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It all started one evening at our local bookstore.

I was browsing through the racks, Rachel having wandered off to glance at the science fiction section. I noticed an autobiography by a well-known porn actress and picked it up. The cover featured the author looking very hot in a black corset and matching boots. Rachel returned while I was reading the blurbs on the back cover. She saw what I was looking at and chuckled.

"I see you've found something for your mom's birthday," she quipped.

"It actually looks interesting," I said, returning the book to the shelf.

Rachel glanced at the cover again.

"Never heard of her," she said.

"Yeah, cause you're up on all the porn stars these days."

"I don't have anything against porn," she protested. "I'd watch it with you if you want."

So it began.

Rachel and I enjoyed a vigorous sex life. We've never been shy about telling each other what we wanted to do and then going ahead and doing it. We'd both had our share of lovers before we met and so didn't have many hang-ups, either. After eight years of marriage, however, things were starting to get routine. We still had sex frequently. Nevertheless, things were not like they used to be. The experimentation and newness were gone. I supposed at the time that sort of thing is just what happens. Passion cools down. Fact of life, most people would say, deal with it.

I said nothing when she mentioned watching porn, but my mind started racing. I wondered if watching porn together might be just what we needed to reignite our sex life.

The next day I stopped by an adult bookstore on the way home from work. I found a DVD produced by a European studio with high production values. Their DVDs usually featured a series of unrelated vignettes. I looked over the cover and then turned it over to see what scenes where featured. This one looked like it had a lot of the usual: Some couples scenes, a girl-girl scene, and one MMF.

That last one got my attention. I'm a huge fan of scenes in porn with two guys doing one girl. It's been that way ever since I was a kid. I found a stash of porn magazines one day cutting through the woods. One of them featured a blond-haired girl with big tits doing two dudes. I snuck it home and must have jerked off a hundred times to that layout over the years.

I never mentioned any of this to Rachel, though. She's open-minded about sex, but I didn't know how she would react to that particular fantasy.

I kept staring at the back of the DVD. How would Rachel react? This was the perfect way to find out without going too far out on a limb.

All through dinner that night Rachel talked about her day at work. Rachel is a research chemist. She has a gorgeous face and a great body, but for me the sexiest thing about her has always been between her ears. The woman is brilliant. She graduated from a top university with a degree in Biochemistry and works in Alzheimer's research.

"Anything good on TV tonight, babe?" Rachel asked as we were doing the dishes.

"Actually, I picked up a movie today."

She looked surprised. I almost never purchased DVDs.

"What'd you get?"

"Remember last night when you said you might be interested in watching a little porn?"

"You horny bastard!" She laughed. Her eyes sparkled. "Didn't waste any time, huh?"

"Well, you said you'd watch."

"I thought it was odd you didn't say a word after my remark about porn. All right. Porn night it is."


It was nine before we finally settled in to watch the DVD. Rachel showered and looked over some stuff for work while I tried to read but couldn't concentrate. How would Rachel react when she saw the MMF scenario unfold? Would she be disgusted? I didn't think so.

What if she was turned on? The thought sent a tingle of excitement down my spine.

Rachel came downstairs wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and panties. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she sauntered in. As far as I am concerned, Rachel is one of the hottest women on the planet. She has long auburn hair which she likes to tie back in a ponytail, a few stray locks always left over that she's perpetually brushing from her forehead. She's also got the most haunting gray eyes I've ever seen, and those eyeglasses she wears only make them prettier.

Rachel's proportions are ideal for driving most guys crazy. Her breasts are ample but not huge, her butt and hips rounded in just the right way. If it were still the fifties, she'd be a pin-up girl. She jokes that if she puts on a few more pounds she'll have to buy plus-size lingerie. I just sigh and see a woman in the full bloom of her beauty. At thirty-three, she's never looked better.

I had two glasses of wine poured. She sat down close besides me and took a long sip from her glass.

"So what are we watching?" she asked.

"See for yourself," I said, pointing the remote at the TV.

The movie started. The first bit was your standard fuck scene with a silly premise. A tall, slender woman with long black hair went into an empty café for lunch and before long was banging the waiter right on one of the tables. She sucked his dick and then rode him, apparently unconcerned new customers might walk in at any moment.

