tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSharing the Babysitter

Sharing the Babysitter


Eighteen-year-old Isabel Rose was a five-foot-one, ninety-pound, golden-haired angel. She had full strawberry lips like a lush pink heart and luminous navy eyes full of whispered promises. She had soft, sun-tanned skin, a sprinkling of nutmeg-colored freckles across her half-teardrop nose, and a smile like sunshine. She had perky little tits topped with stiff, rosy nipples and what was quite possibly the most magnificent ass in the world. From the back it was spectacular enough: firm, tight, and perfectly curved, but from the side.... Dear god. Isabel's ass jutted out behind her like a shelf; you could balance a glass of water on the top of those round, taut cheeks without spilling a drop.

She was also, implausibly enough, an absolute sweetheart. There wasn't a soul in town who didn't adore her. She was perfection, a cotton candy and rose petal dream.

To save for college and raise money for an upcoming class to New York City, Isabel worked a few afternoons a week at Clare's Greenhouse, selling flowers and potted plants to the residents of Riverview Park. Still, worried by the scarcity of her hours and the looming excitement of the class trip, one Tuesday afternoon Isabel left a flier on the community corkboard:

Babysitter at the Ready!

Call Isabel Rose.


The very next day, Isabel got a call. A family on the far side of town— Drew and Sarah Phillips—needed a nanny three nights a week for their one-year-old son. The pay was good and the family sounded nice enough over the phone; Isabel was thrilled as she drove her little red Honda over to the family's home the following day.

Sarah Phillips was a tall, curvy brunette who smelled of hairspray and Chanel and had the most enormous tits Isabel had ever seen. She was lovely, but it was obvious that it took an abundance of effort to keep her so: she was just a bit too tan, her makeup a bit too heavy, and her too-white smile a bit too strained.

Drew Phillips was a few years younger, tall and broad-shouldered with bright blue eyes and the wide, sparkling grin of a toothpaste commercial model. He had a tattoo on his shoulder, an enormous Celtic cross, and an eight-inch cock that was so thick around no woman could close her fingers around it.

They drank in the sight of Isabel, so firm and tight and tiny in her white T-shirt and short pleated skirt. The little girl was so delightful, so sweet and innocent and luscious: a sweet, sun-warmed red strawberry just waiting to be picked. Each of them wanted to pluck the ripe little beauty; each of them was equally certain that the other would not approve.

Sarah was imagining sliding her huge, firm tits over Isabel's tiny nipples; Drew was imagining grabbing big handfuls of Isabel's firm, perfect ass as he drove his cock into her tight teenage cunt. God, but the girl was perfect.

"You must be Isabel," Sarah cooed, hurrying forward and enveloping the little teen in her vast cleavage. Her pussy dampened at the feel of Isabel's body against hers and she—very slightly—rubbed her tits against the young girl's chest.

"Yes, I'm Isabel," Isabel chirped back, oblivious to the way the couple's eyes roved over her form. "It's so nice to meet you!"

"We're so happy to meet you too," Drew smiled at her, memorizing the plump curves of Isabel's smiling pink lips. "Let us show you around."

The house was enormous and beautiful: there was a theater, a hot tub, and both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. The bedrooms were high-ceilinged and lush, with giant walk-in closets and beds as large as Isabel's entire bedroom back home.

"We both work from home sometimes," Drew explained, "so we'll be around a lot. Mostly we need you in the evenings and overnight."

"Sounds perfect," Isabel smiled back. The room she was to sleep in while working was large and lovely, decorated in snowy white lace and pale honey-colored wood. She could hardly believe her luck.

"You can start tonight," Sarah told her. "Come up to our room in half an hour and we'll say goodbye!"

Isabel, beaming with delight, nodded and skipped off to the nursery.

In their separate closets, Sarah and Drew began to dress for the evening. Sarah gave her husband a quick kiss. "We'd better make it an hour before we leave, instead, dear; I didn't realize my hair was such a mess. I'll tell Isabel."

"Sure, sure," Drew agreed amiably. His mind was still full of Isabel: her soft skin, her perky little breasts, that luscious ass....

