I waited. The clock on my wall ticked, counting each second of time. Darkness filled the room, telling me it would be soon. I laid under my soft sheets naked, eagerly waiting. I knew there was no need to wear anything. Within moments, clothing would not be necessary.

The clock ticked, the hour so close. Already, my nipples were beginning to harden and tighten. Between my legs, I could tell I was becoming extremely warm and quite moist. It seemed time was moving too slowly and then it happened. The clock chimed its sweet melody, gentle music to my ears.

The candles I had placed around the room blazed to life. In the corner of my room, I watched the shadows move and begin to take on a human shape. I watched in awe as the features of my dark lover started to become clearer and clearer before me. With purpose in his step, he came to the side of my bed, looking my body over.

Slowly, I sat up to meet him. Touching the side of my face, he tilted my head up to look at him. His eyes glowed green in the darkness of the room. He rubbed his thumb along my lips, tracing them. I kissed it and playfully sucked it into my hot mouth. When he leaned over, his raven hair fell, forming a curtain around our faces. Oh so gently, his lips touched mine. I raised my hand to his head, pulling him closer and wove my fingers through his dark hair.

His lips left mine, moving down my neck, sending chills throughout my spine. Gently, he pulled the covers down, as I again laid back on the bed. His greedy mouth moved down my neck to my breasts, as he kissed, sucked and licked each hungrily. I gasped, and squirmed underneath him. His hot tongue licked at my nipples making them very hard before sucking each into his hot mouth. The combination of his tongue and mouth seemed to make them even more erect.

Without thought, I opened my legs for him. His hand reached between them and he traced the hair on my mound with his fingertips. Slowly, his mouth left my breasts. As he kissed his way down, his fingers slipped between the wet lips of my pussy. He skillfully moved his fingers in and out, the way he knew I enjoyed it most. Within seconds, I was moaning in orgasm, unable to hold the waves of pleasure back.

He moved his head between my legs and I felt his tender lips kiss my mound. Eager for a taste, his started to lick my wetness away. I realized he had more than one finger inside me now. I arched my back, granting him access, allowing him to enjoy every bit of my wet pussy. Lightly and repeatedly, his tongue licked at my clit, quickly sending me into another wonderful orgasm. My head was swimming in pure pleasure.

I was brought back to reality when he lifted his head. He gently reached for and took my hand, pulling me from the bed to the center of my room. Expecting this might happen, I had laid out a blanket for us before going to bed. Leading me to it, I knelt on the floor as he stood before me. The flickering candle light accented his beautifully shaped muscles.

Looking up into his glowing eyes, I began to stroke his perfect cock. It was just the right size and length for me. His cock responded to my touch, quickly becoming hard and filling my hand. I leaned forward, drawing it closer, kissing and sucking his growing cock into my mouth. Using a sensual touch, my hands massaged and played with his balls. He started to groan in delight.

I tasted the pre-cum on the head of his dick and hungrily licked it off. There was a slight acidic taste to him, but it was a taste I had learned to enjoy. Pulling his cock from my mouth, he pushed me slightly on the shoulder. He didn't have to tell me, I knew what he wanted and I laid back.

Reaching to his side, he withdrew a candle from its holder. Looking into my eyes seconds before, he tilted the candle very slightly, letting the wax drip. The first drops hit my hard nipples. A shot of burning heat penetrated the sensitive skin, then instantly cooled. He continued to pour the wax down my breasts and onto to my stomach. The sensation of the hot wax, then the immediate chilling afterwards, made me shiver. He smiled. This playful distraction was a mere intermission to our lovemaking. I knew from experience he wanted us to last as long as we could.

His erection stood hard. I wanted his cock. I wanted it in my pussy, deeply buried. He had a glint of lust in his eyes. He knew I wanted him. Using my need to his advantage, he rubbed his cock in front of me, teasing me with it. My hand went between my legs and I started to finger the wetness there. I tried to touch his cock, which loomed above me, but he would not let me until I made myself cum. Familiar waves of pleasure filled my body as I started to feel another orgasm building within me. I moaned, much louder and with a greater intensity than before, allowing my whole being to enjoy the moment. Satisfied with what he had witnessed, he laid down on the floor beside me.

Raising to my knees, I straddled him, sliding his cock between my legs and into my wet pussy. He cupped both of my breasts with his hands, flaking the cooled wax from them with his fingertips. With a gentle rhythm, I started to ride his cock. He moaned and thrust his hips upwards, meeting me.

My mind lost in the enjoyment, I felt another orgasm taking me over. My cries, my moans, they came at the verge of a scream, as my pussy pulsated around his hard shaft. He grunted and moaned too, being triggered by my own orgasm. Unconsiously, my body began to brace itself, knowing what was to come next.

I felt him tense up and increase his grip on my breasts. His eyes rolled back in pure ecstasy. Followed by a low sound, like a growl that vibrated his body. Thrusting his hips up once more, pushing to the limit, I felt the hot liquid filling me inside, dripping from our joining. Just like the wax, there was an instant of hot, burning heat, soon followed by a coolness. Again, he growled in delight, his fangs glistening before me in the candle light.

Still holding his cock between my legs, trying to keep him buried inside me, I leaned over and kissed him. His whole body was now hot against mine. His tongue went deep in my mouth, burning my own. Reluctantly, I pulled away. His green eyes had turned a fiery red from our lovemaking.

Just like every night at this moment, I wanted to join him in his world. To go with him when he left my bedroom, when he left me. But, I could not and we both knew it. He pulled me close to him and laid my head on his searing, hot chest.

Through my open window, the gray stillness of dawn was becoming visible. Quickly, the candles started to die, flicking out on their own. I grabbed him, trying to hold him as tight as I could. But, he faded, becoming shadow without form, my arms still holding, my hands sliding through his disappearing body, only finding the floor. With a heavy sigh, I laid down and started to count the minutes until my daemon lover would visit me again.

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