tagLoving WivesSharing a Room Ch. 03

Sharing a Room Ch. 03


As we both stripped, Lisa moved around Terri and Ron's bed and joined me by the other double bed. I met her in a nude embrace made awkward by my hard cock standing out straight between us.

"I want you so much," she murmured in my ear as I wrapped my loving arms around her shoulders and pressed her bosom to my own chest. "I can skip any more foreplay and get right on with it."

"I don't care what position we use, but I want to make sure it 'bounces' your chest. It will be a huge turn-on for Ron," I whispered back.

"Take me from behind," she replied, a little louder in order to be heard by our audience. She slipped from my arms and crawled on to the bed on her hands and knees, her gorgeous breasts hanging succulently like ripe fruit from her rib cage. She had positioned herself in profile to the younger couple still wrapped in an intimate embrace in the other bed, only a few feet from us.

I climbed onto the bed behind her, staring right at her curvaceous ass and the beautiful way her inner thighs glistened with the overheated lubrication brought on by the erotic show put on only moments earlier by our guests.

Usually when we do it "doggie-style," Lisa leans down with her head cradled in her arms on the bed and her ass thrust provocatively into the air and I need to drive down a little into her back-thrust pussy. By staying up on her arms on all fours, giving her boobs more swinging room, I needed to spread my legs a little wider to crouch down lower and nestle my hard manhood up to her hot box.

"Yeah, come on, baby," she cooed. "Bring that hard cock over here. I can't wait any longer to have you in me."

She moaned as I rubbed the swollen head up against her opening, smearing wetness around. "Is this what you wanted?" I teased.

"Oh, yes, baby! I want it. I want YOU," she panted, rocking back toward me, making her hanging breasts sway delightfully. I leaned over her back, caressed the sides of her tits and gently pulled down on the aroused nipples making them point down even more.

"Umm, yeah, oh, yeah. I love you, baby. I want your cock in me so bad. Fuck me now, please?" she pleaded. It is not often that we use such language in our lovemaking but somehow in the heated moment the f-word didn't sound vulgar as much as it did sensual, a loving request for a specific action.

"As my lover wishes," I responded. I guided my cock right up to her opening and rocked my hips up and forward, while she spread her legs farther apart and pushed back against me. The head penetrated just inside.

"Ahh," she sighed.

Slowly, gradually, I pushed forward letting her feel it fill her. About half way in, I paused and drew back, letting her juices coat the surface. Then I slid forward again at a deliberate pace.

"Mmmmmmmm," she murmured -- a long, drawn-out, satisfied sound.

Finally, I nestled my hips up against the supple curve of her behind, lightly guiding her hips back against me with my hands.

"Oh, lover, that is so good," she said.

"You are so hot and wet," I replied. "Oh, my gosh, that feels so good."

I rolled against her, my prick probing her depths. She gasped in delight and squirmed around my invading pole, gripping the shaft. The sensations were delicious.

"More, baby, now. Do me, honey. I need it," she begged.

At an only slightly faster pace, I pulled my cock back until it was just inside her molten cunt and then pushed firmly back in.

"Oh, yeah, that's it, baby. Give me that cock. Shove it in." She began rocking back against me. Past her slender waist, I could see her luscious tits swaying in time to our motions. Ron must be drooling by now, I thought. I glanced over at the bed next to us to see that at some point they had shifted and now lay snuggled together watching our intimacy. Both were wide-eyed and flushed with the eroticism of the moment.

I thrust harder into my wife, letting my hips slap lightly against her behind, knowing that this would send her breasts swinging more wildly.

"Uhn! Yeah, baby. Like that! Do it!" Lisa gasped.

Several minutes of those hard strokes had me right on the brink but suddenly Lisa was scrambling up from underneath me. I pulled back and my cock popped free with a loud slurp as she shifted forward.

"I want to be on top," she panted, turning around.

I was thankful for the quick break which served to hold off my orgasm. I quickly lay flat, turning so the top of my head was closest to Ron and Terri, knowing this would give them the best frontal view of Lisa as she rode me. I steadied her hips while she positioned herself over my raging hard-on, guiding the head with both hands against her opening.

As soon as it was aligned, she plunged down against me, crying out in bliss as my meat filled her.

