tagNonHumanShadow School Ch. 11

Shadow School Ch. 11


Cameron was miserable. Her whole body was getting tender in random places and she was having a hard time keeping the most random food down.


She was craving bananas. Fresh bananas, banana pudding, banana splits, banana milkshakes... she was on banana overload and it was so hard hiding it from her parents. She just waved it off as a phase, but one night she had actually had a panic attack when she found out her father had eaten the last banana and she would have to wait until morning to go get one.

She'd ended up sneaking out after they went to bed to go to a 24-hour store further away. This wasn't normal right? Was five weeks in enough time to have such intense cravings? She would have to find a way to sneak in one of those pregnancy books that told you what to expect.

To make matters worse, Cameron hadn't seen Elias since she ordered him out of her room. She was still having issues with the idea that Shacrow VanMeter College was a breeding program for immortals of the vampire variety, and that she had been accepted because her bloodlines and attributes were attractive to the not-so-undead founding fathers. And mothers.

When she traced the whole thing back to getting the invitation in the mail, Cameron couldn't understand how things got out of hand so quickly. Or how she could have behaved so badly.

She had been a virgin when she went to tour the campus, and when she had met Elias in the president's office, no spark had shot between them. Admittedly she was more preoccupied with Gavin, though for more negative reasons. They had fought for her and Elias had won but only because she chose him in a split second decision.

She chose Elias.

Cameron wondered what would have happened if she had chosen Gavin instead. She supposed the same thing; she would have walked into the invisible barrier at the entrance of Gavin's hallway and he would have reacted the same as Elias. Or not. There could have been a multitude of reactions - he could have drained her, or deflowered her in a manner unlike the quick thrust Elias offered. It would have happened regardless how, Cameron was sure, but the future would have boiled down to whether or not Gavin would have fed her his blood and had her lusting after him.

The first time vampire blood flowed through her system, it had been Elias who had given it to her. She had obeyed an order he gave her - sort of. She had been suddenly overwhelmed with the need to get off, and since he'd taken her virginity, Cameron had let Elias have sex with her. Twice.

She could have been pregnant since the first go-around; who knew. That had been a mistake. But she had let Elias take her again later that night, outside, where anyone could have come across them. And seeing him again, having him sweep her away on his motorcycle and say all those things to her while he was in her room, in her bath, in her bed...

She was a complete moron.

Cameron got swept up in the whirlwind movie-style romance and, really, everything boiled down to a total of seeing him four days, or rather, nights, and having unprotected sex enough times for him to impregnate her. And as stupid as she felt, it wasn't because she was pregnant.

Something told Cameron this would have happened eventually and she practically had it confirmed by Elias; his school was some sort of breeding ground for half-breeds. Dhampirs, Danvy had called them. So she would have been in this situation eventually anyway.

She was a moron because some part of her actually made her think Elias liked her. That it was instant chemistry. But if that had been the case, wouldn't she have felt a zing or something when she first saw him?

Cameron blamed herself for her own creative imagination.

"Know what you want?" Brandy asked before rolling down her window and yelling at the drive-thru speaker, "I'll have a chocolate milkshake and a double cheeseburger." She turned to Cameron.

"Banana split."

"That all?"

Cameron nodded.

Brandy yelled the dessert at the menu and was given a total. "I hate this drive-thru. Hey, so um, wanna tell me about the party? I mean, you got out of there pretty quick and Kyle was pissed as hell when I found him with Brock and Trent. Oops! Sorry, I didn't mean to say the T word."

"It's okay," Cameron said. And it really was. The whole Trent debacle seemed light-years away now that she was faced with her current problem.

"Oh and you should have seen Matt's face. He was so mad he missed the whole thing, but his girlfriend had been helping another girl puke her brains out in the bathroom. Which reminds me. Someone told me you threw up too but by the time I heard, you were gone, of course. With a guy. I mean, are you dating a college guy because I heard he was the hottest thing since lava. Spill."

Cameron stared at her friend, who finally stopped for a breath. Brandy was handing over cash for the food and sat there with an expectant look on her face.

