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My husband and I asked my sister (Debbie) to join us for a few months after her divorce and she accepted. She got here early on Saturday. When we opened the door we invited her in. As usual she was dressed in frumpy loose jeans and an old T-shirt that was way to big for her. While we were bringing her bags into the room we had for her, Scott and I both made a comment about the way she was dressed, it was awful. After she was settled, we went into the family room and had a beer. Once we were finished Debbie wanted to take a shower to freshen up. When she was finished and got dressed, I went into her room and had a talk with her. During our conversation she told me that she had very low esteem since her divorce, and during her marriage and towards the end all Chuck could do was tell her how ugly and fat she was.

I took a good look at her and told her that she is not the least bit ugly and is not fat, in fact I brought her into the bathroom and put her on the scale and she weighed all of 130lbs, and she is 5'1". She looked at the scale and saw what it said and she said, see I am fat. With this I told her to wait a minute and take off your clothes and see what you weigh without all those big clothes on. Once she got out of her clothes she got back on the scale and it read 122lbs. She could not believe the difference without all of the clothes she wears. I told her to come with me and I picked out some of my clothes for her to wear. It was easy since she is the same size as me. I picked out a matching tight cut-offs and top, without any underwear because it would show, and told her to put them on.

She told me she has never worn anything like it, but I told her she will know. She put the outfit on and she looked great and I told her to look in the mirror. When she did she couldn't believe how she looked. I called down the hallway and told Scott to close his eye's, I had a surprise for him. Once we got in the family room I told him to open his eyes and the words out of his mouth was "holly shit" is that Debbie; he couldn't believe it. He looked at her and told her how good she looked. She started blushing and told Scott that he was just saying that to make her feel good, and he told her NO, he meant it and he would give her a second look in a minute. She was uncomfortable wearing these types of clothes for awhile, but slowly got use to it. She even told me that they were very comfortable and felt good, especially without underwear; something she had never done.

I needed to pick up some things at the store, so I told Debbie to get ready, she was coming with us and she said there was no way. Scott laughed and told her to put on a T-shirt because she was going with us to the store. She said she couldn't go the way she was dressed, and he told her she looked very nice; and with this, he picked her up and placed her over his shoulder. We all started laughing at this as Scott put her in the car. When we got to the store, Debbie said she would not get out, but Scott told her she could either walk with us or he would carry her into the store and make a fool out of her. Well she got out and we went shopping. Debbie felt rather uneasy by being dressed the way she was and being in public, but she got use to it. In fact, as we were going down one of the isles, some guy told Scott that he was a lucky guy to have two beautiful women to go shopping with him. He told him, yes he was, it was his wife and sister-in-law. Debbie just could not believe what she heard.

We finished our shopping and went home to get things ready for the evening. We all sat around talking and had dinner and waited for the sun to set. Sunday started out rather different. Scott caught Debbie playing with herself in the bathroom while she was putting on some lotion after a shower. In fact, he walked in on her with a big hard cock. After that Scott went back to bed, and I heard Debbie moaning in her room and found her playing with her pussy. We ended up having girl to girl talk like we use to do in our teens. This led to a threesome with Scott.

The next morning we all had our robes on and had some coffee. It's like, what is the point to wearing a robe when we all knew what we look like nude. I needed to go to the store to pick up some things for dinner and told them I would be right back. Scott and Debbie both asked if I needed any help, and I told them that I could get it. There were just a few things I needed, and off I went. It took a little longer than I thought, because the store was rather crowded, but I got what I needed and headed. When I got home I only had a couple of small bags to bring in, so it just took one trip. When I got into the house, I could hear a lot of moaning and groaning, but yet there was a lot of laughing going on. I couldn't figure this out, so I headed to the family room.

Since the moaning and groaning was so loud, they didn't hear me. When I got into the family room, I could see there was an X-rated video playing on the big screen TV. Debbie and Scott were sitting on the couch facing away from where I came into the room, and I could hardly see their heads. I walked in a little further. As I got closer, I could see them in the mirror that was towards the corner of the room, but they could not see me. What I saw was a real surprise, and for a moment I was rather mad. What I saw was my sister with a hard dick in her hand and stroking it, while her pussy was being rubbed by my husband. Debbie had her legs spread and they were hanging over a leg on each side of her; she looked like she was having fun. I left the room and went to our bedroom and took off my clothes and realized that I was getting very horny from what I saw.