"Hmm, ride me hard, Lover," I groaned.

We quickly established a hard bouncing motion that lifted her high up my shining pole and then thrust us down deep into the mattress. As envisioned, this sent Lisa's bountiful chest bounding wildly. Although I love to paw at her boobs when she's on top, I restrained myself, not wishing to restrict the gyrations. Instead, I gripped her hips and bottom cheeks, assisting with moving her up and down on my cock.

"Yeah, baby, oh, yeah. Ride my cock hard. Do it. Whatever you need," I gasped.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn," she grunted loudly, beyond coherent speech. It was as sexy as anything! Lisa was staring beyond me right into the faces of our audience a few feet away, watching them watch her, enjoying their wonder and admiration at the erotic show before them. I could read this reflected in the expression on her face.

I couldn't hold back any longer and with a loud groan, I pressed up hard against my wife. My cock swelled inside her and burst forth in a massive orgasm. She was only a few strokes behind me and cried out loudly as the crisis enfolded her.


Rapture washed over me as my throbbing cock was massaged by the rippling muscles of her pussy. She dropped forward and embraced me. I gripped her ass down against me and rode out the wave of pleasure.

I don't know how long we remained clasped together in bliss like that but eventually our breathing slowed down and only an occasional tremor rippled through us. Ah, those wonderful, gratifying moments of afterglow.

"Hmm, that was nice," Lisa sighed contentedly.

"Nice? That was awesome. You are incredible," I replied, equally satiated.

I became aware of a slight rocking sound in the room. As if sharing the same thought, Lisa and I moved together, rotating our still conjoined bodies until we were straighter in the bed, parallel to the couple next to us for a better view. Although my cock had lost much of its hardness, it was still erect enough to be clamped tightly in the grip of Lisa's cunt. Our movements created some friction in some very sensitive places and both of us moaned a little in response to these intimate, shared twinges.

Turning our heads, we could both see from this angle. Terri lay on her side facing us; watching us, in fact. Her expressive eyes were warm with her own satisfaction and a pleasurable smile played across her full lips.

We couldn't see Ron's face as he was spooned behind her. Her top leg was propped up wide, however, giving us a clear view of her freshly shaved cunt and his cock straining up and into her from behind. He was rocking slowly in and out of her, his thick, condom-covered pole shining with her juice.

His arm wrapped over her from behind and played lightly with her chest, guided by her own hand as she directed his movements -- first cupping one little breast and then moving to the other where she guided him to roll the nipple between his thumb and index finger. Her other hand played up and down her flat tummy and occasionally massaged the swollen mound of her pussy, made full and meaty by the invading girth of Ron's prick.

Although her mind was obviously drawn to the pleasurable sensations she was experiencing, she seemed to be making a conscious decision to try to stay focused on us. The fight for her attention between the sensations in her erogenous zones and her desire to watch us watching her raged across her face. Sometimes her eyelids would droop partially closed as some particularly enjoyable action (a pinch on a nipple or her fingers split around the slippery cock driving relentlessly into her) would steal her attention and nearly overwhelm her, but time and again she would fight back, wrenching her focus back to our faces to look both of us full in the eyes as we watched her getting screwed.

Speaking in a voice husky with desire, she looked both of us full in the face and said, "Thank you, Steve. Thank you, Lisa." The very act of acknowledging our presence and participation in the most private and personal aspect of her life was obviously very arousing for her. To thank us in a way that you might thank a friend for offering advice while getting reamed from behind and with hands roaming liberally over her body in time to her own inner desires was an erotic contrast.

And it had a powerful effect on her. She lost the battle to pay attention to us. Her face screwed up into a grimace that would have been comical in other circumstances. Her hips began churning back against Ron's cock. The hand guiding Ron's to her chest forced him to pull hard against one of her nipples, stretching it out away from her body. Her other hand dove down between her legs, mashing her tender bud between her fingers and the cock filling her hungry cunt.

"Oh, yes! Ron! Ron! Yes, Ron!" she gasped, as her body frantically climbed to climax. For a brief moment her whole body was a blur -- hands clutching and grasping, head swinging side to side, her chest heaving out as her ass drove back into Ron's crotch, desperately seeking deeper penetration for her convulsing vagina.

