The morning is nice and cool, just starting to brighten up as I lead you to the room. We planned this day weeks ago. Our first meeting and I can since your jitteriness.

I enjoy the vibes I am getting from you, a cross between holding back and wanting to hurry things up. As I hugged you when we first stood face to face I could actually fell your excitement, in more ways than one

A year of talking, sharing, exploring each others minds has helped me plan this out. I just can't wait to see how you respond. I would love to be in your mind a year from now as you are reminded in your thoughts to this day and how your body reacts. Maybe I will make it a requirement; you have to write it down as it stirs your memories.

Opening the door I lead you in, flipping on the lights as you close the door; I turn and kiss you hard. My arms pulling you close. Your response is immediate, butt I knew it would be. Looking into your eyes I remind you how much I want you; how much I want this. Taking you hands in mine I lean forward licking your nipple thru your shirt, feeling them bud up as your body reacts to my touch. Time to play.

"Remove your clothes" I instruct "all of your clothes" my eyes never leaving you as I wait. Waiting til you are completely nude my hands reaching out and caress your nipples liking them even more now that I can see them clearly. Hard and tight as you stand there waiting.

Moving to the bed on the other side of the room pick up the pillows and come back to you. "Turn around, I want to see that ass"

You turn slowly as I place the pillows on the bed beside you. Your ass towards me; just as in my thoughts over the months are nicely shaped. Pulling the covers back and arranging the pillows in the middle of the bed I watch you. I can feel your excitement in the air. "Bend over; I want to see that entire ass' I order softly.

"Oh yes" that's it. What a nice sight! You know I want that ass. Want to make you shake and tremble with need as I take that ass of yours" running a finger over that tight brown hole as I tell you how much I want your ass. Unable to resist I lean over. Tracing my tongue over your ring slowly, circling it , teasing just enjoying the idea of all I have planned for this tight ring.

Standing quickly I slap both cheeks hard, watching the pinkness spring up as I tell you to lay stomach down on the pillows. Ass up and ready. As you move towards the bed I walk over to the closet and get out another pillow. Turning back to you, your ass as a welcome greeting. What a nice sight I think as I place the pillow above your head.

"Now, lets get these right" my eyes soft as I instruct your movements with my hands; getting the pillows perfect under your head and hips getting you ready for the game. I think, right now, if you only knew what was going to happen you'd of cum right off at the idea. Unable to resist I trace my finger tips over the head of your cock as it drapes over the pillows.

Kissing your neck softly before wrapping the silk ties around your wrist, making sure my breast slide over your back as I secure both wrist to the bed frame, knowing you can feel my nipples harden though the thin material.

Caressing your still pink cheeks softly I again give into the urge to tease you. My tongue grazing over your skin; your ass rising quickly at the touch. My hands nudging your thighs apart as my tongue darts between your cheeks as I secure the ties to your ankles. "You are mine now, I enlighten you. "Mine to do as I please" smacking your cheeks again before tying off the ends of the ties to the legs of the bed.

As on cue a soft tapping on the door echo's in the room. Your head starts to turn at the sound. Smacking your cheeks a bit harder than before; I instruct you to keep your eyes forward as I move towards the door. Smiling to myself, as I slip the blinds your eyes before opening the door. Her perfume precedes her into the room. Quietly she enters the room, pausing at the site greeting ass.

Now you realize I have decided to share you. I see your cock head jumping from here. "I knew you'd react this way; you cannot contain your excitement." Moving over and taking your cock head as I slip the ring over and slide it down, containing your ability to cum as I slip it into place. Your balls cupped tightly now, nice and pick in their harness.

"Now; let's get started."

Placing all the toys on the table I move to the bed, my hands caressing your cheeks as I reach for the lube. Looking at the visitor I lay claim. "This is mine!" butt I will share this once. She smiles as her hands move to touch you, moving over your bare back, meeting mine as they slip closer towards your ass cheeks.