Thirty minutes later, Isabel hurried back to the master bedroom and into Sarah's closet. The woman was standing there in nothing but a black lace thong and stockings. Her enormous tits were in full view: they looked even bigger now, capped with large dusky nipples that stood out nearly an inch from her skin.

Isabel's mouth dropped open as she stared. She couldn't help it. Sarah laughed quietly and Isabel turned lobster-red. "Oh! I'm so sorry!"

Sarah smiled and pulled the girl's pink-nailed hands away from her eyes. "Oh, don't be sorry! It's perfectly natural to be curious. I mean, our body types are so different.... Of course you're curious. Go on, take a look."

Timidly, Isabel's gaze rose back to Sarah's huge, swollen tits. Sarah smiled encouragingly. "Really, darling, it's fine. Don't be embarrassed."

"I didn't mean to stare," Isabel whispered, still mortified.

"Oh, it's nothing to worry about," Sarah soothed, her voice low and sweet as a summer thunderstorm. "Yours probably look quite different, I imagine?"

Isabel nodded shyly. Sarah put her hands on Isabel's shoulders. "I'm sure they're lovely. Why don't you let me see?"

Isabel's innocent eyes widened. "Oh... I don't know...."

"Come on, sweetie, it's just us girls!" Sarah licked her glossy lower lip and slowly eased the girl's T-shirt up over her little tits.

Isabel's tits were perfect: tiny little handfuls that pointed up, rosy little nipples, and soft, soft skin. Sarah couldn't take her eyes away. "I bet they feel quite different, too," she ventured.

Isabel was still staring at Sarah's tits. She nodded slowly, clearly still captivated. "Go on, touch mine," Sarah urged. Isabel put her tiny hands delicately on Sarah's chest; they barely covered her swollen, rubbery nipples.

Sarah put her hands over Isabel's and squeezed down, forcing Isabel's little fingers to delve into her own firm flesh. Isabel closed her eyes and sighed. Sarah moved her own hands to Isabel's tiny mounds, marveling as the girl's tiny nipples hardened under her expert touch.

Sarah stroked Isabel's little breasts and pinched those tiny, pale pink nipples, making Isabel gasp. She pulled on the girl's nipples, carefully teasing and twisting them, until Isabel was softly moaning and her own panties were soaking wet.

"Doesn't that feel good, darling?"

Isabel nodded mutely, her plump lips curved up in a disbelieving smile.

Slowly, Sarah dropped her lips down to Isabel's chest, flicking her long tongue over the younger woman's skin. Isabel let out another little cry. Sarah let her teeth sink into Isabel's soft flesh as she sucked and nibbled her way over each of Isabel's perfect little tits. Sarah let one hand wander under Isabel's skirt and rub against her white cotton panties. To her delight, the cloth was completely saturated with Isabel's juices; she sucked every sweet drop off her fingertips while Isabel watched with wide, shocked eyes.

"Oh, Mrs. Phillips, we can't," Isabel mewed at last, her cheeks pink with shame and excitement.

"There's no harm in it," Sarah smiled, cat-like.

"I-I-I... I don't know," Isabel stammered. Sarah pressed her fingers against Isabel's clit, rubbing little circles over Isabel's panties.

"Don't you want to feel good, angel?" Sarah slid a finger under the edge of Isabel's underwear and slowly rubbed it up and down Isabel's dripping, perfectly waxed slit. "Have you ever been with a woman before?"

Isabel shook her head no.

"Let me show you."

Isabel was silent. Sarah dropped to her knees and pulled Isabel's soaked panties down her thin, tanned legs. She buried her nose in the dripping cloth, turned on by the clean, sweet scent of Isabel's wet cunt. Then she pulled Isabel's skit down, displaying the girl's perfect little thighs and perfect little pussy. Isabel's pussy was smooth and tiny, with fat pink lips that were shining with her arousal. Sarah ran her nose up and down Isabel's slit, flicking out her tongue to circle her clit. Isabel's knees trembled. Then Sarah truly went to town, nibbling the girl's juicy pussy lips, gently sucking her clit, and forcing her tongue as far into Isabel's cunt as it could go. Sarah had an unusually long tongue and every time it wriggled inside Isabel's little pussy, it stroked against her g-spot. She rubbed Isabel's clit as she tongue-fucked her; within minutes, Sarah's face was soaked with Isabel's juices and Isabel was trembling so hard she could hardly stand. Finally, with a little shriek, Isabel came, shuddering violently against Sarah's lips and tongue.

