Sharing Karen Again and Again


This lasted for like 20 minutes. I knew Karen was ready to cum and cum hard. Paul was still kising her like mad. I couldn't take it any more. I began to shoot my hot load of cum deep inside of Karens asshole. She started moaning like crazy. Karen reached down and grabbed my balls and gentle squeezed them. Just like she was milking a cow. I carefully pulled my cock out of Karen asshole. I knew it had to be hurting some. No soon than I did, Karen pushed Paul off of her and rolled him onto his back. Then Karen climb on top of him and lowered herself onto his hard cock.

Karen had all of it inside of her now. Then Karen looked down at him and said something that blew my mind. Fuck me hard or you're never going to fuck me again. Now fuck me harder she ordered him. Paul had this look on his face. But he heard what she said. He started fucking her really hard now. Karen lowered her hand to her clit and was rubbing like crazy. Fuck me you little bastard, I want your cum deep inside of me. Fuck me now and give me your baby. With those words, a shock ran thru my head.In all of this fun,"Not once did I think of any of these guys using a rubber". I'll teach you guys to fuck with me.

I noticed Paul had a look of concern in his eyes.But it was to late. Karen was riding his cock so hard, that he couldn't hold it back any longer. Paul started moaning and arching his back now. Thats it baby, give it to me now, give it all to me Karen said as she rode hard on his cock.

Karen leaned down and started kissing Paul wildly. She was moaning like a lady in heat. I knew that she was cuming hard as well. Paul shot his last drop of cum deep inside of Karen pussy. As soon as Karen was done cuming, she rolled off of him trying to catch her breath. Paul still had this worried look on his face. I had to say something. Don't worry Paul, Karen can't get pregant I told him. He looked at me and slowly smiled back. My god, that was the best fucking night I have had in a long time Karen said out loud. Paul started to get up from the bed. Karen grabbed him and asked where he was going. I have to get home before my mom locks the doors on me. Karen told him to sit tight and asked me to follow her into the bathroom. She told Paul not to go any where yet and not to get dressed. Karen started the shower and I sat down on the chair. Whats up I asked her. You played a good trick or treat on me tonight. How often has this happened before she asked. And be truthful she said. Only once I told her. And who was it she asked. I couldn't lie to her, it was Paul and it happened two weeks ago. So you mean to tell me that this is the second time that guy has fucked me. I smiled and said yes. She leaned out of the shower and gave me a big hug and kiss.

I then asked her what was going on. Why wouldn't she let Paul go home. Karen said he is going to spend the night and he is going to fuck me one more time before we go to sleep. I said sure it okay with me. Karen looked at me. Don't worry baby, you are going to get paid back for this one. Tomorrow night I will give you anything you want. I will even call up my girlfriend Sara and you can fuck her tomorrow night with me. God yes I said, Sara is a small blonde friend of Karen with huge tits. Up until now nothing has ever happened between us. I told her I would go and break the news to Paul.

Back in the bedroom, I told Paul that Karen said he had to spend the night here and that she wanted him one more time. Paul said sure and smiled big time. Five minutes later Karen came out of the bedroom. You sit in the chair over there Bob. I did as she told me too. Karen crawled between Pauls legs and grabbed his cock and started licking it up and down.Once it was hard again, Karen took the whole thing deep inside of her mouth. My chair was facing the bed and Karen ass was pointing right me, I could see her going up and down on Pauls hard cock.Then she stopped sucking it and kept on playing with it. So you like to fuck ladies as they sleep Karen asked Paul. God yes he said. I know that you fucked me before too. Was I good then she asked Paul. God yes, but tonight is alot better. Better now because I am fucking you back Karen said. Oh my god yes, Paul moaned out loud. Karen was in total control of this guy.

