Lady Angel, leather and lace clad Mistress of Shadows. Sensual with a taste for dominance, Her sexual pets both benefited and suffered under Her teaching. Crop and flogger, handcuffs and shackles were merely tools used in the training She gave to those who came seeking Her guidance. But one was special, a man who both kept Her mentally sharp, and pleased Her sexually. They complimented each other in all aspects of the time spent together.

She took care preparing for the evening's event. First thoroughly scrubbing Her body and hair clean, then with sandalwood scented oil smoothed over every inch of skin. Her crimson hair brushed dry, and then braided into a long tail that hung to just below Her waist. Carefully looking at Herself in the mirror, She saw a woman dressed in a black, leather corset trimmed in lace, thigh-high lace stocking attached by ribbons to a leather garter belt.

Black, over-the-knee, leather boots with five inch heels finished off the ensemble. Her mound left bare, covered by neither leather, nor lace. Only a narrow, shadowy strip of tight red curls gave color to the pale flesh peeking from between smooth, supple thighs.

The sharp click of heels against the marble tiles announced Her progress along the empty hallway. A casual flick of Her fingers dimmed the overhead pot-lights to a level more compatible with the evening's entertainment. The smile that curved lips rouged to a deep wine would have served as a subtle warning to anyone that saw, and knew how well She looked forward to the selection process ahead.

Upon reaching the converted ballroom, She glanced around to ensure that all was in order before taking Her seat on the raised platform that graced one end of the room. When one entered from the other end of the room She would be waiting, almost casually, on a chair carved from a solid length of Oak, illuminated by a pool of soft white light. There was something regal about Her bearing when one looked at Her relaxing on what could only be described as a throne. Something that made you want to kneel and pay homage to Her beauty. Her strength, the barely contained power that seemed to ebb and flow about Her form.

That was what he saw when the doors opened for him to enter the first time. Hair that caught fire as the lights seemed to slither down over the body wrapped in midnight. A look in Her eyes that almost took him to his knees, even before She spoke. And then, Her voice, erotically husky with the faintest hint of a Southern drawl. His penis had swollen as the need to touch Her, taste Her, overwhelmed him. He had been lost and had known he would do anything She commanded from that night forward.

Around the room, six spotlights shown down on six square satin pillows that lined each wall to Her right, and six more to Her left. These places were reserved for Her twelve, the favored ones. The others, those who came merely to see if they were worthy of Her time, would kneel on the cold marble floor. He had been one of the unworthy ones in the beginning. He remembered the ordeal of those days with pride, because he had been chosen from many others.

James had entered Her mansion a clueless fool, assuming he would find the same games and orgies that were to be found in the dungeon clubs New Orleans was famous for. Nothing had prepared him for the demands She would make on him, both mentally and physically. Each task became more difficult than the last. But, as each accomplishment was achieved, She rewarded him. And each session with Her only made him hungry for more. He became insatiable, greedy for every moment of Her time.

And how did she see him, you might wonder? He gave Her great pleasure, and therefore She held him in high regard. He never questioned Her in anything, ever. A word, or look, was all it took for him to take the necessary actions required to fulfil Her every wish. In that, he was the perfect submissive, in all other things, he was the complete opposite. Which explained his being among the few allowed to address Her as 'my LadyAngel'.

Because in Her world, anyone could grovel and show that they were willing to be treated as if they had no value. To belong to Her, one much be strong and courageous, but also intelligent and thoughtful in their actions toward others. This was what the monthly Gathering Weekends were set up for, to weed out the weak and perpetually needy. Thus, the weekend began.

As James entered the courtyard, She slowly stood. Her eyes never left his face as he drew closer to the dais where She waited.

"Good evening, my LadyAngel." as he sank to one knee, and bowed his head.

A faint smile of pleasure lifted the corners of Her full lips. As She reached out one hand, he arose and mounted the steps to stand before Her.

"Good evening, My best loved pet." She said.

A shiver flowed from the warm hand She placed on his chest, and spread rapidly from there to the tips of his fingers, and down to the bare feet peeking from underneath the hem of his black silk ceremonial robe. Her smile merely deepened in pleasure at the full body reaction he always exhibited under Her touch. Her hand skimmed along his body and stopped to lightly clasp the proof of his need. He groaned softly, but remained completely still.