Her nails scraping over your skin as she pulls your cheeks apart for my tongue we work together as we prepare your ass for bigger and better things. Pushing my tongue quickly into your tight ass, my senses quicken as I hear you moan. My thoughts going crazy as I hear your moans, knowing soon you'll be yelling out instead of softly moaning. Flicking my tongue over your ring, circling it, teasing it before pushing back thru the tight ring.

Her nails a shinny pink contrasting against your skin as they press into your cheeks is such a nice sight my mind thinks hoping the camera does it justice.

Reaching for the lube as I watch her hands caressing you ass cheeks, your tight ring popping in and out of view with her hands movements. Moving slightly aside still hoping the camera will pick up these fragments that make whole more exciting.

The sight of your ass pushing upwards, your body reacting naturally on its own combined with those moans and groans are making me crazy. My pussy is tingling; I feel the wetness as my mind is pulled into the scene. I want more. I want you yelling out. To scream with pleasure. I will have it. I will have your ass, all of it and more.

Looking at her I can see and hear the excitement all three of us share. Handing her the lube I lean up and kiss your neck softly. "Are you ready? I instruct you once we get started there's no stopping, no turning back and no rules. Your head nods as your hips continue to grind, your cock rubbing over the side of the pillow. No actual words pass your lips but we know the nature of your reply.

Quickly I move back, wanting your ass more now than ever before. All the talks we have had on this; have shaped this encounter. I slip a finger quickly into your tight ass as she drips lube between your cheeks. The tightness engulfing my finger is hot, your ass gripping, pulsing around me as your moans become louder. "Oh yes baby, that's it, wiggle for me. Give me your ass!" I urge as I reach for the toys.

Taking a vibrator out and flipping it on high I look at her, my head indicating she should take her place at your head as I slip the toy into my wet pussy. Watching as she slips forward, her weight moving your pillows as she moves within inches from your face.

"Open your mouth "I urge you as my finger curls upwards hitting your prostrate. Your groans even louder as your mouth opens. Her cock, while not huge is long and thin, surprises you. your tight ass getting even tighter as you realize what you have touching your lips. Pulling my finger out I slip two in quickly, deep, as I tell you to suck that cock.

You lips wrap around the hard head as I work my fingers slowly in and out of your ass, your hips moving again as your shock wears off. Your ass muscles relaxing as my fingers work deeper. My pussy dripping around the toy vibrating inside me as I watch her hands holding your head as she feeds you're her small cock, your mouth filled with it as you taste your first cock.

Taking out another vibrator and the lube I prepare your ass for more. The lube dripping down to your encased balls, wetting the leather at the edges as I slip the head of the toy into your tight ring. Waiting a few seconds, then plunging the head into your ass as you yell around your mouthful of that small cock just excites me more. "Oh yes baby, suck that cock; your ass is so tight. Pulling out and thrusting back in, the toy stretches your ass wider as you suck the cock deeper into your mouth. Watching her face I see she is lost in the feel of your hot mouth pulling her cock deeper. What a nice sight. Your ass stretching wider as the cock slips deeper and deeper. Reaching down I spread your cheeks wider as I pulling my hips back, watching your tight ring close as the head pops out. Thrusting in again, the head plunging quickening into your ass again you moan out, making want more as I begin to fuck your ass harder; faster.

"That's it, fuck him, use that pussy cock and fuck his mouth" I urge her as I work the toy deeper and deeper into your ass. Making it mine as I shove the toy completely into your ass, lifting your hips with the force of it your moans have turned into a long continuous sound as I fuck you. My pussy gripping the vibrator tightly as I watch her thrust into your mouth as she starts to cum. Knowing your are not far reach down releasing your balls as her spunk starts to pump into your mouth. Grinding my hips I hold the toy into your ass as the motion pressing the toy in my pussy deeper as I let our bodies hold it inside me.

