tagIncest/TabooSharing Slutwife With My Brother

Sharing Slutwife With My Brother


We stepped off the pavement and into the air-conditioned foyer of the Holiday Inn Hotel. Making our way through the doors I looked across to the reception area to see my elder brother Bob walking towards us smiling broadly.

"Hi little brother, hi Jayne!" he said as we simultaneously shook hands and hugged each other. My brother Bob lives mainly in Australia but business takes him all over the world and it is not often that we get together so we jumped at the chance when he suggested meeting for lunch at a hotel in London where he was staying for two nights. It had been nearly two years since we last met and the added bonus of meeting somewhere so nice just added to the occasion.

"Good timing Gary, I have booked a table so let's go eat," Bob said ushering us towards the dining room where the waiter took us to a table at the side of the room. We exchanged small talk while perusing our menus, before ordering salad and chicken dishes. We also ordered a bottle of Champagne to go with lunch, Jayne's favourite.

We made small talk as we ate and drank mainly about my brothers’ travels and his recent divorce although he took interest in our lives too. I did see Jayne look at me quizzically wondering whether I would enlighten my brother about our swinging adventures over the last 18 months. The drink continued to flow as we chatted and another bottle of Champagne was opened. I noticed Bob eyeing up Jayne as she relaxed, Jayne's tolerance for alcohol has always been low and Champagne got her tiddly quickly.

"Hm! I think my brother has taken quite a fancy to you," I said.

"Nothing new there little brother, always have fancied your wife!" Bob replied laughing gently.

I realised the drink had really taken effect when she looked my brother straight in the eye and said, "I seem to have had that effect on a lot of men recently. Gary has seen me enjoy plenty of new cocks over the last couple of years."

Bob coughed on his Champagne and we fell silent for a moment. "Oh yes? Tell me more, what have you two been up to?"

Jayne and me began chatting, revealing things about ourselves that we had shared with only a few trusted swinging friends. The champagne had definitely loosened her up as we talked openly about our adventures. After telling about our fun at the club, Jayne's fun with her dominant black lover, our threesomes and moresomes Bob was clearly lost for words but looked at Jayne full of lust.

"Excuse me but I must go to the gents," Bob said standing.

As he left she whispered, "I'm horny and I need a fuck," then giggled through the hand that she covered her mouth with.

"How would you like to go upstairs to my brothers room?" I asked. "If you want to, I would love some fun, the balls in your court darling!"

I knew that Bob would not make the first move; Jayne would have to make it, as Bob would regard Jayne as out of reach despite our revelations over lunch. Jayne looked at me and gave a little wink as he returned; she swivelled around with her legs crossed showing a lot of thigh up to her stockings.

"Mm! That looks so good," he murmured. "You have lovely legs and I love your high heels and stockings."

This part in swinging is never easy and for a moment there was an awkward silence as my brother lusted at my wife. I thought it was probably best I came straight out with it.

"How would you like to go up to Bob's room?" I asked her.

"And fuck Bob? You do want to fuck you me, don't you?” she whispered to Bob just loud enough for me to hear.

"You are very naughty but I would love some fun," Bob replied glancing anxiously at me.

The combination of the chat, the confessions, the flirting and Bob staring at Jayne's legs had made us very horny.

"Come on then, what room are you in Bob?" I said standing up and grasping her hand. Bob paid the bill on our way out and we walked silently holding hands following him down a long corridor, up a flight of stairs and to his room. When we got into the room, Jayne headed into the bathroom for a minute to freshen up. I sat on a chair while Bob got some drinks from the mini bar. After a couple of minutes Jayne returned, fresh make up on looking gorgeous in a her little black dress.

"My turn," I said heading into the bathroom. I fully intended to take my time hoping that Jayne would get the ball rolling while I was out of the room. I leisurely washed my hands and freshened up before returning to the room. A little pang of jealousy struck me as I saw them but I released my cock from my trousers and slowly stroked it as I watched. Jayne was lying beside my naked brother on the huge double bed, her dress in a crumpled heap in the corner, I watched closely as she dipped her head and took Bob's big cock between her lips.

"Fuck! That's gorgeous!" Bob said as her lips slid down his cock.

She looked such a whore, naked except for black stockings, as my brother’s cock disappeared deep into her mouth. I loved it! Taking Bob's cock out of her mouth for a moment, Jayne looked up at me, smiled and mouthed silently, "I’m your slut."

Bob groaned as she began to suck him off, sliding his tool all the way to the back of her throat, she is very good at this. This was certainly not the first time that you'd had sex with two men at the same time and the way she was so comfortable in this situation gave it away.

"Suck me baby, let me fuck your pretty mouth!"