He could never deny Her anything, especially the use of his body for Her pleasure. Her satisfaction would only lead to his own. What more could any man, submissive or otherwise, want?

"Is all in readiness, pet?" She asked.

"Yes, my LadyAngel. Your guests are beginning to arrive. Even now they are gathering in their respective dressing areas, donning the appropriate robes and wondering what You will expect of them." he answered. They both smiled as memories of many such weekends filled their minds.

Her fingers slowly slipped from his body as She returned to the throne-like chair. It was all he could do to stifle the soft sigh of regret. His time with Her would come, of that he had no doubt. He was Her favorite, the only one allowed to kneel beside Her chair on the black satin pillow. The pillow where he even now sank to his knees, signaling the beginning of the ceremony. The oversized double doors swung open and two columns of figures slowly entered.

The first six of each column wore robes of blood red, followed by six more in robes of white. Signifying their lack of knowledge of the world about which they sought to learn. Only two would be chosen this weekend to wear the red of Her students. The chosen would take the place of the two leaving. These two no longer had need of the Lady's instruction. Somewhere out of sight, a gong sounded as the robed figures moved to their designated places, sank to the floor and assumed the correct positions.

The sharp sound of the crop against the calf of Her boot did not draw a reaction from James, although the sound of a faint gasp would be heard from one of the kneeling figures near the closed doors. Something She made note of, and would deal with when it was time to choose. She slowly walked down the steps, and continued between the double rows of supplicants.

Her eyes carefully assessing each bowed head, the arch of each back and the trembling hands that rested against each set of thighs. Only two would 'make the cut' when the evening ended, therefore she could not afford to ignore even the slightest weakness.

"Let the evening begin." She murmured before returning to the platform.

James stood as She reached the top step and moved to stand slightly to Her right, although a step behind. Together they watched as Her students chose from among the supplicants, pairing off for what would be only the first session of a very long, and exhausting, evening. All supplicants would participate in whatever task the red-robed students chose. Whether they were hetro-sexual, bi-sexual or even homo-sexual, those classifications had no bearing here. The Lady would allow nothing less than complete compliance from the supplicant to his, or her, instructor's wishes.

With little expression, they watched as each pair interacted. How each supplicant reacted once their robes were removed by the Chosen. How compliant they were with the direction given by the Chosen. When the gong again sounded, new partners were chosen and the process began again. Before the evening had reached it's end, each of the Chosen would have been with each supplicant, giving LadyAngel a clear choice for Her new students.

James stepped back and around behind his Mistress. He knew She would become increasingly aroused as the evening's activities progressed. By the time the final decisions were made, She would signal which supplicants were to be led away and their robes changed from white to crimson. They would then be returned and led to the last two red silk squares.

Her need would be as great as his own. James looked forward to the end of the ceremony, at that time he would kneel and taste Her to show his continued devotion. His mouth watered in anticipation of the unique flavor that covered his tongue when She granted him the gift of Her cum. Even now the faint scent of Her arousal drifted upwards between them.

The need to draw closer and press against Her bare buttocks nearly destroyed his composure. But, as always, before he could put thought into action, She reached between them and took his arousal into Her grasp. The faint hint of a smile on Her lips was the only indication that She was pleased by his readiness for Her. James never gave any visible sign that her hand sent the blood rushing to his groin beyond teh obvious, but thankfully the sound of the final gong rang dully throughout the room.

The Lady's Chosen led his, or her supplicant back to their original spot and indicated that they should once more kneel. When the Lady released Her grasp on his bulging cock, it immediately sprang up hard and ready. She paused at the edge of the platform and chose a pair of sleek black leather crops from the assortment kept there at all times. These were used to tap the shoulder of each supplicant chosen, before being led away to be dressed in the appropriate red silk robes of their brothers and sisters.

