The hammering was driving me nuts. There was a crew of rather scruffy looking young men busy building a new deck on the Southeast side of my house.

Now Lee and I already have a deck the extends out to the West. We keep a hot tub out there, running all the time. I have to say it gets a lot of use, Lee and I are both nicely tanned.

But new homes in our area cut into the privacy, first it was just the one. That wasn't so bad, then another higher up, then a 3rd, a 4th.

When I saw the heavy equipment moving dirt for more roads, I knew our quiet and private afternoons were gone, the hillside across the road was higher than our home, so new residents would have a perfect view of our main deck.

No one could ever consider me modest, after all, I worked for years as an instructor at a Massage Therapy School, and also had a nice private practice for years.

But the idea of total strangers watching me run around on my outside deck with my dick hanging out just didn't cut it!

So we hired a crew to build us some private outside space.

That was fine, except for the noise. A year and a half ago, I was diagnosed as terminal, with just a few short months left to me. But a change of lifestyle, medication, and some excellent treatment at a facility in Boston added time. Yet for some reason I react to noise more easily, no idea at all why. Even the background music we run in class at the Massage Therapy College I where I work bothers me some.

I had managed to get myself on the sub list at school, so I was getting a day at work here and there. That felt good, and sure beat sitting around the house waiting for some daytime drivel TV show to come on!

Fed up with the racket, I opened the garage and fired up my Corvette. You would have to see my Vette, if you did you would know why I love that thing. Brand new, 405 H/P, z06! Just plain special!

I backed out of the drive, planning on running up to a nearby stretch of open road I like. That area has no side streets or driveways, it is all open fields on each side. When they built the road, they followed fencelines, so the sharp turns are a kick to drive through, and I sometimes drive very fast!

I got to the highway, glanced over at my neighbor Skip's yard. Skip is the guy I would like to see hook up with my wife Lee when I am gone. I know, not my place to choose, but still. The idea of Lee ending up with some jerk that abuses her just bothers me no end, so I have been doing some scheming in the background, it doesn't hurt to try.

Skip was standing there talking to a redhead, I didn't realize who she was at first. Then it hit me, it was his ex-wife, Shari! I hadn't seen her for at least 2 years, maybe 3. I did notice they weren't yelling at each other, when they were together that was more normal than not.

I started to pull out, when Skip waved and signalled me over. So reluctantly, I shut the Vette off and wandered over.

Shari looked at me with that expression one uses when they don't know who you are but think they should. I grinned and said "Hi, Shari!" and at my voice she knew.

I could understand, the last time she had seen me I was around 225 pounds, dark hair, and probably a bit rugged looking. Now here I was closer to 170, and the white shock of hair on my head was probably startling!

She looked me in the eyes, and I saw the flash of understanding. Even my nice tan couldn't hide the battle raging inside me, I knew it showed in my eyes and my body language. I am still going, almost 18 months after the Doctors had said I would be gone, but the signs are obvious to anyone who looks that I am very ill.

We chatted for a few minutes, I commented on how nice she looked. I even made a wisecrack about her upper body. She suddenly had a nice pair of bulges in the front of the soft blouse she wore, that got a sweet smile from her.

Shari had been on my massage table several times, ordinary stuff since she was Skip's wife at the time. The best I could say back then would be that she was skinny, way too skinny, in fact, with no breasts at all!

Now she had a good extra 30 pounds on her frame, and it all seemed to land in the right places.

I said my good day and turned to leave, as I was walking to the car she called out, "Ted! Are you still taking clients?"

I hollered back, "Sure! Pop by any time!" Then hopped in the Vette and took off with a roar.

I drove for about an hour, suddenly not in the mood to hang things on the edge. I was enjoying the feeling of flowing through the tight turns, just one of those days that makes life sweet.

The workers were still hammering away when I got home, so I went upstairs to the other end of the house. It was quieter up there.

