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I could almost feel the shadows slip over us as we lay, pillows in disarray, clothing strewn about the floor in half-hazard patterns that told a story of cavalier abandon. Rick was inside me at last, just the tip, sinking deeper and then pulling back, teasing. I thrust back to feel him fill me, stretch me, the newness of our coupling like the adrenaline rush of a first flight, jet engines screaming down the runway at impossible speed. I spread my legs wider as he sank his cock deeper, felt my excitement in the wetness between my legs, saw it reflected in his dark eyes. We had been a long time waiting.

I could see the shadows shift and change, mirror reflections dancing over the walls and ceiling like the sun circling the earth in a parody of medieval miscalculation, the universe turned inside out by the pleasure of our passion. I pulled him down, nails digging into his back, the coarse hair of his chest scratching, crushed against my breasts, my nipples like two electric peaks; bright, jagged lust ever-hardening - sending shock wave pulses through my clit as I shifted downward to feel every ridge and vein sliding back and forth between my saturated inner lips.

The shadow light intensified - a blast of heat caressing our skin like a hot summer day, bursting about our coupled loins, flashing in time with my heartbeat as our hips clashed in rhythm to the strobe. Our tongues began to struggle together, probing, exploring, teeth tugging on lips, breath coming in little gasps and moans; shivers up my spine like a river of fire.


I closed my eyes against the light as we rolled together across the bed, Rick's hands behind me, pinning me against him, our coupling unbroken before the watchful eye. I braced myself on the tight muscles of his chest, pressed him into the mattress and began to ride, his beautiful cock shining as I rode up and down it's length, feeling every infinitesimal nuance of texture. His hands moved everywhere. Up my back - a shiver, kneading my ass – fingers nudging, caressing the sensitive opening then over my hips, up my belly to the tenderness of my breasts, finding the nipples to pinch and twist and tease. His fingers brushed my cheek, my neck, plunged into my hair as he rocked his hips against mine, his voice low and thick, telling me how he'd watched me all these years, wanting this, wanting me. We raced on.

The light dimmed, the shadows of the brass headboard disappeared from the wall. Murmurs in the background. We stopped the ride, paused in freeze-frame, my muscles clenched, messaging his cock as we waited as if for a new day. I slipped a painted fingertip across his lips and he sucked it into his mouth, his eyes closed, his tongue running up and down its length. I slipped it out, dragged it down his chin and neck then across his chest to wet his nipple, teasing it to hardness.

"I've wanted you too. All those trips to the beach, the times you came out of the bathroom in just a towel. All the long talks, the looks, knowing you were looking. You have no idea how wet you made me, thinking about this."

It will be time…


The light rose again, flared into life as the shadows resumed their dance across the wall. The bed sank behind me, a second pair of hands messaging my shoulders. With parted lips I turned my head to look behind me, the light blinding, burning, Andy's form in silhouette as he moved into position. I arched my back, reached out for him as my clit began to twitch and throb, pushing against Rick, fucking myself on his thickening shaft as I held Andy against me, his hand smearing the lubricant, a finger easing itself into my ass. I arched my back, sharing a kiss with my husband as he slipped another finger inside me. I thrust against the two men, the noises in my throat welling up of their own volition, my body wracked with a feeling of fullness I'd only imagined, rocking in time to their rhythm; my body controlling it's own actions, my mind tagging along for the ride.

The light, shining in my eyes: a bright red explosion behind the veil of closed lids. Andy removing his fingers, moving into position behind me, straddling Rick's legs. A delicious, familiar pressure between the cheeks of my ass, the deep purple tip nudged, sought admission. I relaxed, opened to him with just a little pain - thankful for the weeks of practice we'd spent in preparation for this moment.

The head, popping inside and holding there, suspended. Andy's hands on my hips as they rocked in time with Rick's thrusting.

The first inch, stretching, burning, tiny sharp tingles of light spreading through my lower body. I wondered if the men could feel each other inside me, their cocks rubbing across each other, barely separated.

The final inch and I reached down between them to caress their balls, pressed together beneath me, both men motionless now, waiting.

"Fuck me," I whispered, the words heavy in my throat, the world contracted to a point that focused in my lower body, in the fullness in my ass and cunt, in the two men supporting me, impaling me on their rigid poles of blood engorged muscle - four hands exploring every inch of my willing flesh.


The light dipped and came to rest, the shadows static. The men resumed their rhythm, Rick pulling out, Andy thrusting back, every motion bringing me closer to explosion. I threw my head back, my lips against Andy's neck, biting, his hands pulling my nipples, messaging my breasts as Rick began to rub my clit. The bed sank once more and I opened my eyes, squinting, almost blinded, as Angela crawled across the pillows to kiss her husband, her hands running up and down his hard torso, her eyes fixed on the two cocks drilling into me. She crawled, cat-like, looking into my eyes as she swung her leg over Rick, settling down atop his mouth, his tongue probing, searching the delicate folds of flesh between her legs. She reached out for me and we embraced, sharing a kiss; deep and wet, wanton and slick, the four of us a mass of bright nerve endings riding the hot rails of lust, swimming in sweat, melding together as one, the scent of our couplings filling my senses.

I pushed Angela back against the headboard, Rick's tongue still flicking across her clit, his chin soaked with the juices that flowed from her, his neck straining beneath her bucking hips. The men slowed their tempo, ramming me like two pistons in perfect synchronization, Rick filling me from the front, Andy pulling out, leaving only the head engulfed in my tingling flesh. Then a pause, then a change; both of them acting the part of cogs in an indefatigable machine, eliciting my lubrication to splash the gears. I wrapped my arms around Angela's lower back, the feel of her smooth skin a sharp contrast to the texture of the men, the light covering of coarse hair on their thighs and chests chafing my skin to a wakeful, tender flush. I let my tongue wander down her neck, smelling the perfume of her hair, dipping lower, tasting the sweat that beaded between her breasts, feeling my clit all but crushed against the base of Rick's cock. Rick, my husband's best friend, who began to twitch and moan between Angela's thighs; the muscles of his neck like steel cables, taught and ready to snap.

