goin' on. I'm not the least bit worried." She looked in my eyes and said, "I'll be waiting for you in the morning baby. I think Kim and I are gonna have some fun with Tasha!" God I love this woman! Back into the room we went.

Honey crept off the bed, took the harness off, and kissed Shade and Kim. I did as well. I closed the bedroom door. She looked and me and smiled. "Destiny, Kim told me about your trip and the massage. You love being blacked." I blushed. She shook her head. "No, it's okay. I think it's cute that, as much as you love Shade, you have this need. Tonight is your night, the only night, to get your fantasy fulfilled." My head was spinning. Did I hear her correctly? This was planned? All three of them were in on it? I had to ask.

"Honey, was this something you planned?"

She answered by moving behind me, undoing the string holding the collar of my dress, and slipping it off of me.

She came around to face me, now naked, and said, "Yeah, it was." She leaned in and kissed me. Oh my gawd! "Destiny, I don't think you understand how much Kim loves you for the way you treat her sister." Her eyes blazed with intensity. "She tells me everything! She cries sometimes after we make love, telling me about how good you are for Shade. How you give her just what she needs!" So this is 'payment in kind' for me loving my Shade? "Don't get me wrong okay?" She smiled, her fingers sliding over my breasts and down my belly. "I've seen how you look at me with lust in your eyes. Knowing what I did, I gave it back to you." This kiss was a bit longer. Voice husky, she said, "When Kim told me about tonight I asked if we could spend the night together." You what? She smiled and said, "Yeah, I wanted to be with you."

I had a twinge of conscience when we were together on the bed I normally share with Shade. It just didn't feel right. But I'd looked in her eyes and gotten her okay. Nor will I say that Honey's kisses, fabulous as they were, swept away any and all doubts. I'm sure she felt my tentativeness as she took me the first time. Any regret was long forgotten as I screamed, my body completely lost in the pleasure she gave me again! When I began loving her I felt the small smile on her lips as we kissed. She was young, fit, and her lovemaking belied her youth. I did my best, tired as I was, to give back some kind of what she'd given me. When she tipped into it, she pulled me to her mouth as we bucked and ground, hip to hip. I can't begin to describe my surprise when, thinking I had nothing left in the tank, she revved my engine enough to not only start again but take her up and over the peak to her orgasm. As we lay together, finally spent, I wondered what Shade would say about the scrapes and marks on my body and back. Yeah, Honey is a very physical, energetic, wonderful lover!

I woke Sunday to brilliant sun streaming into the bedroom and an empty bed. What the hell! I went to the bathroom, rinsed with mouthwash and went to Kim's bedroom. Three pairs of eyes found me; they all smiled. Tasha was sideways on the bed like I'd been that miserable Sunday night long ago. What had been done to me was being done to her. Honey had that fabulously wicked dildo; Tasha moans were low. I wondered how much sleep she'd gotten. Her mouth was busy with Shade. She motioned to me to take her place. I shook my head.

I whispered to Kim, "Where's the strappie?" She looked at me. "Yeah, I want to fuck her. And while you're at it get the nipple clamps." Kim's eyes widened. "No I don't like her one bit. You and Honey are trying to break her. Let me help."

She walked away shaking her head. Shade looked at me with curious eyes. I couldn't meet her glance. Honey, a little smirk on her cute face, winked at me. I gave Shade her kiss first; she smiled. Honey held my neck as we kissed. There was a lot in that kiss. To let her know I got it I kissed her nose. I left the room and headed to our bedroom just as Kim came back. She followed me as I crawled onto the bed. She put her head in her hand and said, "What's the matter?"

"I don't like her and I want to ..." I couldn't finish. "It makes me ill to think I am capable of being that way. Especially when she's as helpless as she is." I turned away from her and began to cry.

"You're human Destiny. Give yourself credit for stopping. Not everyone would have. Don't forget that okay?" I nodded. "And don't forget, the photo shoot is this afternoon at two."