The sight if you enjoying that pussy cock filling your mouth thrills me as I thrust the toy into your ass deep, my hips rolling as I work it against your prostrate. Her pussy cock pulls out of your mouth the cumand wetness of your mouth making it shiny as she dips it slowly back in. my body starts to shake as I start Cumming, forcing my hips to grind in sudden short jerks the toy inside your ass is forced even deeper. Your mouth suddenly empty again as you yell out, no words just loud groans as your cock jumps, your balls tight as your cum spills out covering the pillow. You legs pulling at the ties as you cum.

Quickly I move up towards the top of the bed, grabbing her pussy cock and balls in one hand squeezing forcing her hard again watching her eyes roll back as I pull her forward.

"We're not done yet" I tell her as I smack her ass hard. "Get into position" moving up I slip over your head standing the watching as she gets ready. Her pussy cock growing hard as she lubes up. Easing down my pussy slips right in place, your tongue quickly finding its place as her cock head pops into your well used hole.

Her cock slips into your ring easily, your mouth vibrating on my pussy as you moan. Your hip pushing up meeting this real cock as it works into your wet ass. As I watch her cock gets thicker, harder. My eyes on her pussy cock as it pulls out the head looking bigger still as her eyes seem to glaze over. "That's it, fuck his ass now, take that pussy cock of yours and pound his ass till he screams to cum."

Her pussy cock got even bigger as she watched your ass wiggling for more cock, the head wet with lube inches away, jumping on its own from the excitement before she shove it completely into your ass. Your mouth pulling back from my pussy as you yell out. The cock splitting your ass wide as she plows in and out, unable to hold back as she takes your ass. My hands grabbing your head holding it in place watching her fucking your now eager ass. Noticing how slutty your ass is taking the cock now. "That's it take that cock "use your ass and take that cock baby."

Your hips moving as her cock plows deeper. Your moans mixing with hers as she fills your ass with her pussy cock. She starts telling you how her cock has never felt or looked bigger as she works her cock faster. Plowing in and out of your ass like her mind has turned into a Dominatining personality. Her hands grabbing at your hips as she pulls you back onto her cock. Your hips working with her and she fucks your ass. Both of you are

Lost in the movements. Her balls slapping against you as your hips lift with each thrust. You have become a slut as this cock fills your ass. Looking at her eyes, her actions betraying her thoughts as she seeks to dominate your ass I stand quickly and strap on the thick headed cock and move behind her. Lubing it quickly I plunge it into her pussyass.

She screams as the cock forces into her as the movement pushes her cock deeper into your ass. Holding it deep into her ass I wait as her ass adjusts. Her hips start wiggling making you moan as her cock again enlarges inside your tight ass. Pulling back I thrust in again. Forcing her pussyass wider she moans as your ass grips her cock.

She starts purring as she explains to you how large the plastic cock feels inside her pussyass. Her pussy cock slowly moving inside you as her hips wiggle back and forth forcing her ass back on the cock and then forward again into your ass. The head of the thick cock pops out as she moves; her cock buried inside your ass fills my vision as my thoughts race. Reaching for the ties I untie your ankles.

Reaching out and cupping her balls I pull her back watching how as her cock pulls out of your tight ass leaving it gaping for seconds as she moves around. Seeing flashes of pink as she reaches down grabbing your thighs; lifting your legs up and apart as I slip into place. My hands propping me up as I force the huge head into your waiting ass I watch your face as it suddenly fills you more than you have ever been filled. You scream as the cock plunges into your stretched hole. Pulling back I stop, wait watch as your eyes open, pleading, you ass trying to wiggle against the hands. Still I wait. I want the words. I want to hear you say it.

"SAY IT! I say firmly; Tell me what you want." As I reach down slipping a finger into your now stretched ring, teasing you. Your voice carries strongly as you tell me to fuck your ass, you ass pulling up more as you plead.

Plunging the thick cock into your tight ass again I fill your tightness roughly as you grind back moaning louder. The head stretching you wider than ever; as I claim your ass again, working the cock in and out over and over till your balls once again tighten. Slamming in one final time; I hold it buried deep inside your ass as you start to cum. Your moans sending me over the edge as just as she slips her pussy cock once again in to your mouth as she lets loose; thrusting her cock down your throat.

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