"That's fucking realistic," Rachel laughed, finishing her glass. She had a potty mouth whenever she drank.

"You mean you don't consider porn a realistic depiction of typical human sexual behavior?" I joked.

She rolled her eyes.

I poured her another glass, not much aroused by the silly scene so far. The girl wasn't that hot, either. Too skinny for my tastes.

The next one was the MMF. The scenario behind it was also kind of inane. Why do porn producers bother with this shit? It went like this: Two burglars break into a house in the middle of the night. They head right upstairs for some reason. Lo and behold, this hot blond with Scandinavian features is sleeping in the bedroom. She has a tight top on but no bottom. She stirs, seeing the burglars. She bolts right up and pulls a gun!

Rachel and I both laughed.

"Come on," she said. "This is fucking ridiculous."

The girl on screen kept her gun pointed at the burglars, who raised their hands. She reached for the phone, as if to call the cops. Then she suddenly paused and ordered the thieves to take off their clothes.

Then the sex started. Despite the silly premise, it got hot real quick. The guys had nice physiques and the actress proceeded to suck both of their cocks with deliberate slowness. Then she lay back on the bed. One burglar stuck his cock in her mouth and the other began licking her pussy.

I glanced over at Rachel. She was silent, staring at the screen.

The actor licking the actress's pussy switched to fucking her as she kept sucking his buddy's cock. Rachel let out a tiny whimper. I looked over at her. She was transfixed.

The actors went on nailing the Scandinavian chick for a few minutes and then switched positions. She was now on all fours between them, sucking one cock while the other guy fucked her from behind.

The action switched a few minutes later. The actress on screen was getting double-penetrated. She was on top of one guy and leaning over him as the other dude banged her ass.

"Holy shit," Rachel gasped, her face flush. "I can't believe it, but this is too fucking hot."

She scrambled onto the floor in front of the couch.

"Pull down your shorts," she said.

I complied, yanking my shorts down in a hurry. As soon as I did so, Rachel was on my cock. I was half-hard from the porn and the instant her lips touched the tip of my cock it grew rock hard.

Usually, Rachel initiates the sucking of my dick slowly. She began sucking me quickly right from the start, her head bobbing up and down rapidly on my cock. She concentrated on the tip, massaging the base vigorously with her hand. The burglars on the screen were still double-penetrating the girl. Rachel stopped and looked back at the screen, her hand still jerking my cock.

She stood, murmuring something I couldn't understand, stripping off her t-shirt and yanking off her panties. I got out of my shirt as Rachel pulled my shorts off the rest of the way and threw them aside.

"God, you're hot," I said,

Rachel stepped forward and lowered herself onto me. She was wet enough to slide my cock all the way in with one fluid motion. Behind her, the two luckiest burglars in porn were still double-fucking the blonde.

I reached up and grabbed both of Rachel's tits as she began to rock up and down on my cock. She was aggressive, bouncing on my cock rapidly right from the start. Up-and-down she rode me, screaming. I sat back and enjoyed the whole thing.

Rachel glanced behind her at the screen and started riding me faster and moaning as she watched the DP scene. Before long, the burglars were standing over the blonde jerking off and spraying cum all over her tits. Rachel was in her own world by then, her eyes closed as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her moaning grew louder and more intense.

"Oh, fuck!" she screamed, over and over again. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I couldn't hold back any more. I can usually feel an orgasm coming-on but this one arrived without much warning. My cock throbbed inside her, a wave of intense pleasure pulsing through my body and culminating in a feeling of total relief and satisfaction.

We were silent for a few moments, both of us catching our breath. Rachel pulled herself off my cock and plopped down on the couch next to me.

"Wow," I said. "More wine?"

"Yeah, babe."

I got up and poured us each a glass of wine. I handed Rachel her glass and sat back down next to her, still winded.

"Hot stuff, huh?" I said.

"Yeah." She sipped her wine. "Holy shit, babe! I don't know what got into me!"

"I take it you liked the scene?"

"I, uh, I guess so," she said. "Holy fucking shit. Once they got going the whole thing really got to me. To be wanted like that by two men. Wow."

I was stunned. This was precisely the outcome I had hoped for.