I walked into the family room just as the people on the TV were cumming, and so was Debbie, and I called out to them that I was home. It was funny because they started to scramble to find their clothes, but they were in our bedroom. When I walked in front of them, they were trying to cover up. But when they saw me nude, I asked them if this was a private party or could I join. I walked over and sat next to Scott and told him that it looked as though he needed some relief, because he was so nice and hard. I got a hold of his cock and started stroking it, and then looked over and Debbie had a nice hold on Scott's balls and was giving them a good squeeze. We decided to turn off the video, because we could do better and took this to bed. Scott and I have a California King size bed, which is bigger than a regular king size bed. We all climbed into bed and started to have fun.

It was funny because the first thing I knew, Scott had his hands on my sister's tits and pussy. We all got into bed and just started to explore each other. The next thing I knew I had a nice hard cock in my hand. I guided it to my mouth and started sucking it; it tasted so good. I heard Debbie sucking on something, but from the sound of it, she was sucking on Scott's nipple. I had enough of sucking on a cock and wanted one in my pussy, so I turned around and was on all fours and guided it into my pussy. God it felt good! All of a sudden the cock that had been in me withdrew, and I could feel some motion in the bed. Debbie now had Scott inside of her. We all looked at each other and started to laugh and I asked if Debbie wanted to change and she told me NO, she didn't get enough of him the first time and she wanted it all this time.

He really picked up the pace and gave it to her just the way Scott does; very deep and slow at first and then faster towards the end. All of a sudden Debbie called she was close to cumming. Debbie was the first, as she shook like hell under me and gave Scott one hell of a great ride, I just kept licking his balls, as he pumped into her. I was the next and Scott grabbed my hips and drove into me to the point I didn't think I could take anymore of his cock. Scott grabbed a hold of Debbie's legs and spread them open a little further, so he could get his fingers inside her. He was going nuts pumping her. All of a sudden it was like clockwork, Debbie and I were having another orgasm. Scott came at just about the same time and I got filled to the brim. We were both leaking cum out of our pussies. I couldn't believe how much Scott came. Once we were able to move, we started to lie back on the bed.

Once Debbie got out from under us, her pussy was loaded with the cum that Scott had given her, and we told her that she needed to wash her pussy because she was covered with Scott's cum. She went in to clean up, and when she came back, she told us that she had never ever had had such good love making or the feeling she has had since she came to visit us. She walked over to Scott and sat on his lap, and she told him that he was the best person she has ever been to bed with. Scott sort of looked confused and asked her why she felt that way. She told him that he was gentle, kind and caring, as well as not being the type of guy that got his rocks off and went to sleep and leave her frustrated. Scott and I just gave her a little clap of hands, because she finally said what was on her mind and it was about time. Scott and I told her it was about time for her self esteem to get restored. We were all pretty tired, and since our bed is so big, we just all fell asleep.

When we woke up, Debbie was buzzing around the house like a bee with nothing on. I caught her and asked her what the hell she was doing. She told me that she felt like a new woman and back to being better than what she ever was. Debbie got out some frying pans and started to cook breakfast. Scott came out to the kitchen dressed in a robe and Debbie went over to him and took his robe off, and told him that if she was going to be nude, he also had to be. After breakfast, Debbie came to me and asked me if I would take her shopping so she could buy some new clothes. She was tired of the old shit that she was wearing. We got dressed, and this time Debbie went into my closet and picked out what she wanted to wear, which surprised me. She found my tightest pair of jeans and forgot any underwear and put on a very tight fitting top. She went into the kitchen and asked Scott if she looked okay. I think she got her answer when he said, YES, and his cock was sticking out of his robe.