Bob's cock glistened with silvery streaks of saliva as, with a deep breath, she slid her lips all the way back to the tip and allowed the head to slip out of her mouth. Sliding across the bed under her, Bob pulled my wife up into his face as they began to noisily slurp and moan in a classic 69 position.

I watched from next to the bed as Bob slid his cock deep into my wife's mouth while he lay under her slurping and sucking her dripping cunt. I moved closer and then she lifted her mouth of Bob's cock, streams of spunk running from her lips to the end of his cock.

"Your turn baby," she said licking her red lips. Still working her hand up and down Bob's thick shaft, I felt her soft heavily painted lips circle the head of my cock, her mouth felt warm and wet as I began to move my hips back and forth fucking her mouth.

As Jayne took my cock deeper she almost slipped off the bed, making us change position. My brother crawled from between her thighs and grasping her body pulled her back onto the bed until she was laying on her back, legs wide apart her ginger pussy glistening.

"Keep sucking your husband's cock baby." Bob said as his hands gripped her ankles firmly and spread her legs wide. Bob dipped down between her legs and I watched as he moved two fingers to her crotch, spreading you slowly and circling her clitoris. She was breathing hard on my cock as Bob began to finger fuck her, dipping his head occasionally to lick her clit with his tongue. Every time he licked, she moaned deeply around my shaft. Bob was obviously keen on giving head and I wasn't surprised when he pushed his face firmly on her pussy and began to lick and suck with enthusiasm. Only a few moments later I felt her whole body tense and her lips lock tightly around my shaft. She convulsed. Her muscles went into spasm as the climax ripped through her entire body. I saw her toes curl involuntarily; her knees shake, thighs tremble as Bob gripped her bum pulling her pussy hard onto his face continued to eat you through an intense orgasm. I placed my hand on the back of her head, forcing her down gently. Without faltering, Bob continued licking as she continued to writhe and thrash about between us.

I heard a muffled gasp come from her mouth and realised that she was trying to speak.

"Hey, Kevin. I think she wants to say something!" Bob laughed from between her thighs.

I heard her moan as she sucked and smiled as I looked down at her lips stretched around my cock. Bob noticed me smiling and keeping my cock in her mouth as you tried to speak.

"Hey, sexy sister in law," he said, "You want to speak? Okay, let's hear it Jayne?"

"Fuck me!" She gasped as I allowed my cock to slip from between her lips. I looked down her body as Bob lay between her thighs.

"If my sexy wife wants to be fucked, then I think I'd better do it!" I said in a horse whisper.

Bob retuned my smile, grinning at me wickedly.

There was no mistaking the lust in her eyes as I saw her hand reach down and rub his cock, her hand on top of his as he pumped and squeezed his shiny cock. As her hand grasped his cock Bob backed up onto the bed, pulling her along as he backed up the bed, moving right up to the top where he could lean against the wall pulling her with him.

"Come and kneel between my legs Jayne," Bob said softly.

I quickly moved behind her and moved you onto all fours so her pussy was pressed against my cock as she lay over Bob's chest. I began rubbing my hand over her bum and her wet sticky pussy.

"You're such a hot, horny slut sometimes Jayne! Suck it! Suck his cock Jayne."

I held the back of her head and slowly pushed her mouth down on his hard cock.

"Suck my cock baby."

I couldn't believe how easily she took it down deep into her mouth and then begun to work her head up and down. As she took Bob's cock into her mouth and sucked, she moaned very loudly and leaned back into my hand almost begging me to fuck her.

Bob grunted loudly, "Oh yea! Lick my cock. Suck it!" Was all he could manage as she sunk her mouth down on his cock pumping him. As I moved my cock against her pussy she moaned out loud. Slowly I slipped my hard cock in; she was so wet I slid right in with one gentle push.

"Suck him while I fuck you Jayne! That's it, suck his cock." She did as she was told!

I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her, slamming into her pussy. I could feel my balls banging against her clit as I fucked her from behind. As I fucked she fell forward, her white skin looked so good against his tanned thighs, her lips and tongue giving his hard cock a real going over. She moaned between licks as I held the back of her head and held her mouth down on his hard cock so he could simply fuck her mouth. Bob reached under her and squeezed her tits, massaging them.

"Oh yes! I love you sucking me. Suck it!"

Her hand started to move faster wanking him almost brutally. Her pussy was becoming drenched and my cock was swelling needing to cum. I knew it was the lust of taboo sex, group sex with my wife, watching her suck my brother, him using her like a willing white slut. I grabbed her hips and lunged deep.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" She moaned as she started to cum. "Oh God yes!"

Bob and I just gripped her between us as she came moaning out loud squirming between us.