"You've gotten quiet, babe," Rachel said. She sounded worried, like she thought I disapproved.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea that sort of scenario was a turn-on for you."

"Neither did I. Well, I guess I did. Remember Dawn, from my work? Last month over lunch she was complaining about her boyfriend. She said, 'Why is it guys all fantasize about having sex with two women at once? Women never dream of having sex with two men at once!' I nodded, but inside I felt bad. I'd thought about that sort of thing."

"Damn her!" she went on. "Prudes like her go around pontificating about what's 'normal' and what's 'sick' and most people don't argue out of shame. What the fuck is 'normal' anyway? I bet plenty of women fantasize about that. We're just afraid to say so because bitches like her would judge us."

"More guys think about it than you'd think."


"Oh, absolutely." I sipped my wine. "Half the DVDs at the store included that sort of thing one way or another. The studios wouldn't be producing it if people weren't buying."

"Economics 101."

"Yup. You know, I'm surprised it isn't more popular among women. Who doesn't want to be the center of attention?"

"True enough." She looked pensive. "Maybe porn night should be a regular thing around here."


That Friday my last appointment cancelled. I took one look outside at the nice weather and bolted. Once home I changed my clothes and got right out on my bicycle. I rode for more than an hour, gliding back into the driveway covered in sweat.

Rachel wasn't home yet, and probably wouldn't be for another ten or fifteen minutes. Her lab was only a few towns away but sometimes Friday traffic headed down the shore made her run late.

I stripped down in the bedroom, tossing my smelly biking clothes in the hamper. Then I did my daily push-ups and got started on a nice hot shower. I stood there under the flowing water even after I was all cleaned, enjoying the sensation.

It wasn't long before my mind went back to the events of two nights earlier. Rachel had gone absolutely crazy over that one scene. Just thinking of it was giving me half an erection.

I reached down and stroked myself right up to a full hard-on. Not for the first time, I started to fantasize about sharing my wife with another man. I imagined us running our hands all over her body. I pictured her sucking my dick while the other guy drilled her from behind.

I was almost ready to come when I heard her in the bedroom.

"Jason, I'm home," she shouted.


I kept stroking my cock. Not half a minute later the shower door behind me opened. I turned around and saw my naked wife stepping into the shower with me.

"Oh, my!" she gasped playfully. She knew I liked to jerk off in the shower. "I thought that's what you might be up to, babe."

She stepped closer and we embraced, sharing a lusty kiss. I love feeling those tits mashed against my chest.

"I hope you don't mind if I interrupt." She grasped my cock. "I'm feeling ready for sex right now. I've been horny all day."

"No problem."

"Clean me first, babe."

I washed her hair first, slowly lathering and rinsing it. Then I got her all soaped-up, running my hands across her entire body. She rinsed away the soap and we quickly toweled each other off. We practically ran over to the bed. She lay down on the edge and I knelt between her legs.

I got right to licking her pussy. I licked and teased her, stroking my cock as I did so. I took the index finger on my free hand and gently inserted it all the way into her, then began to fuck her with it as I licked her clit from side to side. I imagined she was sucking on some guy's dick as I ate her out and inserted a second finger.

"Come on, babe," she groaned. "I need you inside of me."

I couldn't wait any longer, either. I stood, lifted her legs up until her heels rested on my shoulders, and worked my cock into her pussy. I inserted the tip, withdrew just a bit, and then slid in all the way.

I started out fucking her slowly, enjoying the warmth of her pussy.

"Faster," she said.

I quickened my pace. I looked down and imagined her head turned to the side sucking off some guy and started to get even more aroused by the thought. She began to moan louder and I knew she was getting ready to come.

I began fucking her as fast and hard as I could manage. She squealed with delight and I kept up my pace as long as I could. Her squeals subsided and I slowed back down.

"That's it, babe!" she gasped.

I waited for her orgasm to finish and then pulled out of her. I glanced down at my cock and she knew what I wanted. When you've been together as long as us, it is easy to read your lover's cues.

Rachel rolled over and crawled towards me. She got on all fours and started sucking my cock as I stood next to the bed. I thrust my cock into her mouth in rhythm to her sucking and stared at her ass. I imagined a man fucking her doggy-style as she blew me. I felt my orgasm approaching.