"What?" She nodded. "Oh my god, in all the excitement about last night I'd completely forgotten. Okay, we have to figure out a way for you to sneak my dress outta here." I was excited again. "Shade is gonna be so shocked."

We laughed. Kim said, "She has no idea what we have planned for her. I bought the lingerie you suggested. Honey has it in a separate bag that she'll bring. And there will be a few of the girls from the sorority too." She kissed me. "Destiny, you're a good woman. Today proves it." She hugged me. "My sister loves you and I love you too."

I pulled her up on the bed, took her in my arms and kissed her. I didn't 'want' her but I wanted to thank her for being so understanding and kind. Everything about the way she responded let me know she knew just what that kiss meant. She had her Honey and I had mine. She laughed like crazy when I told her that.

"You're such a goofball!"

We walked, arm in arm, back to her bedroom. A subdued Tasha was standing in the bra and panties she'd worn last night, a leash dangling from her collar. I whispered to Shade. She nodded and came back with 'the' rain coat I'd worn.

Kim acknowledged my stern eyes with a slight nod. I turned and left the room with Shade in tow.

"Destiny, I've never seen what I saw in your eyes this morning -- anger, rage perhaps. Are you okay? What was that all about? I ... what I saw really bothered me."

No sense hiding it. "You're right. I don't like her and I wanted payback for that day she accosted me in the ladies room." Again, I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact with the woman I love. "As I told Kim, it sickened me that I could think that way, feel that way." I shook my head. "I'm sorry if I you were worried."

"Welcome to the real world Kokolezbo." I looked at Shade, whose eyes danced with laughter. I giggled; she did too.

"Kokolezbo?? My god, I think I'd be stoned and not the 'good' way." More laughter was followed by, as you probably guessed, what happens all too often when we are naked, silly, or just in each others' presence!

Have I mentioned that I love being in love with my Shade?

Okay, I admit that I'm a sneak. I took Shade to our bedroom, in part, so that Kim could take my photo shoot outfit with her on the way out!

After we had showered, done our hair and makeup, it was time to dress. Shade wore a gorgeous red camisole set. The nylon and spandex combination made for a form-hugging fit. Just at the bottom of the cups, laces ran from one side to the other and back, baring her midriff before closing with a tie at the navel. The bra, semi sheer with thin straps, closed in back. Nearly all of her back, except where the cami wrapped just above her butt, was bare. Deep scallops ran high on the front and back of her hips. Garters, front and back, were attached to open fishnet stockings. I added a white lace choker and a little red bow. Despite Shade's protests, she wore a white 'eye patch' to cover her kitty.

I had told Shade she would be in red, Kim and I in white. Mine was a slinky little nothing that looked fabulous! Sheer lace with twin strips of white over my right and left breast, white string around my neck that tied behind. A silver ring, between my breasts, held the fabric but left my middle, from neck to belly button, exposed. The material scooped sharply from under my armpit toward my navel and back out again just about at groin level to dash around back on both sides. About that back. Other than the two string ties, one for the neck and the other for the bra, the material covering my ass was it! 'Covering?' The material was rather sheer. At belly button level, just before the material hurried out and around to the back, were two more silver ring accents that went to my back, the top border of the back of the outfit. To mollify Shade I wore a red eye patch. Sorry those took so long. I hope I painted a vivid word picture.

I'd called Kim for the address of the studio. We arrived just before two. Kim introduced Linda, who would be doing the shoot. A painfully thin blonde, she was dressed in high college fashion -- torn blue jeans, a sweatshirt, and pink New Balance shoes. As arranged, Linda took us on a tour. Honey was to distract Shade while we hurried to change outfits.

We'd seen each other naked; I'd never see Linda again. Kim slipped on a gorgeous solid white backless gown that had a plunging V neckline showing plenty of cleavage. The dress had a ruched waist, a slit way, way up that showed lots of leg. It had sheer long sleeves with a slight silver sparkle that accented the silver heels and jewelry she wore.