Suddenly she grabbed his cock hard. Don't you cum yet you little shit. I want you inside of me when you cum. Do you understand that, Karen yelled out loud. Yes Paul said softly. Now get up she told him. Paul did what Karen said. Karen then got on her hands and knees on the bed. Now fuck me hard from behind she yelled out loud. Paul kneeled on the bed. Karen was reaching back with one hand as she held herself up with her other hand. Karen grabbed his cock and rammed it hard into her wet pussy. Now fuck me like you dream about. Go ahead Paul, fuck me hard. Paul was raming it in and out as fast and hard as he could. With each push, Karen was pushing her ass backward into him. Karen loves fucking like this because she says she can feel the man deeper inside of her.

Paul fucked Karen for 15 minutes and suddenly he asked Karen, can I cum inside of you?

Yes baby, shoot it deep inside of me. Karen again reached between her legs and this time she grabbed his balls. No sooner than she did, Paul held tight onto Karens side and held his cock deep inside of her. I'm cuming her screamed out loud. I could see Karen squeezing the hell out of this guys balls. Again she was milking him for every drop. Don't you stop fucking me yet, I need to cum too Karen barked out loud. Paul started pumping again. Harder and harder this guy pumped until Karen had the biggest climax I have ever seen her have. But Paul kept on pumping. What are you doing Karen asked him. I want to cum again he told her.

Karen said okay, but hurry baby. My pussy is sore from all of this fucking tonight. Can I fuck your ass Paul asked. Karen looked at me for an answer. Sure why not she told him before I could even answer her. Do you mind if I suck Bobs cock while you fuck me, Karen asked him. No Paul shook his head, go right ahead. I walked over to the bed and right into Karens waiting mouth. She suck my cock like she has never sucked it before. Then she stopped. I don't want him to cum in my ass Karen told me. I want his cum inside of my pussy she said. I looked over at Paul and he said sure as he eased his cock deep inside of her asshole. Karens asshole is so tight.Alot tighter than her pussy.

Once he was all the way inside of her ass, Paul started raming away like a wild man. And of course this caused Karen to suck harder and harder on my cock. About ten minutes of this and I was ready to shoot my load into Karen waiting mouth. Karen doesn't like people cuming into her mouth much. So I told her, I am getting ready to cum Karen. Karen stopped just long enough to tell me to do it. That surprised the hell out of me as well as exciting me to the point where I shot my load deep into her mouth. Karen sucked me dry. I pulled my cock and laid back onto the bed and watched as Paul was still raming deep inside of asshole.

Seeing me cum was to much for Paul. I think I am ready to cum he told Karen. Karen again grabbed his cock. Stop she told him. Karen eased his cock out of her asshole and rolled onto her back. Karen still had his cock in her one hand and she ramed it into her pussy. Two more pushes and Paul was cuming deep inside of Karen for the second time tonight. Paul laid on top of Karen and they kissed for five minutes straight. Pauls cock was still deep inside of Karen pussy. Karen was the first to say a word. That was great Paul. I have tons of your cum deep inside. You are very good in bed and so where your friends. Paul kissed her again to thank her. Without saying a word, Paul got up and got dressed and let himself out of the house.

Karen and I were just laying on the bed. Karen reached over and gave me a big wet kiss. God I love you, Karen said. I don't know of any other man on this earth that loves their lady so much that he would share her with the world. You are so sexy Bob, she said. And to pay you back, tomorrow night we are both going to fuck Sara all night long. We kissed again and Karen turned off the lights. Within minutes I was in dreamland about what was going to take place with Sara.

Again I want to let you other guys out there know. Every ladies dream is to have more than one man at once. Just like its every mans dream to have two ladies at once. I see so many ads on swinging sites where couples refuse to let a single male join them. But its okay for another single lady to join them. I think these men are stupid and only looking out for themselves. They expect the wives not to be jealous when the fuck another lady in front of their wives. But yet they can't handle seeing another man fucking their lady. Guys, "YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON'...


Feel free to write back. And feel free to check out Karens picture on my profile.

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