Lee got home a bit late, I mentioned seeing Shari, and how nice she looked. That really was a surprise, I had always suspected Shari of having some kind of substance abuse problem, Lee thought so too. Nothing to really back that up, but she was so thin before and always angry. The woman I saw today was completely different.

A few days went by, it rained which put a stop to the crew working outside. The rain was gone by Sunday, I knew no workers would show up, so I went outside to my deck to relax. Lee was at the clinic, pulling one of her 3 12 hour shifts a week, so I knew I had the day to myself.

I was dozing when I felt the lounge chair suddenly shift from someone's weight. I looked back and here was Shari, settling down by my leg.

Hi!" I told her. "You said pop by any time," she smiled at me. I nodded, offered her an ice water and sat up to visit.

I do have to say she looked good, she had on a pink halter top, hooked in the back, cut low enough that the lighter skin on the tops of her breasts showed. The matching slacks she wore didn't hide the fact that she hadn't developed a tummy, yep! Looking good.

I was suddenly aware that all I had on was a baggy pair of shorts. And the shorts were for my 220 pound body, not the 170 pound one I carried now. I used a thin belt to keep them from falling off when I walked, even at that I had to do a bit of hitching them up from time to time.

"I was hoping you were up for giving me a rubdown!" she said, the same smile on her face. She reached out and put her hand on my leg, just above the knee. I was totally aware of her hand, it was warm but also felt almost like a little shock! I felt my cock make a tiny jump, managed to get myself under control, and answered, "Sure!".

We got up and headed inside to my massage room, I heard her giggle as I reached back and tugged at my shorts, that instantly started to slip at my first step. I was naked under them, to top it off, and I really didn't want to be getting a boner at her, so it was a little internal struggle.

I showed her the table and where I keep my drapes, reaching in I found just one, darn! Lately things were a lot slower, so I got a little lazy about keeping my stock of equipment and supplies up.

I spread the lower sheet on the table and tucked it, then I opened the cabinet where I keep the big bathtowels. Finding a nice medium sized one, I showed it to her, "Will this do? I am a little short of drapes"..

She grinned at the towel I held in my hands, it was a good foot shorter than would be big enough, and said, "That's fine!", and reached for the clasp on her top.

I excused myself and stepped to my washroom as she got ready. Stepping out, Shari was lying face down, the towel came to just below the cheeks of her fanny, the top part made it to the upper middle of her back. The sides almost made it to the table, I could see the swell of the sides of her breasts as she lay there.

I just started to work, spreading the oil. I had worked on her breasts before, so I really didn't see a problem.

But there was another problem that cropped up very quickly, the damn shorts I was wearing were doing their best to slide off my skinny behind! I could get in a half dozen strokes, then I had to reach back with one hand and tug them back up.

I realized quickly that I should have changed, because standing with one leg pressed out trying to keep the pants up, while working on a pretty lady's legs is awkward.

I was getting to be sloppy with my work and I knew it. Shari turned her head and glanced at me. It just took her a second to realize what was happening, and she started laughing.

I managed to get out, "I think I had better...." when she cut me off with, "Oh just take them off! I think it would be fun!"..then she slid the towel off onto the floor, "See, now we will be even!"..

I thought, "Why not?" and dropped the shorts and stepped out of them. The whole scenario got me about half hard, and I wondered where this was heading.

Then I went back to work. I had worked on Shari several times in the past, but her body was filled out and different, she looked good. Plus she was turning her head and sneeking peeks at my Cock which didn't do anything to make it go down, either!

I decided to just do the work and enjoy the moment. As I reached the top of her thighs, she did the little hip roll women do, and opened her legs slightly. She had enough extra weight now that my fingers touched both thighs before I got to the top, I remembered before than even with the towel I could see her clearly. The thighs then had been so thin that they did nothing to block my view.

She sighed and wiggled a bit more, her legs parted and then she came into view. I was looking right at that same familar delicious looking set of labia, she was now slick and shiny.

That was enough, and I knew. I poured a dollop of oil, letting it drift down the valley between her cheeks. I made no effort to catch the extra until I knew it had reached her rectum.

