Shared Fantasies Ch. 04


"Jess, please promise me that you won't make me cum tonight, no matter what, but that you'll make me cum tomorrow instead" I said carefully.

"Oh Jack, I don't think you really mean it, you're just repeating what I said. That's just not the same as you actually choosing to wait until tomorrow to cum.

"NO! NO! Really Jessie, that's really what I want. I want you to promise me that you'll make me cum tomorrow and not before, no matter what! Honest!" I begged, somehow having actually embraced the idea. She had really messed with my head I knew, but it would give finality to the timeframe, something I'd lost when I first set up this 'fantasy'.

"That sounded much more sincere. Okay I promise that I won't make you cum before tomorrow under any circumstances, Okay?" she said bending over and giving me a little kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you baby, thank you!" I said amazed that I actually meant it.

"And now I think you've had enough for a while, it's getting late and there is a long day ahead of us" she said with a strange tone that I clearly noticed, but couldn't figure out.

"Jack, look at the time" she said curiously.

I looked around. The clock was still on the bedside table, but Jess had turned it away so I didn't have any sense of time during her torment. She picked it up and turned so I could read it. It took a couple of seconds before it sank in. The clock read 12:18. Before I could speak or react Jess confirmed it.

"Jack it was already Sunday when I made my promise. 'Tomorrow' means Monday, and you know I won't break a promise. Now let's get some sleep."

"NO!" I screamed, "No Jess you can't! YOU CAN'T!"

Calmly she said, "Yes Jack I can, I will, and I am. Now GO TO SLEEP!"

I was fucked. She had outsmarted me again. How was I going to get through this?

"I'm afraid that if I turn you loose, you won't be able to control yourself, so I'm going to loosen these but leave you tied up tonight. I'll go sleep in the guest room," she said.

Without any further conversation she loosened the restraints enough that I could move and flex some, but was still quite secure and could neither roll over nor reach my cock. It only took a moment for me to realize that she was right. If I could have touched myself it would have ended right then.

With that Jess got up and left the room.

I expected that given my state I'd toss and turn all night and never get to sleep, but to my surprise I was soon fast asleep myself. Obviously I was mentally exhausted. Evidently I was physically exhausted too.

I awoke in the morning to Jessie playing with my semi hard cock.

"Oh God Jess, please just release me so we can roll over and make love. I can't take any more!" I begged.

"Oh yes you can. And you will. This is just a little morning wake up," she said as she toyed with my cock some more.

"I have no intention of short changing you on your fantasy, you certainly didn't me. When you we're so desperately trying to talk me into this you said you wanted me to be a complete and total cock teasing bitch. How am I doing so far?" she asked repeating one of the descriptions I'd used with what could only be described as a depraved laugh.

"Oh, you're doing quite well I'd say!" I said sardonically.

"Good, I always try to please you," she laughed some more.

With that she undid the restraints.

"Now, be a good little boy and go make your loving wife some coffee," she instructed. On a roll again already.

But as I rose to go to the kitchen, she got up and followed me. Evidently not trusting me to be alone. In all honesty, she shouldn't have.

When I returned she patted the bed next to her indicating that I should lie down.

Of course I did and she proceeded to grab the Astroglide and go to work on my cock.

"Earlier was just a gentle little tease. What is it you call what I was doing last night again?" she asked, as if she didn't know.

I knew better but replied anyway, "Edging, though what you were doing was edging and then some!"

"Right, edging, as in to the edge. Well this is going to be a serious edging. And today you are going to have to endure them without being restrained. So you'll have to be on your best behavior," she said sternly.

'Serious edging' sounded really bad, but true to her word she performed a truly serious edging. It was even more intense than the ones the night before, and for some reason I'm still not sure I understand, it was made all the worse by not being restrained, just as she'd hoped.

"Now my love," she said once she had stopped "that made me very horny again and I want you to make me cum on the wonderful tongue of yours!"

Which of course I immediately proceeded to do.

"Mmm, my, that was quite nice. Quite nice indeed. I think you're getting even better at it!" she complimented.

Having read about it just isn't the same as experiencing it, but it made me feel wonderful to have earned her praise in spite of my frantic need to cum and aching balls.

When I'd completed my task and she'd caught her breath she told me to come stand in front of her.

Gently stroking my cock and caressing my balls she said, "I am afraid, my wonderful man, that it is my intent to increase the ache in these nice full balls all day long. And to keep your cock hard and frustrated as much of the time as possible. Now, just so you don't loose your motivation to please me every way possible, let me point out that 'tomorrow' starts in just over 12 hours, but doesn't end for over 36. When during the window of time you get to cum will be dictated by how happy you make me."

