Shallow Thoughts Deep Subjects

byMountain Rider©

"You better," Angel says.

"I will," you affirm. "Don't doubt that for a second."

"I don't," she says, and leans in to kiss you.

You're lips meet and melt into each other. You can feel her massive breasts pillow into your chest. Her hard nipples poke you through your shirt. In response, you press your seemingly permanent erection against her. She presses back hard against you, reading your intent and quick to respond.

Your tongues dance around each other for many minutes. Finally you both have to pause to draw breath.

"You really are a strange man," she says as she walks you to the door.


"Tomorrow," she agrees. "Sweet dreams."

"I don't think I've stopped since I met you," you say as her door closes.


You expect to sleep fitfully if at all, and only after an emergency masturbation session to relieve all the tension. Oddly enough you feel a great sense of accomplishment and personal peace, so neither ends of up happening. You fall immediately into a deep and satisfying sleep when you get home and get undressed. Even the little guy finally relaxes for the night, confident that he will eventually get what he wants.

What you both want, undeniably, is Angel. The dreams are very sweet.


Ahhh... Sunday. It's 11 AM and you have the phone in hand.

"Hello?" answers Angel in her now familiar musical voice.

"Hi, it's me. Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"Good morning! No, I actually just got back from the gym and finished a shower."

"That's funny, so did I."

"Odd... Anyway, I was hoping it was you when the phone rang. How are you doing this morning with what we shared last night?"

"A little embarrassed at how quickly we got heated up, honestly," you answer, "but no regrets at all."

"I'm sincerely relieved to hear that," Angel responds, and you can hear it in her voice. "I second-guessed myself nearly to death after you left last night. I was sure you were driving home wondering what kind of horny weirdo you had just escaped."

"Nothing of the kind...besides, I thought I was the horny weirdo."

Angel laughs. You are beginning to get seriously addicted to that laugh.

"Well," she says, "how about you let the lady treat the gentleman to lunch today."

"That sounds great, but I have one condition."

"What would that be?"

"Let me help you around your new home today. I can hang curtains, change hardware and fixtures, put up pictures, anything you want. I think it's time you start filling your space."

"Deal! Come on over."

You pack a few tools and do just that.


It's another excellent day with the busty diva, you must say. It is also most certainly enhanced by the cropped tee-shirt and little grey shorts she's wearing when you show up to help around the house.

Lunch is also fantastic – largely because you misunderstood Angel's intent to "treat you". She cooks for you, and you find out that it's something she is really good at. After lunch, you succeed in all manner of manly home improvement and decorating tasks. As a final task for the day Angel hangs and rewires a ceiling fan, and you find out that electrical work is something else she's good at.

Meanwhile you have the time of your life just holding the step ladder for her and staring up at her bare stomach while she stretches overhead. The bottom of her tee-shirt is pushed so far away from her body by the depth of her breasts that it teases you with an almost unimpeded view of the undersides of them. Almost that never can actually see any of their curvature.

"Enjoying the view?" she asks.

"Definitely," you reply unashamedly. "I'd like to flatter myself by thinking that you wore that shirt for my enjoyment as well as your comfort."

"You would be correct," she smiles down at you.

"Don't worry though," you continue. "I can't really see anything other than your stomach."

"Well that's disappointing," Angel says. She finishes tightening the third thumbscrew on the last glass globe on the fan's light and drops her arms. She shakes her arms a little to get the blood moving back through them, then reaches up her back under her shirt. She unhooks her bra, and then does that magical thing women know how to do that causes a white underwire bra to be produced out of the arm of her tee-shirt.

You feel like you should clap and say, "Ta-daaaa!", but you're quickly rendered speechless and immobile when she drapes the newly removed lacy undergarment on your head.

She takes the light bulb out of your hand and stretches back up to install it in the light she just finished assembling. Without the support of her bra, her heavy breasts hang just enough that you can just barely see the undersides of the two globes beneath the edge of her shirt when her arms are over her head like that.

"Better?" she asks without looking at you.

"Much!" you say, and when you notice that the light bulb is secure, you lean in and plant a kiss on her tight belly.