Off we went to the mall. Debbie had never been to Victoria's Secret, and in we went. She looked at everything and picked out nothing but thongs G-strings or V-Strings and the bra's that made her tits look good. I told her not to buy the padded ones, because they present a false front. Then she found the nightwear and found the smallest she could find, they all looked good on her. Next we headed to Saba's, and she looked for the tightest pair of jeans and the short skirts and taste full tops, along with the tight ones as well. Once we found what she wanted, we headed home. After we got home, Debbie told Scott to sit down, because she wanted his opinion of what she bought. She looked good in everything and Scott had a nice bulge in his pants when she showed off her new underwear.

Once she was finished showing off her new clothes, she went to her room and called me in to the room. Once I got in there, she asked me for some plastic bags, and when I asked what for, she said she wanted to pack up her clothes. She came out of her room dressed in a very nice pair of tight jeans and a form fitting top. She went over to Scott and whispered into his ear and gave him a kiss on the cheek, I didn't know what that was all about. Scott went outside and lit the backyard fireplace and stoked it with a lot of wood. Since the wood was rather dry it didn't take long for the fire to get going real good. Debbie told us to go outside and sit on the swing and enjoy the fire and she would be out soon. Just after we got settled, Debbie came out carrying 2 bags. I looked at her and asked her what she was up to, and she said that she wanted for us to see the old Debbie.

With that she took off the top of the fireplace and started putting her old frumpy clothes into the fire. We were shocked, but she just kept putting her clothes into the fire. When the flames went low, she got some lighter fluid to add to the fireplace. It didn't take that long for all of her clothes to be gone and we gave her a round of applause. I told her that I was proud of her to get rid of the old life and start all over again and forget the past repression that she dealt with. She walked over to Scott and sat on his knee, because there wasn't room on the swing, and said that she has had the best time of her life and wanted to thank us for inviting her to our home. Scott told her that the door is always open, and she is invited anytime. I noticed there was a tear in her eye and asked her about it. She just let go in Scott's arms and said that it has been a long time since she has felt this way, but it feels so good to be loved.

Once the fire of her old clothes died down, we went inside and talked. We found out about a lot of her past that I never knew, and we all just let her talk to get it off of he chest. About 2:00am, Scott mentioned that he had to get up for work soon. Debbie asked him not to go to work. Scott looked at her and asked her if she was sure, and she said, YES I AM, PLEASE DON'T GO. Scott said he would call work in the morning and take the day off. I looked over at Debbie, and she had a smile from ear to ear. I looked at Scott and said it was time for bed, and we went into our room while we left Debbie to the spare room. Just as we were going to sleep, we heard a lot of moaning going on in the spare bedroom, and Scott held me close to him and said that he thought things would be alright.

The next morning, Debbie sat Scott down in a chair and removed her top and slacks quickly at the same time, exposing her ample figure in a black lace body stocking. What a site, Scott instantly became hard again as my Debbie started kissing and caressing him. The next moment brought moaning and heavy breathing from the two of them; they were getting hot, as was I watching. My sister whispered something in his ear and suddenly pulled the straps from her shoulders and pulled down her top, exposing her SISTERS, as she fondly calls them. I heard a sigh from Scott, as his hands fondled them and his mouth quickly followed. They were hot kissing and caressing, fondling each other all over. Just as suddenly, my sister stood up and completely removed her last shred of clothing exposing all her womanly assets. Things really heated up, as they writhed skin to skin, still in the chair with my sister kneeling in front in a hot embrace.

After about 30 min or so of this, my sister was very hot and needed more, as she backed down Scott's chest to his hard cock and wiggled her ass. His cock was throbbing, my sister's moans muffled by Scott's cock. My sister then moved to the floor on all fours, Scott from behind. Scott pounded her from behind. He did something that Debbie, as she later expressed, had never seen or experienced. He was fucking her from behind while standing and squatting on both feet. He was pounding my sister who was moaning don't stop, more, more, more, as I sat there in total amazement. He fucked her for about 15 to 20 minutes this way, my sister enjoying every stroke.

She next rolled over onto her back where Scott immediately jumped on and again started pounding away, as my sister moaned out harder, harder, occasionally looking up at me. She stated, I LOVE YOU! Then with a furry she would arch her back and pull Scott close and kiss him passionately. I at this point was just watching and encouraging my sister to abandon all inhibitions and enjoy what my husband had to offer. After awhile, Scott stopped and lay backward in exhaustion. My sister wanted more, as she sucked him hard again and proceeded to sit atop and ride him as if there was no tomorrow. Finally they both collapsed in exhaustion, and I soothed my husband with gentle kisses and caresses.