LadyAngel again ascended the steps to the top of the platform and stood with one hand resting lightly on the arm of the throne-like chair. As Her eyes met his, She waited until the unchosen on the floor filed silently through the doorway. Once silence again filled the hall he moved before his Mistress, dropped to his knees and lifted his hands to the tops of Her boots.

His fingers drifted slowly up along her pale thighs, continuing until they brushed the narrow strip of tight red curls. The only indication that his touch affected Her was the darkening of Her green eyes. Both of James' hands drifted to her hips, as if bracing himself for what would come next. She reached out one hand, laying it atop his head and pushed down.

His lips parted and the tip of his tongue pushed between the dewy, curl covered lips. It was hard to tell whose moan was louder, his or the collective one that drifted up from the kneeling Chosen. Her fingers tightened in his hair, holding his face against the heat radiating from Her mound. Each lick along the puffy lips brought a faint guttural growl from her throat, and encouraged him to increase his efforts.

When she lifted one boot and set the stiletto heel against his thigh, the room seemed to give a collective groan. As his head fell back, She followed by bending one knee and grinding the dampness of Her pussy against his open mouth. Her body began to rock back and forth against his licking tongue. His moans vibrated against her distended clit and Her face lifted toward the shadowed ceiling.

Suddenly Her ass cheeks slid up onto the thick arm of the throne. The strong grasp of Her hand in his hair pulled him around, the silk sliding on the platform floor. The sudden force crushed his mouth against damp swollen lips that parted as Her legs wrapped loosely around his shoulders. With a clearly audible snarl, he attacked Her opening. His tongue driving in, pumping deeper with each thrust.

Balanced on his knees with both hands braced against the side of Her chair, he licked and sucked the sweet pussy of his Mistress. Hungrily driving the tip of his tongue into her juicy hole, intent on forcing the orgasm that would feed him the sweet cum he desperately wanted -- needed.

"such a good boy." She purred, as he hungrily swirled the tip of his tongue. "Mistress' good boy."

He visibly shuddered at the sound of Her voice, his cock a dark angry red as it strained towards it's Mistress. Drops of precum dripped onto the pillow beneath his knees. The drops falling faster and faster, until they became a glistening string from the almost purple tip of his cock to the black silk. Without even seeming to move, the crop flashed through the spotlight and landed with a crack across his ass, he groaned but never left the hot sweet pussy pressing against his lapping tongue.

LadyAngel turned to look out over the Chosen who watched with lips parted as if they, and not James, knelt between her thighs. Hands furiously stroked, fingers rubbed and pinched under the red silk as they watched their Mistress be pleasured by Her favorite. The scent of arousal had filled the room once more. She smiled with approval and turned to look down at Her most prized possession.

"cum, pet." She whispered softly, but she might as well have shouted.

His body convulsed as the roar left his throat. Bowing backward until his head touched the floor behind him, a thick stream of milky white cum shot from the end of his turgid shaft and splattered against the side of Her chair. The Lady smiled as drops of cum landed on Her thighs, and stood to move over his straining body.

"clean Me."

Trembling and panting from the force of his orgasm, James struggled upright to lick his cum off Her skin. Caressing his cheek, Her face turned to look out over the kneeling Chosen and addressed them directly for the first time.

"You are my Chosen ones, tonight we have added two more to Our number. You will guide them as I have been your guide. Go now, rest. Your journey has begun."

LadyAngel stepped back, held out Her hand and as James placed his in it they stepped down off the platform side by side. Without another word they walked along the darkened corridor. Once they reached Her chambers, LadyAngel walked to the center of the room and turned to look at James.

"remove your robe." She said.

He untied the ribbon that held the black silk closed at his throat, the faint rustle was music to Her ears as it slithered down his naked body. The faint sound of the crop against the calf of Her right boot acted as a signal, and he moved to the oversized wooden chair positioned against the 'toy' wall.

Around the chair hung the various tools that the Lady used. Most obvious were the shiny sets of shackles and handcuffs that caught the light and reflected it back. Drawing one's attention to the arms of the chair where cuffs were bolted to the wooden arms, and shackles were attached to the legs. This section of the Lady's chambers served many purposes.