"I'm gonna come," I gasped, freezing mid-thrust.

My cock pulsed inside her mouth, shooting cum into Rachel's mouth. She swallowed every drop. When I was all done she withdrew and kissed the tip of my cock tenderly. She smiled up at me. I bent over and kissed her. The weekend was off to a great start.

I had to shower again, having worked up a good sweat. When I went downstairs Rachel was on the coach reading. She wore a pair of snug-fitting gray workout pants and a Wonder Woman t-shirt.

"So what were you thinking about?" she said, still staring at her book.

"When?" I asked and sat down next to her.

"In the shower," she said. She put down her book. "I heard you moaning when I came upstairs, babe. Don't be embarrassed. Or is the lady not allowed to ask? It sounded like you were really turned on."

"I was. I was, uh, thinking about the porno the other night."

"The restaurant scene?" she kidded.

"Yeah, that's the one!" I rolled my eyes. "No. The other one, the one you liked. I was thinking about us, you know, in that sort of situation. I thought about it while we were doing it just now, too."

"Yeah?" A goofy grin crossed her face. "Know what, babe? I was thinking about it, too. If my vibrator wasn't in the dresser drawer I'd have grabbed it and starting sucking on it while you were fucking me. I just didn't want to get off your cock."

I took a deep breath. I knew I had to ask her right then what I wanted to ask her for so long. There might never be a better opportunity.

"Would you consider doing that for real?"

"For real?" Her eyes bugged out. "Wow. I never actually thought about it for real. Now that I do...Oh, babe, but what about you? That's something you'd be okay with?"

"I'd be more than okay with it," I said. She took a deep breath, lost in thought for a moment.

"Yes," she said at last. "Absolutely, we can do that."


Rachel spent a good portion of the evening glued to her laptop researching every aspect of what we were planning to do. When Rachel has a task before her, she is thorough and methodical. I went up to bed around eleven and she was still online.

Around midnight she came into our bedroom and slid into bed besides me. I rolled over, half-roused by her entry. She cuddled up close behind me. I was wearing nothing but pajama shorts, suddenly wide awake as I realized she was naked.

Rachel's hand reached down into my shorts and grabbed hold of my growing cock as her mouth started licking my ear. She knew that little trick always got me aroused in a hurry. I turned over and kissed her. Her mouth opened and our tongues met.

We kissed for a while, Rachel gently stroking my cock. Then she drew back and cast aside the covers.

"Lose the shorts," she ordered. She often got bossy in bed. I never minded.

Rachel explained to me afterwards she'd looked at some porn sites to take a look at the various positions and possibilities common to an MMF experience. She knew enough to know porn was not the place to research real sex, but figured ideas might still occur to her.

It didn't take her too long to get turned-on, so she crawled into bed to take advantage of me.

"Go over and sit in the chair," she ordered. I obeyed. Why any man would disobey a horny naked woman is beyond me.

Rachel went over to her dresser and took out her vibrator and a small tube of lubricant. I watched as she smeared lube all over the vibrator. Then she took another generous glob of lube and rubbed it slowly around her asshole, bending over for my benefit.

"I want to feel what it's like to have two cocks in me," she whispered.

Kneeling in front of me, she took my cock in her free hand. She stroked it up and down a few times, kissing the tip and then opening her lips and slowly taking in my first few inches. She started slow, then her pace began to quicken. She sucked my cock, gripping its base and stroking it in tune to her mouth's motions. With her free hand she took the vibrator and began fucking herself with it.

It was so damned hot I thought I was going to come right away. She sensed so and backed off, lifting her head up.

She took the vibrator out of her pussy and stood. Sliding atop me, she grabbed my cock and lowered herself onto it. She was soaked from fucking the vibrator and easily slid me into her cunt.

She leaned forward against me, kissing me deeply as I grabbed hold of her ass.

"Get my ass started," she whispered.

I slipped a finger into her already-lubed asshole. I started fingering her ass as she rode me. I added a second finger, stretching the butthole gently. She moved my hand aside and slid the vibrator in. I could feel the pressure of its presence as it slid into her butt.

Rachel put both hands on the back of the chair.

"Fuck my ass with it!" she demanded.

She began to rock back and forth and I fucked her pussy with my cock and her ass with the vibrator.

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