Debbie later took a shower and got dressed and said she was going out to do some shopping and would return later. I was horny now, and I thought how it had been awhile since we had gotten together with Gary. I called his house and left a message on his voice-mail. I thought, wouldn't it be great to get him and Debbie together! I got a response; he was coming over to play. Surprise...my husband said, our friend would not go easy on me, my pussy would get a hosing...after all it had been awhile since we all last fucked each other's brains out. I had sex nearly everyday this week , and my poor pussy was tender, but I can't explain how it feels to get attention from two very intense men whose sole mission is to fuck me, and give me pleasure, while I try to make their eyes roll back in their heads.

I tried to get some rest that day, but somehow I knew I would not be resting much once our sex buddy walked in. No small talk about sports or trivia; I wanted cock. I had not had his cock balls deep in my pussy in awhile, and I was overdue. In he walked. I was ready; no chit-chat. I wanted both men undressed. I wanted the taste of sweet sticky pre-cum on my tongue. I was ready for a good fucking! Things became a blur, as I was motivated purely by getting some cock in my pussy, cum in my pussy, and a good clit licking. I began to suck his cock, I heard him moan, take a deep breath, and release. I wanted to make them beg, but they had other plans. They both teased me, not letting me get a cock in my pussy yet. I rubbed my smooth tan ass against our sex buddies cock, working it around and around, hearing the sharp intake of breath, his cock was not yet in my wet pussy.

He was hard and I wanted to get fucked. I sucked my husband's cock, taking it all the way down my throat, I heard him say, Oh God! and moan. Behind me, our friend was fucking me with his fingers; my juices all over his fingers. I turned and took him in my mouth, sucking down all that cock, working my tongue on him, soon he was pushing me down onto the spa deck, spreading my legs, and dove into my wet pussy. He licked me, sucked me, my hands buried in his hair to hold his head while I moved my pussy all over his face. My husband was over me, his cock just inches from my mouth, I took it in, he groaned. I was on fire! I needed to be fucked badly. I had wanted them to beg, but seems they both had other plans. My sex buddy began to slap my pussy with his hard cock. I wanted it in me, buried balls deep in me. I had to say the magic word, "please", and soon he entered me without hesitation; now the main event was on.

Gary fucked me good and hard, long and deep. I tried to keep my husband's cock in my mouth. Things were a blur as they both pounded my pussy, then I got on top of my husband and began to ride. Soon Gary asked if I wanted both cocks in my pussy. "Yes!" I said, he lubed up and entered me. My pussy was stretched tight and was on fire. I didn't want the feeling to stop. It felt so good having all that cock in me. My pussy is throbbing now thinking about the two cocks that fucked me. I want to do it again and this time maybe I will let them both cum in my pussy at the same time, and use my vibrator on my clit and cum with a squirt on both of them. I like fucking two big cocks, and I like riding as much cock as I can handle. I liked seeing Gary's eyes roll back in his head when I started to ride him. They each would watch as my ass moved, bounced, and danced on both their cocks. I wonder if they could've been up for round two; how much cum can they both give me.

When I went into the house to get more beers, I was having trouble walking. Debbie had arrived back at the house and was unpacking her sales bags. She observed my walk and the flushed look on my face and coyly asked, "How was your soak in the spa, you look like you just had an orgasm?" I confessed to her what just happened, with all the details. Debbie stared at me and said, "But Donna, what if Scott found out." I then explained to her about our open-marriage and years of swinging. She was surprised but understanding, since she had once confided to me that she and her ex-husband, Chuck, had once swung with a couple they knew. I told Debbie about my "fuck buddy" and said she should try him for size. I then opened my robe to reveal my swollen and enlarged pussy lips. Gary and Scott's cum was still oozing out my hole. Debbie was hesitant, because during her previous encounter with Chuck, the men had double penetrated her best friend and left her sitting alone.

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