Once James sat down and slid flush against the back of the chair, She closed the cuffs around his wrists. Dropping into a squat, she locked the shackles around both ankles. Once the echo of a metallic click died away, She stood up.

Her nails dragging along his thigh until they came into contact with his semi-erect cock. Flicking a fingertip back and forth across it, he groaned as it filled out and stood up proudly. She grasped it tightly in one fist and knelt on the seat of the chair, Her knee against his hip. Drawing up the other knee against the opposite hip, Her bare pussy was perfectly positioned right above his cock.

"watch your cock pleasure your Mistress, pet." She hissed.

His gaze dropped immediately to the hand wrapped possessively around his straining shaft. He seemed to almost stop breathing as She lowered until the tip of his cock came into contact with the heat of Her slit.

"such a good boy." She murmured.

Dragging the tip along the close clipped curls, She smiled at the flushed look of strain on his face. Knowing it was almost painful to be this close to Her heat and not be able to touch, or assist, in any manner. Pushing down against him, the tip parting Her puffy pink lips. She rocked back and forth across it for one -- two -- three heartbeats, and then leaned back again.

"look, pet, see how the dew forms on the tip of My cock?" She whispered beside his ear.

His eyes closed and his color heightened, as if struggling with some inner demon. But the only sound he made was a strangled growl that remained locked deep in his chest.

"tell your Mistress who owns this cock, pet." She hissed against the side of his neck, the tip of Her tongue licking against the skin heated by his overwhelming need.

The words could barely be heard, "You own this cock, my LadyAngel."

Her words cut as sharp as a blade. "louder, pet, tell Me who owns this cock!"

Cum suddenly spurted onto the leather of Her corset as his words broke loose with a strangled cry.

"this cock and this body belongs only to YOU, MistressLadyAngel!!!"

"such a good boy." She crooned, brushing back and forth against his cock once again.

He panted, struggling to stop the strings of cum that kept oozing over her bare pussy. But that battle was lost the moment Her hand guided him to the hole hidden deep between the soaked lips of Her pussy.

With a satisfied growl LadyAngel sank down onto his cock, taking him completely inside without even slowing. His soft whimpers only fueled the fire blazing in Her body. Once She reached that point, --- once She began to fuck him, --- there was no stopping.

Clamping both knees tightly against his hips, she rode his cock hard and fast. Her hands grasping the iron rings attached conveniently to the top of the chair. This angled Her body toward his face, dragging Her nipples against his lips. He could not resist opening his mouth to suck and lick at the hard tips. The harder he sucked, the faster She rode the long thick proof of his need.

Suddenly Her head fell back and ragged screams echoed through the room around them. Feeling the tight walls of her sex constrict painfully around him set off another orgasm, and their cum mixed inside the pussy thrusting wildly up and down his length.

Once She managed to stop and took a deep breath, She slowly backed off his body. James' cock caught between her pussy lips and left a trail of their cum glistening along her slit. She stepped to the side and leaned over his shoulder, growling against his ear.

"you were a bad boy, pet. you made Mistress cum without asking permission."

Struggling to breathe as Her hand came up and wrapped tightly around his throat. James could only nod silently.

"Mistress must punish Her pet for causing such a mess." She said with a feral grin.

Still gripping his throat with one hand, the other reached for his cock, stroking it rapidly. A strangled moan slipped past his panting lips, as almost instantly his cock became rock hard. LadyAngel released him but before he could catch a full breath, She spun with his cock still clutched tightly in one fist and slammed down on top of it.

He howled as the slick, hot walls of Her pussy tightened around him. Expecting Her to move, he was stunned to silence when she sat perfectly still.

"m..myLadyAngel?" he whispered softly.

She never responded, nor did She acknowledge he'd even spoken. His mind was so entangled in the intensity that had preceded this moment, he couldn't think clearly. Gradually he felt the faint movement of Her inner walls moving around his throbbing shaft. He didn't even attempt to hold back the panting groans that spilled from his open mouth.

She refused to do more than slowly milk his cock. Her punishment was to bring him to complete arousal, and keep him there until he begged for release. They both knew this would be the ultimate outcome of the evening. They both anticipated it, knowing it would bring them both intense pleasure.

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