Then she froze in pleasure -- an orgasmic flush suffusing her features and extending down to her chest where her and Ron's hands clasped tightly to her sensitive nipples. Ron groaned loudly and came also, his spurts coming in pounding waves driven by pelvic thrusts up into her. Lisa and I watched in entranced wonder at the naked sensuality of the spectacle. Watching Terri climax was a true delight.

As arousing as the scene was, I was truly spent and despite the fact that Lisa was still astride me and my dick was still well up her pussy, we both knew we were not up to another round this evening. With a well-satisfied sigh, Lisa snuggled down against me, content to drift off into slumber still intimately joined.

A little later, as my erection dwindled and my reduced phallus slowly withdrew, Lisa sleepily moved as if to go clean up. I restrained her with a soothing pat on the shoulder and holding her head against me.

"Who cares? We'll clean up tomorrow," I mumbled in her ear, shifting so that my prick sprang free and our combined spending flowed out of her and onto my groin.

"Hmmm," she sighed back, reveling in the freedom to make as much of a mess as we chose.

At some point, I registered that our guests roused, used the bathroom and settled back into bed but I didn't even open my eyes nor make any attempt to cover myself or my bride's nakedness.

In the morning, I again became aware of the other couple moving around the room. Someone had shut off the light in the night but sunshine struggled to worm its way around the curtains over the ocean-facing window and cast a soft glow in the room. Lisa was no longer on top of me but breathing deeply and rhythmically next to me, not quite snoring but obviously content in her sleep.

Someone was in the bathroom and someone else fussed with their clothes by their suitcase. I heard the clink of a belt buckle. The room was warm and I had kicked off (or never retrieved) the sheet to cover us. I rolled a little bit to settle back in for more dozing and could feel the numerous wet spots around the bed as well as the dried cum clinging to my exposed hip. I smiled to myself at the naughtiness of wallowing in the cum-stained bed while the morning dragged on. Ah, vacation!

I surfaced again a bit later to a hushed conversation, a giggle from Terri, a self-satisfied chuckle from Ron, conspiratorial whispers. "Let them sleep. They'll figure out we've gone for the morning and they can have some of their own space back for awhile. Put out the 'do not disturb' sign." And then they were out the door and gone.

My bladder made sure I didn't lounge too much longer and I quietly slipped out of the messy bed and made my way to the bathroom. On my way back in, I stopped to admire the gorgeous, sleeping form in the bed.

Lisa was resting on her side facing my side of the bed, one leg drawn part way up. This left her entire bottom and cleft of her sex exposed and I stopped to just stare. My gosh, how I love this woman! I wondered if she had been sleeping this way, this exposed, as Ron and Terri dressed for the day.

I speculated briefly if she would be thrilled or annoyed if I woke her sensually. Probably both. Worth the risk, I decided.

Gently, I climbed into the bed and slipped a hand under her to cup her mound. She shifted slightly, accommodating, but didn't rouse. I held her for several minutes, letting the warmth and light pressure from my hand work the magic I knew it would. I lightly rubbed her back and bottom with my free hand, a soothing and caressing motion. Soon, she hummed lightly in her sleep and her body responded to the touch, humping ever so slightly against my hand. I knew she wasn't awake but her loins were feeling the arousal.

I let this enjoyment sink into her unconscious for several minutes, hoping she was incorporating the sensations into really good dreams.

My caresses became more forward and her body's reactions more pronounced but I wanted to move on before she woke completely up. I shifted around, reversing myself on the bed so that my hips were up by the pillow and my head was right at her crotch. Carefully, I lifted the leg that was closest to me. Sometimes as we sleep, Lisa hooks a drawn up leg over mine. Now, that same motion brought her leg up over my head and I burrowed my face right into her naked pussy.

The smell of last night's sexual encounter engulfed me as I confronted her well-worked intimate folds. I'm sure my cum-encrusted cock up under her nose was sending the same erotic signals to her brain.

Delicately, I extended my tongue and lightly brushed her susceptible nether lips.

"Mmmm," she moaned in her sleep. I felt a tremor shiver through her, her libido waking before she did.

Slowly, deliberately I explored her secret charms, subtly licking, kissing and nuzzling all over the erogenous areas between her legs. She began lubricating, adding to the delicious smells and tastes I was discovering.