Mine was strappy tank style, open back, bright white dress. A low cowl neckline showed off my glories without being too revealing. The dress fell just below mid thigh, showing off plenty of leg; the straight hemline hugged my legs. What set the dress off were the tank straps. They lay over each shoulder, cris-crossing before attaching to the lower back on the opposite side, giving a sexy diamond pattern. I loved the dress. It was sexy and hot, yet sophisticated and alluring.

Shade had her back to us when we came in; Honey didn't. Shade turned, stared, and I could see she was not only stunned but angry. Kim had already removed my collar. She put it on Shade. We were ready for the first picture. There was a blue wingback chair. I sat in the chair. Shade was told to sit on her haunches, hands folded in her lap. My hand held the leash which was attached to the collar. She was to look at the camera with her eyes slightly lowered. Kim stood behind Shade, her left hand on my shoulder. Kim and I had talked about this at length; Kim had told Linda what we wanted. There were nearly two dozen takes with slight alterations in each one.

I asked Honey to get me the body stocking. She did; Kim helped Shade change behind the screen. She came out and shot daggers at me with her eyes. I kissed her and told her not to worry. I turned to Linda and said, "Linda, what I want is for Shade, in front of me, to lean against me, her face the picture of ecstasy and serenity, while one of my arms covers her breasts and my other hand covers her pussy." I smiled. "Does that work for you?"

Linda's grin was ear-to-ear. "That sounds absolutely gorgeous Destiny. Let's do it."

I turned Shade to face me. "Do you believe I love you?"

She teared up. "No, I know you love me. Why?"

"Then, like everything else I've asked you to do, please just trust that this is to revel in and show off our love for each other. Plus, this photo shoot, while just for us, is sort of your 'coming out.' You know -- your submissive side. When you're ready, we'll 'announce' it to the world." I kissed her. "I think you're going to like this picture lover."

Kim and Honey were both off to the side, slightly behind Linda, while the pictures were being taken. I kept my eyes on them; their smiles told me how much they loved the idea!! Linda snapped shot after shot; she seemed very pleased!

In another, an obviously nude Shade, clad in a daring, deep V-front and hip-high slits on both legs, is being nudged toward me by Kim, while appearing reluctant.

In a daring and wonderful shot, taken from behind her, a naked Shade is in my arms as we kiss, her leg in the air, arms around my neck, while Kim, just off Shade's hip, holds the leash. It's as if she hurried to greet me as I came home.

Linda, being the artist, made a suggestion. "Can we do a shot that features a gradually unclothed Shade moving ever closer to her lover until, finally in Destiny's arms, she's naked?"

"Holy crap, Linda, can you do that in one photo?"

She snorted. "Uh, yeah! Don't worry about the how; just trust that I can make it happen." I looked at Kim and Shade. Kim's smile told me she knew Linda knew her stuff. That was good enough for me!

Kim looked at Honey. "Baby, I don't think we have enough lingerie for this. Call the house. Get some of the girls over here with some lingerie. And tell them to hurry!"

She did and they did!! All of a sudden the studio was real crowded. What had been five was now more than a dozen. All the young lovelies, all talking, a very embarrassed Shade, a supremely confident Kim, a hard stare now and then from a much older Destiny ... it was an absolute riot!!

Kim, Honey, Linda and I finally got the peanut gallery to shut up while the shoot was going on. We could hear whispers, giggles and the sounds of kissing and more. The more skin Shade showed the louder the whispers got. At one point all four of us turned, as one, to shut them up. Kim and Honey walked back and forth. Long faces told a tale.

"That's a wrap!" Linda's announcement set loose a storm of chatter and a whole lot more. It was hysterical; think the Christmas party and my 'an orgy has broken out.' Not quite that graphic but only because Kim and Honey ushered them all out! God only knows what went on the rest of the afternoon and night in that house!!!

I invited Kim, Honey, and Linda out for drinks. Kim knew the locale better than we did. She found a place that had a nice selection of hors d'oeuvres. Perfect!! Finger food and cocktails. Me: glaring at a snickering peanut gallery!!

I asked Linda, "Did we do enough? We wanted this to be a remembrance for our first Christmas together?"

