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When I first met Jane we clicked right away and fell head over heels for each other almost immediately.

To begin with, the physical side of our relationship was really good, but because we loved each other, it was almost secondary. I know that sounds like an odd thing to say but in all honesty, for those first few weeks, the joy of tenderly getting to know and exploring each other as individuals whilst allowing our love to blossom was simply wonderful! It was however a huge bonus to find a little later on in those early months, that sexually - we were a perfect and very dirty match for each other!

Jane is now 46 and is definite MILF material. Drop dead gorgeous, well looked after figure for her maturing years and filthy as fuck when the mood takes her or when I instruct her to be!

You see Jane's devotion to me is total! Let me explain..........Very few people know this, but her lovely 'girl next door' persona, the sweet persona that almost everyone sees, actually affords her the most perfect camouflage, because it successfully hides a highly charged libido that once ignited gives birth to a very horny and very definite submissive side of her personality.

This is something that is obviously kept well under control and hidden deep inside her. It is brought to life mostly when we are alone at home or at a location away from friends, family or the prying eyes of neighbors! Those innermost secrets, where it is her desire to be used as a slut slave, cannot be suppressed for long! That aspect of her personality has to be unleashed and given enough opportunity to breathe or it drives Jane to distraction and leaves her irritable and abrupt with people.

When it comes to unleashing those sexual desires, invariably I am the key that unlocks that hidden door! She trusts me implicitly ..... A trust so strong it is unshakeable! Her desire to please me is plain for anyone to see in every day life but her desire to please me sexually is often so all consuming for her that it will override any doubt she may have about what I may ask her to do! Jane has never failed to achieve any task of a sexual nature that I have set her!

No matter how nervous she gets, she will do whatever I ask of her. She will do it simply to please me because this in turn will give her great pleasure and satisfaction. She understands that my tasks will often push her boundaries may result in her being uncomfortable for a while but she has learned that when she goes with it the excitement soon takes hold and the pleasure becomes paramount!

This is a part of our sexual chemistry is something that we have explored, cultivated and nurtured over the years and it has undoubtedly enhanced our sexual play time together.

She is, of course, completely aware that guys (and girls) of all ages want to fuck her..... Teenage friends of her son clearly dream of fucking her! We both get great amusement by watching them blush and fidget awkwardly when she smiles and says hello! Guys who have known her for years want to fuck her, even guys who don't know her but see her in passing allow their gaze to linger upon her beautiful form for just a few moments too long, indicating that they'd love to fuck her too! Of course she knows all that! She accepts that she is pleasing to the eye but for the most part she remains unassuming about it and goes about her daily business like the perfect loving wife she is.

It is only when we flick that switch that the metamorphosis begins and she slowly works her way towards being a filthy and unashamed slut! It takes just a little bit of encouragement and reassurance from me, coupled with patience, trust and understanding to fully allow her alter ego to materialize. Once it is alive........ that is when I assume my role of Jane's instructor and we commence our secret games and turn those sexy play time of ours up by several notches!

I have three fantastic mates whom I grew up with in my home town of Glasgow. Ricky, Dave, Pete, and I have always been close buddies ever since our school days and we have always enjoyed great banter! They have always made comments about what a lucky fucker I was to have someone 'so fucking gorgeous to take to bed at night!'

There has been many a drunken night out on the town when they'd all tell me that if their wives/girlfriends they were half as sexy looking as Jane they'd 'fuck the arse' off them every single day!

It was music to my ears listening to them say those things and I'd take pleasure from their obvious envy, occasionally making it worse for them as I hinted at what a naughty girl she could be in bed. Then smile at their faces, knowing they were imagining what Jane and I got up to behind closed doors! Very rarely would I go into any great detail though!

Whenever the lads spoke about what they would do to Jane if they were I would always report every detail back to Jane when I got home. I loved sharing those thoughts with her, describing in great detail exactly what they said they'd do to her to satisfy their loins!

Talking about it in bed always got Jane's cunt juices flowing and so this often lead to us fucking like rabbits on VIAGRA until we were exhausted! I do genuinely love it when she gets that aroused, especially when I have her pinned beneath me with her legs wrapped around my back, almost rocking her onto my cock as it pumps deep inside her pussy "Oh fuck me, please darling'!" she'll often whimper "Oh god yes! Please fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt!" is typical of the kind of thing she says whenever she explodes all over my thick cock shaft! She gets so so wet when we fuck and talk dirty and this inevitably results in her cunt juices soaking the entire length of my cock and balls!

One night I returned home after a few drinks with the boys, I stood with Jane in the kitchen and recited some naughty comments made earlier that evening. Jane smiled at me and i watched her thighs clench as she leaned back against the washing machine and listened intently as I relayed my memories of what had been said! She was getting aroused! She put her arms up around my neck and and pulled my head close to hers then whispered into my ear "Please fuck me darling! I want to be your sex slave tonight!"