"He's..." Cameron stared at Brandy, wondering what she should say. If she said she was dating Elias, Brandy would want to know more and Cameron simply didn't know what to say yet. She definitely couldn't tell her friend she was pregnant. "... a guy I met at the college I visited. I don't know what I think about him right now... who knows what will happen in the future." True enough.

"Oh my God, I love the idea of a campus full of college guys," Brandy said. "I mean, I'm still dating Kyle obviously but some serious man candy is always fun to watch. Oh, hey, is that Kristie?"

Cameron turned to see a person on a motorcycle reach for their helmet. She had a brief flash of Elias on his motorcycle but it faded when Kristie's red hair came into view. Cameron stared at Kristie, who was waving at her as if she had something to tell her.

Oh, God. Kristie had left the party with Daman. What if she were pregnant too? Or... should Cameron tell her to run like hell? Not that she would be able to do anything but hide after that; and who knew how easily they could find a person since they kept saying during the visit that the vampires of SVMC had connections all over the planet.

She was in so deep.

"What does she want?" Brandy asked with a sneer in her voice.

"Um, I don't know," Cameron said, unbuckling her seatbelt. "Let me check."

"What-" Brandy started to say; she was cut off by the lady at the window handing over the food. "Uh, okay."

Cameron opened the door to Brandy's yellow VW beetle and stepped out, closing the door. She walked over to Kristie who looked a little uncomfortable on her motorcycle; the girl actually squirmed in her seat.

"Hey," Kristie said, scrubbing a hand through her short red hair.

"Hey," Cameron returned, coming to a stop on the other side of the shrubs dividing the drive-thru lane and the parking lot. "What's up?"

"Uh, I need to talk to you... about... our mutual friends."

"Okay," Cameron said, knowing her curiosity and confusion was playing all over her face and in her voice. She waited a few moments while Kristie tried to figure out what she wanted to say. "It's okay, Kris, I've learned... a lot since I saw you at the party."

"Um, yeah. How are you?" Kristie seemed to have forgotten the party. Maybe she had been dealing with her own troubles since last weekend.

"I'm..." Cameron didn't know what to say. Should she tell her friend? As hesitant as Kristie was, maybe the other girl really was having the same issue Cameron was. "I'm dealing. I guess."

"So yeah, you are, like, the only one I can turn to for this. Other than..." Kristie was awkward in her confession but still seemed to consider Cameron's feelings toward Melanie Carver.

Melanie was only a minor itch Cameron wouldn't be able to scratch for the next four years. Cameron had bigger problems. And Kristie did too it seemed because the girl was squirming as she fought whatever hesitation she had.

"Look I'm gunna just throw this out there and you might not like it but you will understand it. I think," Kristie blurted out. "You know when you taste, um, their... stuff?"

Please, God, let her be talking about blood.

"Yeah so um, as it turns out, if you... do things to yourself as result of that consumption... it doesn't help. I have a little experience with this cause of a moment in a bathroom with... nevermind. Anyway I think you have to experience the... um, experience... with another person cause it won't-"

"Oh my God, Kris, do you have a blood urge?" Cameron finally interpreted Kris's fidgety movement and cryptic speech.

"Uh, kinda... if that means I'm horny as hell all the time and can't make it go away by myself." Kristie grimaced.


"And, believe me I have tried to find someone to help me out but one girl I dated is monogamous and another I sort of cheated on, and there's no way I'm going to do this with Dylan cause how do you explain something like this without it getting weird? Phone sex didn't work, and I've tried picking up new girls but damn if I don't spot the one or two girls who want to date before doing that. I mean.... dammit, you'd think I could find someone who wanted to get off in a bathroom with a stranger."

Cameron couldn't help the reaction she had; it was a mixture of disgust, hilarity and intrigue because, bathrooms? Ugh.

That gave her a thought. "Hey, Brandy!" Cameron yelled over to where Brandy had pulled up and parked. "I'll be back in a minute." Cameron turned to Kris. "I gotta go to the bathroom now, wanna come?"

Kristie's mouth actually dropped open in shock.

Cameron replayed what she said and turned red. "Oh! Kris," she laughed nervously, "not like that... I mean, I wanna help, but I uh..."

"Don't worry. I think if you just stand within a certain distance it'll... gah, I'm so sorry, you know I wouldn't even ask if I didn't REALLY need your help."