"Oh," she said as I engulfed her full pussy lips completely into my mouth. "What a wonderful way to wake up." She stretched her stiff muscles and arched her back in pleasure, driving her pussy further against my face. I was kneading her ass cheeks by now, pulling her toward me and massaging the fleshy curves.

"And look what I have!" she cooed, stroking my erect cock bobbing and weaving in her face. "What should I do with this?" She took a tentative lick, which elicited a humming moan from me, something she definitely liked.

Together we rolled my way so that she was completely straddling my face and my prick was pointed skyward. Taking the head into her warm mouth, she sucked lightly and tickled the tip with her tongue. I extended my tongue as far as I could into her opening and she sucked in her breath in delight.

"Oh, yeah, baby. I love it when you do that. More," she encouraged.

I began driving in and out of her wet tunnel, lapping up whatever I could find in there and trying as best I could to give her the best experience I could. I wanted her to know just how much I loved her by how completely devoted I was to her joy.

"Eat me, lover. Suck me dry," she murmured.

She gripped the base of my cock and wrapped her lips around the shaft, bobbing up and down lightly for a few minutes while I slurped and licked inside her cunt. I gripped her hips and ass to manipulate her down against me. Given that she had woken up already part way there, her orgasm came on particularly quickly.

She pulled away from my cock, afraid of biting me in her passion and sat up a bit higher, pinning my head between her thighs and rocking against my face.

"Oh my gosh, Steve! Yes! Suck me now," she cried out. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah."

I shifted my focus from her opening over to her full engorged lips and clitoris and sucked them in. I love it when she so explicitly directs my actions, letting me know exactly what she needs and when. Maybe our discussions with Terri and Ron on better, more open communication were reaping benefits for us as well.

"Now nibble on the clit," she directed, sounding frantic.

"Shit! Oh, I love it!" she screamed as I lightly bit down on the sensitive bundle of nerves. She ground her pelvis against my face and raked the button over my teeth and lips. She was gripping my cock really tightly and I was glad it was no longer in her mouth.

"Steve!" she shrieked as her climax hit. She spilled a generous amount of cum onto my face as I lapped at her convulsing sex.

"Ah, ah. Hold still for a sec," she panted pressing my face firmly to her crotch. I held perfectly still, my tongue pressed in mid-lick tight against her clit. We held this suspended animation pose for several long seconds and then at the first hint of motion from her, I moved my tongue in an attempt to heighten her pleasure.

Abruptly, she leapt up and scrambled from the bed, holding her crotch and dancing crazily into the bathroom.

"I am so sorry, I have got to go," she apologized rushing to sit down before a torrent burst noisily from her into the bowl. I laughed out loud. I guess I hadn't really given her any chance to take care of that. Usually, after I go down on her, she wants to finish with me inside her. This time that apparently wasn't to be. We chuckled together, both finding humor in the situation. It really did kind of break the mood.

"Oh, look, he's still hard! What can we do about that?" she pouted as she returned to the room.

"It's okay, honey. I was really just looking to wake you up in a nice way," I answered.

"And I loved it. You are the best," she retorted. "I'm just a little sore this morning but if you want, I'll find some way to satisfy you."

"I am a little horny now after that but we have been working him hard the past couple days," I hedged.

"Well, I have big plans for him later, so I want him in top shape."

"You do? What kind of plans?"

"Yeah, I've got some other fantasies I've never really told you about," she admitted.

"Oh?" I was intrigued.

"I know I've always said I don't want you cheating in any way and I've never been interested in threesomes or anything but would I be a terrible hypocrite if I said I'd like to share you with Terri?"

"You mentioned something about Terri wanting anal sex and you know I've always wanted to try that. I know you're not interested in it, so I've never really pushed it," I said.

"I know. And I'd really like you to get to try that," she agreed. "But there is something else, too."

"Okay... Just what do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, yesterday I really got reminded how we've got to keep communicating. I mean, look how Ron and Terri have this great marriage but serious trouble in the sack and just because they won't talk about what they like."

"Uh-huh," I responded, non-committing.

"Well, somewhere in the back of my mind there has been this fantasy about sharing your cock with another woman," she was blushing now; this was really hard for her to admit. Finally, she blurted out, "I'd like to kiss another woman around your cock."

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