Angel squeals and nearly topples off the step ladder. You catch her and put two more kisses on top of the first. She giggles, and you lift her down to the floor with a significant amount of jiggling involved.

"You look incredibly silly with that," she says, looking at the bra on your head.

You remove the bra, inhale the fragrance of her skin from it, and say, "And you look incredibly sexy without it."

Angel raises her arms over her head, crosses her wrists, and places her palms together. This lifts her shirt enough to bare the bottom two inches of her free-swinging rack. She give a little shimmy, which makes everything sway amazingly and says, "Why thank you. I do my breast."

You both laugh at the pun, and then fall slowly silent. You wrap an arm around her waist and pull her toward you. Her arms drop naturally over your shoulders, and her hands pull your head toward her. You stop momentarily to descend into her deep brown eyes and then kiss her fully and softly on the lips.

Your bodies mold together as you hold each other and kiss for many seconds. Then Angel takes your head, bends it down, and presses your face into her fabric covered bosom. You feel the softness of her envelope your face and breathe in the scent of her body. She rubs you in her cleavage for a few seconds and then lets you up.

"I'll have to introduce you to them properly sometime soon," she says.

"But not today?" you ask.

"Not today," she answers. "I believe you're right for wanting to take it a little cautiously."

You nod, and she continues, "I have had another wonderful day though, and I can say that the time spent has helped me in several ways."

You're still holding her to you and enjoying the warmth of her body next to yours. You can see that her nipples are hard again and protruding proudly.

"In what ways?" you ask.

"Well, I feel like my instincts are slowly being proved true. Every moment I spend with you only makes me want to spend more time with you. You're proving to be exactly what you appear to be, and I really like that.

"You helped a lot today too, and I'm really grateful for that. My home is starting to feel a lot more like me. I'm also getting a real thrill that we're doing it together. What a way to spend a second date! What do you think?"

"I'm feeling the same way. It still isn't like me to feel this connected to someone after such a short period of time, but it feels so natural that I'm just not going to worry about it. The more time I spend with you, the more fascinated I am with you. It's like you said, I can't seem to get enough."

Angel reaches down and places a hand on the front of your jeans. Her hand fits perfectly on the steel rod that's threatening to rip out the front of them. She gives you a slight caress and says, "We don't even know what 'enough' is yet, but I bet it will be fun finding out."

You lock your lips on hers again and feel her tease your zipper down. She snakes a hand inside and grips your hard-on through your underwear. You feel yourself pulse in her hand.

You reach a hand down her back and slide it inside the bottom edge of her little grey shorts to caress her ass. You wish you had both hands there, but you're still holding her bra in the other. Her wonderfully round backside is firm and pliant to your touch. You don't feel underwear at all, but as you start to consider that idea Angel whispers.

"I want you. I can't explain it in any logical way, but you just feel right. Too fast or not -- I crave this cock. I almost scares me how much I want you to fuck me."

"I want it as much as you do. I can't stop thinking about you and desiring you," you say in answer. "The way you feel, the way you smell, the way you taste – it almost overpowers me. I'm becoming completely obsessed with you."

She smiles and jokes, "Its just the gravitational pull of my tits. You'll never escape."

"I'm definitely obsessed with your tits," you smile back. "I'd never want to escape."

"I hate to be terribly modern and offensive," Angel says, "but you are completely all regards...aren't you?"

"Good question," you say. "I'm not offended that you ask at all. I've got 100% clean blood, skin, viruses, no rashes, no nothing. You?"

"The same. Sorry, but I felt I should ask since I have a handful of you!"

"And I have a handful of you as well!"

"Let's give it a little more time, but I'm not sure I can wait much longer," she says giving you a final squeeze and withdrawing her hand. She zips you up as you give her wonderful ass a final squeeze of your own.

"Now," Angel announces, breaking the embrace, "lets have the leftovers of lunch and call it a day. We both have to work tomorrow whether we like it or not."

"They wouldn't have to pay us for it if it was fun," you say while proffering her bra back to her.

"Keep it," she says, waving your offer away. "Keep it and think of me this week if we don't get to see each other very much."


Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens. She's absolutely slammed busy with the end of the fiscal quarter and you are struggling under your own long hours. You email a couple of times a day and talk every night, but the only time you actually see Angel that week is Thursday for lunch. You meet her at the Thai restaurant for another sinus clearing exercise and a deep kiss in the parking lot that doesn't last nearly long enough.

What you find is that you've rapidly come to the conclusion that you can't be without her. As unlikely as it seems after knowing her for less than a week, it hurts to be away from her. From your nightly phone conversations it appears that she feels the same way. She gets home late Thursday night and calls. It goes like this:


"Hi baby."

"Hello my Angel. How was the financial salt mine today."

"It was like any other mine -- a hole. Lets not talk about it."


"Thanks for lunch today."

"You're very welcome. I was just happy to get to see you. I can't believe how much I miss you."

"I miss you terribly. I don't know what to say...I'm completely infatuated with you."

"I don't mind a bit. The feeling is more than mutual!"

"Do you still have my bra?"

"Of course, what else would I have done with it? I've been thinking shallow thoughts about deep subjects while I hold it. It still smells like you."

"You haven't been doing anything naughty with it have you?"

"Not you think I should?"

"I don't know, what did you have in mind?"

"Nothing in particular, but I have decided that I would fit just right between your breasts."

"Is that so? What makes you think you'll get the chance?"

"I'm just dreaming, that's all. Only this time there were no cheerleaders."

"You just wait. Some dreams come true."

"We'll see....Thanks for the kiss today too."

" pleasure."

"It was good to taste you again."

"You should do more of it...mmm."

"I plan to. You'll just have to point me to where you think you are most delicious."

"Mmmm...let's just say that my finger is pointing the way there...right now."

"Is that what's going on there?"

"Uhh-huhnnn...I'm stroking my pussy right now."

"That's rather coincidental."

" do you mean?"

"I'm...mmm...stroking my cock right now."

" I'm pouting."

"Why my Angel?"

"Because you shouldn't have to do that."

"Why is...uhhnn...that?"

"Because I've just noticed that there's a space just its size right between my tits."

"You're a wicked lady, you know that?"

"I'm your wicked lady...and my pussy is aching for you."

"I'm aching to fill you."

"I know that you would, but I want you to taste me first. I want you to lick my hot pussy. I want you to suck on my hard clit. I want your lips to take me to heaven and your tongue to make me burn like hell. I want to cum all over your face. I want to soak you with my juices."

"I'm more than willing my Angel. I'll lick your pussy until you beg me to stop. I'll suck your nipples until you cum just from that. I'll tongue your clit until you burst all over my face. I want it. I want you."

"You promise?"

"I promise."



"My place?"

"Your place. At six?"

"Six it is."

"Good night my Angel."

"Good night my lover."


Ahhh... Friday. It's the longest farkin' day of the week...especially when you have what promises to be a really hot date at the end of it. After lunch and a quick conversation with Angel during which you are instructed to pick up a loaf of French bread on the way over to her place, it seems like your penis pops up every ten minutes and asks, "Are we there yet?"

Finally at 5:59 you take the keys out of the ignition, pick up the carefully wrapped loaf of bread, and before getting out of your car, look down and say, "Yes, we're here. Now don't screw this up for me?" At 6:00 on the dot, you ring the doorbell.

Angel answers the door dressed in... ... ...nothing terribly impressive at all. In fact she's wearing jeans and a sleeveless tee-shirt not unlike she wore on your first date. You don't know what you were expecting -- maybe that she'd answer the door in a thong and a smile, or perhaps chocolate sauce and nothing else -- but what you get is Angel in her normal, natural, beautiful state. After a moment you wonder if there could have been any improvement after all.

"Hi! you're right on time!" she bubbles and quickly bounces a soft kiss off your surprised face. She spots your expectant hard-on and says, "Happy to see me?"

"No it's just a French loaf," you say, brandishing the wrapped bread. "But yes I am very happy to see you," you say. Suddenly you can't stop smiling.

"Smart ass!" Angel laughs. She takes the bread and pays you with another kiss. This one lasts a little longer. "I've been waiting for you. Come in."

You catch the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. "What are we having?"

"Broiled tilapia in white wine sauce, wild rice, and almond seasoned green beans."


"Yes, I know it sounds like some weird kind of Addams Family combination of foods, but wait until you taste it."