"Oh my god!" Isabel gasped, still shaking.

"You're such a sexy little thing," Sarah purred. "You taste absolutely marvelous, Isabel."

Isabel flushed. "Now it's your turn," Sarah told her firmly, gesturing towards her own thinly-veiled pussy.

"Oh, I can't!" Isabel squeaked.

"You certainly can." Sarah leaned in and kissed Isabel's pouting pink lips. "I know you want to. Don't you want to make me feel good? Don't worry: I'll show you how I like it."

"Okay...." Isabel dropped to her knees expectantly, looking up at her boss with innocent blue eyes.

Sarah lay down on the closet's elegant scarlet bench and pulled her panties off, draping her legs over either side of the bench. Her neatly trimmed pussy, wet and swollen, was totally exposed, as were her ass cheeks and the little dark star of her asshole. Sarah drew Isabel in closer, pulling the girl's face into her pussy.

Isabel's innocent pink tongue darted out and tasted Sarah's cunt tentatively; within minutes she was eagerly eating the older woman's pussy while Sarah ground her hips against the teen's pretty mouth.

"That's right," Sarah moaned. "Eat my cunt, you little slut. Make me cum all over that cute little face of yours."

Isabel vigorously lapped at Sarah's clit, sliding a finger into her hot hole and curling it against her g-spot. Sarah gasped at the unexpected intrusion and cried out, squirting juices all over Isabel's face. Sarah grabbed Isabel under the arms and pulled her on top of her; their wet pussies ground against each other before their tits were pressed together. Sarah kissed Isabel excitedly, tasting her own musky juices on the little girl's lips.

"I can't wait to do more with you," Sarah told the blushing little babysitter. "We're going to have so much fun. Of course, you can't tell Mr. Phillips...."

Little did the women know, Drew was listening just outside the closet door, seething that his wife had enjoyed little Isabel before he had a chance to.

That night at dinner, Drew seethed quietly as his wife innocently beamed and bantered at him. He was generally the milder of the two, but he was unquestionably a dominant soul, and the sight of his wife orgasming at the touch of the sweet little babysitter—HIS sweet little babysitter—was almost more than he could stand.

Sarah drank too much red wine and fell asleep on the car ride home; Drew disgustedly tucked her into bed and went off in search of Isabel.

He found her in her newly-adopted bedroom, fast asleep on top of the white eyelet coverlet. Her jean skirt had ridden up over her magnificent ass; on either side of her innocent white cotton panties were slices of her plump ass cheeks. Her waist was so tiny it almost disappeared into the bedding, but her ass rose out of the lace perfectly, catching a ray of soft starlight from the window. It was all Drew could do not to slam a hand down on one of those perfect round cheeks. His mind was torn between lust and anger: who was this hussy to go behind his back with his wife? And yet... she looked so sweet lying there, his own little fallen angel. Her lips were slightly parted, so pink and glossy he knew they'd taste sweet as sugar. Her skin shone like silk. She was the moonlight incarnate: all round curves and light and enchanting mystery.

He ran a hand over her firm upper thigh, caressing her satiny skin and breathing in the scent of her fruity shampoo. She stirred slightly, breathing out a little sigh that made her juicy lips contort into an even more exaggerated pout. Drew slowly his fingers up and down her leg, feeling his cock stiffen into iron under his dress pants. He slid a finger under Isabel's panties and felt the soft wetness of her hot little cunt. God, he wanted that cunt.

As his finger brushed over Isabel's sensitive little clit, the girl gasped, jolting up and opening her eyes in naïve surprise.

"M-M-Mr. Phillips!" she gasped out.

Drew's eyes were flashing even in the darkness. She could sense his energy, wild and dark and angry as her eyes moved to the enormous bulge in his pants.

