Shadows on the Sun Porch


Suddenly it dawned on Rachel that the door to the sun porch was open, and she could hear Matt and Jenny. First, Rachel noticed Matt's breathing, rapid, heavy, occasionally a slight moan. Then, she noticed a heavier, wetter sound, which she realized was Jenny breathing around Matt's cock. The occasional slurp only turned Rachel on more, as she imagined it was her own mouth working on Matt.

Rachel continued to watch, and play with herself, feeling the butterflies in her stomach as she toyed with her clit. It was getting maddening, but she wanted to prolong this. As she watched, Matt suddenly stiffened, and Jenny pulled away from him sat back. For the first time, Rachel could see Matt's cock, and the sight of it made her nearly moan out loud. She bit down hard on her lip to keep quiet.

Matt's cock seemed large. Not enormous, not like some of the monsters she'd seen in pornos, but big. Thick. In the moonlight, it glistened slightly, surely due to Jenny's recent attentions, and it slowly twitched, in rhythm with--maybe Matt's heartbeat, Rachel thought. Jenny had grasped it by the base, and Rachel heard her whisper, "Not yet."


Matt growled and lunged forward to grab Jenny under the arms. "You are killing me," he whispered. The shadow and moonlight dappled her skin as he hauled her up to straddle him. She let out a short "Oh!" as he reached around and cupped her ass, spreading her apart. She reached behind herself to make sure he was positioned right, and when she nodded, he lowered her down onto his cock, pressing her down onto him as far as she would go. She groaned, a long, low "ooooooohhhhhhhh," as he filled her. His breath whooshed out of him as well--there is nothing quite like that sensation, hot, wet, soft friction.

Jenny began to ride, slowly, sliding up and down his dick, all the way to the top, almost too far, and then sliding back down the full length. The stroked became faster, and faster, and the two of them began grunting softly with each one. Matt moaned. The heat was becoming unbearable, the smooth glide of her around him making his stomach clench and his balls rise in only moments. He concentrated on prolonging this, focusing on making her come, on giving her pleasure. He reached up and held her breasts, as Jenny arched her back away from him, beginning to almost bounce on his cock now.

Jenny was incredibly hot tonight, and as she bounced on Matt, she started to grind her clit against him with each stroke. He always turned her on, but she wondered if maybe seeing his obvious arousal at another woman was making this even more intense.

She wondered, idly, whether Rachel had been wanting to do this to Matt tonight.


Rachel had watched open-mouthed, breathing hoarsely, as Matt lifted Jenny up onto him, and as he pulled Jenny down onto him, Rachel did moan this time, a sound hidden by Matt and Jenny's own groans.

The shadows were tricky now, dappling the two as they fucked, but Rachel could clearly see Matt's cock as it rammed home, glistening with Matt's and Jenny's juices. Rachel slid a finger into herself, and began to work it in and out, matching the frenzied pace that Jenny set.

Victim to another impulse that she couldn't explain, Rachel suddenly stopped what she was doing, and looked at the open door to the sun porch. I could walk out there. I could walk out there, and I bet they'd want me. This was quickly answered with no way! they'll just be embarrassed. It would be awful.

The next thought was much more devious. I could sneak out there. I could be in the same room while they fuck. It's dark enough, and if I stayed near the door, I could slip away before they saw me. Part of Rachel's mind argued against, but she wanted too badly to be in that room with Matt and Jenny. She ducked down and crept, slowly, slowly, drawn by the eager panting and moans from the other room.

She reached the door, and hazarded a peek around the edge. The layout of the room afforded her ideal cover--the shadows were deep here, and some furniture partly blocked the way. Throwing caution to the wind, Rachel crept across the threshold into the room, and slid up against a corner around which she could watch Matt and Jenny. Moving to her knees, she spread her legs and sat back on her haunches, confident that the shadows would cover her. Her open legs were pointed at Matt and Jenny, and Rachel rather liked the thought of masturbating right in front of them--even though they didn't know it.

Jenny was furiously grinding on Matt now, and Rachel's eyes went wide at Jenny's pure abandon. Jenny was making noises now, noises that Rachel surely would have heard from the other room. Rachel quickly pushed her finger back inside herself, and began to slide it in and out. The pressure inside her was building, and she bit down on her lower lip, flaring her nostrils to breathe. She slipped a second finger inside, and redoubled her pace.

Jenny suddenly stopped, and lifted herself off of Matt--Rachel likewise stopped, but did not move her finger. Rachel ground the heel of her hand against her clit slowly, watching, waiting. She again went wide-eyed when Jenny turned around, and lowered herself back onto Matt, this time facing away from him. Jenny lay back on Matt and began rocking her hips to move Matt into and out of her. Now, Rachel could see Jenny's cunt, open and wet, as Jenny rode Matt. Jenny rocked her hips from side to side, grinding a little, and Matt reached around and began to stroke Jenny's clit.

Rachel again matched pace with Jenny--these pauses just enough to keep her from coming--and watched as Matt masturbated Jenny while he fucked her. Matt began to thrust his hips up to meet Jenny's downward stroke, and Rachel could hear Jenny whispering "fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me" over and over. Rachel was so turned on she thought she might faint.

Matt and Jenny fucked each other like that for several minutes, and then Matt pushed Jenny forward, surging up off of the couch, his cock still inside her. Jenny rolled forward to her hand, ending up with her legs spread and her hands against the ground. Matt gripped her hips and began to drive himself home in powerful thrusts, his head held back, muscles clenched.

"I'm going to fuck you senseless," he growled through clenched teeth. It was all he could do to keep pumping, to hold off his orgasm for a few more minutes. He was grunting loudly with each thrust, feeling Jenny's ass slam against him.

"Oh god yes, use me," Jenny said, feeling her second orgasm build as Matt slammed into her.

Rachel, hidden in shadow, was mesmerized, one hand pumping two fingers in and out of her wet slit, the other hand working her clit furiously. She was going to come soon, and by the looks of it, so would Matt and Jenny. She wanted that to happen--wanted the three of them to come together--and she struggled to hold off.

Matt's thrusts started coming faster and faster, and Jenny's voice cut off to rapid fire pants, and Rachel squinted her eyes shut as the impending explosion approached.

And then, a car turned the corner. Down the street. Must have been some late-night revelers. It's headlights briefly flashed across the scene, freezing everyone for a split second in bright, yellow light.

Matt, head back, teeth clenched, hands gripping Jenny's hips.

Jenny, leaning forward, wild with lust, and begging Matt to fuck her.

Rachel, leaning back, hands a blur between her legs.

Jenny was looking right at Rachel when the headlights passed.

Their eyes met.

And then Matt exploded, every muscle going stiff, as he came, slamming into Jenny, making "uh-uhh-uhhh" sounds.

The sound--and in Jenny's case, the sensation--of Matt's orgasm sent both women over the edge. Jenny screamed, her knees buckling as her orgasm hit, her eyes locked on Rachel's. Rachel, for her part, let out a loud moan, and catapulted forward, catching herself with one hand as the powerful contractions of her orgasm shook her. Both women watched each other intently as they came, each letting out little cries as the aftershocks shuddered through them. As their climaxes subsided, Jenny reached out to intertwine her fingers with Rachel's and pulled her close, drawing Rachel's lips to hers and kissing her fiercely.

The three slept that night on the sunporch. Tomorrow would be very interesting.

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