"Now, I'd like a cup of coffee please."

I damn near ran to the kitchen and was certainly back in record time.

"You know, we haven't gone to tea at Rosemary's Azalea Court in eons. What do you think?" she asked knowing I absolutely hate the place. They actually do serve tea, no coffee or alcohol available, and these little tea sandwiches an example of which is a piece of cucumber with a dab of cheese on it. Not any kind of place or food a red blooded American man would ever choose. Plus I had to wear a coat and tie to go there.

But, I said, "No babe, we haven't and I know how much you love the place. Shall I see if we can get in this afternoon?"

"Well, if that's what you'd like to do today, it would be fine with me," she replied.

'FUCK NO that's not what I want to do!' is what I thought. "I think it would be nice, I'll call and see," is what I said.

Jesus, I could hardly recognize myself.

I called and was dismayed to find out they were fully booked for the entire afternoon. Panic! What to do. Then I thought of my friend, acquaintance really, who wrote for the Lifestyle section of the local paper. I called him and in exchange for a promised round of golf at my expense at my club, which would cost me a small fortune; he agreed to set us up.

He called back telling me that we had a 2:30 reservation.

I reported the outcome, not the process, to Jessie.

Soon it was time to clean up and dress for 'tea'.

We went about that normally except for one point. Every time I walked by Jessie or she by me, she would stop and stroke my cock until I almost came and then fondle my balls for a little while before leaving me with an almost constantly hard cock bobbing in the air. She seemed to be getting quite a kick out of it too. These weren't 'serious edgings' as she deemed them, but she kept going each time until my balls would tighten, then she'd stop.

Just before she took her shower, she had me lick her to yet another orgasm. She was becoming insatiable. This was turning her on far more than I ever dreamed. Far more than she dreamed either I imagined.

After her shower, just as we started to get dressed to go to the restaurant, Jessie did one final teasing and this one was, at least by my standards, a 'serious edging'. I was shaking when she finally stopped.

Looking up at me and hefting my balls, she chuckled, "We're finally starting to fill these babies up nicely. I imagine they ache pretty good by now, huh?"

A complete and total understatement. I grunted, "Uh hun"

"Bet you agree with me now about fantasy versus reality, don't you?" she asked, clearly expecting an answer.

"Well, pretty much, yeah. The reality certainly is different than I thought it would be? But, I'd remind you, my fantasy had me cumming at the end of last night!" I said, trying not to sound testy.

"You know that's not completely true! Now get dressed, I don't want to be late" she replied.

Now Jessie and I have been together a long time. She is a very liberated woman and this is the 21st century. I treat her with respect and try always to be polite, but I don't usually do the car door, pull out the chair kind of things. Not today!

Every door! Always her first! Chair at the restaurant! Made sure she ordered first! The whole nine yards, as they say. Perfect old-fashioned gentleman.

It felt strange I must admit. She ate it up! Loved every second, I could tell.

I was very careful not to rush or be in a hurry. Jessie really loved this place and was enjoying taking her time. I was glad she was having a good time.

Finally we headed home.

"Thank you for that Jack. I really enjoyed it. I know it's not your favorite place, but you were so nice!" she said as I drove.

"I'm glad you had a nice time. You're right, it isn't my favorite, but it really is a nice place."

Honest, but thoughtful, right!

"You know Jack, I asked you what I was going to get out of this fantasy of yours, and you explained some of this. But what amazes me is that I can tell you aren't faking this you really are being nice to me because you want to. I didn't understand what you were describing until I actually experienced it" she said contemplatively.

I thought about it. What she said was really true. I wasn't putting this on; I really wanted to make her happy. HAD to make her happy.

Another honest response, "Well, I hadn't ever actually experienced it until now either. I'd read about it and all, but you're right, you can't fully comprehend until you've experienced it."

Once we arrived at home, we went to the bedroom to change into our grubbies. Jessie got completely undressed, which I thought a bit odd, but by that point in the weekend nothing really surprised me. I took off my good clothes and started to put on some old jeans.

"No, get completely undressed" she directed.

Ahh, I should have realized! I did as she instructed.

She lay back on the bed and lewdly spread her legs. The message was clear and needed no vocalization. I bent to my assignment with vigor. She was cumming in no time.

"Don't stop yet, one more first!" she growled.