"What are you doing?" she squeaked out.

"You fucked my wife, didn't you? You filthy little slut."

Isabel's full bottom lip dropped open. Tears shimmered in her limpid dark eyes. She stammered helplessly—she hadn't meant for anything to happen, after all. As she began to furiously apologize, Drew looked her up and down, missing the sight of the round, tanned globes of her sexy bubble butt.

"You're going to have to make it up to me," Drew told her firmly, running a hand over the length of his sheathed cock.

"Oh! I couldn't, really! Please...." Isabel shook her head helplessly. "Sir, I didn't mean.... I can't...."

"You certainly can." Drew put a hand under Isabel's chin, squeezing her face between his fingers. "You took my wife from me earlier; you damn well better believe you can."

He roughly pinched Isabel's tender nipples, gratified when they rose up under her thin sheet. "Come on, baby," he encouraged softly. Isabel shook her head.

Drew slid two fingers across her silky lips, pushing them across her tongue and down he warm, tight throat. He grinned as she stared up at him, tears in her eyes, his fingers buried up to the knuckles in her innocent throat.

She was naturally submissive; he could already tell. His cock was throbbing in his pants as he ordered her to strip for him. With trembling fingers, she pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing the perfect little tits he'd glimpsed earlier. He slapped each of her breasts hard and then covered them with rough, biting kisses that left goosebumps rising across her skin.

Isabel let out an involuntary little moan as he bit down on her hard nipple.

"You like that, baby, don't you?" he crooned. "You like to play a little rough."

Isabel shook her head, but there was a telltale glimmer in her eyes as she stared up at him.

"Suck my cock," he commanded. Dutifully, Isabel undid his belt with shaking hands and freed his monstrous, swollen cock. The head was an alarming shade of crimson, beaded with salty drops of pre-cum. Veins stood out along the sides like rivers on a map; his shaft bobbed up and down as Isabel stared.

"Suck me," he demanded again, grabbing a handful of her fairytale hair and pulling her face against his body. Isabel tentatively licked the head of his cock, tasting the clean saltiness of his skin. She glanced up at him as she struggled to fit her tiny hands around his girth, swirling her tongue around his cock as she did so.

Impatient, Drew thrust his cock into her mouth, muffling the cry of alarm she uttered. She looked up at him obediently as he fucked her sweet little mouth, stretching those lovely lips wide around his huge, ravenous steel shaft. Pearly strings of spit dripped down the girl's chin and throat as he mercilessly rammed his cock down he throat as far as it would go. His cock lurched with delight as her throat clenched and shivered around it; he pulled out just before he could cum.

He grabbed Isabel around her tiny, tightly-muscled waist and threw her down on her stomach, pressing her cheek into the pillows. He jerked her skirt up and tore her underwear off with one swift motion.

God, that ass. Her skin was velvety perfection. Her muscles were toned and tight. Her cheeks arced up, perfect bouncy circles of supple flesh. He spanked each cheek, watching her flawless muscles ripple at the impact. Her skin heated instantly at the touch and he slapped her ass again, delighting in the rosy flush that crept across he skin. Isabel cried out softly at each slap, but when he ran his cock over her slit, he found it so wet and hot he knew she was only moments away from cumming herself. He slapped his cock against each of her ass cheeks before slamming it deep into her tight—unbelievably tight!—pussy. Her pussy stretched, clinging to his cock like elastic. Every thrust into her pussy was like pushing into the tightest, hottest, sweetest glove he could ever have imagined. She was truly perfect. The perfect fuck. He squeezed her ass in his hands so tightly he left new handprints on top of the ones he'd made spanking her. Just the sight of her ass was the most exciting thing he'd experienced in so long. This was a dream come true.

He pulled out at last and came all over her ass, painting milky strands across that raw, bruised, trembling flesh. She turned and stared up at him like he was a god, an awe-inspiring, terrifying god.

He grinned down at her, taking in her hard pink nipples and sopping cunt. Just as he leaned in to plant a kiss on her waiting lips, a voice split the stillness.

"What in the world do we have here?" Sarah asked, her silhouette cutting through the darkness at the doorway.

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