She's still so young. She smiled shyly and said, "Destiny, this was one of the most fun shoots I've ever done. The stuff we have to do for school is so stilted. I can't be nearly as creative as I want to be. You and Shade ..." she smiled at Kim "and Kim and Honey gave me license to do exactly what I hope to do when I'm doing this for a living!" Her gleaming eyes found each of us. "Thank you all so much for this opportunity!"

I'm in the present writing about that conversation. I pray that I captured her exultant ecstasy the right way!!

A sly smile from Kim. "Linda, your 'reward' is waiting for you at the house. She's yours for the night." Uh ... Tasha?

My kiss for Linda was warm. I sensed Shade's was a little less so. Shrug. The point of this was for us to have a photo album to remember! If Shade wasn't pleased with how it all happened -- fine! I had a feeling, right or wrong, that when she saw the final picture book, and we picked out the shots we liked, she'd sing a much different tune!!

Anyway, we said our goodbyes. Linda left. I finally got a moment alone with Honey while Shade and Kim were talking. "I think I know why you were up so early Honey but, as fabulous as the night was, I really wanted a little more."

"Destiny, I knew you did. That's why I bolted from your bed. I told you last night that this was your one and only." Her smile and eyes were warm. "You were everything in a lover I thought you might be. I hope I was the same for you." I blushed; she laughed. "You're so cute." Her kiss was soft and short. "Shade's so lucky to have you!" She hugged me.

Kim? She pulled me close when we kissed. I knew just what her hands and lips spoke of. When she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I love you," I was surprised. But it was easy to respond in kind. I love her too. I am so fortunate to have my lover's sister care about me enough to say 'I love you.' I'm smiling as I write.

They protested but I insisted. A cab took them to their house and took us home as well.

"Do you want to go somewhere for dinner," I asked.

Shade smiled that smile and said, "Home!" Oh dear!

I played along. "What would you like for dinner dear?"

A wolfish grin, "You remember how Honey had Tasha bound?" Can someone call me an ambulance?

I heard that!!

"Uh, yes dear, I do."

Still in the cab, she climbed and straddled me. Her eyes burned with desire. "Would you let me do that to you tonight?"

I whispered, "Reach between my legs for your answer!" She grinned and kissed me.

After we'd paid the fare and tipped her, our female cab driver said, "I should be paying the two of you for the show!"

First came that devil of a vibe. I'm not going to tell you the name of it. This is a small portion of a comment from 'someone' who's used it. "Thankfully, it fits my body well and provides strong vibrations (among the strongest of rabbit vibrators I've tried). I also love how the shaft vibrates as it runs while the tip frantically circles and the shaft rotates."

Amen sister!

Shade decided that, since I was in no position to argue, she would rummage around in the gift bags. Sigh.

"Oh look!" Bitch looked at me all wide-eyed and innocent. "It's a g-spot stimulating gel! Hmm, I wonder if it works on nipples." Eyeroll. She smiled as she spread it on my nipples; I moaned as she kissed me. It tingled and cooled.

"Well that seems promising. Let's see how that feels on your clitty." Oh fuck! The pearl is getting enough of a workout from this damn toy. Now she's gonna add the gel? Oh my god!! I screamed as another orgasm took hold within seconds. The gel cooled and the rabbit ... I'm sorry, this is just too damn hot. I'll be back in a bit!!

Okay, I think I'm better now. Where were we? Oh yeah, the gel cools and it's so smooth that it makes the little rabbit thingie even better for your pearl. I screamed bloody murder when Shade pulled the blessed torture from me. She put a healthy dab of it on my g-spot and put the vibe back inside.

I didn't want the pleasure to end but I begged her to take it from me -- after a while. I needed to feel my lover's body on mine. I needed her hands on me, her mouth on mine, her body pressing, slipping, sliding and grinding with me. She had asked me if I would let her take me any way she wanted. Well of course I did. Sure, she's learning what she needs as a submissive. I love her. Can it be wrong to play the way she wants? If that's wrong honey, I don't want to be right!

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