"No, that's not what I meant. I thought was really hard to cook tilapia."

Angel glides up to you and strokes the bulge in the front of your trousers. "Nope, the only one thing hard in the kitchen right you."

"Ooooh," you exhale. "I see the teasing has begun."

"Who's teasing?" Angel winks. "I'm just impatient to have dessert before the meal. Thankfully we're having light fare."

"You said 'almond seasoned' green beans?"

"That's right," Angel responds, confused that you had no reaction to her innuendo.

"You wouldn't be smuggling a couple of extra almonds in your bra would you?" you grin and brush the backs of your fingers across the erect nipples you just spotted straining against her shirt.

Angels echoes your, "Ooooh...sorry, mmm...but it would be impossible for me to be smuggling anything in my bra."

"Not enough room?" you ask. You're grinning from ear to ear from having just touched the most magnificent nipples in the known world, albeit though a shirt.

"No, I'm just not wearing one."

Your penis ratchets up another notch and your trousers stretch audibly. Angel starts in surprise and exclaims, "What angry beast are you smuggling in your underwear?"

"Not a thing," you continue to grin. "I'm not wearing any underwear."

"Nevertheless, it sounds like it wants out."

"It wants you. I want you," you say and pull her close.

Angel molds as much of her body against you as possible and snakes her tongue into your mouth. "I can't believe how much I missed you. It's crazy," she says when you both pause to draw breath.

"I know. I'm falling hard for you, and I'm falling fast. It scares the hell out of me. I can honestly say though, it's not the sex, or the promise of sex to be more accurate. I just can't seem to be away from you. I have this need to be near you."

"Yeah...I want to be reckless, but a heart is so difficult to repair once you let it get broken. It scares me too. I feel like I should be careful...but I don't want to. Not with you."

"We better eat, my Angel."

"My thoughts exactly. You had better eat your Angel."

"I mean dinner. You worked hard to make a wonderful meal, and I want to appreciate it with you."

"That is why I'm falling for you. You want to be good to me. I matter, and you want to show me that."

"That's also not to say that I don't want to taste as much of you as possible as soon as possible," you follow.

"I want you to want to be good to me in that way too," she breaths in your ear. Her warm breath sends electric pulses down your spine and straight up your attentive penis.

"I promise," you affirm and hug her close. "Now let's have dinner."


Dinner is exquisite. You knew that it would be, but it doesn't seem to finish quickly enough. The sexual tension pouring out of your body mingles with the same flowing from Angel. It's not thirty minutes and several aborted conversations later that your forks lie forgotten and you're once again on the sofa locked lip to lip, tongue to tongue, bodies molded to each other.

You kiss your way around Angel's face and capture her earlobe between your lips. You gently flick your tongue over it and whisper how beautiful she is into her ear. She sighs and gives a soft questioning groan as you kiss your way down her neck.

Angel begins unbuttoning your shirt as you tickle your tongue across her collar bone and into the hollow of her throat. She tugs your shirt-tail out of your trousers and rips the last two buttons completely off in her haste to get it off you. You keep your lips fastened on Angel's neck and shrug off your shirt. Your hands find her enormous breasts and begin to knead them through her tee-shirt as her hands caress the contours of your now bare chest.

You feel her nipples as hard stones under your palms and begin to taste her excitement in the sweat that lightly forms on her neck. Angel moans loudly as her nipples bump and stutter across your palms and the backs of your fingers.

Her fingernails rake randomly up your back and leave little burning trails in their path as she brings her hands up to take your face and press it to her own. You kiss like mad people for several minutes as you continue to run your fingertips over the contours of her massive chest.

At last you sit back from each other for a moment to breathe. To say that it's intense would be a ridiculous understatement. Angel's huge breasts are heaving, and her knotted nipples show plainly against the thin fabric. Your trousers are completely tented, and you can't even tell where your shirt ended up.

Angel recovers first. She firmly but irresistibly forces you over onto your back and holds you down by the shoulders. "I burn," is all she says. She lifts her hands from your shoulders and grasps the neck of her shirt. At this point you're expecting her to pull it over her head and free the twin globes that you have dying to see since you met her.

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