I took her pink swollen nipple into my mouth, heard her gasp as my teeth began to tug, saw the fine hairs on her body begin to rise with the shivers running through her. The men increased their tempo and I moved with them, still grinding my clit against Rick, still feeling Andy's hardness sliding in and out of my hot tight asshole. Angela pulled me closer, my face buried against the softness of her breasts. The heat between my thighs still rising, all sensations in my lower body blending into a single fire, fanned to white heat, red hot coals exploding like dry knots in an over-stoked woodstove. My screams, muffled by Angel's breasts, burst through every nerve ending as my climax tore it's way through my convulsing body, natures violence leaving nothing untouched, every fiber of my being smashed flat by the unrelenting tempest.

I collapsed on top of Rick, resting my head on Angela's thigh as the men slowed their tempo once more. Angela stroked my damp hair; her eyes glowed warm and loving as the three of them waited for me to catch my breath, reveling in the musky fragrance of their bodies. Andy and Angela leaned forward to share a kiss and Angela reached downward, her fingers sliding over my back and down to grip the base of his cock, slipping him out of me. I grabbed onto Angela's shoulders to steady myself, letting Rick's still throbbing tool slide free, disengaging myself from the tangle of limbs belonging to the three closest friends in my life. I rose on trembling legs and made my way across the floor to take my place as mistress of the light.


Angela looked at me with a glint in her jewel-green eyes as Rick's tongue resumed its tireless journey back and forth between the soaking wet lips of her pussy. She leaned forward, Andy's hands engulfed in her dark hair as she once again took hold of his rigid member, pumping slowly, at the same time running her tongue over the tip of Rick's throbbing cock.

"A can taste you, Susan," she said with a lascivious smile, still looking into my eyes. "And you saved them both for me."

I brought the light closer, bathing their skin in a brilliant glow, the shadows resuming their dance across the wall. Angela's fingers teased my husband's cock, sliding in the lubricant, then pressed the tip against Rick, nudging the head against his tight entrance. The two men groaned, deep and animal-like, the sound starting a new flow between my legs. Angela reached behind Andy, pulling him forward, guiding the tip of his tool into Rick's willing ass. First the head pushed inside, and they stopped, letting Rick grow accustomed to the feeling as he continued to work his tongue in and out of his wife's pussy, his cheeks wet, glistening with her lubrication. Angela thrust back, pulled Andy closer; he sank deeper, inch by inch, until the top of Andy's pubic hair rested against Rick's balls.

I made the shadows, saw them slide about the walls of the room, watching Angela as she thrust her hips against Rick's face even as she took him into her mouth, the shaft sliding between her full pink lips, her hands on Andy's ass, kneading, pushing him in and out. The light trembled as I directed the threesome taking place before me. I ran a finger between my legs, needing to address the pressure building in my clit as I watched my husband fuck another man.


Angela, crawling foreword, her hands on Andy's shoulders. Andy, taking Rick's cock in his hand, rubbing it back and forth between Angela's legs, her body tense, every muscle straining, then sinking down, impaled. Angela and Andy sharing an embrace, a kiss, a melding. They rode and fucked Rick into another world, his spine arched, head thrust back, buried into the pillows, his hands on Angela's waist, grunting like a heated animal with each thrust of Andy's cock, with every bump and grind of Angela's hips. Reluctantly, I removed my hand from my aching clit and steadied the light, concentrating on the task at hand. They were nearing the final stretch, electric ecstasy played across their faces, gasping, straining, dancing to the beat. I crawled onto the bed, knelt just behind Rick's head, capturing all in the light of the electric eye.


Andy removed himself from Rick and slid his shaft up Rick's belly even as Angela pulled herself up and off, then sank back, trapping both cocks side by side between her pussy and her husband's belly, still riding. The men slid their cocks between her soaking outer lips; hard, red, angry and swollen, protruding between the soft cheeks of her ass. She twisted to look at me as she came, eyes slitted, mouth open, gasping for air, her breath suspended. Rick came next, thick ropes of white jetting up and out, fingers digging into Angela's hips, so close to me I could feel his breath rush gently across the trimmed mound that I longed to press against his beautiful lips. With a final thrust Andy began to climax, crushing Angela to his chest. For a brief moment both cocks pumped and spat side by side, covering Rick's belly, splashing his face, several droplets coming to rest on my thighs, then dripping in little trails to wet the tangled sheets.

I kept filming until they collapsed in a giggling heap, still kissing and stroking each other, Angela licking both men's cum off of her husband's face.

"That was fucking amazing!" said Angela, "Susan, did you get it all?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely," I replied with a wink and a grin, getting off the bed and shutting of the camera, replacing it on the tripod across the room.


"I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty wiped out," said Rick, gently caressing Angela's breasts. Andy gave me a warm, lingering kiss and announced that he was going for another bottle of Merlot.

"Speak for yourself," I said with a playful grin, "I'm all worked up again from watching."

"How much tape is left?" Asked Angela.

I looked at the display. "Almost twenty minutes."

"Then get yourself over here…"

I smiled, pressed the switch and fell into her arms, my pussy tingling to her touch. I fell into the softness of her lips as light and shadow played, dancing across the walls once more.


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