After she came down from her second orgasm, she indicated I should lie down next to her. I did and she started to toy with my painfully stiff cock. But that's all she did was toy with it. Enough to get me close to cumming and reinforce my ache to cum, but nothing more.

"I think I'll take a little nap. Why don't you do whatever chores need doing around the house. Figure out dinner too. If you need to, run to the store, but if not, stay naked for me, okay!" it still wasn't a question.

I could tell Jessie was really, really getting into this. I clearly understood the implication of 'whatever chores need doing'. She expected me to look around and figure out what needed doing, something which she frequently pointed out I was not good at.

I walked around the house, looking carefully for what 'might need doing'. I have to admit, given my mindset, I saw things that I put on my mental 'to do' list that I normally wouldn't even have noticed.

I set about doing them all, and thoroughly. It felt odd running around the house naked, but soon I was so busy I hardly noticed. I'd left cleaning up the kitchen until last, and was just finishing up when Jessie walked in. She was wearing normal, weekend casual, but she looked much sexier than usual. At least to my cum obsessed mind's eye.

"You've been busy I see," a noncommittal comment. Had I passed the test or not. She gave no indication.

"Yeah, and don't mess up MY kitchen either!" I said joking.

She chuckled, "Okay. Just remember, you're the one who said it was YOUR kitchen mister!"

Hmm, outsmarted again probably.

"I was just going to make a list and go shopping," I said, hoping to escape any more teasing for at least a while.

Not to be. She walked up to me and it only took a half step back on my part, but my ass was resting against the counter's edge.

"Hands on the counter, and keep them there!" she directed.

I groaned slightly as I complied.

"Legs apart and lean back a little!"

I could tell I was in for it.

She started by taking my balls, one in the fingertips of each hand and rolling them back and forth as if she was feeling fruit at the grocery story. I started to squirm almost immediately and of course harden too.

"Hold still or this will be all the much worse," she said evenly.

I was sure that wasn't true, that she'd do her worst no matter what, but I didn't want to find out for sure so I tried my best to stand still.

"We need to work some more on filling these babies up even more," she teased.

"I think I have some ideas that will have them about ready to burst by the end of the tonight! Is the ache coming back baby?" she asked. I didn't think she expected an answer.

She squeezed just hard enough to send a message.

"Jack, I asked you a question. Is the ache coming back?"

This time I was quick to respond, "Oh God yes, very much so!"

"Good, that's what you wanted wasn't it?" she went on.

I knew better than not to answer this time, "No, yes, uh not like this!"

I babbled, not really knowing what the true answer was!

"You mean you wanted this, but didn't think it would be like THIS, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes, yes!" I stammered.

"I warned you that you didn't know what you were asking for, but I promise before we're done you will understand thoroughly what a serious cock teasing is!" she chuckled.

"Oh God" I moaned.

She giggled some more.

Once my cock was hard as a rock and my balls aching for real, she switched her primary attention to my cock head. Not ignoring my balls, mind you. She rubbed the free flowing precum all over my glans and on my most sensitive and responsive spots especially. She frequently would use just one fingertip on the frenulum driving me nearly wild.

She hadn't given my cock a single actual stroke yet. I realized this was the first teasing she done without ever stroking my cock. It was maddening to be sure, but I quickly understood that she could do this much, much longer than the other edgings, even in my current state, before I'd reach the edge. It was in many ways the most frustrating thing she'd done yet!

She kept it up non-stop for over half an hour. She was touching so lightly that I felt like I was about to cum the whole time, but couldn't quite get over the edge. My knees were about to buckle, my legs shaking like Jell-O. She still hadn't given my cock an actual stroke. Finally she gave me five very light, slow strokes. I thought she'd gone too far. My balls tightened and my cock started to spasm. Just as it did, she wrapped her thumb and forefinger very tightly around the base of my cock, effectively choking off my orgasm. My balls pulsed and my cock twitched, but then it was over. A single drop of cum fell from the tip. I nearly screamed with frustration.

"I bet they really ache now," she said with that grin as she softly bounced my balls in her palm.

That was a huge understatement. I'd never felt like that in my whole life. The ache in my balls was almost painful. My need to cum, absolutely overwhelming. I could barely stand. I honestly think that if I'd let go of the counter I would have collapsed.

Then as if it were any normal Sunday, she said, "You haven't been to the store yet, right?"

"Right" I croaked, my voice breaking.

"Well, you better get dressed and go. It's getting late," she instructed as she turned and left the room.

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