Then I pulled her cheek towards me, reached in and flicked up the excess, saying "Oops!" just in case. Shari let out a moan, her hips came up as she pushed her fanny higher, and open invitation.

I reached in and repeated the motion, another gasp, she was now almost up on her knees, her fanny was a full foot off the table! Nothing coy at all now, so I reached under her, and let my fingers slide directly across her now puffy pussy lips, then back down as I let my middle finger slide into her.

That got a moan, I felt her left arm reach out, touching my leg. She felt around for a moment, and found my erection and grasped it. Her fist stroked the length of me, now fully hard and ready to go.

Shari then got all the way up on her knees, and pressed herself down towards the foot of the table. "Fuck me, put it in me!" she gasped.

Now I have been with a lot of women, they almost never say, "Fuck me!" They usually say "Come on" or "Please" or something like that. Not Shari, it was blatant.

I positioned and pushed, she let out a moan, saying "Fuck fuck fuck oh" over and over. Her insides were slick and I could feel the muscles conform to me exactly as she shoved herself forwards and back with her hands.

I realized I still had not seen her breasts in their new state, so I reached forwards and grasped them. Full and soft, a nice "C" cup size, I was wondering how she had put on so much weight there when I felt the thin line of scar tissue under her nipples. Implants, of course, and a damn fine job of it, too!

Just then Shari orgasmed, bouncing wildly as she did so. Somehow I managed to hold off, I was enjoying the hell out of this! I stroked her hips and her sides as she shuddered, coming down, with me still fully hard and joined in her. With a final gasp, she dropped on her chest on the table, and lay quietly.

I kept up a gentle sliding in and out motion, until I felt her tense as her body shifted to overly sensitive. Then I withdrew.

I rolled her over onto her back, inspecting her new breasts as I did so. I could see where the incision had gone in just under the nipple, I reached out and tipped her nipple up to take a look. "Harder!" she gasped. I took the cue and pinched her nipple between my thumb and index finger, "Harder!" she gasped again. Finally I was using most of my strength, I had to ease up to keep from hurting her, she still wanted more.

Shari reached down and grabbed my slippery cock, wet with her juices, and pulled my foreskin back firmly enough that I got a stab of pain. I realized she was straining to reach me with her mouth, so I stepped forward. She closed her eyes and engulfed me, sucking like a mad woman! Then I felt the pleasure building, but I didn't want to go off in her mouth. I wanted it face to face, I love the look on a woman's face when she is in the throes of orgasm.

I thought back to just a month earlier, when Skip had picked up my Lee and carried her to the couch. I reached out and picked up Shari, lay her on the couch and slid up on top. We came together without using our hands, just that easy, and I began to fuck her for ME, this time. It was seconds before she started to moan, I let my pelvic bone ride hard against her pubic mound with every thrust, stopping and holding against her for a second, then repeating the motion.

When I came, it was so intense I almost blacked out! Usually only Lee can make my body react like that, and then just some of the time. I must have orgasmed for a solid 30 seconds, pausing for a moment between each wave, prolonging it. Shari was right with me, her abdomen was rippling, I could feel the muscles react.

Finally we collapsed, sweat soaked and lay in each other's arms. But I had more I wanted of her, I wasn't done yet.

I reached for a soft washcloth, and wiped her as she watched me through slitted eyes. Then I buried my face between her legs, watching her head tilt back, eyes closed at the first contact.

I tasted the combined backgound salt of her and myself, in seconds she exploded in another intense eruption of pleasure.

Finished now, we showered together, taking our sweet time, scrubbing each other carefully, silent, no conversation.

Then we went and curled up on the couch, just enjoying the moment of bare skin against skin.

She tilted her head up and smiled at me. "Not bad for an old guy!" she told me, a sparkle in her eyes. "Now! The rest of my massage!"

She got up and headed for the table. Naked, I followed, wondering if we would make it all the way through this time........

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