Cameron nodded, gulping. "Kay." She held up a finger to Brandy who had started to get out of her car.

Kristie followed her into the fast food joint and then into the bathroom. It had three stalls so there was no lock on the ladies' door but they both went into the handicap stall and Cameron locked that door, turning to Kris and praying no one else came in.

Kristie looked just as nervous as Cameron felt. "This is weird," she said, unbuckling her belt and popping open her jeans as fast as she could.

Cameron blushed and started to look away. "Um, okay so do I just have to be here, or what."

"I think you just have to be nearby. Oh how the hell should I know? Not like I've done this before." Kris wasted no time, plunging her hand into her jeans. "Oh, fuck!"

Despite the fact that Cameron couldn't really see anything since Kristie had kept her pants on, she'd never actually planned on watching a girl get off. In a bathroom.

It seemed even worse that she knew the girl fingering herself. At least with a stranger you had the chance of never seeing them again. She suddenly got the gist of Kristie's earlier exclamation.

Kristie bit her lip and Cameron found herself a little fascinated at how easily the other girl had started the process. It wasn't fascinating enough to watch though, because after a moment she had to turn away. The whole thing was too intimate and was giving Cameron her own little thrill down south.

She could still hear it going on, especially as Kristie got into it. There were certain noises that moisture on skin made and then there were the smothered gasps and moans accompanying the act.

Cameron plugged her ears. She wished for a second that she was the kind of girl that could easily walk into a stall with her friend and watch said friend get off. But then, she wouldn't be herself. She was the kind of girl who saw logic in things - and logic was telling her Kris needed her help. It was the only thing keeping her from being absolutely mortified or filling like a complete tramp.

How was it that a person had no problem diving into freezing water and suffering the same fate of someone in trouble but watching a girl get off because she needs to get rid of a vampire sex haze was unthinkable? That had been her thought when Kristie told her what she needed.

Yes, her brain was so fucked up it had come back full circle to understandable logic. Cameron had never had to save someone from drowning in icy water, but she could be nearby while Kristie took care of business. Still, her eyes were clamped shut and her fingers were in her ears, allowing only muffled noises to get into her head.

When the room went silent and it was all over, Cameron peaked. Kristie was panting against the wall.

"Did it work?"

Kristie paused as if she was trying to sense a difference. "Who knows."

"What if it didn't?"

"Then I'm going to fucking kill Daman," Kristie said. "No, first I'll fuck him. Then I'll kill him."

"He did this to you?"

"Oh, I bit him," Kristie said, waving her free hand.


"Last Sunday."

Cameron's eyes widened. "So..."

"Every day, several times a day for five days." Kristie zipped up her jeans. "Look, thanks for doing this. If it didn't work then I'll have to call Melanie." Kristie paused, realizing she let the M word slip.

Cameron stared at Kris. "What does she know about it?" Other than how the blood urge made her go have sex with Trent. Cameron didn't know why she couldn't just let Melanie off the hook but the idea that she picked Trent when there were so many other guys who were actually single..."

"Melanie had a little spell herself." When Cameron's eyes widened, Kris said, "Oh, yeah. I watched. She didn't know I did until the end, but I saw her get off in the bathroom at school. Little vixen was just as pumped up as I am."

That last sentence came out a little disgruntled.

Cameron unlocked the door and washed her hands. She turned to Kristie and nodded, saying, "I'm sorry Daman did this to you. But why did he?"

"Oh, I yelled at him because he came inside me without a condom," Kristie said bluntly. "Of course I didn't have any around and after years of not needing them. I didn't think about it until it was too late. But I went to the clinic first thing Monday morning; I don't care what he says about how it's really hard to get pregnant by a vampire."

"Immortal," Cameron corrected automatically. Her mind had frozen with Kristie's admission.

Kristie was scrubbing her hands with soap but turned to eye Cameron. "Huh?"

Cameron shook herself. Not her business. "They're not vampires... well they are, but they aren't. They're immortals."

Kristie turned the water off and stared at her while she grabbed some paper towels and dried her hands off. "Explain."

"I... oh, you'll learn all this when we get to school in the fall. I really need to get back to Brandy."

Cameron turned to go but Kristie put her hand on the door and slammed it shut before it really opened. Cameron glared back at her friend.