This pleased me and I began to gently tease her! I placed my hand between her legs as our mouths came together in a kiss and our tongues danced and entwined around each other! With my palm facing upwards I cupped her pussy through her short skirt and was able to feel the warmth of her cunt as she pushed forward to meet my strong hand! I continued rubbing her cunt through her skirt as she rested her arse against the top of the washing machine! Forcing my tongue into her mouth, biting her bottom lip as she responded with passion and urgency!

I pulled away from our lustful kissing and turned her around so that she was facing away from me. As she rested her hands on the top of the washing machine I roughly hitched her skirt up over her bum - I had an urgent desire to fuck her tight little arse! I wanted to feel those fabulous arse muscles grip my cock and milk my cum!

I bent her forwards til I could see her puckered little hole and I slowly let a long string of spit drip from my mouth so that it laned just above it. Gravity then worked its magic as the spit channeled towards her anus. As it reached its destination I used the tip of my cock to halt it just as it reached the entrance to her tight little hole. I then pushed forward and the tip of my cock slowly forced her hole open, thus allowing the spit to glide in and lubricate her anal canal.

Jane gasped and threw her head back savoring the mixed experience of pain and pleasure combining at once! Within moments my cock was fully inserted to the hilt, my balls slapped against her soft, moist cunt lips and banged at her swollen clitoris as the girth of my cock stretched Jane's arse muscles to the limit!

I was so turned on, my 8 inch cock was so hard and my mind filled with filthy, mucky thoughts as I continued to watch my engorged dick slide in and out of her bum! With each in and out stroke Jane's arsehole relaxed but the tight fit around my glistening shaft remained! Jane had ripped her blouse open and her firm tits were being squashed down on top of the washing machine.

Jane pleaded with me "fuck me Steve! Use my fucking arse! Fuck me harder babe! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Harder!! I'm your slut honey, use my fucking arse hole babe please use me!"

I pounded her arse for such a long time, revealing in the filthy words emanating from her mouth and then delighting at the guttural moan that came from deep inside as she reached an orgasm! Her legs buckled beneath her as she lay on top of the washing machine but i continued to fuck her arse until I shuddered and camr deep inside her! I pulled free and watched as a thick wad of cum oozed from her well fucked bottom hole! In her exhaustion she turned to me and said "darling i want to always please you! You give me so much pleasure and always make sure I am satisfied when we make love, I want to you to tell me what I can do for you to give you the same amount of pleasure that you give me!"

I thought about this for a few moments and said "Darling', you know I love you don't you?", "Yes, sweetheart! Of course I do!" she replied with a gentle, loving smile as she recovered enough strength in her legs to stand up and straighten her skirt. "Well bear that in mind when I say this! ...... I'd love to have you fuck three or four guys in front of me! I would so enjoy directing and instructing you and the other guys on what to do! I know that's really bad but fuck!.... wouldn't that be so horny!!"

I could see the cogs of her mind turning for a few moments then concern registered on her face "Honey, I am not sure about that! I know we like being dirty and naughty together but involving other people in that way is so different! I will do anything for you babe but that's really scary!!" she said with genuine alarm!

"But you like to fantasize about that don't you darling?" I said.

"Yes, of course I do but the thought of actually doing it gives me butterflies in my tummy!" she replied.

"That's a good thing isn't it?" I cajoled her, doing my best to encourage her to work with me on the thought and not rule it out completely.

She smiled and said "Honey, you know you can fuck me anytime you wish don't you? You can fuck my bum too absolutely anytime...... I talk filthy talk for you and I am your slut whenever you like, you know all that! Isn't that enough?" she whispered. "I know the thought of me being gang fucked is a fabulous fantasy.... I love the thought too...... I am just not sure I am ready for that..............yet!" she continued.

I decided not to push it too much and said, "I understand my lovely, I just think you will love it!!..... I'm sure you will! We both will ......but if you are not quite certain then I understand babe I really do!"

Jane gave me the gentlest of smiles and said " Darling I promise you I won't dismiss the idea outright.... I will think about it some more but I just need you to understand that although it's a really sexy idea it is also a really daunting one that we both need to think through! We can still fantasize about it and fuck each others brains out whilst we do! But let's dwell on it awhile and see what happens eh?"

"Okay, gorgeous woman!" I replied, "We can do that! Now give me your cunt!" I said as I knelt down between her legs. Jane smiled and said "I'll be glad to babe in a minute but I need to nip to the little girls room or i am going pee myself!!!

"Do it here honey!" I said ad my breath quickened slightly, "piss on me babe, relieve yourself on my face!"

"Can I?" Jane asked as her smile broadened to light up her face.

"Sure you can love! Shower me with your warm piss" I said.

At that Jane lifted the front hem of hit skirt and exposed he smoothly shaven cunt. She rubbed her clitoris a few times then arched her back so that she could direct her pee straight towards my mouth. After a moment or two a trickle of golden piss started to flow as she began to empty her bladder on me! I opened my mouth wide and let the jet of piss fill it up. I used my tongue to stop Jane's pee from flooding down my throat, occasionally swallowing what I could!

I was pleased with how dirty we had been! Also the fact that she hadn't ruled out being gang-banged was a real bonus because Ricky, Pete and Dave were due to come visit in a few weeks time and I had a little plan in mind ...

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