"Yeah, cum Jayne! Oh yeah, cum for us baby!" Bob said.

We just held her as slowly she calmed down. She came for what seemed like ages, her pussy throbbing around my cock. She lifted her head from Bob's cock and moved forward so my cock slipped out of her with a loud slurp.

"God, that was so horny. I feel like a right slut now!"

As I looked over her body as she knelt between us I saw the lust in her and Bob's eyes. I knew what we all wanted next. She didn't look the least bit uncomfortable sitting naked on a bed with her hand in Bob's lap slowly stroking his big cock. I leaned down to her and putting my arm around her shoulder kissed her gently.

"You ok lover?" I asked. "Do you feel like being a real slut lover? Do you fancy my brothers big cock?" I said whispering in her ear as I kissed her neck.

"I want to fuck you Jayne, I want to stick my cock in you and fuck you."

"Does that sound good darling? Do you think you can handle his big cock?" As I held her with Bob stroking her thigh, she moaned. "Please?" her moan soft.

"Please what honey?" I asked you firmly.

You grabbed me and pulled me closer. "Oh yes. I want you both to use me, both to fuck me!"

Now was the time for us to complete our enjoyment of each her. She stayed on her knees on all fours, while we changed ends. She had a look of pure lust on her face as Bob knelt behind her and stroked his cock against her pussy.

"Please, Bob put it in!"

He looked over at me. Then slowly pushed his cock between her wet lips, she moaned as it slid into her, his big cock slid all the way in with one massive stroke. He grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. It wasn't making love; this was raw animal fucking as my brother used you.

"You love cock don’t you Jayne?" Bob said, his face contorted with lust.

"Oh! Fuck! Please fuck me."

I watched as she took all of his cock, each time he thrust back into her, she let out a groan. He started to grunt as he pumped, already getting close. She moaned loudly. I reached down and grasped my cock and lightly rested it against her face. She smiled as she bent her head, her tongue felt soft as she licked up and down my shaft. My cock throbbed under her expert work.

"Oh yes! Lick my cock while he fuck you."

Then she began to work her head up and down, the sensation was delicious, really getting in to it, making loud slurping sounds as her mouth travelled up and down. It was such a turn on, getting sucked as my brother was fucking her! I pulled out of her mouth and leaned down and kissed her, holding her hand as Bob thrust into her harder.

My hand was still on the back of her head; entwined in the thick red curls that swept down over her naked shoulders. With my other hand I gripped the base of my throbbing cock and slipped the head back between her lips.

"Keep sucking, baby! We love doing you from both ends!"

She tried to gasp out loud but not in protest. She wriggled as she felt him push deep, but I kept a tight hold of her head and shoulders, restricting her movements as Bob fucked faster.

I could feel her body being moved back and forth on my cock with every thrust of Bob's big cock.

"Oh yes...yes...yes." she mumbled incoherently into my groin.

Bob heard her and returned her comments. "You want it baby?" he cried as he rammed harder and faster into her pussy, "There, baby! Cum for us.... cum for us. Show him what a sexy slut you are!"

She did just that! With a moan of satisfaction that vibrated right up my cock, her whole body shook into another climax.

"I think I'm going to cum too!" I said as I felt her mouth contract around my shaft.

"Me too!" shouted Bob, "Let's give her a cum-bath!"

This was something she had shared over lunch, herr fetish for men wanking over her. Pulling her up between us we both started to jerk our cocks, pointing them directly at her. I gripped a swollen nipple making her moan again.

She gasped as the first stream of cum shot from my cock and hit her face. She turned towards me and opened her mouth to suck me again just as Bob hit her from the other side.

We kept cumming and cumming, swamping her face with our combined juice and matting her hair with sticky streaks that dripped down onto her heaving tits. She had a look of satisfied lust painted all over her face and then took each of our cocks into her mouth for one last lick. All three of us stayed in our positions on the bed breathing as though we had run a marathon. Slowly we untangled and released our grip on her, I helped her sit up and reached for some tissues as I looked at her cum covered face and body.

"Were we too rough with you?" I asked looking into her eyes.

"No you weren't," she answered as I saw her blush and her eyes wide.

"You ok lover?" I asked.

She pulled me close. "Oh yes. And I want more. Oh God yes I'm fine." She smiled at me as I returned the smile, I had what I wanted, a wife who was also a real slut. She needed to shower and have a drink. After she showered we went back to the bar again for another drink before we headed off. We all sat together in the bar for a while having a calming drink with Bob being very complimentary and grateful for the afternoons fun. We chatted for a while and noticing the time realised it was time for the fantasy to end and return to being the dutiful wife for a little while!

As we left you kissed Bob goodbye but he promised he would be back!

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