Kristie eyed her knowingly. "Tell me."

"Look, I don't have the time to tell you everything."

"How did you even find this out?"

"A dhamphir told me."

"What, a dhamphir like Eric? A half-breed?"


"And why would he tell you? They wouldn't tell me jack shit when I got guarded."

"Kris, I really don't-"

"What the fuck, Cameron, why do you get to get all the intel before school?"

"Kristie, don't get all pissy at me when I just helped you!

"And why would you want to keep a vampire's secret from a friend? Huh? You're choosing them over me?"

"What? No. Kristie we're all not the same side."

"Then what's got you up on a higher pedestal than the rest of us? What did you do that's so..." Kristie's eyes seemed to glaze over as she stared at Cameron.

Cameron jutted out her chin and stared back.

Kristie jerked in one swift movement, aiming a fist for Cameron's stomach. Cameron screamed and brought her arms down to knock Kristie's away at the same time as she bent over to ease the blow. She had no idea where the movement came from; she had no combat training. Instinct then?

Kristie jumped back at stared at Cameron, wide-eyed. Cameron just stayed there in the corner, braced for defense and staring at her friend in horror.

"Okay, one, you should know I wouldn't just punch you," Kristie said loudly. "And two," she lowered her voice, "there is only one fucking reason a woman would react the way you just did."

The two girls just stared at each other. Cameron refused to say anything. She simply stared Kristie down as she wrenched open the door and stalked out of the bathroom, passing two of the restaurant staff workers who had apparently come when they heard the yelling in the bathroom.

Once Cameron was outside, Kristie had caught up to her.

"Cam, look, I'm sorry."

"Fuck off, Kristie. That was a shitty thing to do."

"I wasn't really... I didn't know you'd react like that... I just wanted to know what was up."

"You could have asked." Cameron spotted Brandy, who was leaning against her car, looking irritated. When they made eye contact, the other girl seemed to stiffen, glaring at Kristie as she stood straighter. A friend knew when another was upset and Cameron was barely keeping tears at bay.

"I did. You were dodging."

"Ya think? What would you say?" Cameron turned and faced Kristie. "I hope your problem is taken care of. If not, don't bother calling me to help again. Deal with this yourself. I have to."

"You okay?" Brandy said from the car.

"You don't have to do this alone. I'm your friend." Kristie said.

"Yeah," Cameron said to Brandy. She turned back to Kristie and said, "Kris, we're not friends. We were. But you've changed. And I know with school we are in the same boat but what you just pulled in there shows how different we are. You wanna be friends? Cut the shit and get your act together. I'll see you in the fall." Cameron turned and went to the passenger side door of Brandy's car.

Brandy took a second to do the same, staring Kristie down before getting in the car. Kristie rolled her eyes and scrubbed her hands through her hair before going to her motorcycle.

Cameron opened the door and got in, slamming the door before eyeing her mostly-melted banana split.


Melanie Carver was playing dominos with her young cousins. This was a common occurrence on a Friday evening since her aunt and uncle liked to have "date night" every other weekend. She was happy to do it because it got her out of her parents house for a little while without them worrying where she was.

To say her parents were overprotective was an understatement. That they were sending their daughter to a school run by vampires was something unbeknownst to them and after having a vampire save her life, Melanie was no longer conflicted about whether she should tell them about her chosen college.

Not that it was a choice.

Melanie felt altered since her abduction. She had hoped for rescue, and never really gave up that hope even when her strength failed her. She had had to put her faith in things she didn't understand; in supernatural beings that were demonic by nature.

But William didn't seem demonic. He was sweet. He had cared for her. He had gotten her out of that miserable cell and even took a bullet for her. He was just... other. And he scared her.

She was conflicted. Melanie had thought she was going to die in that hole without having truly lived her life. And why? Because the religion she was brought up in told her how to live. Because she had been born to her parents and not another family that had little or no religious ties. Because she was a Catholic, not just one who used confession as an excuse to do bad things and ask forgiveness later, but one who did her best to follow the path her church laid out for her. And now, after eighteen years, she started to doubt the things she had been told. Her head was in turmoil, and Melanie was beginning to think there was more to the world than she had been taught.

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